Hi! My name is Sallee Ann.

I was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. Starting at age 11, I went through four years of intense limb-lengthening surgeries. This is my hospital's website and this a good ol' wikipedia to help explain. And here's some nifty proof.

Yes, you have seen this on TLC. No, that does not tell the whole story. So AMA!

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SomeGuyInDeutschland3 karma

Thanks for doing this!

Can you tell us what jumped out at you over you got taller. In what ways did people treat you differently? How did you see the world differently?

smirking__revenge5 karma

People never really treated me differently. At least not people I'm close to. Strangers do stare less now.

What I see differently is now the available to be more independent and the confidence that I can do anything.

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smirking__revenge6 karma

I just saw your edited question. 4-6 inches is recommended for each "round"

I did two rounds, so therefor 9. I didn't "convince" anyone. We knew from the start that we would get as much length as we can safely. 8 inches was the goal. Other people got 10. Some did much more but suffered a lot of (nerve, muscle) problems.

GoldenRemembrance3 karma

How much more, and how did it affect their limb structure overall? I'm curious what natural issues you run I to when doing them beyond what you say is the standard limit, around 10 inches.

smirking__revenge5 karma

I think some people did as much as 8" in one round. I know some people did three rounds.

Most ended in a lot of unnecessary pain that didn't compensate for the added couple of inches. Muscle damage, nerve damage, weak bones, etc.

smirking__revenge5 karma

I thought the scars on my arm were proof enough, apologies.