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I very much relate to that.

If people ask, yes I am a dwarf. But preferably, I am Sallee Ann.

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"Yay!" says Little Ricky

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I'm looking for one. As mentioned later down, my mom is the one who has photos saved from the operation. I have saved photos of my corgis.

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I'm not quite sure. I'm 4'7'' now so at the most I was 3'10'' (have to account natural growth too)

It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Physically and emotionally.

To give perspective: I was away from home for three summers to live in a hospital. I had three hours of physical therapy every day. I was confined to a wheelchair. When I got home, I had to balance physical therapy and middle/high school. Friends left me because it's "not cool to be friends with the girl in a wheelchair." Plus my bones were kinda being separated a millimeter every day until there were ~2'' gaps (2'' in femur + 2'' in fib/tib = 4'')