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"EDIT: Thanks for joining me for my first ever AMA, it was a pleasure getting to hear from Sumerian fans all around. Hope you'll join me next time!"

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Scottyfer25 karma

Is Tosin Abasi the reincarnation of Jesus, Buddha, and Jimi Hendrix in one body?

AshAvildsen15 karma

there's some Lord Krishna in there too.

TheAlmightySHITFUCK10 karma

The stunt that Upon A Burning Body pulled angered a lot of fans.i remember reading that you didn't agree with it either. How do you handle these types of high emotion situations? Has it been harder trying to promote the band since then? Do you think they regret what they did?

AshAvildsen16 karma

It was a very emotional day. Someone at the label (without telling me) was aware they were doing it and gave them input on the idea. It was all only supposed to last a matter of hours before promoting the new song and letting everyone know it was just part of a storyline, but I woke up to a ton of calls, emails, voicemails and texts of people freaking out thinking Danny was really missing. Hindsight is 20/20. The label employee and the band all regret it I'm sure, but I believe Metal Hammer will be putting out a big double interview/article so the world knows exactly what happened. It hasn't been harder promoting them. I love UABB and they are some of the best dudes I know. The new record is great and big things are ahead for them. How do I handle these types of high emotion situations? Usually with submission moves like Bret Hart's sharpshooter or Ric Flair's figure four.. See how long one can last before you tap out from the emotional pain ya know?

fireal6669 karma

It seems like Sumerian has many bands that stay with the label for a long period of time (in modern-day record label speak). What differentiates your relationship with your bands from a label that does not have such a great reputation? cough Victory cough

AshAvildsen11 karma

how we treat them, the personal connection we have with them, how we do our jobs, how we pay our royalties and have clean accounting, how we provide for them, the work we do for them, really every aspect of the relationship.

dj3ntal_drummer6668 karma

If you could create some kind of "super band" with only the people on your label, who would be in it and what would they play?

AshAvildsen13 karma

oh man. good question. you'll just have to wait and see :)

guymandudebro647 karma

It seems in general most bands signed to your Label start to sound the same or have similar influence in production, writing, playing style etc. Do you yourself oversee this, and if not why does this happen?

  • from a curious and slightly cynical bastard who doesn't like the music industry

AshAvildsen5 karma

we never push bands to sound the same and the roster is very diverse. what bands are you referring to?

TokenChoice7 karma

I want to send you a resume. Where do I begin ?

AshAvildsen10 karma

send it to [email protected] and she'll make sure i check it out

thekingofdallas7 karma

Hey Ash! The Upon a Burning Body scandal. It was a rough one but I believe you handled it well by breaking up the rumour and addressing it on Facebook. Did it all just blow over and relations with the band are good once again? Was there ever a point where you thought about dropping them due to the issue?

AshAvildsen8 karma

I would never drop UABB for making a mistake like that. Someone at the label was involved with putting together the idea with them and that person has had to deal with the repercussions as well on the Sumerian side of things. No one got harmed and now it's all water under the bridge. I feel bad I had to publicly say something against one of my own bands but I had no idea it was happening and didn't agree with it. The relationship is great and we are in the process of shooting some awesome music videos for the new record. UABB are some of the most genuine, hard working band guys in the biz and I have nothing but love and respect for them.

pokefan13377 karma

do you know anything about veil of maya's new singer?

AshAvildsen11 karma

Yes. He is from Niburu and is 80% Pure Anunnaki. He can do great cleans. Watch out for those Reptilians!

TheShockwave2k117 karma

Thank you for having such great bands, what is your main job at Sumerian?

AshAvildsen12 karma

I'm the Owner/CEO so it's a bit of everything. Which bands we sign, which music videos we make, what singles to launch, how we promote/market/strategy for each album coming out, helping bands on an A&R level making their records, choosing artwork, etc. I've also produced a number of bands in the studio and helped with vocals, lyrics, etc. I've been very fortunate to have an incredible staff that runs the day to day operations of the label and comes at me with great ideas every week at our meetings too. So it's one big collective effort of keeping the Sphinx alive!

7String_Engl6 karma


AshAvildsen13 karma

the first bands on Sumerian were The Faceless and Stick To Your Guns.

7String_Engl2 karma


AshAvildsen7 karma

lost in London somewhere, we're searching!!!!

TheRockinDom6 karma

Does Sumerian retain in-house legal counsel? If so, does Sumerian offer any legal internships for current law students?


AshAvildsen4 karma

Yes. email [email protected]

fireal6666 karma

Good afternoon Ash. Will we ever hear another album from The HAARP Machine? Big fan of the "Disclosure" record and would love to hear more. THanks

AshAvildsen8 karma

I believe so. I am a big fan too and believe Al will pull it together with a new line-up and an even better album. We haven't lost the faith!

Dead346 karma

What's the biggest piece of advice you can offer emerging bands with regards to standing out for reputable companies like Sumerian Records to discover them?

AshAvildsen10 karma

write some great songs, make quality music videos to promote online and get your ass in the van. start playing shows. book your own gigs. don't wait around to get discovered. you can also send tickets to our office for wrestlemania or monday night raw. that always gets an eyebrow raised.. if you smell what the sphinx is cooking. don't send us any john cena wristbands though.

Regiment676 karma

Its no secret that its hard to make a living in the "Death Metal Scene", how many of the bands on your label are making what would be considered enough money to have a comfortable living?

AshAvildsen6 karma

there's not that many death metal bands on the roster, but all the ones who you see headlining tours are making a comfortable living.

TakeItToTheMax6 karma

How can I break into the industry? I'm a journalist adn writer who wants to be involved with music somehow. Any tips?

AshAvildsen7 karma

just start writing. post blogs, show reviews, album reviews, get your work out there. send it to the labels and managers of the bands you are writing about, in hopes that they promote it. come up with a name for a website/place where people can read what you write and get the word out!

quentinnourisson6 karma

Could you please give us a bit more information about the relaunching of the Sumerian street team? i received an email about it today and i was wondering how it all works etc...

AshAvildsen3 karma

you need to ask [email protected] she is spear-heading it

DenisPhelan5 karma

Hey Ash, hope you're having a good day.

I've always wondered what the process for choosing bands for summer slaughter (or allstars) is like. Who do you look at and how do you decide who would fit the tour best?

AshAvildsen6 karma

It all starts with what headliners are available that Summer. Then, based on who we get to headline, we build the undercard of bands to compliment the headliner's audience but also bring something different to the show so it's not one-dimensional. It's a long day (10+ bands) and if all the bands are too similar, it can take away from the experience. We also look at what fans of the tours are requesting online

mccombc5 karma

Good Afternoon Ash, your record company has introduced me to so many genres of music and for that thank you. My question is what inspired you to start a label like this?

AshAvildsen9 karma

i've always loved music and was in a band myself 10 years ago called reflux (prosthetic records) i was also a booking agent and working with unsigned bands who i thought were great. so instead of trying to convince other labels to give them good deals, i started sumerian with the vision of building an eclectic label that has a family spirit and very artist-friendly deals.

Tokyoto_5 karma

What was it like signing Circa Survive?

AshAvildsen12 karma

It couldn't have been more awesome. I've been a huge fan ever since they started and their drummer (Steve Clifford) is a close friend who I used to be in a band with. We toured DIY over 10 years ago before Myspace or Facebook when it was a whole different era in music. The new record is absolutely incredible. I can't wait until we can show it to the world! Anthony and the guys are absolutely amazing to work with too. True artists full of great ideas and passion.

rocky6965 karma

Hey Ash huge fan of your record label and have had the extreme pleasure of playing with a few of the bands on your roster all great dudes who I really respect as musicians. my question to you is what do you look for in bands that you sign, and do you have any advice for local bands trying to get their name out there?

AshAvildsen5 karma

write great songs, make great recordings of them, shoot quality music videos and get on the road. get in the van and start playing shows. build your own following. don't wait around to get discovered. D-I-Y!!!!

stealth875 karma

I feel like 1,000 bands submit demos to your label everyday. And I understand that the whole DIY is extremely important, but what makes you guys actually listen to a band? First impressions are everything I assume so is it album covers? Music videos? What sparks your interest to actually listen?

AshAvildsen4 karma

music videos, or a recommendation from someone we know.

RealTape5 karma

Has there been a band that you were thinking about signing, but decided not to and a few years later you regretted it?

Favorite current wrestler and all time favorite wrestler?

AshAvildsen4 karma

yes there has been. current: i'll say the rock because he still shows up every now and then and has so much more charisma/mic skills than anyone in the WWE. right now, there's a huge lack of original characters and interesting storyline. bums me out. favorite all time i would still have to say the ultimate warrior because of my childhood. macho man randy savage too.

manuelator4 karma

Why does it take After the Burial so long to release new music? Also, why does it seem that they keep moving towards a "crisper" sound? I miss the in your face rawness of the old ATB. Regardless, they are still one of my favorite bands.

AshAvildsen8 karma

because of akhenaten. that's why we're cursing him.

dannyfreeman424 karma

Hi Ash,

I'm in a struggling UK band, since being in the band, I've gotten quite into the business side of the industry and really taken an interest in it, could I ask what your advice would be to somebody who is itching to work at a label, but has no prior work history at one and no music-related qualifications, just pure determination and personal/band experience?

AshAvildsen6 karma

contact all the labels you want to work for and say you're willing to go on the road to promote the bands. also be willing to intern for free to prove yourself and get inside the building.

manuelator4 karma

How's the search for a new Veil of Maya vocalist going?

AshAvildsen5 karma

Found him on Niburu. Stay tuned.

cb4453 karma

So did Sumerian Records have anything to do with the formation of Capture the Crown? I remember they had a Facebook for months getting thousands of fans with no music even released yet. They just came out of nowhere and didn't even play a show until they got on a tour with Of Mice and Men in the US which isn't even their hometown, Australia.

AshAvildsen8 karma

No. They were already a band called Atlanta Takes State when we first found them. We dropped the band awhile ago though, they are no longer on Sumerian.

seansmash3 karma

Thanks for keeping modern metal alive! What is it like being friends with Lorenzo Antonucci? When is the new Sumerian film going to come out? If one would like to submit a music video for you to take a look at, where would that person send it to?

AshAvildsen2 karma

thank you! lorenzo is a blast, one of the funniest people i know! we star in the first sumerian film together (entitled What Now) a trailer should be out before christmas. email your music video to [email protected]

xkdfxbrutal3 karma

Do you think that Danny Leal in Upon A Burning Body would ever be a guest vocalist in a future album of Asking Alexandria?

AshAvildsen4 karma

anything is possible.. first we'll see what happens when AA and UABB tour together in North America.. stay tuned :)

Ogjohns3 karma

What does it take to be a Sumerian Records band?

AshAvildsen14 karma

It takes three rock bottoms, four stone cold stunners and one perfectly executed ultimate warrior guerilla press.

habaden3 karma

What happened with you guys and Capture the Crown?

AshAvildsen6 karma

we weren't passionate about the direction of their band and wanted them to be with a label who was genuinely excited to work with them.

gleete3 karma

How did you initially fund a record label? Did you take a loan from a friend/bank? Any tips on how you grew it from a small business to the big agency it is today?

AshAvildsen7 karma

i did it with the help of the manager/attorney of my band at the time. his name is jeff cohen. you may recognize him from the lamb of god documentary about the randy blythe trial. he is their attorney and spearheaded the case in czech republic. jeff has always been a business mentor to me and fully supported me in all my creative endeavors. we didn't do it with a ton of money at first but we had credit cards to rack up the debt on until we became profitable (which wasn't until years later) surround yourself with talented artists and people, inside and outside the office. work your butt off and stay motivated. exercise, eat healthy and be thankful.

captnchunky3 karma

What happened with Upon a Burning Body's publicity stunt?

AshAvildsen15 karma

Ebola became a much more important topic. You hear they're saying it's airborne now?!

OnyxCreationz3 karma

Have you ever sign a band that you regretted signing?

AshAvildsen11 karma

Yes. There's a saying I use "nobody bats 1000" and it's true.

jason-so-emotional3 karma

Why did you let that wretched "Let it Go" cover by Betraying the Martyrs happen?

AshAvildsen9 karma

because frozen rules. hey man, just let it go. why so-emotional-jason?

AThilgers3 karma

As someone who is extremely interested in the business aspect of the music industry how would someone like myself break into the industry and work with bands without a degree? (currently attending school)

AshAvildsen8 karma

just start doing it. the only gate keeper is yourself. find a band you believe in and that believes in you. build a bond with them and get to work. also, watching old school ultimate warrior and macho man randy savage promo videos helps get the blood flowing when it's grind time.

thamichi3 karma

Hey Ash! I really would like to know, if you're also interested in working with younger and smaller bands, which aren't really big at the moment but really have potential for it. And if you're interested what that work would look like & how a smaller band could really get in touch with you & your crew to show their plans to you?

Thank you and all the best

AshAvildsen5 karma

we are always looking for young new bands. that's where we started and we'll never stop discovering talent at that level. shoot a good music video and send it to us.

Valtheim_2 karma

This is a more technical question for ya..... Whats going on with Sumerian vinyl releases? Silent represses. Not releasing pressing info. Albums not getting pressed (Darkest Hour). ect. Are you guys wanting to move away from vinyl?

Specifically Im referencing what seems to be silent represses that you guys never announced. Is there a reason behind this?

  • Animals As Leaders on green and orange. These were never announced but have made there way in the wild and are going for absurd amounts on eBay and other markets further alienating people that want a legit copy. GoHastings purposefully bumped their prices with the green copy from $29.99 to $149 to try and get people to buy them since no pressing info was released.
  • Periphery II. This was repressed seemingly as a flood of copies have made their way onto the market. (Which, these don't include the lyric sheet inserts which is frustrating).

Just wondering as there a lot of people out here that are Sumerian fans, wanting to support these bands who are more interested in buying vinyl over digital and CD. When a newer album is pressed (or one is pressed in limited quantities) and ends up for hundreds of dollars on eBay, it really sucks. I think just taking a look at Periphery-Clear tour copies going for $150 ebay already is a testament to the frustration.

I love you guys regardless though. I love my vinyl and love supporting bands in the process.

AshAvildsen2 karma

No we are going to be doing more and more vinyl. I love vinyl and it'll continue to become a bigger focus. I'm asking my staff about the issues you've raised here.

chelsea2522 karma

heya, im a big fan of a lot of sumerian's bands, and i have a large interest in your record label and just wondered, do you have a street team?

AshAvildsen3 karma

we do! the street team is called the sumerianos. email [email protected] to sign up - hope to have you join the fam!

gleete2 karma

Possibility of a reflux reunion show? Evan Brewer, Tosin Abasi, and yourself is a pretty awesome combo I'm sure we'd all love to see.

AshAvildsen1 karma

would definitely be a party. anything is possible. we are all still very close friends.

LosHwy2 karma


AshAvildsen2 karma

thank you for the kind words. <3 i love going to coachella and mayhem. warped tour and bonnaroo. diversity is the spice of life.

trayshreds2 karma

Hey Ash, in your opinion, what is the best way to maintain both positive mental and physical health in contrast to the typical attitudes and habits of many in the music industry? These things seem to hold a lot of people back from attaining their goals.

AshAvildsen3 karma

remind yourself why you got involved in the first place. focus on the positive as much as you can, rather than the negative. surround yourself with healthy minded people. if there is a relationship or situation that you feel is toxic, try to fix it. alleviate the problem rather than ignoring it. exercise, meditation, yoga are all good to help stay focused. listen to music that inspires you. keep the fire of your passion burning.

ITGuy4202 karma

Hey Ash, welcome to reddit. How did the first meeting go when you first met with Asking Alexandria? (Huge fan of those guys)

AshAvildsen5 karma

it went great. they are a pleasure to work with. never a dull moment :)

sheak892 karma

Hi Ash, I was wondering what you look for in an ideal professional press kit. What are some of the big mistakes to avoid?

AshAvildsen5 karma

physical press kits aren't really important as they were 10+ years ago. just send us a great song or music video via email and that'll get the conversation started if there's interest on our end. when reaching out to labels, keep it lean and clean. band pic, music, tour dates and short bio.

bigwagzz2 karma

Which band that isn't already on the Sumerian roster would be your biggest prospect at the moment and why?

AshAvildsen8 karma

Guns N' Roses reunion of the Appetite for Destruction line-up because it would be the biggest thing to happen in music in the last 25 years and that album changed my life. But I don't think it'll ever happen so I'll call Meshuggah for now.

DarkAlfos2 karma

What kind of job positions do you need to fill in order to run a record label as big as yours? (Anything as far as Computer Science/App or Web Development?)

AshAvildsen2 karma

it all depends what openings we have. we are currently developing the very first sumerian records app which i'm very excited about. email [email protected] your resume

Oske72 karma

From the production side of things, how do you decide where your bands will go to record when they are ready to make an album?

Curious about this because my friend and I record metal bands in Ohio and we're finding it difficult to break out of strictly recording local bands and getting into some bigger gigs.


AshAvildsen4 karma

where they record is based on who we think is a good fit and who the band likes. when they're ready is based on how much material they have demo'd out. find a great local band and make a killer recording. every successful band was local before they got popular!

mothershipcaptain2 karma

Hi Ash! First off I want to say that I've been following you and Sumerian for years and I actually once seriously considered applying for an internship since I'm a Bachelor student in Music Management. Big admirer here.

How do you see the future of the genres much represented by Sumerian (metalcore, deathcore, tech-y crossovers etc.)? Would you say that there's already oversaturation on the market and the niche will soon fade away, or would you say that there's even more potential for this style of music?

tldr: In 10 years, will we be hearing e.g. melodic hardcore on mainstream radio or will the 2010's be remembered as the golden age of core music as we know it?

AshAvildsen3 karma

music shifts every decade. the bands who write the most memorable and infectious songs will withstand the test of time. you can look at any decade of music and see this trend in every genre.

The_Window2 karma

As a wrestling fan (not myself, you), did you know Jericho was doing an AMA today too? Also, such potential and such shame the Haarp Machine didn't really work out. And lastly, I know McBride handles most, if not all the album work, but where can I submit in merch inquiries? See ya at Knotfest!

AshAvildsen5 karma

Raw was Jericho but AMA is Avildsen. He heard I was doing one so he decided to do one too because he wants to get Fozzy on Sumerian but ain't nobody got time for that! Don't count The HAARP Machine out yet, you never know what Al has up his sleeve! Would love to see your merch designs. Email them to [email protected] and [email protected]

mateus06072 karma

How Sumerian Records started? Who was the first band?

AshAvildsen5 karma

the faceless. 2006, one bedroom apartment on venice beach. jake the snake hit me with a ddt and said get it together twerp, it's time to get going! i wasn't sure but then randy savage screamed in my face "START THE LABEL OR EAT AN ELBOW. DIG IT!!!???"

peniletouch2 karma

What is your opinion on the common misconception that most "heavy" bands sound exactly the same? Though I enjoy almost every band your label signs, I've noticed a lot of negative reception to how similar some bands are in regards to the "Intro, break down, verse, break down, chorus, verse, outro" format. What is Sumerian doing to address this?

P.S. Huge fan, thank you for providing constant shreddage to my life.

AshAvildsen2 karma

Thank you! My opinion is fools need better ear, nose and throat doctors. The only trolls I like these days are in the movie Frozen.

j0sefstylin2 karma

If you could have one band from another label signed to Sumerian, who would it be?

AshAvildsen4 karma

depeche mode or florence + the machine.

fireal6661 karma

Stranded on a desert island with only one song to listen to until you were rescued....would you choose...

Thrice - In Exile


RATM - Down Rodeo?

AshAvildsen1 karma

great question. in exile.. one of my favorite thrice songs ever.

SavageKoalaBoy1 karma

Hey Ash big fan of your label, my question is when signing a band to your label is there anything in particular you look for? And how does a band get signed to Sumerian?.

AshAvildsen3 karma

yeah i look for music i like and that is special. they get signed by jumping in to the ring at live wwe monday night raw tapings and ranting in to the camera about how triple h is sinking the company and that vince mcmahon needs to bring back the attitude era.

GurlinPanteez1 karma

Would you rather have your own personal Terminator (T100) or your own personal transformer?

AshAvildsen1 karma

i'd go with an autobot transformer. safer bet.

Bleeker7771 karma

Hey Ash, thanks for doing this. Huge fan of Sumerian. Was wondering what are your favorite albums from Sumerian?

AshAvildsen6 karma

it really depends the mood i'm in. if i'm with a girl or relaxing at home, crosses or circa survive. if i'm at the gym or exercising/playing sports, stick to your guns. if i'm driving, born of osiris, periphery, vom, atb, uabb... if i'm meeting with aliens, the faceless. if i'm hacking in to the pentagon, animals as leaders. if i'm feeling neon or sahara tent, iss. it just depends what the vibe is!

two_off1 karma

What have you been looking forward to the most in the mornings this work-week?

What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

AshAvildsen4 karma

working on the new circa survive album roll-out and the videos/announcements of new signings that are becoming public this month. this weekend? the BOO/BTM/ERRA Tour and the Body Count Show both happening in Southern California.. and on Sunday, our KICKBALL GAME!!! (yes Sumerian Records plays adult co-ed social kickball and it's FANTASTIC)

Blissful-Defiance41 karma

Hey Ash, first off I want to say that your label has some of my favorite artists and I believe you guys have to be the front runner for the metal industry, I rarely saw bands get promoted like I have seen you do and that's refreshing. My question for you is how do handle when bands get bad reputations for what they are? Such as Asking Alexandria (my favorite on your line up) getting endless crap about just being a generic metalcore band and just for the little scene girls.

AshAvildsen3 karma

If no one's hating on you, then you're not making an impact. It comes with the territory of being successful. I've been to countless AA shows, they draw a lot more human beings to a concert than just "little scene girls."

Darthmaggot1 karma

Are you gonna start making music again?

AshAvildsen1 karma

never say never ;)

enethis1 karma

How did you come up with the name "Sumerian records"?

Dakow0091 karma

Which of the bands that you have signed are your absolute favorites? Any favorites from other labels?

AshAvildsen1 karma

it depends what kind of mood i'm in. as you can see, the sumerian roster is becoming more and more diverse. it all depends what i want to hear at that moment. check out florence + the sphinx: sumerian ceremonials.

Tha_Kief_Thief1 karma

I came here because both of my favorite bands are signed to your label (I See Stars and Asking Alexandria) however I don't really have a question except for... pie or cake?

AshAvildsen5 karma


Steevin1 karma

Now that Sumerian has had their own stage at Mayhem for a few years and has been able to have several bands on, is it time for Periphery to finally play the tour??

AshAvildsen1 karma


TimelessEer1 karma

I've been a huge fan and follower of Sumerian and most of the bands on your roster for a longgg time...pretty much since the first Born of Osiris record The New Reign came out and I started to discover the other bands you've signed. I really like some of the newer artists you've signed as well, particularly City in the Sea and Dayshell. They bring a different element to the label and are a nice change of pace from your other artists. I was also a big fan of Reflux back in the day, so my question for you: Any plans on working with Tosin again on a music project or doing another Reflux album in the future?

Also, if you ever manage to put together a Periphery, Veil of Maya, Animals as Leaders and After the Burial tour, I vow to travel across the country and go to every single tour date! Thanks for doing an AMA Ash!

AshAvildsen2 karma

Thank you for the support and kind words!! Stoked you enjoy the diversity of the label! Anything is possible! I hang out a lot with Tosin and Javier when they're not on tour as they both live in LA these days. That tour could happen so you better have some gas money! :)

Antise7en1 karma

Hey Ash,

Are you planning any new rap battles ? I loved the drama with Ronnie from FIR. Can we download / buy that song anywhere ?

AshAvildsen2 karma

hahahahaahahahahahaahah yeah i think john cena needs someone to feud with and i don't see brock lesnar stepping in to the studio to serve up the justice ;)

Idk1341 karma

Am I th only one Who sees the creati on of the universe while listening to Born of Osiris's Shaping the masterpiece Outro/The Omniscent?

AshAvildsen2 karma

no. you just need more friends who experiment with shrooms and lsd. you're not alone brother!

BreeezyP2101 karma

Hey Ash? What do you need from a band looking make music a career? (Ex: EPKS, Press kit etc)

AshAvildsen3 karma

i need great songs that are memorable and special.

Rebelsoncomposer1 karma

What aspects or specific characteristics do you expect from a band (demo) do you contract with.?

AshAvildsen3 karma

i expect them to be able to watch every episode of ray donovan and recite the fight cards of wrestlemania 1 through 7 by heart.

Kondol1 karma

What is the most foreign/different genre you see Sumerian breaking into with signing bands?


AshAvildsen3 karma

watch what we announce over the next couple months. we will never be limited by genre. we sign what we love.

quentinnourisson1 karma

Do you ever think about expanding your label over Europe like Nuclear blast has? <Nuclear Blast USA & Nuclear Blast EU>

AshAvildsen2 karma

yes we'd like to have offices overseas and grow our presence in Europe and beyond.

Bobbyray_Burn4u1 karma

Ash we still need to meet. How y'all doin on Torchfire's riaa certification plaque? me and the boys gotta take y'all out for pancakes and whiskey soon. Gotta show y'all my solo project.

AshAvildsen3 karma


madelikeatree1 karma

Any update on Structure's tour plans? I'm dying to see them live.

AshAvildsen2 karma

Yes, they will be announcing a very emotional tour in the near future.

Speezles1 karma

When can we expect any info on Circa's new album?

AshAvildsen5 karma

in less than two weeks. G E T R E A D Y !!!!!!

AllEyesLookAhead1 karma

What's going on with The HAARP Machine these days?

AshAvildsen3 karma

Homeland Security is after Al for being such a maniac.. But that's why the next record will be pure gold.

Dovahmaster1 karma

Just to start off, I want to say I love your label.

My question is, who won the battle of the Bands contest you guys put on recently? I was hoping icon&anchor would of made it

AshAvildsen1 karma

Thank you for the support! I, The Helix. UABB won the very first one and look where it has taken them!

Perceptions_1 karma

Hey ash, whats your personal feelings on merch rates, especially merch rates on cd's at festivals?

AshAvildsen3 karma

I think they should be waved if the show is profitable without the merch rates included. I'm not a fan of them. But the real enemy are the service fees. Ticketmaster makes more money than anyone.

GeneralPWNFACE1 karma

Out of all the bands and people that you have worked with, which one left the most memorable first impression?

AshAvildsen2 karma

First Impression? Ice T. Priceless first dinner. Dude couldn't be more fun and entertaining to hang out with.

nintendonate641 karma

If you could have ANY active band or bands on Sumerian who would they be and why?

AshAvildsen4 karma

Florence + The Machine because she is an alien goddess. Deftones because they're Deftones. RATM because I know they still got another incredible album left in them. The Rolling Stones because they're still alive and I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO FUCKING PAINT IT BLACK.