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OK since they have a bot that goes through these comments and deletes posts that have no questions, I'll just throw out one question.

Do you know how insanely proud I am of you?

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Is there anything this community could do to make the rest of your time better?

While I am not in a position to do anything financially, I am tech savvy and willing to spend time at something you may want.

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The Politics of Dancing gets stuck in my head for weeks at a time. It was really big in Canada.

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What is your feeling regarding reading bills before voting on them and qualification requirements for sitting on House committees?

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First off, thank you so much for doing this. History books for many people are dry and boring but conversing with people who lived the experiences can not only enthrall, but supply some much needed humanizing that the books miss.

I've always felt that if people occupied my country I would try and build a resistance instead of fleeing. While you were young when the soviets occupied your country, was there any attempt that you could remember from those around you to try and resist the occupation?

What possessed you to immigrate to the US from Germany? Was there still ill feelings due to your imprisonment or did you feel that you could make a better life there?

How did you reunite with your family in the 70's?

Do you keep in touch more with the internet?