My name is Jon Bellion. I made an album that I think is going to change things. You can download it here:

A little bit about me: 23. New York born and raised. Beatmaker turned rapper turned singer that still lives with his parents. Chart-topper.

Here at reddit NY ask me anything.

Edit: It would mean more than you know if you could go download The Definition at Seriously, go download it.

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heat6181390 karma

Jon, Super fan here, me and my girl. We're driving 560 miles from MT to UT to see you on 10/24 in Salt Lake City. I want to do something special for my girl, woudl you be willing to do a meet and greet with us at the show there? Annnd the million dollar question, How much would it cost me to have you help me propose to her? like maybe if I asked you to write some personalized music, or through video, or in person? Trust me too, im serious about this. Is that something you would even be willing to consider? She would go bonkers if I had you help me propose to her. THANKS

JonBellion1950 karma


Tweet me "proposal guy" @JonBellion and I'll direct message you. Let's talk.

JaiOhBe462 karma

What's it like to write hit songs for Eminem, Rihanna, Jason Derulo or others?

JonBellion604 karma

It's wondrous. I'm not angry at the checks.

Cyprezz454 karma

I don't know who you are, so what's your favorite food?

JonBellion499 karma


dwillebo214 karma

Is the next album going to be on itunes so we can support you?

JonBellion413 karma

Yeah, I'm done making free music.

stevenemy193 karma

Do you have a favorite Sailor scout?

JonBellion265 karma

Sailor moon.

stevenemy88 karma

good choice. how do you feel bout the reboot?

JonBellion332 karma

I feel great about it. It's really impacting my life.

KGG002144 karma

What are your top five favorite albums of all time?

JonBellion635 karma

Band of Horses, "Cease to Begin"

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

Donuts by J Dilla

Kanye West's Graduation

And... Bon Iver, For Emma Forever Ago

chokemo_girls135 karma

What is the most interesting Pro and Con of not being directly in the proverbial limelight?

Thank you good sir.

JonBellion367 karma

If I got my head chewed off every time I went to the mall, I could envision that becoming moderately frustrating. After I opened for Kanye, I went into the crowd, and just chilled. I'm soaking in those moments for as long as I can.

HeatSir125 karma

Have you regretted selling your work, to one of the names above, because they completely ruined what you thought it should be?

JonBellion192 karma

No. I'm just blessed they want to use a song.

burtonbabe105 karma

Did the story in "Dead Man Walking" from Translations Through Speakers actually happen?

JonBellion82 karma


Drunken_Economist96 karma

What sort of contact do you have with an artist before you write? Do they have any input?

JonBellion213 karma

Yeah, they ultimately decide whether they take the record or not. It just depends on the artsy-fartsiness of the artist. Some artists are MUCH more hands-on than others. Usually the artists' A&Rs reach out to me, because they hear through the grapevine that I make "The Dope Shit." Then when they reach out to me, I make "The Dope Shit" with them.

Drunken_Economist86 karma

Once it's in place, do they even come back again for help? Like, "Hey Jon it's your girl Rihanna again . . . I just can't get this right. Could you help?"

JonBellion198 karma

Uh... could you imagine if Rihanna herself relied on me like that? I'd be The Man. HAHA.

KGG00296 karma

Why do you hate 808's so much?

JonBellion160 karma

That's a phenomenal question. You've been following my tweets.

As producers, we can do better (LOL). It's time to move on.

There was not a single 808 sound used in The Definition. And not a four to the floor dance record either.

Rerichael58 karma

Jon, I became a huge fan after I heard your Vocals on "Welcome to Forever"

Now that the Definition is out, what's next? Promotion tour?

I think it'd be dope if you did a college tour a little later on.

Also, how do you know Joe Santagato?

JonBellion92 karma

That's a lot of questions. Joe is a homie. He reached out one day because he dubbed my music. And don't worry about my future plans, I dropped an album 10 minutes ago.

Mepzie47 karma

Holy Shit! Just wan't to say you were amazing in London in July and the new album is awesome. Any more VMG collabs in sight?

JonBellion34 karma

If it feels right, yeah.

Crimsoncrim37 karma

I'll make my intro quick-Jon Bellion, I love every aspect of your music. I can sit here and type books about every single song and how much it means to me from the beginning of time, but I'll get right to it (I've had these ready.) I apologize in advance if these become personal and offensive in any way.

  • What is the cover of Translations Throughs Speakers? I see a girl's face in the blue but I can't figure out the rest.

  • In Munny Right, you mention you're dropping out of college at 19, part of the reason being Kanye's influence. I know it makes sense to imply "College Dropout," like you do in Jim Morrison, but is it possible of you to be talking about MBDTF since that came out the same year (unless I have my months off) Which leads me to my next question.

  • Regarding Kanye West as a musician only (Your attitudes are so separate to me, but I am damn fuckin' crazy passionate about both of ya'll), how do you feel about MBDTF in general? Could you give me your favorite out of the individual 7 album's he's made? Maybe favorite track?

  • And then for fun; favorite Kingdom Hearts Character?

I know I can think of about 50 more questions without a second's notice, but I'll stick with these. I'm beyond thankful for you man. Your attitude, your persona, your philosophy, your passion...everything that has made your music possible. I'll be seeing you at 3 separate venues, I know this was a long post, but I doubt I'll ever get a chance to talk to you again this personally! Goodluck! And God Bless.

JonBellion81 karma

Here we go!

She's underwater with a megaphone.

There's so much questions. A dream is what made me drop out of college. I literally had a dream that i was supposed to drop out of college. Called my dad, and dropped out of college the next day. Favorite track, the Joy was my favorite. I don't know if it was on that album, but I remember hearing it around that time and that was one of my favorite beats of all time.

Let's keep it classy. Sora.

Check out my manager's twitter , email him, and let's make sure we meet.

isaacquella34 karma

Heard you like basketball, did you play in high school and who's your favorite player now?

JonBellion81 karma

Yeah, I played a ton in high school. I was going to play in college, but chose a music school. I love Derrick Rose.

CoreyCorcoran30 karma

Did you know that #TheDefinition is helping me cope with my concussion? I really appreciate it and I will be at the October 1st show in Boston. I am so excited!!

JonBellion75 karma

I did not know that specifically. But I'm hyped to rock out with you.

StanDinfamy30 karma

How did you get your break? Networking?

JonBellion89 karma

3 free albums. 600 songs later. I have a moderate fan base. Imagine how much more I have to do.

CrakkaJ26 karma

How much did you enjoy performing at Wireless Festival ?

JonBellion108 karma

That was bananas.

To quote The Late, Great Kanye West: "It's hard to be humble when you stunting on the Jumbotron." HAHAHAHA.

ALemonNaughty22 karma

Impotant Question: Do you like grilled cheese?

JonBellion29 karma

Love it.

foxxxy_grandma20 karma

Favorite Forest Gump quote?

JonBellion86 karma

"Lieutenant Dan."

JoeGannon16 karma

When will you tour in the U.K?

JonBellion26 karma

ASAP. We're planning a tour as we speak.

neutral-deuel13 karma

What was it like living in the VMG house in California?

JonBellion36 karma

Dirty. Mad dudes. Mad testosterone. OD amounts of grossness. No one came in and cleaned. It was a musical frat house.

Iamadisciple13 karma

Have any hobbies that we may not know of?

JonBellion64 karma


I listen to sermons about 2 hours a day. From a pastor named Tim Keller. His insight is bonkers.

re-re-Remix11 karma

What's next for you? are you going to start developing albums for sale?

Why do you keep avoiding Michigan on your Tours? :(

JonBellion19 karma

It's only one tour! I didn't control where we went on this tour. And don't worry about what's next: I dropped an album 10 minutes ago.

sarajean11610 karma

Would you say that your faith in God plays any role in the creative process?

JonBellion18 karma

Yeah. It definitely governs what I say and how I say it.

sedditseddit7 karma

Can you describe your relationship w C Dot Castro? I feel it's a strange one that might've gone through ups and downs? Any truth to this?

JonBellion14 karma

No?! LOL. He's a homie. He just played ball in my backyard like a week ago.

qtheerearranger4 karma

Hey Jon,

 I am a tremendously huge fan of your work. I have way too many questions for you.
  1. Who was the artist that broke through to you growing up, that hit your ears and let you know you have a love for this thing called music?

  2. What is your favorite drum machine/sampler

  3. I notice Diplo follows you on twitter, you should hit him up for a collab I think his versatility in this industry is unmatched.

  4. Do you ever feel like in the music industry that you don't get the due credit for producing a hit such as monster? A lot of my friends know the track monster and in fact love it, but if I say Jon Bellion some of my friends are unfamiliar with your name until I educate them they they become addicted to your music like me.

  5. What has been the hardest part of success?

  6. What was the hardest struggle on the road to success? You obviously are a dude who just keeps getting up and going, but we all have something that knocks us down at least once on our road, I'm just curious as to what that was for you.

JonBellion12 karma

1) Paul Simon.

2) Redrum and Reason 4.

3) I had no idea Diplo followed me on twitter. That's actually friggin' awesome.

4) Um... I don't want my name on these records. I make the biggest record possible to make the most money possible so I can put out trill-ass music and amazing videos for free.

5) Being away from my family.

6) In the words of @TravisBTP "Patience and persistence."

sadanaga144 karma

Do you have a favorite song on the new album?

JonBellion13 karma

The instrumental in Run Wild is pretty through the roof. It makes me happy.

ZeBauss4 karma

Are you ever planning to re-release Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1 as a sort of from the vault type thing? And also are you and Keyz going to go through a collab type effort like GripTape and TapeDecks again or is that basically Keyz's next project (due out this year sometime, correct)?

JonBellion5 karma

No, I'll never re-release Scattered Thoughts. It was a joke mixtape that turned into a pub deal. And yeah, me and Keyz will be working a ton in the future.

doublex944 karma

It's inspiring to see artists who self-produce break out into the wider scene. How did you make the jump from anonymity to fame and success?

JonBellion8 karma

Fame and success is a strong word. Which means my level of anonymity is directly correlated to my level of success, so we'll see how it goes.

BSteezy01083 karma

What song on The Definition is the most personal to you and where will I be able to buy vinyls of the album?

JonBellion6 karma


And vinyls, you'll know when they come out.

KGG0023 karma

I know you collect all your own drum samples, but I was wondering in terms of synths and sounds, do you just modify stock sounds on Logic Pro or do you make your own synths from scratch?

JonBellion6 karma

A lot of my synths are just stock reinforcements. They have a retro-y vibe. I don't really freak many of my synths. The synth for Simple and Sweet was just a stock omnisphere synth.

jmac91013 karma

Planning on going to Chicago to see you live. What should we expect to see from you on tour?

JonBellion14 karma

Imagine if Rage Against The Machine covered all of my songs...

NKJames162 karma

Will there merch and/or meet n' greet at any of your shows?

JonBellion11 karma

I didn't want anybody to spend extra to meet me. I'd rather just chill with all you guys after the show. And there might be merch, I don't know yet. It has to be cool shit.

abobbitt2 karma

Hey Jon! I've been a huge fan of your music for about two years and I must say your music inspires me so much. Hope I'm not too late with this so here it goes.

  1. Could you describe your creative process on making The Defintion?
  2. Do you ever see yourself becoming a full time producer seeing as you produce all your music?
  3. What is it like working with Blaque Keyz?

JonBellion5 karma

1) I would watch Pixar movies for about 6 hours before i went to the studio. I would turn the sound off, and listen to Dilla LPs, and The Definition was born.

2) I would consider myself a full-time producer.

3) He's my best friend. I've known him since college. He's a homie.

obeetwo22 karma

Hey Jon! Big fan ever since you released "dead man walking" and I saw it on GMAD. Just saying every release to this album you dropped has been super dope! And I enjoyed the making of the songs videos. Is there anyway I can buy a poster of some of your album/song artwork?

JonBellion8 karma

All in due time, my good man. All in due time.

Gilleken2 karma

Are you planning on coming to Belgium?

JonBellion6 karma


nastyfortec2 karma

What is your biggest inspiration to write music?

JonBellion5 karma

I just love exploring sounds.

OhMurdock2 karma

Are you going on tour after this mix? The Definition is a great follow up from The Separation!

JonBellion10 karma

Yes, why haven't you gone to and bought tickets yet?

EmergencyExitSign2 karma

And why has the music thus far been free?

JonBellion9 karma

Let's be realistic. I love Drake, but i haven't paid for an album in years. That's where we're at in music. So let's look at it two ways: either Jon Bellion's a complete asshole, and wasted an opportunity to make money off of the best album of the past 5 years, or his taste level is just that high. And now there's a bar for free albums. Let alone paid for ones.

mnm222 karma

Hey Jon! What is your favorite digital thing (song, video, making of) that you've released to date? Cant wait to see you October 2!!

JonBellion3 karma

The Definition cover is my favorite thing to look at.

DarkNut222 karma

Just found you a couple weeks ago from a couple friends. I was instantly hooked! My favorite song from you is either Carry Your Throne or Superman: The Gift and the Curse. For sure going to buy your album on iTunes. Anyways, my question is are there more "Making Of" videos planned? I loved to see how you came up with the songs and the actual process. Also, who is your inspiration?

JonBellion4 karma

There are more planned. But that shouldn't change your opinion on the song. I have a ton of inspirations.

Lenche2 karma

How does it feel to know you have such a huge fan base and millions of people who love your music? Is this at all what you imagined when you first started out in the music industry?

JonBellion6 karma

I wouldn't say it's millions of people just yet. But the fact that people support me and what i do is the ONLY reason I get to do this for a living, so I'm beyond thankful.

JakeCTE2 karma

What was it like playing before Kanye at wireless in the UK? Did you ever expect your music to take you this far?

JonBellion5 karma

I'm just getting warmed up baby!

Forever_YoungJr2 karma

Can you and Blaque Keyz do Smooth Movin at the NYC Show? For old times sake!

JonBellion1 karma


doublex942 karma

When writing, do you come up with with melody/lyrics first, or the beat?

Do you use any live instruments during the writing/recording process?

JonBellion6 karma

9 times out of 10 it's the beat.

I don't know what a love instrument is.

ilikeOJ2 karma

You're one of the few artists who give recognition to their whole team, Do you always hope to have the same team of guitarists etc with you?

JonBellion7 karma

I did 100% of this album myself. LOL

Quigglez2 karma

I've been listening to you since Scattered Thoughts Vol. 1. My brother told me I had to listen to you. I have to say, I was hooked. To say you're one of my favorite artists would be an understatement. You are one of the few artists I consistently and persistently listen to. Your music is like chocolate, it tastes good whatever mood I am in. What I know about you is only what I've heard in your music. It's hard to think it's only been three years, and it's been amazing to hear your music change and grow. I'll be praying you don't lose your soul to luxury, I like your music to much. It's been a little over three years since your first album dropped, time flies. In those three years, what has been the biggest change in your life because of your music?

Edit: Spelling

JonBellion4 karma

More people are listening.

giants10fan1 karma

What kept you motivated to get where you are today? Was it just such a strong vision and belief? Were there people in your life pushing you? Also, are the sacrifices you've had to make so far hard to make?

JonBellion3 karma

I just love making music. And I love making cool shit. If that's the basis and you get better at that, things start to move around you, opportunities start to happen. And yeah, I gave up a lot of my college and high school "fun time" developing my sound.

[deleted]1 karma


JonBellion4 karma


KGG0021 karma

I know you've said on twitter you'd probably never do a full rap album, but its tempting isn't it?

JonBellion6 karma

Not really.

brady131 karma

Favorite Zelda game out of the whole series?

JonBellion5 karma

Ocarina of time!

EngineThatCould6311 karma

So George Is My Boy Everytime We Make Plans Hes Always! Late Lol I Was Wondering How Often Is He Late For Practice? How Did Ya Meet? And Who Has A Better Jump Shot, You Or Him?

JonBellion5 karma

That's the greatest question of all time.

George is always late.

But it's because he's a hardass worker. And doing other stuff. And don't ever question my jump shot.

ilikeOJ1 karma

What do you want in 10 years time?

JonBellion3 karma

I want to be closer to Christ 10 years from now.

HuffEffects1 karma

Will you ever release scattered thoughts vol. 1 again?

JonBellion1 karma

I am flabbergasted that people ask for that album. It's just not developed. I was super-young, the music was sub-par. Like WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


raw_is_halo1 karma

Hey, Jon! My brother /u/itwickz and I have been big fans since Translation Through Speakers! My questions for you are:

What inspires you for the music videos!? Your visuals are always above and beyond other artists!

Will we see more collaborations from you and Logic? The 24 Hour Freestyle and Welcome to Forever were great tracks, but I need MORE! haha

Also, what is your favorite video game?

Your music is amazing and I'm excited to see you in Orlando for your tour!

JonBellion3 karma

A lot of my music videos are just random images I see while I am creating. I write them down while I'm making the music, and even if it's random, I try to the best of my ability to portray the image that the music inspired.

Yeah, if it feels right. It's gotta be organic.

Zelda. Ocarina of time. Hence the tattoo on my wrist.

natashavilo1 karma

what artist do you think you would get star stuck meeting? and if not an artist just a person in general

JonBellion4 karma

Probably Paul Simon.

mrbroske1 karma

How did you get @TIME to tweet and release your song "Luxury"? How did you make that connection?

JonBellion7 karma

There's this thing called "amazing music" - it paves the way for cool shit to happen.

jpmuse0 karma

Scattered Thoughts Vol. II ? i cop that.

JonBellion4 karma

I've never made Scattered Thoughts Volume II. But thanks for buying it anyway.