I'm Sterling Toth, the co-creator of Epic Meal Time (the guy you've never heard of). I was pushed out of the company in 2011, which resulted in a year-long lawsuit with my partner and the loss of my best friend. This is first time I've spoken publicly about my experience. I also just released an app for iOS that lets you talk and listen to people anonymously. AMA!

Proof: https://twitter.com/sterlingtoth/status/521688252030668801

My App: Hear - Anonymously Talk & Listen https://itunes.apple.com/app/id909031651

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WasteIsland46 karma

Hey Mr. Toth, What happened between you and EMT really?

sterlingtoth72 karma

Harley was my best friend for 10 years. We started Epic Meal Time together and he then tried to push me out of the company which led to a year long lawsuit. It was a terrible experience that I wouldn't wish upon anyone else. I also lost my best friend.

MisterKlaw80 karma

So are we just going to ... take this at face value? C'mon, "Two sides to every story" and what not.

I find it hard to believe that Harley -- who frequently invites guests on his show, makes appearances on other channels, and whose persona is basically the entire reason for his success -- was just an out-and-out asshole to a good friend for personal gain.

You certainly don't seem to have a problem affiliating yourself with EMT to get publicity for your new app.

sterlingtoth40 karma

I came here today to express my feelings about being in a lawsuit with my best friend and how that affected my life. I'm the co-creator of Epic Meal Time, so obviously I'm going to talk about it. Nobody really knows the real story because I've never spoken publicly about it before & Harley has twisted it to pretend like I don't exist. (For example, go see his Twitter profile and see that he calls himself the creator of EpicMealTime when in fact he is not the sole creator. He also fails to mention me in interviews after the lawsuit when people ask how the show started.)

Another thing. Everything else he has done in my opinion haven't been huge successes. The only extremely successful show is EpicMealTime. His persona isn't reason for his success, EpicMealTime is the reason for his success.

He also tweets things and deletes them shortly after, just like he did when he commented in this AMA and attacked one of the users below.

Even with all the shit he put me through and the way he reacted today, I actually wish him good luck in the future.

Remember one thing. Money & power can change people and it changed him.

HeavenSk813 karma

Why did he do that?

sterlingtoth48 karma

He isn't nice. Oh, also power and greed.

WasteIsland12 karma

Sorry to hear that. Harley and Darren sound like total fkn assholes.

Gingerheat22 karma

Hey, is Hear ACTUALLY completely anonymous? Could a celebrity go on to vent about something with 100% certainty no one could trace it back to them? Or even anyone to get advice about something going on in their life.. Or is it like Facebook and SnapChat where they actually own and save everything you post?

sterlingtoth17 karma

It's completely anonymous and we don't record anything that is said. I think celebrities going on and venting or just trying to have a normal conversation is something that I hope they do. It's a way for them to feel normal without being recognized. Going on Hear to get advice is also a great thing and I hope people use it for that.

angeleyedchaos19 karma

Was a big Epic Meal Time fan when it first started!!

For those of us who don't know, do you mind filling us in on what happened exactly?

sterlingtoth16 karma

Harley and I created Epic Meal Time together. EMT exploded and became hugely successful. Soon after appearing on Jay Leno with Harley, he turned on me. We went through a year long lawsuit and settled out of court.

It went from being the best experience of my life, making EMT with my best friend, to the worst experience of my life. Lawsuits suck.

Gurip55 karma

you keep repeating that but you dont actualy say what happened.

sterlingtoth30 karma

For example right before appearing on Jay Leno. Harley came down on me and told me they didn't want me to talk on the show and to just stand there. His brother Darren also happened to be back stage and he sided with Harley, obviously. We argued and they kept putting me down and it really felt terrible and it was literally right before going on stage. They kept saying it's all about Harley even though from the beginning I was supposed to appear on the show together with him. That was really when I realized that my best friend was changing and really only cared about himself.

JaiOhBe18 karma

I'll be your new best friend, Sterling. You in?

sterlingtoth15 karma

I'm in!

Twick8717 karma

Hello! Have you ever seen Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time and if so what are your thoughts on it?

sterlingtoth19 karma

I love those guys! They made me laugh every time they made a new video.

Suprdemon15 karma

I never heard anything about a lawsuit involving Epic Meal Time. Can you give me a quick run down of what happened?

sterlingtoth12 karma

There was very little media coverage on the lawsuit unfortunately.

Quick rundown. Harley and I started EMT together. EMT becomes hugely successful. Harley turns on me. Lawsuit goes on for 1 year then it was settled out of court. Terrible experience that nobody should every have to go through.

Took me a long time to recover from it.

florida_mann15 karma

What was your favorite time with Harley Morenstein?

sterlingtoth45 karma

Playing original Halo split screen in his parents basement. Shotguns only on Prisoner.

reubenbubu14 karma

Android version of your app ?

sterlingtoth18 karma

Stay tuned! ;)

forwhombagels12 karma

Honest question, while doing EMT, what impact did that have on your weight, cholesterol blood pressure etc?

sterlingtoth12 karma

I gained weight for sure, everyone did. I went to the gym regularly, so that helped.

Working_man_Q12 karma

How long was a toilet session after an epic meal?

sterlingtoth25 karma

I should've documented it. Only then would you truly understand the pain.

viveknarayan9612 karma

What is the reason you have become an app developer??..and what's the best way to start developing apps??thanks..

sterlingtoth15 karma

I think smartphones and apps are the future. I love technology and I wanted to make something unique that people would enjoy using.

The best way to start developing apps is to find people who have the same drive and dedication that you do. Also, one of you should be a coder. Then just go for it.

PromisedPrince69411 karma

So many questions. Why were you pushed out? Why are you only speaking about it now? Does this not violate any part of the lawsuit?

sterlingtoth17 karma

I was pushed out because Harley wanted all the power. I'm only speaking publicly now because the whole experienced was extremely difficult to get over. It was painful to see my best friend act that way towards me and it really fucked me up.

No. It doesn't violate anything.

Codename1310 karma

Does Harley's brother work on the show/with EMT? He used to work at my school a few years ago and he quit because (he said) he was going to work on EMT with Harley Morrenstein (his bro).

sterlingtoth8 karma

I really don't know what he does.

Not_taken_Username10 karma

What, if any, is your current relationship with the other members of EMT?

Also What made you get into the App Dev community?

sterlingtoth24 karma

I was friends with Ameer(PrinceAtari) since I was 15 and we are still close. I'm also still friends with Alex(MusclesGlasses) and Tyler.

I think apps are the future and I wanted to make something fun that everyone could use.

heistmr10 karma


sterlingtoth15 karma

I wasn't around when he left, so I don't know exactly what happened.

GrimmReaF33r10 karma

What is Harley really like? Is he an ass? Not really that funny? Too over the top?

sterlingtoth16 karma

I used to think he was really funny, we were friends for 10 years. Epic Meal Time changed him. It's kind of sad actually.

Aungman9 karma

Did you win the law suit? Do you ever see yourself and Harley becoming friends again? If you could say something to Harley now, what would it be?

sterlingtoth23 karma

The lawsuit was settled out of court. It's highly unlikely I would be able to be friends with him unless his attitude totally changed. If I could say something to him I'd tell him that succeeding isn't the hard part, staying humble is.

kkliman8 karma

There's an app called RAUR (used to be instaradio) which pretty much does something similar but for free... have you considered using that so that anyone can listen?

sterlingtoth4 karma

Hear is completely anonymous and gives you the option to talk anonymously or drop in on two people talking to listen to their conversation. Every moment is happening live and I can't be replayed. You can go on Hear and express yourself without anybody knowing who you really are. Using this app gives you the ability to get things off your chest that you would normally would keep hidden away.

The two apps in my opinion are very different.

ahawk657 karma

I'll ask. What happened? Why did you get sued?

sterlingtoth8 karma

He wanted all the power.

RoyPlotter7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! I wanted to know what sorta condiments would you use to make a perfect sandwich?

sterlingtoth8 karma

Mayo and Dijon are a great combo. It's really about the bread though. You need a good soft baguette and you can't go wrong.

alazyeggroll6 karma

What is muscle glasses like in real life?

sterlingtoth21 karma

Strong. I train with him at the gym as often as I can.

Endovelico6 karma

Your app has a pretty cool concept ever think of doing an Android version?

sterlingtoth5 karma

Thanks! Stay tuned for news about an Android version.

2punk6 karma

Have you tried Burger King's "Big King" yet? I'm going to BK in a few hours, just wondering if that sandwich is any good.

sterlingtoth4 karma

Haven't had it yet but if i was going there I would try it!

SnipingNinja5 karma

I really wish Harley wasn't like that (he exudes of ego) but I'm still thankful that you created something amazing and are still creating things, because that is the greatest feeling in the world.

So my question is:

What else have you created?

sterlingtoth8 karma

I just released Hear, it's on the App Store now. It allows you to anonymous talk to people or anonymously drop in on conversations and listen to them. I think its pretty cool! Here is a link if you're interested.


Thanks for the support

reylingor5 karma

Do you think Epic Meal Time becoming so big negatively affected the other creators? When it comes to attitude, I mean. The whole diva thing.

sterlingtoth6 karma

Harley and I created EMT and I think it definitely affected his brain. He loves attention and people like that have a hard time not becoming divas.

I_Eat_Scorpions5 karma

What do you think you could finish by yourself; an 18" burrito or an 18" pizza?

sterlingtoth8 karma

18" pizza for sure. Burrito would kill me.

vanmundygar5 karma

Why this app? Do you see it getting big or just having a small following?

sterlingtoth2 karma

Hear is an app that I would use and I haven't seen or used anything like it before. I see the potential for a big following and the bigger the community the better the experience will be.

candace02195 karma

Has your EMT experience now ruined your love for bacon?

sterlingtoth19 karma

We took some time apart for a bit but now we are back together and my love is stronger then ever.

Cruiseway4 karma

How's your day been?

sterlingtoth5 karma

Good day so far. How's your day going?

cheeseflap4 karma

Toth? Where's that come from? Cool name.

sterlingtoth6 karma

Thanks, it's Hungarian.

cheesypeanuts3 karma

whats your favourite colour?

sterlingtoth6 karma


RecordSlayer3 karma

If you could have one meal and one meal only, as in you after this meal you would eat nothing, what would it be?

sterlingtoth4 karma

A huge cheesy pizza with lots of bacon on it.

Captcha_Imagination3 karma

How do the chat rooms work? Do you have volunteer moderators?

Did you get the idea from games with voice chat?

sterlingtoth4 karma

To connect to a chat, just search for Male or Female and if there is someone searching, you will connect! Once the community grows there shouldn't be a problem finding people to talk to.

SaggitariutJeferspin3 karma

What is your relationship with the other members of EMT like? Did you lose your friendships with them too?

sterlingtoth5 karma

I'm still friends with Ameer, Alex and Tyler. I don't communicate with the other guys.

Tomf1sh3 karma

If I asked Harley for his side of the story, what do you think he would say?

sterlingtoth6 karma

I don't know. Ask him.

SRD_Grafter3 karma

Thank you for being part of the idea behind EMT, as I've enjoyed a number of the episodes.

I am curious what direction (and what you have been doing) since the split happened in 2011. Was it only developing the one app? Did you go back to school? Travel the world? Fight bears? Or something else?

Do you do a lot of cooking now (for yourself or others)? If so, what are your favorite meals to eat, and also to make?

sterlingtoth4 karma

Since the split happened I took some time to on vacation and try to move on with my life. I had a bunch of app ideas I was toying with but this idea stuck out the most and so I pursued it.

I do enjoy cooking now, it can be very relaxing. I love going out for Pho or a good greasy burger. I make a mean shepard's pie, it's amazing.

dipsy33022 karma

One question : WHY SO MUCH BACON?

sterlingtoth7 karma

Bacon is the future.

alex15962 karma

Where's your favourite place to get a sub?

sterlingtoth5 karma

Not Subway.

alexfig882 karma

What is was the best tasting thing made on the show while you were still a part of it? Sorry to hear about the lawsuit issue. I'm also going to check your app out, sounds like a pretty cool idea!

sterlingtoth3 karma

The Massive Meat Log meal was extreme tasty. So much grease.