I am M. Shadows of Avenged sevenfold. After over two years of development we are proud to release Hail to the King: Deathbat. After watching all of the members of this band play mobile games on tour over the years we decided to create one of our own. A game for our fans who love games as well. We decided to create this adventure with a nod to our favorite games growing up. No hand holding here, no fluff, just a hard, bad ass game that lets you discover the story of the Deathbat. How many of you out there can beat this game? Only time will tell. We are excited to share this story with you now.

The latest trailer for the game is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z_m4rT_EE

Buy on the App Store: http://www.appstore.com/deathbatgame Buy on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deathbatgame.hailtotheking

My Proof: https://twitter.com/TheOfficialA7X/status/522808707185664000

EDIT: Guys I had a blast today, but have to run. Hope you enjoy the game, and hope these answers shed some light on a few things. See you all soon, and please check out Hail to the King: Deathbat.

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DrumToTheHills504 karma

Can you share any news about the DVD you've been working on for the past few years? Also, thought I'd share this portrait I did a while back! http://i.imgur.com/sOB00tW.jpg?3

iammshadows352 karma

is that a photo or a drawing? awesome! DVD is in the works and is coming out great. 7 years of footage is a lot to sift through... but it will be worth it I hope

judomonkeykyle201 karma

Chris Jericho was on AMA yesterday and he told me to ask Matt who Graham is??


iammshadows333 karma

hahahaha graham is a good friend of mine who Jericho punched in the face because Graham refused to give him a kiss. The story was gonna be in Jerichos new book but it got taken out because there editor felt it made him look like a dick hahah crazy night after namm...

SocialPotato167 karma

Hey Matt, huge Avenged fan here, and have been for a while. I have some questions that I've been dying to ask for the longest time. So, here it goes:

1.) Are there any songs that you have never played live that you would like to? I'd like to personally recommend Victim, Natural Born Killer, Sidewinder (Poor Arin), Heretic, Coming Home, and Lost. Also Carry On, I know you guys have played it before, but I think it would be awesome if you brought it back.

2.) Have you guys ever considered doing a purely instrumental song?

3.) Can we expect a 2015 album release?

4.) This is kind of a follow up to my last question. Do you think your next album will be similar to Hail to the King, or will it be more along the lines of your older material? Or is it top secret? Or do you just have no clue yet?

5.) I know you've said before that you will never feature someone from genres like hip hop or rap in one of your songs. But have you ever thought if doing one with a band like Korn, Slipknot, Tool, ect?

6.) My final question. Can I please request that on your next tour, whenever it may be, that you stop by Vancouver? The last time you were here was on the White Album tour as far as I know. But please correct me if I'm wrong.

That's it. Thanks for doing the AMA and keep up the awesome work.

iammshadows346 karma

hey! lots of questions! excuse the quick responses...

1)Tons of songs we wanna get to. Those are all great choices... I'd add Acid Rain to that list.

2) Yes we have but then I get jealous and put my annoying vocals over them :) Maybe in the future.

3) No 2015 release

4) Album will be different than all the above. We always change it up. We have ideas but dont wanna get the rumors swirling just yet. But it wont sound like any of our records before.

5) Its never been an interest to us honestly.

6) Vancouver here we come

EmberToTrivium156 karma

Matt, do you like Fishsticks? O.o

iammshadows626 karma

shit dog!!! i love fish dicks!

gagadaily1128 karma

Hey Matt,

Do you like Lady Gaga?

iammshadows266 karma

Who doesnt?

Onikouzou316 karma

A7X and Lady Gaga collab tour? I can see it now: Lady Sevenfold presents Hail to the Bling

I'm sorry

iammshadows246 karma

hahaha its in the works

zerofiction120 karma

M. Shadows,

I took my 15 year old son to see Avenged on the Mayhem Tour in Boise (Nampa) ID. for his first metal concert. The show was fucking great and we were impressed that you kept people from being harmed several times during your show. Come back to Idaho soon, we love you guys!

What's bands are at the top of your playlist right now?

\m/ \m/ Old School Metal Dad

iammshadows211 karma

Bad fucking Ass - Yeah we dont need people getting hurt at shows.. its ment to be fun... fuck leaving with a broken neck.

playlist would be...

all NOFX and Bad Religion albums on shuffle... infectious grooves, elton john, BMTH, volbeat, etc

ALinkToThePast12114 karma

Dear Mr. Shadows,

I am a huge fan, and have seen A7X 4 times. Planets is my favorite song off the new album. Can we expect to see that song on the setlist in the future? Btw keep coming around the Huntsville, AL area!!

iammshadows120 karma

yep... love planets

youngmakeupaddict108 karma

Hey Matt! I am such a huge fan.

1) What's your craziest fan story?

2) Matt, do you ever switch wives with Brian?

3) What do you think is your most underrated song? (for me, it's definitely And All Things Will End. that solo at the end gives me chills.)

4) What do you think is your worst song?

5) will you ever do a meet and greet package in England?

6) what's been your most rock and roll moment?

7) what's the biggest argument the band has ever had? have you ever been close to splitting up because of one?

iammshadows311 karma

1) craziest fan story is a lady told me in Denver she named her kid after me... I thought that was cool but then she said it was her daughter... she showed me the tattoo of her daughters name.. Em Shadows

2)As much as possible... like to keep it fresh

3) Save Me

4) Hmmm.. Unbound...

5) People dont like that we dont do meet and greets, but honestly we feel like total pricks charging for stuff like that. We should figure out a better way to do it with contests etc. We will work on it

6) Standing at download in front of 80k of you... felt good to be home

7)Arin eating syn gates food after a show... bitch almost got killed! but seriously its never more then a 10 min convo and we get over it

JamesLockhart91 karma

Mr Shadows,

What have you eaten today?

iammshadows262 karma

eggs and toast and tons of coffee... coffee so thick that I consider it food

Cannibul90 karma

What do you find time to do in between live shows?

iammshadows201 karma

test our fucking video game... now I have no clue what I will do with myself

antiquedsketch88 karma

Hey there! How are you?

I've been listening to Avenged for years and saw you guys for the 11th time this past summer. Has the idea ever been tossed around to do a set that incorporates a full album? The 10th anniversary of City of Evil is around the corner and there are plenty of songs from that album that would be a dream to hear live!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Hope all is well and see you whenever you're even kind of around Philadelphia. Take care!


iammshadows138 karma

We will throw more random cuts in but 10 years just isnt long enough to constitute a full on album tour.. maybe 20... You gotta remember that the three albums after COE were as big or bigger then that record so we dont wanna alienate those fans so soon. We will do something special though

Sandusky_D0NUT87 karma

Would you ever consider doing a tour where the main focus is on older albums such as Waking the Fallen now that it has been re-released?

iammshadows188 karma

I would consider doing that for sure at some point. The reality is that even though we have a lot of older fans at the shows, the majority of people there wanna hear the current records and stuff they have not heard. That being said I'm sure someday we will do something fun like that! We still gotta bust out remenissions and a few others we have been itching to play.

justchris563 karma

It would be great if you offered the fans to vote for a setlist like Metallica have recently been doing, I'd love to hear Sidewinder live!

iammshadows133 karma

we did that and it ended up being all the same songs we choose every night.. I was talking to Lars and he said the same thing happened with them... everyone chooses the hits. Maybe we will try again and you guys can surprise us.

GaroldWilsonSnailJr81 karma

Is Arin ever going to get a stage name?

iammshadows144 karma

hmmm seems like its too late at this point we need suggestions haha

simon_says_die79 karma

Hey, is there any chance Hail to the Death Bat will be coming to Windows Phone? On a side note, I love the 80's style nintendo beats. You guys did them some justice.

iammshadows92 karma

Thanks glad you dig em. Windows phone is a long shot because of all the dev. costs it would take. very sorry we just had to pick and choose

bootiemonsta76 karma

Hey Matt! What up? Long time fan.

Wondering if you plan to do more guest appearances in the near future like you did on Slash's first solo album?

iammshadows112 karma

nah keeping it chill gonna start thinking about all things A7X after a little break

Ian_Itor65 karma

Hi Matt, thanks for checking in!

How was the response to Hail to the King? What kind of feedback and general opinion did you get on the album and on the new video game?

How does Syn look so fucking chill when he plays insane solos like in Second Heartbeat or Afterlife?

Then I just wanted to say that Afterlife is one of my favorite songs ever and I use it as benchmark song for every audio device I use. I love A7X and I am glad you carry on the Rev's legacy and keep him alive on stage!

iammshadows125 karma

Hail to the King was a response that resembled City of Evil. In terms of numbers it is on pace to sell the same as all the other albums. In terms of fans there are some that get it and some that dont. Both of those albums came as drastic changes to the albums before and both had to "find their audience." Internationally its been our biggest record with Nightmare.

Game is getting a great response from the fans and a mixed response from critics... its to be expected. But if the fans are happy then we are happy.

Thats Syns vibe man... some people say he looks bored.. He just likes to shred and its his personality. hahaha funny guy that syn gates

Thanks bro!

sonnyz1364 karma

What is your favorite beer?

iammshadows175 karma

Sierra Nevada

tdawg66663 karma

What's the most misunderstood lyric you've heard a fan say about an A7X song?

iammshadows114 karma

ohhh there are a ton... but thats whats fun about it.... i love seeing the debates... people love to twist lyrics to be in line with their train of thought...

tdawg66658 karma

Would you ever do a Co-headliner with Slipknot?

iammshadows114 karma

yeah seems we are on totally different cycles right now though. love thier new stuff very good guys

ARohmat55 karma

How difficult is it writing new material for an album, or single?

iammshadows124 karma

Ask my wife.. she is constantly pulling the gun from my mouth... but I love it... we just want it to be great and want to be happy with it so we never settle... probably to a fault

A7XZ55 karma

Hey Matt! I've always loved your voice, but damn, you've become such a good singer now, it is really incredible. Also, I'm really enjoying the game! I've already had lots of fun with it!

Question time:

  1. The ghosts in the Unholy Confessions map really look like Papa Emeritus from Ghost. Is that a coincidence or a total concious choise? I know you love the band!

  2. Speaking of Ghost. I'm also from Sweden and my dream is to have my band play as the opening act for Avenged Sevenfold. Do you as a band pick your opening acts or what's the secret?

EDIT: This is my band, by the way.
FB Youtube Spotify

iammshadows95 karma

Thanks! Been working hard on it! Not pushing as hard and opening the voice up to higher and higher notes.. Def changed it up on this last tour.. moving forward probably gonna find a happy medium.

1) Coincidence... those character were made over two years ago.. didnt see the connection at the time.

2) We talk to promoters in the area and if we really love a band we bring them out... Thats how the Deftones / Ghost tour happened.

soulfister52 karma

If A7X's music were made into a Broadway musical, what would be the premise and who would play the characters based on you guys?

A friend of mine is at work and can't go on reddit and he wants to know what your favorite A7X song is.

Thank you for doing this AMA. Avenged Sevenfold has been my favorite band for a long time and Chapter Four has been my ringtone since like 2006

iammshadows116 karma

oh man no clue on the first question except I'd have daniel day lewis play me. Best actor imo.

Fav A7X song would be Buried Alive

Thank you!

goosepimplez47 karma

I remember seeing you guys on PureVolume when your old stuff was just starting to take off, you looked like normal dudes for the most part. Then around the time that city of evil came out you were fuckin yolked! What happened, just decided to start lifting?

iammshadows89 karma

lots of steroids and egg whites... haha nah just started lifting a lot!

ThePhil65247 karma

Big fan here! I just have one question, I want to know what is the proudest moment of your life?

Also, I saw your show in Montreal. Fucking awesome!!

iammshadows121 karma

Seeing my sons being born.. Nothing like it.

CopeSe7en45 karma

Hi Matt how ya doing?

Can you guys please please do another epic song like Save Me and make it maybe 18-20 min long. You guys are beyond being a band. You guys are great composers and story tellers. I feel like you guys could write one hell of a metal symphony.

Also will this be turned into a full song on your next album? http://youtu.be/tmi0Jc657SM?t=6m1s


iammshadows67 karma

long songs... we love em.. we will see what happens.. and no... we like to start fresh on new albums..

Nightcrawl-EUW41 karma

Hey guys, I've been a fan since 2009 and here are some questions I have always wanted to ask (sry if they already have been asked) :

  • What album are you guys most proud of ?
  • What songs do you miss playing live, or wish to play live ?
  • Do you play games like League of Legends ?
  • Do you get nervous before playing ?

Thx, I hope you notice me , senpai

iammshadows90 karma

1) Nightmare because of what we went through

2) Dont miss any of them at the moment... when we miss em we throw them back in the set.

3) no but all my friends do.. they dont talk to me anymore because they have no time hahah

4) Yes.. the first show before any tour.. after that, no

heybigapple39 karma

Hi Matt! Im a huge fan! I've been playing HttK:Deathbat all morning and I'm really enjoying it so far. Was there anything that you really wanted to include in the game, but it just didnt work out? Also, I know this game has been your baby, so how much did the rest of the guys contribute?

iammshadows55 karma

The other guys were great because they wrote the music and did their voice overs, but as far as game dev, they kinda let me do my thing. There is a ton we wish we could have added like multi player, endless dungeons, more puzzles etc, but mobile has its limits

almack937 karma

Hey Matt, just a quick question if you could. Is there any chance we could see you return to a more sounding the seventh trumpet/waking the fallen vocal style for an album? Not to say that I don't enjoy the newer stuff as well, just curious.

iammshadows143 karma

nah - sorry man. we wont go back to any older styles.. number 1 ) because we have already done it and it should stay in the past and number 2) we just simply dont listen to that style of music anymore, so if we did a record like that it would be the ultimate sell out cause our hearts wouldnt be in it. There are a ton of bands that play that style currently.

throwthegentleman35 karma

How did you start it get a following in the early days? when was the point that you could actually make a living off of music?

iammshadows77 karma

We just were selective with the shows we played.. we wanted our hometown to not get sick of us right away. we still do that, very few shows at home. Sent demos to everyone... we made 1 dollar a day in the van on the first warped tour.. it payed for gas and we ate catering... but it was a living haha

CocoaDynoBites34 karma

I'm having tons of fun with you guy's game. What was the most challenging part of taking on a new creative outlet you hadn't previously worked in while developing Hail to the King: Deathbat?

On a scale of Mumford and Sons to candy apples and razorblades how punk is Zack's character?

And of course, the Disney Land Acid Trip level in the sequel; make it happen Shads.

iammshadows52 karma

Thanks man! Its all a huge learning curve... I hope to make another one and make it better.. Acid trip is a great idea.. I owe you a royalty haha Zacky was in charge of his character.. Pretty rad.

a7xrockr4ever33 karma

Hey Matt! Just a couple questions from me

1) Will there be a sequel for HTTK:DB for pc or console?

2) My band Oppressed Affliction are huge fans of yours and we all would love some tips as far as music making and business. Do you have any you could share?

Keep on rockin!

iammshadows72 karma

Hey man - I heard your covers of the game sound track.. awesome stuff. Tips would be to just write good songs and never settle on less then that.

Sequel would be great for sure.

Vazique31 karma


iammshadows169 karma

Shawshank Redemption

Gropingwings30 karma

Hi Matt, do you guys have any plans for a concept album in the future? Are you guys planning on making more songs for Call of Duty or any other game?

iammshadows79 karma

No plans but you never know... I'd love to do some Black Ops 3.. always fun working with Treyarch!

purplekoolaiddrank28 karma

Hey Matt, I've been a huge fan of your band since I was around 13 and I'm now 20, still loving you guys.

Still insanely gutted I missed you at Download this year but had a college exam the day you were playing and couldn't make it

Whereabouts is your favorite place in the UK to play? I always hear you guys say how us Brits rock the hardest

edit: Also, what do you love about the UK in general? We think our country's a bit shit so an ego boost from an American wouldn't suck haha

iammshadows45 karma

sorry about download... uk was the first country outside of the USA to embrace us. We owe them a lot. The fans are insane and passionate.

HenryDahmer27 karma

Okay you got me. Hail to the King: Deathbat has my interest. However, as someone who doesn't own a mobile device (I know, what the hell) I'm wondering if there's any chance you guys could also get it up on the http://store.steampowered.com/ store for Windows/PC at some point down the road? It'd make a very nice addition.

iammshadows61 karma

Next week? still working out kinks and with the ios and androind launch we will have our plate full with fixes Im sure... def before halloween!

Grimsrasatoas24 karma

Hey Matt! I just want to say that you guys probably left the biggest impact on my life in terms of music. I've been playing guitar for years but my freshman year of high school I was losing interest. My friend gave me your All Excess DVD and watching it sparked my love for the instrument and I still love it 6 years later. I just want to thank you guys for what you do, especially Synyster since it was really his lead guitar that reignited my passion. I'll always be a fan. Keep doing what you're doing.

What sparked the change from shaved head to the mohawk/Phil Anselmo style hair you've been rocking for the past year or so? What was the inspiration for the Little Piece of Heaven video? Have you ever considered adding more symphonic elements to the songs?

iammshadows43 karma

Glad you got back into guitar.. we all go through phases in life and sometimes when you start an instrument or sport too early in childhood you loose interest by the time you are in high school or college. Im glad you gained interest... My hair is just random... I dont put any thought into it and just do different things and wait for the reaction haha Heaven video is just the lyrics verbatim. We use a lot of symphonic elements already... its always an option

nasty_milk_fucker23 karma

Hey Matt, long time fan. My question, what was your favorite band growing up?

iammshadows68 karma


mmcbridea7x23 karma

Hey Matt!!! My name is Matt too and I had a few questions!!!

I have been a huge fan of you guys since I was 15, you guys are the reason why I picked up a guitar. I actually saw you guys at Orion and my brother and I snuck behind the stage as you guys were finishing up your set and we ran into Jason Berry and he told us where we could find you, we managed to get to the dressing room but you guys left before we got there, I was totally bummed!!! You are single handedly one of my favorite singers and musicians. anyway ill get to the questions!!!

  1. What instruments you can play aside from guitar and sing?
  2. What is it ike being a rock star?
  3. Any news on the new album?
  4. What kind of car do you drive when youre not on tour?
  5. are you gonna teach your son to play any instruments? Last one haha, can I get your autograph?

Thanks for doing the AMA!!! Tell the guys I send my regards from Jersey, and I dont care what Robb Flynn says about your album, he is a douche!!

iammshadows67 karma

Sorry we missed you man!

1) I can poorly play drums and piano.

2) Hard to answer cause most people dont know who we are... haha so I guess its normal?

3) Yeah - it will be great :)

4) Hmm Escalade with direct tv for my Lakers Games haha

5) He is already playing boom boom and bri bri... thats drums and guitar for his uncle brian

iammshadows57 karma

ohh and yes u can get an autograph

progenitus66615 karma

If you had to pick, what are your top 5 cities in the world to play? Also, do you have a favouite opening act?

iammshadows51 karma

Jakarta - Sao Paulo - Mexico City - London - Montreal - in no order...

hmm lots I enjoy... BFMV, wouldnt have to be openers but love playing with them...

rachelavenged15 karma

What do you think of Slipknot's new stuff?

iammshadows41 karma

love it

fletcherable14 karma

What were your favourite video games growing up? :)

iammshadows42 karma

Zelda - Contra - Castlevania - mario

Starnz14 karma

Hey Matt I wanted to say great job on Hail to the King! Amazing album! Which song do you think you will always appreciate the most when you look back on your career?

iammshadows50 karma

I would say Buried Alive and hail to the king (the song) Each one serves different purposes... We are proud of HTTK because its effective in the most simplistic form. We needed to prove to ourselves that we could show restraint.

EliteShadowMan14 karma

Hey, Matt! So in interviews and what not, you talk about being somewhat of a gamer and what not. Besides Zelda, is there any other series that you really really like?

iammshadows92 karma

loving destiny right now... reviewers are being unfair

deugeniosfa14 karma

Hey! Are there any tip, hints, or tricks about the game you can give us? Can't wait to play!

iammshadows50 karma

yes... if you are good at games, dont use the band characters... if you need help... get the band characters.. they are OP

EDIT: Typo

jambojumbo13 karma

Hey Matt long time Avenged Sevenfold fan.

Was headlining Download Festival a dream come true and is there anywhere else that you haven't played that you really want to?

iammshadows36 karma

Def dream come true.. cant wait to do it again... need to get to russia, india, china and africa

throwthegentleman13 karma

What your advise for bands starting out?

iammshadows49 karma

write good songs and never give up... the majority of people out there dont care about how good you are at your individual instrument, they want songs that they can relate to.

Facebot9 karma

Any plans on touring next year?

iammshadows27 karma

not next year no... well actually we are doing a short run that will be announce next week. Its international though

PeggyMors9 karma

Hey Matt! A question from all Greek fans. Is there any future plan coming here? We have been waiting for you years, it would be a pleasure. Also I would like to ask about the hail to the king: deathbat. Will it be available at android? And when is the official release time? Also when are we going to have a sneak of your new album?

We wait for you here in Greece! :)

iammshadows19 karma

Man - we need to get there... next album for sure. The game is out now on Android... sneak of the new album... not for a long time.

GoGoGodzillaaa8 karma

Hey Matt! Big fan!

Do you ever think Deathbat will ever see a console release in the future? As in Xbox live for example?

Saw you guys in Pittsburgh this summer at Mayhem! But as you recall that bitch of a storm ended up cutting your set short! Think you guys will be back to Pittsburgh anytime soon?

Hope all is well!

iammshadows26 karma

I really hope so man... maybe the next game console only?

As for the show.. it will be one of the first spots once we tour again.

KitKat66657 karma

Hi Matt! I'd like to ask if as you were producing the album did you realise how big of an impact it'll have on the game? was it intentional to link them both together or did you find that giving the game a story to do with what your album was about gave it more meaning? Oh and also! I love the way that The Rev is still there in the game! gives it a personal feeling but also lets us as fans, the old and the new to keep him in our hearts foREVer :)

iammshadows22 karma

no, they were seperate and being developed at the same time.. HTTK is only the title.. most of the game references older songs.

Yeah Jimmys family was very excited about him being in the game

Brotator6 karma

So I was playing the game today and I come across this enemy called "Flynn Troll". I was like whaaa? Then aaahhh lol, nice.

BTW, Avenged Sevenfold is GOAT.

iammshadows18 karma

huh? i dont know what your talking about :)

helloimcody6 karma

M. Shadows! As most people here I'm a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan. I even have a death bat tattoo. The Rev(R.I.P) is the reason I play the drums. Sorry for rambling. As for my question, what is you're personal favorite Avenged Sevenfold song? Also...favorite pizza topping?

iammshadows8 karma

i like sausage and salami from round table... best pizza for me

lifeisbushy5 karma

Hey Matt, what video games are you playing at the moment? and what platform(s) do you use?

iammshadows23 karma

Destiny for xbox one, black ops two for the 360 and wii u new mario kart

SosiqSmileqq4 karma

Hi Matt! Greetings from North Ossetia, Russia. Like everyone here, im big a7x fan for a long time Also im a dancer, i do style called "animation", the thing is, im the only dancer who does animation to Avenged Sevenfold songs. My question is - you need dancers? :D You can watch me dancing to "Second Heartbeat" here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmWZQ6LuZk8

iammshadows15 karma

Hello! if we need dancers we will call you first! awesome

DerianDomitruk1 karma

What direction do you see the next album going?

iammshadows9 karma

different then all the others...

paesleslie1 karma

what about Avenged sevenfold at Rock in Rio 2015? hahahah Cheers from Brazil! x

iammshadows7 karma

let them know you want us!