I have no idea what's about to happen but I'm excited to answer every question I can! My first comedy special produced by Funny Or Die and directed by Spike Lee, "Love At The Store", debuts October 4th on HBO.



You guys were absolutely incredible. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me, it means a lot. I hope you all enjoy the special. Until next time!

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420narwhalwaffles156 karma

Were you amused at how many times Daniel Tosh duped his audience into thinking they were going to see you on the show?

JerrodCarmichael140 karma

I was there for a lot of them, I thought it was hilarious

seejhiggins124 karma

Jerrod just gotta say you're awesome. Will you ever do more Comedy Bang! Bang!? The fans want it

JerrodCarmichael97 karma

Somebody tweet Scott and tell him to call me!

thedyslexicdetective80 karma

I saw you open for Aziz and at the living room comedy in Austin during sxsw. Have you become republican rich yet??

JerrodCarmichael68 karma

Moving closer, I hope you are too!

I_Am_Intoxicated51 karma

Any funny Daniel Tosh stories you can share?

JerrodCarmichael123 karma

He's teaching me how to swim. I'm 25% there.

Frajer41 karma

What was the best part of making Neighbors ?

JerrodCarmichael49 karma

Honestly..everything! I love those guys.

worsewithcomputer40 karma

What's it like being friends with so many hot dudes?

Followup: Are you ever concerned that some of the dudes you're friends with are too hot and that when you all hang out you have a detrimental impact on the already dire climate change situation?

JerrodCarmichael87 karma

..is this Zac?

alberthere39 karma

Dude, it took a while...but I just got Fatlip's joke.

JerrodCarmichael48 karma



would u go down on a guy for 1mil?

dinoclitoris30 karma

Hey, I don't know if you remember me but we talked at Stand Up On The Spot like two months ago. When I drunkenly told you that I did my thesis on you, were you more creeped out, confused, or stoked?

JerrodCarmichael40 karma

STOKED, but creeped out by your user name. haaa

dinoclitoris58 karma

Oh no! It's not what you think! It's purely because of a dinosaur fetish.

JerrodCarmichael38 karma

thats actually pretty funny

BlessingJr30 karma

How long before you replace Amy Schumer on Comedy Central?

JerrodCarmichael48 karma

She's irreplaceable.

Jewtheist27 karma

What are your favorite clubs? Do you have strong opinions on lighting, like Todd Glass?

JerrodCarmichael37 karma

I'm more of a sound guy

Three1626 karma

What was your last job before you became a full time comedian?

JerrodCarmichael66 karma

Finishline! The only job I ever had. I wore khakis.

ldrescher23 karma

Hey man! I saw you at the Camden oddball fest and you were hilarious.

What advice would you give to young comedians just starting out?

JerrodCarmichael81 karma

Move to LA or New York, and then stop listening to everybody else.

BillofKnights20 karma

What made you decide to go into comedy?

JerrodCarmichael36 karma

I rebelled against it for a while as you do anything new. Then my friend Ashley refused to talk to me again until I tried it. So I did.

gumper1420 karma

Who's your favorite up and coming comics?

JerrodCarmichael36 karma

Jamar Neighbors is AMAZING!

sex_pat16 karma

Who is your favorite character on the Nanny?

JerrodCarmichael38 karma

Niles! He was dope as shit

colin82616 karma

Saw some of the preview stuff for the new HBO special (congrats on that!) and was really interested by you having notes up on stage. We all have sets where we do that, but what was the reasoning behind bringing a bit of that "behind-the-curtain" style to an HBO special?

JerrodCarmichael25 karma

I was honestly trying out some new shit. Couldn't stop just because there were cameras there. I wanted to be as honest as possible.

nickcallright15 karma

I saw you open for Daniel Tosh in Illinois. Two questions. What was it like spending so much time with Daniel? and can I expect to be able to see you perform in Illinois in the future?!

JerrodCarmichael30 karma

I'm at Up in Chicago in November! Come by!

And Daniel is really really nice. (dont tell him I said that)

ScumGuzzler14 karma

What's your current living situation?

JerrodCarmichael37 karma

I'm surrounded by criminals!

Thats actually lyrics to a Biggie song, but it applies in Hollywood.

cj9536312 karma

Twitter made me click this. How did HBO find you?

JerrodCarmichael119 karma


mophatts11 karma

Jarrod, can you even...?

JerrodCarmichael20 karma

sometimes I can

MikkelDiskerud11 karma

Hey Jerrod, Loved your podcast with Pete Holmes. What stuck out to me was that you put "Keep Going" on your set list. Do you have any interest in starting your own podcast?

JerrodCarmichael16 karma

Probably not, can you believe I've never listened to a podcast? Seriously.

But if I start one, what should the topic be?

thepandoras11 karma

Jerrod, I saw you at the Cellar about two years ago and it was perhaps the most I've laughed at comedy in my life. On the walk home my comrades and I were just circlejerking about your delivery and your sickle cell anemia joke. A few months later I started doing open mics and I was legit inspired by you. This subreddit makes me ask a question, so what is your favorite Bob Dylan album?

JerrodCarmichael11 karma

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best. And I didn't mind when he went electric.

looler10 karma

What is your favorite joke that you personally think is hilarious, but when you try it out in front of an audience just won't work?

Thanks, love the stand up!

JerrodCarmichael66 karma

I had this one joke years ago about Jesus coming back and being angry cause Chili's was closed on his birthday. Didn't work then, probably Doesn't work now.

Decbeth9 karma

If you got to have a weekly show on TV right now, what type of show would it be - Sketch comedy or sitcom or...?

JerrodCarmichael28 karma

I'm partial to sitcoms. When they're done right they're the best.

But I really want to have a variety show once a year, riff with friends and some musical guests. But not just top 40 songs, like album cuts from your favorite artists that you'd never see on television (Frank Ocean doing "Super Rich Kids"). Please tell me you're an exec cause thats almost a full pitch

Anablue8 karma

What do you think of the Jackass movies ?

JerrodCarmichael14 karma

They're really funny. Bad Grandpa was INCREDIBLE though.

ixtapaaaaa8 karma

Hey Jerrod! I saw you at the New York Comedy festival in 2012 and it was fuckin glorious. You're relaxed conversational style blew me away considering how few years you'd been doing stand up at that point. So stoked to see your continued success.

I've noticed you deliver a lot of dark material in a sort of pleasant and cuddly type of way. Like you can almost come off as adorable while smiling and saying a horrible thing. Was that a conscious decision to lessen the likelihood of people groaning, or it that just naturally you?

JerrodCarmichael9 karma

I never want to say horrible things, I just want to explore really honest thoughts. I think me smiling is just my intentions showing.

andymboyle8 karma

What do you do to measure your growth as an artist? Do you set attainable goals? Do you have a yearly, monthly, daily plan? What do you do to stay motivated in a career that requires you to be quite self-motivated? I'll take my answer off the air, thank you.

JerrodCarmichael24 karma

Wow, thats pretty heavy. Like Charlie Rose heavy. I like this series. Artists know when they can do more, so i measure growth by whether or not I'm listening to myself.

That and money. Money is a great indicator.

SeanHTX8 karma

I got to see you open for Aziz at the Toyota Center a couple weeks ago cracking jokes about Beyonce. Will you be headlining your own solo tour and come back to Houston anytime soon?

JerrodCarmichael15 karma

Hopefully soon, I love Houston. Aziz and I went to NASA and I didnt tell any NASA jokes cause they were lovely people and came to the show. So now I have to come back to talk about it.

mhedbergfan7 karma

I recently saw you open for Aziz Ansari in OKC. What was it like working alongside him?

Also, what do you do to pass the time before shows? Do you like to explore the cities you travel to?

JerrodCarmichael14 karma

With Aziz..we eat! But you probably knew that already.

MRKGRNT7 karma

Can you give some general Jerrod Carmichael life advice?

JerrodCarmichael10 karma

Drink at least a liter of water a day. I prefer Mountain Valley Spring water.

Anything more specific?

thril_hou7 karma

Hey Jerrod can you do a back-flip?

JerrodCarmichael13 karma

No! Well maybe in a bounce house.

pianomandove6 karma

Hey Jerrod, Did things get weird with any of your friends in the comedy scene once you blew up a bit? I mean, you got a lot of funny comics in NYC and LA and you're a tight group... do you lose a bit of the magic of being a poor comedian when things start going right?

JerrodCarmichael17 karma

Friends are usually happy for each other. There are more hugs than you'd imagine actually.

Alexbryant236 karma

What is your favorite bit to do when you're on stage?

JerrodCarmichael7 karma

honestly, it changes every day, thats the best part!

davemello845 karma

Who is your most influential stand-up comic?

JerrodCarmichael17 karma

umm, I'd have to say Cosby

rickfinkel5 karma

Why can't I find any of your stand up on YouTube?

JerrodCarmichael14 karma

Because I want you to buy HBO. Not just for me, for a lot of dope shit.

mahekved5 karma

Do you feel there is a difference between a public show and a corporate show? Do you have to limit your jokes maybe in a corporate event?

JerrodCarmichael9 karma

I think they try to pay you just enough to compromise your artistic integrity. So it all evens out.

probablyhappened3 karma

Favorite club in NY? The Stand won't shut up about you this past week on twitter.

JerrodCarmichael8 karma

Dont make them! I love the Stand! And the Cellar is incredible.

Smeeee2 karma


JerrodCarmichael5 karma

No one likes the guy who's always "on" right?

Sagillarious2 karma

What's your favorite movie and why is it How High?

JerrodCarmichael9 karma

Coming to America!!! Those Tracy Morgan commercials in How High were hilarious though.

ethicalpentester2 karma

Love your stuff. You're like Chris Rock, or even better. What exactly made you go into standup comedy? Did you get a lot of support while choosing this career? Is it a good career in terms of monetary returns? And tell me a joke?! :D (I'm trying to go into standup comedy as well, but Indian parents aren't as supportive.. :( )

JerrodCarmichael7 karma

Thank you! Don't be upset with your parents, they probably just don't understand because it's not a common career path. but if you love it, do it!

cappa161 karma

Do you have designated times when you'll have to write new material, or do you pretty much just write the jokes as they come to you?

Any subject in particular that you love to write about?

Thanks for the laughs!

JerrodCarmichael5 karma

As often as they come, some days more than others.

Thanks for laughing!

[deleted]1 karma


JerrodCarmichael6 karma

Thank you for making my day!