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So are you saying that Reddit's gonna get bought out in a few years, and be used as an advertising/sales platform?

This is all really interesting. Thanks for doing the AMA.

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tainted meat

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good to know that I can still go on Reddit if I ever go into a coma

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Are there any decisions you've made in the industry that you regret doing, or would've done differently looking back on it?

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Before I ask a question, I’d just like to say that you guys inspire me immensely as musicians, and as human beings.

You’ve been making music since the 90s, and for a huge part of your career were a hardcore/horror-punk band.

My question is, do you guys ever write punk songs, still? I figure since you guys grew up loving that music, it might still flow out naturally from you.

17 Crimes is a great single, and I’m grabbing my copy of Burials today. Thanks for existing!