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If you had to guess, what percentage of those with a vow of chastity (not sure where to draw the official line) would masturbate? And of those who did, was that a frequent occurrence or like a once a year, big deal type slip up?

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What is your favorite joke that you personally think is hilarious, but when you try it out in front of an audience just won't work?

Thanks, love the stand up!

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What is your favorite memory of Huntsville, and how often do you make it back?

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Are your close friends mostly people in comedy or...er, I've heard people on podcasts say "civilians" but that feels smug, people not in comedy?

Do you think that surrounding yourself with hilarious people helps you get funnier (either as a teaching opportunity or competitive thing) or being around real people helps you get ideas for real shit that you can turn into bits/observations?

Kind of specific, but I'd love to know.