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Do you think we will ever make contact with complex organisms within the next 50yrs?

thanks for making my day. http://i.imgur.com/oypPqKi.jpg

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Hello Mr. Odenkirk,

I recently saw the nebraska and it reminded me of my dads side of the family that comes from there. How was it working with will Forte and overall experience making the film? the good and bad.

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hey guys, big fan. this question is for milo. what made you want to get an outside career of the music industry? it seems alot of guys do that, like Greg graffin. I apologize for my bad grammar and punctuation. BTW I wanted to let you know your music got me through some tough times.

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hello mr. Lamarr,

big fan here. I met you back in megan con in 2014, you were the first autograph i got and made sure to get. I was the lil guy with all the tattoos(don't know if i showed you my simpsons and futrama tattoos). unfortunately I lost the picture we took together. Can we expect anything from futrama or mad tv reunion in the future?just wanted to say Thank you

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i question Canadians too. I used to be involved acting and Improv was my biggest fun.