Hi guys,

We are

  • Milo Aukerman
  • Bill Stevenson
  • Karl Alvarez
  • and Stephen Egerton

We are the band The Descendents. This movie tells our story: http://www.filmagemovie.com/

Ask us anything


UPDATE: we gotta stop unless someone can email us a tube of Aspercreme, We're getting carpal-tunnel syndrome

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RockabillyRich470 karma

What are your opinions of the growing trend in which I get hammered and draw Milo on bar bathroom walls?

TheDescendents498 karma

I think ultimately this will be good for America's Economic recovery - bill

GavinnMartinn140 karma

Do you still hop on your bikes and ride around town?

TheDescendents174 karma

My son and I have been into restoring/building bikes lately, so yes, that's still happening! -Stephen

GavinnMartinn40 karma

so good to hear :)

TheDescendents78 karma

We're working on an old Sting Ray this week. -Stephen

hiimmike134 karma

It's been rumored for a few years now that you guys have been working on a new album together. Any truth to this? And if so, when can we expect to hear some new material?

TheDescendents246 karma

we are getting all of our songs organized and we will record over the best several months - bill

contagiouslaugh132 karma

What's your go to road trip song?

I am a fan by marriage I inherited you when I said 'I do' to my husband. You are the soundtrack of his life and because he is my life, you are now the sound I hear when I think of him.

Extreme appreciation to you, I imagine today at 5pm my husband will start his car and blaring through his speakers will be probably something from Milo Goes To College or I Don't Want To Grow Up... the cooperate bullshit of the day will melt off him as he recites the lyrics he's been singing since he was a teen. On the commute home he'll be transported to his bedroom, his record player, his youth. In that time it takes him to get home you've washed him from the days burden, you've taken the him back to what's important. He will open the door to his 'silly girls' and smile. Thank you.

TheDescendents108 karma

Milo sez: Yeah...corporate bullshit, I deal with that myself! And music really keeps me from putting a bullet in my brain, that's for sure. Thanks!

TheDescendents76 karma

waitin' for the man - by the velvet underground - bill

norcal1140 karma

hell, we named our daughter Mila in honor of Milo!

TheDescendents93 karma

Milo sez: I had a crush on a Mila...thought we'd make a good couple, but it never went anywhere

AH_Doogz101 karma

Who are the best punk bands to hang out with?

TheDescendents265 karma

NOFX, Bouncing Souls, Minutemen (sigh....)

TheDescendents133 karma

The Germs, X, The Plugs, - Bill

GregorySpikeMD100 karma

Hi guys,

I just bought Everything Sucks today for my 20th birthday, like in cd format! My question is: What's your favourite song to play live, and why is it Here With Me? (kidding, but seriously I love that song so much) Also, Milo, as a biology student I'm interested in how you keep balance between your research and your music. Do you build the tours around your research schedule or do you just create time?

PS: please please please keep making music!

TheDescendents149 karma

Milo sez: Yeah I like Here with Me too! Thanks. We book shows mostly on the weekends now, so I can still keep a bio career going. Basically, we don't really tour, we just do lots of "fly-outs"

GregorySpikeMD41 karma

You just made my day!

TheDescendents94 karma

I love playing Thank You, and Catalina, but if you asked me tomorrow, you'd probably get a different answer. -Stephen

cutterbutter97 karma


TheDescendents107 karma

as pat says.... "yeah...... all..."

capybara990 karma

On a more serious question, I saw you guys as Descendents and ALL at the Chicago Riot Fest. Bill, how are you feeling? You looked really good.

TheDescendents157 karma

I am a total stud though huh? if i do say so myself... (kidding) I'm feeling pretty good. no new brain tumor growth, it sucks having the PE's in my lungs, because it makes it hard to breathe, but, other than that I'm doing well. thank you for asking - bill

Kosburn5990 karma

Question for Milo: What have you currently been researching/studying in the lab? Also, what have been some of the coolest moments as you've continued your work in biochemistry?

TheDescendents134 karma

I do plant biology; currently studying probiotics for their effect on plant health. (probiotics = bacteria and such)

Kosburn5990 karma


TheDescendents174 karma

No, ALL!!!

Evilton71 karma

How do you all feel when people call you the creators of pop punk? Also First time I had sex you all were playing in the background (she picked the music) So thanks for that!

TheDescendents189 karma

the first time i had sex you were plain in the background - bill

AnotherIdleMind67 karma

Hi guys! Thank you for doing this!

I just have a silly question: What exactly does the "age" bit actually means? I heard it's some kind of slang that was popular in california in the 70s/80s but I never really found the meaning it has when put together with other words, like, what does BIKEAGE means?

Sorry if it's too stupid to ask.

Also, do you guys plan to tour in other countries? Is there any chance to have a south american tour in a near future?

TheDescendents177 karma

I just used to say "age" on the end of words... foodage, studyage, whatever. we were 15 - bill

diffdays50 karma

How do you feel now about the homophobic lyrical content in some of your early songs?

TheDescendents130 karma

we were 15, and the slangs being used at that time were different than they are now. we would have done things differently if we had known better, but we did not. we were 15 - bill

TheDescendents103 karma

I've done some "updating" of lyrics in that regard - Milo

summershell43 karma

What do each of you consider the best song you've ever done?

TheDescendents102 karma

I've only done one complete song, so I'll say Everything Sucks. - Stephen

cholli843 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. Thanks for the AMA!

I've heard rumors over the years that Matt Groening was a Descendents/ALL fan, and that Milo/Allroy was an inspiration for Bart Simpson. Frankly, I think that's awesome, but I've always been really skeptical of it. Do you know if there's any truth to that?

TheDescendents62 karma

Matt did do a review of the Fat E.P. if I remember right, so he was aware of the band, but if Allroy was the inspiration behind Bart, we never heard it from him. I do know that Karl came up with Allroy without having seen Bart, or anything to do with the Simpsons. Cool idea though! -Stephen

Frajer41 karma

do you still like food?

TheDescendents56 karma

I'm making risotto as we "speak". -Stephen

serra_j40 karma

First of ALL, thank you for playing the way you play. This question is for Stephen- Everybody is always talking about your guitar sound on the Everything Sucks album, but I've always taken a shine to your Pummel sound. Could you gear geek a little about that?

TheDescendents41 karma

Thanks! On Pummel I used my old Dan Armstrong guitar (RIP), with a JCM900 on one side and a Mesa Tri-Axis on the other. Both went through an old no-name cabinet with EV12L speakers. No effects in the guitar path, except a volume pedal, which I used for This World, and a couple other parts. -Stephen

Firestorm2239 karma

Will you guys answer this question?

TheDescendents64 karma


patton6636 karma

hey Milo, ever check out AskScience? I feel like you'd really enjoy it, and could be a great addition to the community

TheDescendents42 karma

Thanks, I'll check it out!

coffeemug936 karma

Hello guys, big fan here. Just a few simple questions.

  1. Where is the Anchor Grill?
  2. Do you guys ever play "One More Day" live? And if so, is it tough for you Bill?
  3. Stephen, what pedals do you use for your guitar sound?
  4. Milo, would it be alright if I named my son Milo?
  5. Karl, we go back and forth a lot on facebook with my political pictures. But who would you like to see as the next president?

TheDescendents51 karma

I'll answer #3. I don't actually use any pedals. Just guitar>tuner>amp. I keep it simple. -Stephen

TheDescendents40 karma

the anchor grill is in the cincinnat area - bill We haven't played One More Day - but, yes sometimes those sorts of lyrics can sort of stir things up a bit. Scary Sad does that to me still

FirmerFilly33 karma

What do you guys have to say to people that call you lot misogynistic?

TheDescendents92 karma

my father had poor luck with women and, was, in fact, sent a " dear john letter" while in world war 2... he harbors resentment for women, and tried to make me be the same. I am not that way now. I have learned that father does not always know best - bill

TheDescendents78 karma

We're all happily married; I think we're reformed! Women kick ass.

TheDescendents53 karma

I think our wives would dispute that. -Stephen

guitarromantic33 karma

I saw you guys play London a few years ago at a show where Milo blew his voice out pretty much right away and walked offstage. The rest of the show was either guest singers, cover songs or best of all, Black Flag songs when you guys swapped instruments.

For me that show ruled as it was memorable for being unique - I never thought I'd see those people singing those songs (I think Eric Melvin did a song or two?). But for you guys, how was that experience?

TheDescendents47 karma

we made the best of it, and we also did a free show a few months later to make up for it - bill

mridgway40231 karma

Did you guys have anything to do with the Travis Barker boost mobile commercial?

TheDescendents147 karma

They used like 8 seconds of coolidge, and the dough from it paid my rent that winter.

norcal1131 karma

after watching filmage, can any of you shed light on what happened to frank? did he suffer from mental illness or a tough family life?

TheDescendents67 karma

since Frank is not here to speak for himself, I will graze this topic briefly. Frank had a few things going on toward the end of his life. he had difficulty remaining mentally stable, but the medicine they gave him to help this caused him to gain a tremendous amount of weight, which, in turn, caused diabetes, which, in tern caused his death. - Bill

Kids_On_Coffee27 karma

I am a HUGE fan of ALL/Descendents/Black Flag; thank you so much for doing this AMA. Me and some friends of mine play some of your songs for fun in a tribute to your band, called Kids on Coffee from Montgomery, AL. We always thought Jean is Dead and Bikeage were written about the same girl, can you shed some light on the inspiration behind those two songs? is there any linkage between the two? Thanks!

TheDescendents64 karma

Jean Is Dead was written about a troubled girl. she did not like me. i liked her. she did not die. but I was afraid she would

Bikeage was about a small group of girls who were turning into sluts right before my eyes. I we protective and at the same time Jealous.

My stupid high school poetry is something I will never forgive myself for

mystery50526 karma

What's the worst show you have ever played? Also i saved up my allowance in 1994 and bought Somery. The instrumental track was the best. Wish you guys did more.

TheDescendents44 karma

probably lincoln nebraska - the one we wrote "hurting' cure" about - there was nobody there but the opening band's girlfriends - bill

TheGator2524 karma

Bill - you still close with Evan Dando and or J Mascis? Have a good time making that lemonheads album?

TheDescendents29 karma

Yes, I am still good buddies with both of them - bill

JawsThemeSwimming3723 karma

(1) It's been 10 years any thoughts of releasing new music?

(2) Bass Master General, how often did you practice to achieve ALL!?

(3) Bill, just wanted to say thanks for everything and, good job with Rise Against.

(4) Any less-er known bands we should check out?

TheDescendents57 karma

  1. I really like Red City Radio, and they turned me on to a band called The Pears that sounded pretty good to me. - Stephen

TheDescendents28 karma

I practice every day.(this is Karl)

TheDescendents27 karma

  1. Yes, we're planning to record another record soon. We've got quite a few new songs, and more coming all the time. - Stephen

Stoofuss22 karma

Does it annoy you that Christian Slater says "Whale sperm" instead of "Bill sperm" when he's singing "Wienerschnitzel" in "Pump Up the Volume?"

TheDescendents47 karma

Christian and Tony were both supposed to have said "Ketchup" - bill

norcal1121 karma

Milo - did you infact create this old school gem? http://www.kaleidoscope.net/cgi-bin/schemes.cgi?author=miloaukerman

TheDescendents25 karma

I did not...I have no idea who did. But I can appreciate the nerd behind it, whoever he/she is.

hallraker7720 karma

We have all heard that Billy, Frank and Tony had recorded some material a handful of years ago. Any chance that sees the light of day still?

TheDescendents31 karma

eventually we will release that batch of stuff as well - bill

DangDangDang19 karma

Which is your favorite All O Gistic?

TheDescendents63 karma

Milo: Thou shalt not suppress flatulence

TheDescendents50 karma

Though shall always go for greatness! -Stephen

Robo_face19 karma

Just wanted to say, you guys are fucking awesome. The Descendents were one of the first bands I listened to that made me realise that I didn't have to hide being intelligent; in highschool Milo was my fucking hero and the main reason I wanted to go to uni. So thanks for that guys, and thanks for touring Australia last year. I'd been waiting a while for that and it was insanely good.

I guess I need a question, so do you guys still bonus cup?

TheDescendents17 karma

before playing the show last night I had 6 espressos, some sub lingual b-12, and some weird workout drink that John Lisa Gave me - bill

cvillemade18 karma

Dude! I hope I'm not too late!

Milo -- who, in your opinion, is the most influential person in punk rock history?

If you're gonna be touring in Ohio anytime in the future, can I buy you guys a round?

TheDescendents50 karma

Mike Watt. Love that guy. See you in Ohio

AccidentProne918 karma

Hey guys huge fan! I'm from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and was wondering, is Anchor Grill written about the restaurant in Covington, KY?

TheDescendents28 karma

yes indeed. my wife, Stacie is from Cincinnati

Gophersmock17 karma

Hi Milo, which is cooler being in a popular punk band or being a biochemist?

TheDescendents50 karma

Hmmm I used to think being a biochemist was cooler...but lately I've been enjoying the band stuff so much more. It's like Coolidge was written about my science career: "I'm not a cool guy anymore..."

Gophersmock17 karma

Do you still hold many of the views you sang about on "Milo Goes to College?"

TheDescendents105 karma

well... we're 50, so... you know... can't be thinking about the girl in my French class - bill

picandocodigo16 karma

Stephen - I loved the Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton. Do you plan of ever doing something like that again? The songs are awesome, the ones sang by Milo, Chad and Scott are basically new All/Descendents songs :)

TheDescendents19 karma

I definitely want to do it again sometime. It was a blast, and I learned a lot from it. I'm working on Descendents songs for our next record, but I'll definitely do the SDoSE thing again. -Stephen

itllgrowback15 karma

Hey fellas! Something I need you to settle for me:

On Milo's caricature, is that horizontal line his chin or his mouth?

TheDescendents27 karma

mouth, right?

bebocure14 karma

Hey! Longtime fan of Descendents/ALL here. Bought and watched 'Filmage', loved every second of it. Before the movie came out, was always hungry to find more information on my favorite band. Matt Riggle and the crew definitely answered all the questions I could have and even more. Thanks so much guys!

I have a question for each of the Descendents.


How did you keep everyone focused in the days where ALL had to live in an office front? Cheating, but here's another for you. How did the prog-rock influences come into play for ALL? (Birds, Son-o-Theme, Original Me)


You are one of the biggest influences on my guitar playing style. Greg Ginn aside, what are your greatest guitar-playing influences?


Karl, Bassmaster General, when did you learn to play the bass? How do you come up with such imaginitive runs/basslines?


Can you tell us anything about what you do in the lab? How do your co-workers feel about your punk-rock stardom?


What's it like to breathe the same air as the greatest band of all time?

TheDescendents34 karma

Milo sez: I work on plants; it used to be on plant genes, but now I work on the role of bacteria in plant health...it's kinda like probiotics, if you're familiar with that. Except instead of probiotics for humans, it's probiotics for plants!

TheDescendents21 karma

I started playing bass at 18 in Stephen's band the Massacre Guys. I was fortunate enough to play with very talented players who were kind enough to permit me to learn the ropes, as far as influences go, Both Dukowski and Kira from black flag are huge, as is Mike Watt,this is direct stuff. The more indirect influences are Geezer Butler, Felix Pappalardi,Paul Mcartney, and of course Mr. James Jamerson. The bass lines I use are like little mental viral infections, I have no Idea how I come up with most of them.

TheDescendents13 karma

I'm a huge fan of John McLaughlin, Toni Iommi, Robert Quine, Jeff Beck, Dr. Know are some of my favorites. -Stephen

DangDangDang14 karma

I miss the days of you guys touring. Do you have any full tours coming up and more specifically playing Boston?

Also, when will the new Christmas sweater be available?

TheDescendents21 karma

these days we tend to just go out for a handful of shows at a time - bill

3umenides14 karma

Milo - What are your thoughts on the term "nerd-core"? It seems like suck a backhanded compliment and condescending. I bought a bonus mug (ALL!) travel mug years ago, it was red, plastic and had the ingredients on the back for a bonus mug. Any chance of that thing coming back? It was ace. BTW - I am 41 yrs old and you guys have brought a lot of joy in my life. Thanks!

TheDescendents49 karma

Milo sez: Uhhh nerdcore is the name I publish music under...Self-deprecation, that's how you turn condescension into your own thing...take pride in being a nerd!

whirlpool13814 karma

Bill, how realistic is it for a small unknown band to record at the Blasting Room? I've been playing punk rock with my best friends out of Buffalo, NY since we were in highschool but now we are starting to get a little older and we have a hard time getting together (one of us had a kid and i've been working with the Florida Conservation Corps/Americorps for the past year). We want to save up some money and try doing one last recording with one of our heroes before we get too old. Do you think it's completely unfeasible or have any advice to a group of friends who are torn between playing music and becoming full blown grown ups? This is probably late but it would mean a lot to me.

Milo- you were one of my biggest heroes growing up and showed me that it's possible to pursue a career in science and be a punk rock fan. Thank you!

TheDescendents24 karma

yeah, anyone can record at the Blasting Room - it's easy to contact us thru the website...

capybara913 karma

One of my friends wanted to know, "WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR VAN?"

TheDescendents28 karma

At this point… drive. -Stephen

turnidoff12 karma

Can you guys still make the most of your butt-toast?

TheDescendents43 karma

I don't fart as much as i used to because I had to change my diet in 2010 so that i wouldn't die - sometimes i can get it done though - bill

assohameeo12 karma

You guys are fucking awesome.

I'm 26 years old with a degree and two part time jobs. I have a passion for music, but not quite as much talent. I'm an average cook, I tend to make the same 3 things over and over again. I'm really bad at remembering the punchline to jokes. I'm really good at noticing when actors have worked together in previous movies.

...What the fuck should I do with my life?

TheDescendents18 karma

whoa... you've stumped me - bill

ernie2424111 karma

What advice do you have for someone in college trying to find time for band practice?

TheDescendents38 karma

Milo sez: graduate, and then figure out what excites you the most, and do that. It doesn't mean you have to go to grad school, though. That's what I did, but it was because what excited me was research, so you kinda have to go that route.

stillline11 karma

Did you really steal gas to go fishing?

That song changed my life.

TheDescendents18 karma

We don't have boats anymore. -Stephen

MissedHerPink11 karma

Are there any decisions you've made in the industry that you regret doing, or would've done differently looking back on it?

TheDescendents26 karma

the grey school bus was a mistake - they are only meant to go 45 miles per hour, so, we were constantly repairing it - bill

cliche_phrase11 karma

In the 90s, did you feel Nirvana helped or hurt the genre?

TheDescendents30 karma

I listened to that bleach album a million times. i dug it - bill

TheDescendents23 karma

I don't know about helping or hurting, but I liked their music. I think the explosion would have happened either way, and with the same outcome. -Stephen

babycup11 karma

I'm going to see you guys at Fest13 are you ready to throw the fuck down?

TheDescendents15 karma

we will throw down. you know it - Bill

cliche_phrase10 karma

Hey. You guys don't know me, but you helped me through a lot of shit recently. I truly sit you guys as one of my biggest inspirations when anyone asks. From songs like Hope and Here With Me I got through. I bet you didn't even realize when you wrote Coffee Mug that it would serve as something of an anthem for someone struggling with addiction recovery. So, if it's not too meta, I want to dedicate your own song 'Thank You' to you guys, and also ask: if you could or had to smell only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Also, could only eat one food, what food? And what's the official recipe for the bonus cup?

TheDescendents16 karma

I would smell a flower garden and eat Tommy Burgers - Bill

picandocodigo10 karma

What are the chances of you guys coming down to South America for a few shows? Specifically Uruguay would be awesome :)

Also, "Thank you" :)

TheDescendents17 karma

I'd say chances are good of us coming to South America. We don't have anything planned, but we'd love to come there, and we're hoping to see it happen. -Stephen

realtyrionlannister10 karma

hey guys, big fan. this question is for milo. what made you want to get an outside career of the music industry? it seems alot of guys do that, like Greg graffin. I apologize for my bad grammar and punctuation. BTW I wanted to let you know your music got me through some tough times.

TheDescendents19 karma

Milo sez: I wanted to explore a different avenue of creativity, and I got into DNA and genetics...so it made sense to do that as a career, given that music as a career didn't really seem so feasible in 1981.

mridgway40210 karma

Is Milo the only guy with a true "day job"? Could a full-on ALL tour be in the works???

TheDescendents38 karma

Music Production is a day job (I got your backs, Bill/Stephen) - Milo

Hat_Box10 karma

Hi guys!!! A) What's your favorite bootleg of yours? B) Is the song "Thank You" directed at any specific band, or is it about all of the bands that influenced you in general? C) Is "Clean Sheets" a true story? You guys are the best band ever!

TheDescendents44 karma

clean sheets was about a girl who cheated on my while i was on tour. but i was cheating too - so, it's totally hypocritical - bill

checkershoe9 karma

Bill, do you have a favorite (or top three) album you've produced or worked on? I'm a huge fan of what you did with Off With Their Heads.

TheDescendents24 karma

here are some that i like: A Wilhelm Scream - Ruiner Audio Karate - Lady Melody Propagandhi - Supporting Caste Shades Apart - Seeing Things

Goodgriefitssimon9 karma

  1. Will the band start touring more in the future beyond scattered festivals and one off shows? (National or international)?
  2. Is ALL ever going to come back as well (beyond one off appearances)?

TheDescendents17 karma

These days, climbing in the van for 3 months is not so practical for us, but we will continue to play shows when and where we are able - bill

superandy079 karma

Hi guys, thank you for doing this!

I never thought I’d get to see you guys live, I count myself very lucky to have you seen you 3 times in 3 years and I also managed to get to see ALL at Groezrock this year (and FLAG as well lasy year!). Highlight seeing you guys would have to have to be Bill singing Clean Sheets in London with eyes bulging out of head! Loved seeing Filmage as well, can't wait for the BluRay for all the extended footage.

Just a few nerdy questions for you ALL -

  • The Simpsons link - I remember reading an article online years ago with one of you guys saying that Bart was based off Allroy, also Frank Grimes looks certainly influenced by Milo. It’s no secret that Matt Groening is a big punk fan; with him playing Black Flag and having the Ramones guest on the show.

  • The only link I have with you guys and Scottish homeland is that you appeared on Channel X in Grand Theft Auto 5 (the game is made in Edinburgh!), how did that opportunity come about?

  • I also remember reading another article that there was an ALL instrumental album in the works and that there was a bunch of songs that were recorded before Milo Goes to College, will these songs ever see the light of day?

  • How’s the new album coming along?

  • I know a lot of you have played/appeared in different bands over the years (Black Flag, The Last etc), is there any band historically you would have loved to have played in?

  • (The selfish long shot) If you guys ever come to Scotland to play a show, I’m sure my friends in Punk Rock Rammy would be more than happy to help you get a show together, Bill played with Only Crime at Audio in Glasgow with them putting on the gig, everyone there loved it, as evidenced by the encore. Bill you played that hard you could barely walk off stage, it was incredible to see you absolutely going for it despite all your health scares. Would love to see you guys at the Barrowlands someday but again I'm being very greedy.

Thank You for all the music over the years, it's helped me get over many mental health problems and put a smile back on my face, cheers!

TheDescendents21 karma

  1. We know Matt was aware of the band, as he'd reviewed one of the records years ago. If Allroy inspired Bart, we don't know for sure, but it definitely wasn't the other way around.

  2. Not sure about the GTA. That might have been something that a label worked out.

  3. We did start doing some instrumental ALL stuff, but never got around to finishing it up. Maybe someday.

  4. We have many new songs, but haven't dove into recording them yet. We plan to do it over the next several months as our schedules allow.

  5. Speaking personally, having gotten to play in Descendents and Flag only leaves the Beatles & Richard Hell and the Voidoids. After that I can die happy. :)

  6. We'd love to play Scotland again. If I remember, Descendents have only been there (in Glasgow) once, and I don't think ALL ever got to go. My wife and I got to spend 2 weeks there last year, and your country is absolutely beautiful and fantastic. Amazing place. I know Karl agrees with me.


AtomicAnarchist9 karma

What is your favorite tour memory?

TheDescendents26 karma

all of us together in the Van telling stupid stories and eating beef jerky - bill

gabeasorus9 karma

Bill: Listening to Everything Sucks and Mass Nerder recently and it seems like with Everything Sucks you were really honing in on your mixes. Then Mass Nerder... man that mix is on point (and I think raised the bar for the pop-punk scene production as a whole).

Do you remember anything specifically you changed with your approach being as how they were recorded so closely together?

To the entire band: Thanks for continuing to do what you do!! Looking forward to new stuff!

TheDescendents14 karma

Andy Wallace mixed Everything Sux. But we mixed Mass Nerder. we felt like everything sucks had great guitars and vocal sounds, but needed better Bass and Drums... So that's what we were trying to do with Mass Nerder - Bill

mridgway4028 karma

Were you guys living in Missouri when Chad Price joined ALL? I was assuming so, as i sat next to his entire family and the Kansas City showing of all. Was he living in that small town as well?

TheDescendents19 karma

chad grew up in KC, yes - bill

marauderhex8 karma

I have a strange question for Milo. Of all of your albums, Everything Sucks seems to hit close to home with my wife, who is a graduate student at UDel, what words of encouragement could you offer someone who is crawling towards graduating with their PhD in Bio-organic chemistry? Also, what's your favorite coffee place around Delaware?

TheDescendents26 karma

Embrace the challenge, and try to enjoy the process. Once you're done, the sense of accomplishment is worth it. Brew Ha Ha

dgeister8 karma

Will you write a follow up to When I Get Old when you get old?

TheDescendents33 karma

we were already old when we wrote when i get old - bill

squaregoinnowhere8 karma

Now that you mostly do weekend shows and "fly-outs", any chance you guys come back to Rockfest next year or any province of Quebec festival ?

TheDescendents18 karma

we might do that one again - did they get it together last year? (the year before when Flag played it was kinda not organized sorta) - bill

Organicapple6 karma

I just want to say thank you for providing such great songs to the soundtrack of my life! I have absolutely enjoyed going to your shows and I hope to continue going in the near future. And Milo, I've found it inspirational on how you've managed to achieve a career in music and in science!

My question for you all: What is your favorite book or spare-time activity? And what is your favorite song to perform?

Also, will there be holiday sweaters this year? I do hope so!

Thank you again!

TheDescendents6 karma

Lately, I'm all about rebuilding old bikes with my son.

I love playing Thank You and Catalina.

Yes to holiday sweaters.


dpblair19846 karma

Top three pizza toppings?

TheDescendents16 karma

oregano, tomato, fresh Moz

jsevenofnine5 karma

What is all your ultimate comfort food?

TheDescendents21 karma

Weinerschnitzel or Tommy's - bill

DownvoteDaemon5 karma

Do you all drive nice cars? Pardon if it's too personal.

TheDescendents15 karma

I always buy my cars used, and I tend to avoid "nice" cars, because it represents everything I hate - bill

mystery5055 karma

Stephen how good are the sweet rolls at the Frontier restaurant in Albuquerque New Mexico?

TheDescendents16 karma

yes - bill

DangDangDang5 karma

How may cups of piss are in your van?

How do you feel about K Cups?

TheDescendents11 karma

We got rid of the cups quickly. None left that I know of! -Stephen

thabeastman5 karma

Hey guys,

thanks for coming here to do this AMA. Thank you for playing the way you play. I have a soft-ball question and a hard-ball question for ya'll.

1.) Is it true that there's a Descendents instrumental record in existence? "Theme" and the bonus track on Everything Sucks are some of my favorite tracks by you guys, so I've always thought it would be awesome if this rumor was true even if it's false.

2.) My second question concerns the lyrics of "I'm Not a Loser". Does the "You arrogant assholes..." section represent a dialogue between the bullied character and the bully character or is it just supposed to be insults from the bully character?

I understand if you guys don't feel comfortable fielding that last question, but I've always been curious.

TheDescendents7 karma

we don't have a hidden instrumental record - bill

behindler4 karma

Huge fan, have literally traveled ALL over the US to see every incarnation of thee band.two questions.

1.can I get a new ALL record/merch in the store before Im youre age? 2.How many cups of coffee do you think youve consumed in total as aband since incarnation? (Ballpark) THANK YOU FOR PLAYIN THE WAY YOU PLAY!

TheDescendents8 karma

we're gonna do a record in 2015 we have drank exactly 4 trillion cups of coffee

banjobonnie4 karma

If you all play Riot Fest again, will you play Cameage? That song melts faces.

TheDescendents7 karma

We haven't done Cameage since '97 if I remember right, but it's not out of the question. That said, I don't think anyone else has asked for it recently. Ha! -Stephen

msm0084 karma

What do you guys think about punk and all its variants nowadays, any specific one that you guys are interested in? (e.g. modern post-hardcore and what's new with it, the same for modern pop punk, heck, the same for punk rock itself) Also, any bands that you guys have been listening to a lot?

And lastly, not related to any question, but thank you guys for creating amazing music, I absolutely adore your debut(among my favorites) and I also really like I Don't Want To Grow Up, Everything Sucks, All and Cool To Be You. Hope that whenever you can release some new material it's on that level, because if it is, I'm going to love it.

TheDescendents10 karma

I can't really keep up with all the genres, and don't even try anymore. Great music is being made all the time in many forms. I try to find it wherever I can.

So far, the new songs sound like.. well, us.. so you'll probably dig it. Thanks!


Awolrab4 karma

Hey guys! I've been a big fan of you guys for a long time. Really great that you're doing this!

Do you have any stories of fans getting too crazy at a show you played?

Also, meet Milo, she just turned 5 this month!. I named her in honor of Milo, and just the love of your band in general!

TheDescendents14 karma

There have been a couple that got a bit out of hand. One in Orange, CA, and one in Atlanta, GA. They were both shut down, which is always a bummer. They were fun while they lasted though! -Stephen

fedescendents4 karma

Is there any chance to see you on tour in South America?

TheDescendents4 karma

We're hoping to come there soon! -Stephen

norcal113 karma

Huge fan. Seems like your songs have always been the perfect soundtrack to my life. Any truth to the rumor of a new album in the works?

TheDescendents11 karma

we're getting there - getting our songs organized - inching our way toward a finished record - bill

TheDescendents9 karma

Thanks! We're working on new songs, and planning to record soon!

Galaxieguy663 karma

Thanks for making kick ass music! 3 years ago around this time my wife decided she's had enough and bounced. The top 3 songs I played was "here with me", "she doesn't care", and "hope"! After that I started working out and felt better about myself, "Merica" and "cool to be you" are a must for my early morning runs! I fucking love you guys and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I don't know where I'd be if it wasn't for your music!

One question what would be your favorite type of pizza?

TheDescendents4 karma

I'm good with a straight up Pizza Margherita, but I've been digging on the gluten free crusts lately as well (less gnarly gas) - bill

TheGator253 karma

What have you been working on lately in the biochemistry field?

TheDescendents4 karma

Milo - probiotics for plants!

JuanRiveara3 karma

What is each of yours favorite color?

TheDescendents11 karma


ThrowAweighKeeper3 karma

Have you guys ever played "days are blood" live? That song blows me away every single time I hear it to this day.

TheDescendents5 karma

I think we played it a coupla times in 1986 - bill

ZeFroag3 karma

First I just want to say that I'm a huge fan. Now for the question I'm sure you'll quickly tire of seeing. Are you potentially going to put out any new music?

TheDescendents4 karma

We're working on it! Trying to get the scheduling together is hard, but we've got quite a few songs and a desire to see it happen soon. -Stephen

pog_i2 karma

Hey Bill! Would you be the producer for the next blink-182 album? (I know they will ask you to be. Please accept it, and teach those guys how to be a real band! They desperately need their idol's input...) Cheers from Hungary

TheDescendents3 karma

I have known those guys for quite a while - they seem to do well with the more "big name" type producers.. so, i think things are probably as they should be - bill