I am women’s UFC strawweight Jo Jo Calderwood

I am Jo Jo Calderwood and I’m currently on The Ultimate Fighter 20 on Fox in the US and BT Sport in the UK every Wednesday.

I’m in Sweden for UFC Fight Night Stockholm which you can watch this Saturday on UFC Fight Pass: http://www.ufc.tv/page/fightpass

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/EaJgXUr.jpg

Ask me anything!

Edit: thank you so much guys, i got to run and do another interview....no rest for the wicked ;) please tune into ufc sweden on fightpass this saturday or see you's there ;)

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twofiftyeight32 karma

Could you beat Ronda Rousey in a Pokemon battle?

jojocalderwood105 karma

wtf is a pokemon battle? but yea id beat her ;)

Schorz31 karma

Hi Jojo, you have beautiful muay thai skills. Who's your favorite muay thai fighter.

jojocalderwood60 karma

buakaw i love his style and his meaness nothing stops him.

mma21x26 karma


jojocalderwood48 karma

ronda, it would be a good fight but she is above everyone in that division.

hitmanrva1025 karma

Who is your MMA man crush?

jojocalderwood58 karma

gunnar nelson.....and its only on the way he is outside the cage i like his style.

highlight-25 karma

Huge fan, been following your career since Invicta FC 3. I know you were ranked one of the top Muay Thai fighters at Flyweight, So I need to ask what prompted your switch from Muay Thai to Mixed Martial Arts?

And for a second question, has a feen ever recognized you in public?

jojocalderwood30 karma

i was looking for more fights, in thai i was lucky to fight twice a year and thats not good i want to be very active.

yes actually someone stopped me in the airport on way to sweden. usually im hiding under a hat though so its hard to spot me ;)

elusiveemily23 karma

How do you feel about your season being marketed as "beauty" and "strength" - making the conversation about your exterior vs. athletic ability? Do you feel pressure to look good as well as fight good as a result? Or does it not affect you whatsoever?

Also I'm a big fan! I'm rooting for you :D

jojocalderwood38 karma

it doesnt effect me. im not really a girly girl i just be myself and i promote myself as a good fighter thats what i want to be seen as.

dc120420 karma

What's your walkaround weight?

jojocalderwood37 karma


Kardii18 karma

You're easily one of my top picks on the show. I love how you carry yourself and even more I love how you fight.

I have a few questions for you: How many hours a day would you train when you first started? and how did that change over time? also, what fighters are your greatest inspiration right now?

jojocalderwood28 karma

when i first started i actually started thai just a few days a week but i quickly got the bug and wanted to spend as much time as i could but now being professional i train 5 full days and one half day when im in camp.

right now i like ronda she is very dominate in her weight class and her focus and determination is what i feel like i have.

BrechinBad17 karma

When do you think we will get a UFC event in Scotland? Keep up the good work and get that belt!!

jojocalderwood85 karma

2015 i will beat dana white up if it doesnt happen...promise.

tculpepper15 karma

What your average day of training like?

jojocalderwood31 karma

i train twice a day and usually one is hard session and the other technique and lighter session, with mma its very hard to fit everything in so there is not enough hours in the day but you could train every day for 24 hours and still not have covered everything.

RealMenPullGuard14 karma

Have you completely abandoned your "Bad mofo JoJo" nickname? Big fan!

jojocalderwood30 karma

its still my instagram name lol i love it.

Eights-DPT14 karma

Have you always wanted to become a professional fighter, or was there another career that you put on the back burner to chase that ambition?

jojocalderwood43 karma

yes i was always lost at school i never knew what i wanted to do with career, i loved to be active and lots of practical things. when i left sschool i was in and out of jobs just to pay for my hobbie, which i was lucky enough to take on professionally. to be honest im not rolling in it but i have enough money to get by and to do what i love.

GussyH13 karma

Hey Jo Jo, I'm not sure you're aware that you're a big fan favorite. What girl have you gotten along with the most in the house?

jojocalderwood21 karma

Randa was the girl i got on with most. but also ais and alex but they didnt cook as much as randa ;)

Oswald_Cobblepot_12 karma

Jo, thanks for the autograph when I met you in Connecticut. I liked your 8-bit glasses.

What was it like traveling to India to fight for SFL?

jojocalderwood28 karma

it was cool, everyone warned me about dehli belly and i was worried but everything was good. it was sad to see so many people homeless though ;(

fluxuation12 karma

Hi JoJo. You've become one of my favorites now in TUF 20. Is there any fighter not currently signed to the UFC strawweight division that you would like to one day fight?

jojocalderwood27 karma

i only want to fight the top girls, and all the top girls are in ufc. apart from katja the invicta champ but ive already beat her.

theflealee11 karma

Hey JoJo! Big fan. I was wondering, what is your thought process while walking out to the cage? Are you relieved to just finally be fighting, are you excited, a little scared? I've never fought and I've always wondered.

jojocalderwood15 karma

its alot of mixed emotions, but i like to push them to the back as soon as i get to the venue and get in the zone and be calm.

ippo4ever10 karma

how many times have fans mistaken you for being Irish and asked if you knew Conor McGregor?

jojocalderwood26 karma

i mostly get mistaken for being english

Im_A_Jedi9 karma

Do you have any special preparations you go through before a fight? Any music you listen to before decimating your opponent?

Edit: Favorite meal after a fight?

jojocalderwood8 karma

i like to listen to music and motivational videos. no special preparations just having my positive team around me and staying calm.

Intense_Jack8 karma

How is Sweden? I always imagine it like some sort of mountainous winter wonderland.

jojocalderwood11 karma

its lovely, i love Stockholm, its pretty cold but not winter wonderland cold ;)

SCREW-IT7 karma

What is your dream match?

jojocalderwood23 karma

the match for the title.

kenny_bloggins7 karma

Of all your MMA fights, which performance are you most proud of?

jojocalderwood17 karma

my second one at sfl because she was cheating in the fight.

MRR20127 karma

Have you ever thought about going to a more established team/gym to train? If so, do you have any that you're interested in?

Nothing against your team, they've obviously been pretty fucking great for you. Thanks!

jojocalderwood11 karma

no way the griphouse is my home. They have everything i need.

Markren_927 karma

Hello from Glasgow! What is your down time like?

jojocalderwood10 karma

usually chilling in the gym or nandos. i love to visit fort willam to visit my sister and enjoy the town.

2egotistical4me7 karma

Aside from yourself and Robert Whiteford, who do you believe are the next big upcoming stars from Scotland?

jojocalderwood10 karma

there are alot of guys on my team. graham turner, martin delaney, stevie ray, alan johnston...so many more im going to get beat up for not mention more haha

INutcracker6 karma

Don't have a question Jo Jo. But just wanted to say, i'm a huge fan from Ireland. And i love that you're putting Scotland on the map.

Keep on kicking ass!

jojocalderwood8 karma

thank you :)

DaftPunk-6 karma

In a perfect world, what would be your ideal way to finish a fight?

jojocalderwood20 karma

ko of course, you dont get paid for over time as they say ;)

Shield_maker6 karma

How many hours a day do you train? What is your diet like? Carrot Cake?

jojocalderwood25 karma

twice a day each session is 1-2 hours min

carrots everyday allday

PorridgeEnema6 karma

Would you be OK with me addressing you as Mojo Jo Jo?

jojocalderwood19 karma

im actually only being addressed as Dr kneevil, or dr for short ;)

thebigending6 karma

Hello! How was your experience on The Ultimate Fighter and in The Ultimate Fighter house?

jojocalderwood12 karma

it was a great experience, one that will sneak into my nightmares i mean the girls that is ;) the fighting part was the best part.

kenny_bloggins5 karma

What's the biggest mistake you've made in a fight?

jojocalderwood10 karma

too many to mention, i feel you learn alot in fights and when you risk things sometimes you make mistakes.

Ballacaust30005 karma

Hello. My brother thinks he's really tough. What would it take to get him in the ring with you so you could beat his ass? I don't have any of money or connections in the fight world, but I still think it would be great if you could beat the shit out of him. Thanks, and good luck with everything.

jojocalderwood22 karma

a sex change and a diet to make 115lbs ;)

Schorz5 karma

Are you single? Who should I kill?

jojocalderwood18 karma

married to the sport ;)

two_off5 karma

What are your two favourite aspects of the sport?

Are you watching the episodes as they air on TV?

Who's in the finale? ;)

jojocalderwood12 karma

the training and the fighting part.

yea of course.


mma21x4 karma


jojocalderwood11 karma

peppercorn chicken

scr0dumb4 karma

Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Aside from martial arts and fighting, what are some of your other interests? If for whatever reason you couldn't fight anymore what career path do you see yourself exploring?

jojocalderwood11 karma

who knows i only know this and ive dedicated all my life to it, so i think id be fecked if i had to do something else.

mma21x4 karma


jojocalderwood5 karma

buakaw ;)

kenny_bloggins4 karma

What's the worst thing you've ever gotten away with?

jojocalderwood13 karma

not paying a cab fare. the driver was trying to charge us and we ran lol

oogilyboo4 karma

Some fighters say MMA is an art form and others love it for the adrenaline in the cage. Forest Griffin said that all his problems are gone in the cage as your only priority at the moment is not getting your ass kicked. What made you want to become a fighter? Did anyone give you a hard time because you were female?

jojocalderwood6 karma

the competition and i liked putting my training to the test and the different challenges you face in there.

no hard time luckily ;)

MrSeeKay4 karma

What kind of food or drink do you miss most when dieting for a fight? I couldnae live without an odd can of irn bru..

jojocalderwood5 karma

i dont really drink anything other than water but i do have the odd coke zero ;)

EZCurtis4 karma

When you win the title, who do you see yourself defending the belt against first?

jojocalderwood8 karma

claudia will defo be the one to be first in line i think.

WitheredSun2 karma

How did you develop the cutest female MMA voice?

jojocalderwood19 karma

i practice everyday infront of the mirror;)

[deleted]-7 karma


jojocalderwood4 karma