I'm @fansince09, a philadelphia sports account that has recently been in national news for using social media crowdsourcing and facebook graph to help police to identify the suspects in a recent assault on a gay couple in Philadelphia.


I'm happy to answer any questions about the process.

Thanks for the questions. I'll continue to check throughout the day, but feel free to keep asking me whatever you'd like on twitter dot com. We have fun on the internet.


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EvanMathis69552 karma

The hatters say that your a trader but I say hero. Their the ones loosing because your a blessing in the skies. My compliments may fall on death ears and those drug attics will say I am putting you on a pedal stool but you minus well cease the day and continue the heroic performents with a positive aditude. It gives me piece of mind that you cease the day knowing love concurs all in this doggy dog world. This is a question so the bot won't delete it?

FanSince09349 karma

for all intensive purposes, sometimes i want to loose my mine over it all

Migs-n-Squiggs-9 karma

ESL? wow, I hope so. you butchered that whole paragraph.

FanSince099 karma


thealbatross58375 karma


FanSince09717 karma

Because these are "good kids from good families" apparently.

thealbatross58328 karma


FanSince09514 karma

I like how the hospital just suspended her. Why was nobody paying attention to her tweeting as herself using her real name and photo and committing HIPAA violations? They need a social media policy there.

EvanMathis69221 karma

Rumor has it that your agent is the best in the business. Can you enlighten us as to why that is?

FanSince09165 karma

I'd say it's because he has more time on his hands than he's used to.

bluets205 karma

Why is the Philadelphia Media being such assholes about demanding your name? Like what reasoning have they given you?

FanSince09287 karma

The Philadelphia Media has actually been great with respecting my anonymity. The issue I'm currently having is one newspaper trying to use "policy." They don't reflect my media experience as a whole, which has generally been awesome.

Beerisradical148 karma

is it true that you were scared of doing interviews because you didn't want your boss to find out you use twitter at work?

FanSince09232 karma

Among other things.

xshare126 karma

If you had a Nationals Fan and a gay-basher in the same room and you only had one bullet, who would you shoot?

FanSince09925 karma

I'd shoot out of the window and hope I hit a Braves fan.

HammelsCoal121 karma

Hey it's coal. You did a great thing for my people. I was wondering if you still dislike me? Hopefully this heroic deed has changed your stance. If so, I'll send you a jersey to Evan Mathis. - #35 Coal Hammels

FanSince09142 karma

You cost us a ring.

sharpalright94 karma

Yo ock, have you heard from the restaurateur who offered a reward for good PR and then mysteriously seemed to fall off the face of the earth?

FanSince09119 karma

My agent has spoken to him, so hopefully we can get things cleared up. The PPD has told me that it's always tricky with rewards.

namepending92 karma

What is the best way we can support the two victims of this hate crime? Are there any fundraisers we can donate to that would help with medical/legal bills?

FanSince09119 karma

The victims' names aren't out there and they haven't really given any statements about fundraising. This is something I'm working on finding out and should have some info in a few days.

xshare75 karma

Are you getting a bunch more mentions from people who don't "get" your brand of humor since you became mega-famous?

FanSince09163 karma

Yes, I'm getting tweets from 2011 brought up as like "HOW CAN YOU TALK ABOUT HATE CRIMES AND SAY THIS" because so many people are dumb af smh

FanSince0970 karma

OK, it's been an hour. Thanks to everyone who asked a question. If there's anything else you'd like to ask, I'll be checking all day or just get at me on twitter? Fuck the hatters.

kurtwearshats67 karma

Do you enjoy wearing hats? Asking for a friend. Thx.

FanSince0978 karma

Wearing a hat constantly can cause baldness.

scottjwillis64 karma

Who were you a fan of before 09?

FanSince0997 karma

Red Sox from 2004-2008

couchpaterno52 karma

Would you rather fight 100 couch-sized Joe Paternos or 1 Joe Paterno-sized couch?

FanSince09127 karma

One Paterno sized couch. I'd be able to defeat it when it looked the other way.

If Paterno was a punch-out character, his weak spot would be when he turned his back momentarily.

Stanley_Zbornak44 karma

Why do you remain anonymous?

FanSince09129 karma

Short answer: I tweet at work.

Long answer: I've had a lot of people following me for years who have really just accepted the anonymity and don't want to know who it is. I think revealing myself would be a let down and essentially ruin the account that I really enjoy running.

s101041 karma

Hey Fan, been following you for a little while now but not long enough to get all of the inside humor. Care to explain the story behind Felony Fraud to me?

FanSince0945 karma

Follow @Free_AEC, that's the guy who does that. You can also google the name Allan ECarlson for more info about his history with the Phillies

ISDTyrant35 karma

How do you defend your actions against allegations of snitching on your mans?

FanSince09110 karma

None of these kids were my mans so it's OK and Couch Paterno rests easy.

fantasource31 karma

In addition to your FS09 persona, do you also tweet under a different account as a "known" person? Or are you 100% incognito all the time on Twitter?

FanSince0941 karma

Yeah I have a personal account that I use occasionally along with 4-5 dumb joke accounts i started and got sick of.

wealthy_waffles25 karma

Have you received any threats from the families of the "good people" involved in the assault? I know you're dealing with some assholes on twitter, but the people involved seem to have money/connections and that would be a little scary for me.

FanSince0935 karma

Threats, no. Being mildly annoyed by them on twitter? Yes.

I don't think I've done anything that people can really come after me about. I haven't tweeted any names out and I feel like I've been very careful with this. The only name that was out there prior to arrest was released by his former employer and his supporters... and this wasn't even someone who's name I mentioned to the police.

KNutter20 karma

How do you like you flaming young cooked, Ock?

FanSince0931 karma

medium whale

moral_less_20 karma

Any truth to the rumor that your story will be turned into a movie? If so, who would play you!?

FanSince0964 karma

Tough questions because I'd want it to be someone who could do a decent Philly accent. Movies always turn the Philly accent into either "kinda Boston" or "kinda New York." I bet Daniel Day Lewis could really nail the Philly O.

Apollo8519 karma

Where did you get the Bane mask?

FanSince0932 karma

Spent way too much on it on Amazon then painted it with spray paint and destroyed it, so I had to buy another one and use a different paint.

smooshie18 karma

Do you plan on using your awesome Internet detective skills to solve more crimes?

Also, I enjoy your Twitter, politics and all. Subbed!

FanSince0936 karma

Again, this was real easy to do. People are sending me cases and I'll RT them and try to get information but really, these people left an insanely stupid trail.

DGenerator18 karma

J.A. Happ for Bum Clown, J-Stroll and Coal Hammels. WHO SAYS NO?

FanSince0917 karma

We probably need to throw in a few minor leaugers

Fallenhero3216 karma

Is it true one of the reason you were so motivated to find these horrible people was due to their fashion sense? I noticed they were wearing birkenstocks instead of the preferred Nike SB's or J's.

FanSince0979 karma

The dude in the salmon vest wasn't charged with anything but he was the key to everything. I guess the moral of this story is don't wear a salmon vest because it may get your friends arrested.

jmnoce16 karma

How far along was Philly PD in identifying the suspects before your tip?

FanSince0919 karma

I don't have any way of knowing that but I'm assuming that once that video was posted they were slammed with tips.

FNSM14 karma

Do you know @zoowithroy in real life?

FanSince0927 karma

As well as anyone can know a cartoon penguin in real life, yes.

classicobie12 karma

What's your favorite running RT? The "fuck Meech" ones are always good.

FanSince0930 karma

The Grandma RTs. I really try not to overdo those. Also "Ellen The Generous" and "Loose My Mine" are constantly gold.

Meech is lightskin AF tho.

HowTheWindShifts11 karma

First off, awesome job with all the detective work. A lot of people would probably see that and look the other way or ignore it... you're the freakin man for doing what you could.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how much to you hate New Jersey?

FanSince0914 karma

I don't think people would ignore it. This was actually, despite all the attention, really easy to do. Social Media's making it easier to help, and having an active police department on twitter eliminated the power system and the uncomfortableness of working with police. I think we'll see more of this, I just hope it's done responsibly.

Brown_Machismo11 karma

Are you going to catch Chris Baker next?

FanSince0927 karma

Sure as long as I can just do it on twitter in an hour

ZeroCool7911 karma

How soon should Kyle Kendrick go on the Phillies' Wall of Fame?

FanSince0923 karma

How quickly can we make a plack?

ficus7710 karma

Have you ever caught yourself talking FS09 in non-internet conversations? Has anyone who didn't know your identity already ever rumbled you?

FanSince0922 karma

This happens daily. Also my mom has been calling me a lot asking me to explain my tweets which almost makes me wish I didn't do anything.

slimpop9 karma

If it wasn't for your job, would you still be anonymous?

FanSince0915 karma

Probably. I feel like that's the nature of the account but I'd probably at least consider doing non-blacked out interviews.

Psuphilly8 karma

Who's AMA is this exactly?

No disrespect but shout out to Evan Mathis. Please relay to Peters that we love his response last game.

FanSince097 karma

Evan and I are the next great comedy team it's OK.

kurtwearshats8 karma

who was your favorite twitter shoutout during all of this? gotta say rosie odonnell is my choice

FanSince0925 karma

Rosie and Dan Savage. Rosie wins though because she actually follows me, which is great. Hopefully I can find some way to be on The View.

whaddyyyadoin8 karma

What would the title of your movie be called? May I suggest "FanSince09: Are True Hero".

FanSince0920 karma

Versing Hatred: The FanSince09 Jawn.

C0rocad8 karma

I want to say Thank You for all the work you did in identifying these scumbags.

Do you think them being Upper Class white kids one of whom is the daughter of a police chief will effect the sentencing of these kids?

FanSince0911 karma

I hope not, it depends on anyone on a jury buying the "These are good kids" defense, and that full throttle PR assault is coming.


Coal Hammels traded, no longer be incel or Couch Paterno comes back from the dead ?

You can only choose one Steve.. GO !

FanSince0939 karma

Hammels traded because the people of Philadelphia need to finally see a successful baseball team. There are 4 year old kids who have no idea what a winning record is like.

bowtiefridays6 karma

Why can't you take down John S. Middleton instead?

FanSince097 karma

That's someone else's fight.

slap_bet5 karma

in your opinion who is the next dawkins?

FanSince098 karma

should of been Earl Thomas.

Wavemanns5 karma

OK since they have a bot that goes through these comments and deletes posts that have no questions, I'll just throw out one question.

Do you know how insanely proud I am of you?

FanSince096 karma

Thanks. I appreciate that. Who is this?

springbroke5 karma

When you gonna turn heel again ock?

FanSince0914 karma

When I stop getting a decent face pop from the marks

Migs-n-Squiggs3 karma

I'd be MORE THAN willing to teach the chick a lesson about keeping your hands to yourself. I'm sure she's been threatening people with that "my dads a cop" bullshit her whole life & has never gotten a proper punch in the face. Thoughts?

FanSince0920 karma

The crazy thing is that she totally scrubbed her twitter and deleted her most recent stuff. The twitter stuff we're all seeing is what she thought was OK to keep, which speaks volumes about her notion of right and wrong.

J-Norman3 karma

Aside from Professor Tarl Cabot himself, who is your favorite narrator in the chronicles of Gor: Jason Marshall, the Gorean mariner or the Unknown Kur of Gor Book 28?

FanSince093 karma

Jason Marshall, he's the most mary-sue of all of them.

number1username3 karma

Sometimes I get real bummed out reading your retweets, how do you feel when you're out there looking for them?

FanSince097 karma

A lot of times I don't RT an idea because the tweets are just disgustingly awful and it makes me sad. So you're getting the sanitized version.

powers553 karma

What if the 11k is offered only at the expense of your anonymity. Do you go for it?

FanSince0911 karma


db114963 karma

Did this have anything to do with white hetero males in your community?

FanSince0922 karma

You know I may be old fashioned but I don't think the hetero white male community does enough to condemn crimes like these. It's time they put down the bacon wrapped fried chicken and get off their beanbag chairs and fix their community.

woweezowee342 karma

Why do you get political and preachy on this account? I like your humor, but don't always agree with your political tweets, so I've followed and unfollowed you a shit ton of times. Can't you just reserve that stuff for one of your other accounts?

FanSince0922 karma

Good questions. I tried to do that for a while but as my other accounts didn't have enough followers it felt pointless. I'm fortunate enough to have a great follower-base that likes my dumb humor, and I feel like if I am going to have a large sounding board I should occasional try to do something good with it.

It's not for everyone but I think the majority either is cool with it or just ignores me for a while.

Stanley_Zbornak2 karma

What's the deal with the reward money? Are they really trying to stiff you?

FanSince098 karma

My agent is ruthless.

michrichmond442 karma

If one of the the victims had been Coal Hammels, would that have changed things?

FanSince0913 karma

No because this was really a cowardly assault that shouldn't happen to anyone

woofjackcity2 karma

Are you gonna abandon the Phillies if they have another year squarely in #WOOFJACKCITY?

FanSince096 karma

It depends on what they do in the offseason to stay competitive. If they sign


then yes I'll give them another shot.

cameronfrye692 karma

Can you respond to the allegation that you don't support are troops?

FanSince095 karma

Slander/libel for anyone to think that.

kurtwearshats2 karma

When are you getting a key to the city?

FanSince0912 karma

Not soon enough. Instead of a key it should be Red Octobers, tbh.

s10101 karma

If you tweeted your name, would we recognize it?

Not sure which would be more impressive.

FanSince092 karma

No, it would be disappointing.

McAwesomeBoss1 karma

Is the Philadelphia PD going to give you your reward?

FanSince091 karma

The PD will not, as they only give rewards in murder cases (I think). Rewards usually come from business owners and it's a complicated process.

herrsuperman0 karma

Is it always sunny in Philadelphia? Or have I been misinformed?

FanSince094 karma

Our hate crime legislation is pretty cloudy.