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A lot of the clips of the show that go viral are about stuff that's wild or shocking, and while I do find that stuff entertaining I've been more interested lately in the calls that touch on things that people can relate to.

Even if the subjects get a little heavy I find them way more fascinating to talk through. I particularly like when there's an arc of some kind, like hearing how a person felt one particular way about something or someone, and then later felt a different way, or changed somehow.

It's especially interesting if they change how they feel about something while they're on the phone with me just as a result of them talking about the thing out loud.

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Psyduck. I respect how he deals with being in constant pain.

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I'm not worried about that. I think the excitement of being on the show wears off for people after about 2 minutes and then they're just talking to a guy.

My parents are into it. My dad actually talks in twitch chat every so often.

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I had a guy call in to talk to me about what life is like having only one testicle. I asked if he had ever met anyone else who only had one testicle and he said he hadn't.

I just so happened to have someone else on hold who also only had one testicle and brought them both on to the show to bond with each other. It was a beautiful moment.

EDIT: here it is.

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I've been doing this for about 2 years and have no degree in anything related to psychology and he's been doing it for about 30 years and has a medical degree, so that episode was a lot of me shutting up and listening.

It was interesting to watch the way he was able to get into whatever the caller's "thing" was, address it, then move on so quickly without any fluff.