I'm Donovan McNabb, retired NFL star. I'm here answering questions about my career and my most recent project where I've served as a creative consultant for Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football, premiering tomorrow at 8 PM on Epix.

Victoria's helping me out today. Ask me anything!

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Edit: Thank you for calling and sending in your questions. I appreciate the participation. Make sure you go out and watch tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern on Epix, the Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football.

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DayMan131200 karma

What was it like working on its always sunny in Philadelphia?

Donovan-McNabb612 karma

I've never been on that TV show!

Donovan-McNabb664 karma

That was an impersonator.

DayOldTurkeySandwich1034 karma

Hey Donovan, could you explain the NFL's rules on Overtime and Tie games to me? I'm a little confused.

Donovan-McNabb999 karma


humangous_bryz599 karma

Did your mom actually feed you Campbell's Chunky?

Donovan-McNabb623 karma


TheTrueEaglesFan324 karma

Hey Donovan, whats up with the coke nail?

Donovan-McNabb365 karma

I always grow my pinky nails, it's just a superstition!

kurtwearshats278 karma

How do you feel about Nick Foles now?

Donovan-McNabb479 karma

He's a solid quarterback.

phillyphanatic35226 karma

Will number 5 always love me?

Donovan-McNabb301 karma


oscarveli212 karma

I know that there were problems in Philly, but do you think that you and T.O. will ever reconcile?

Donovan-McNabb332 karma

That is to be seen, I guess, yes.

NickFoles192 karma

  1. hey 5, A few questions here, please answer as many as you want to, Much love!

    1. who was your favorite target on the field and why?
    2. who did you hang with on the team? who was your best bud?
    3. what did you honestly hate most about us philly fans? What grinded your gears?
    4. What's your best and worst memories from your time in philly?
    5. What do you think of the eagles current QB? Is he the franchise QB yet?
    6. Can you come and stop by and say hi over at /r/eagles sometime? We’d love to see you there!
    7. Last question, Who was the funniest guy in philly when you played, who made you and the locker room laugh the most and can you give us a story?

Donovan-McNabb194 karma

1) All my receivers. Cuz I had trust that they were going to be open.

2) Brian Dawkins.

3) Nothing!

4) Best time was being drafted by the Eagles. Worst time - leaving the Eagles.

5) That's a decision that's gotta be made by the owner and Chip Kelly.

6) Sure, that's great.

7) Well, we had a lot of funny guys...and those stories are gonna be kept in the locker room.

thank_bossy22177 karma

Donovan, the reason I became an Eagles fan was because of watching you play football at Syracuse, so my question to you is what is your favorite memory/moment playing for Syracuse?

Donovan-McNabb241 karma

Virginia Tech, live second touchdown to win the game, when our students rushed the field.

oscarveli170 karma

Before you retired, which defensive player gave you the hardest time?

Donovan-McNabb401 karma

I don't know, I guess Michael Strahan.

molemon147 karma

Thanks for doing this Donovan, I grew up watching you so your time with the Eagles will always be special to me.

What was your most memorable game as an Eagle?

Did you actually puke during the Superbowl?

Donovan-McNabb190 karma

Making it to the Super Bowl. Hehe - no I didn't.

Stoooooooo125 karma

What is the best/funniest practical joke you have seen happen in a locker room?

Donovan-McNabb274 karma

Guys dressed up as Andy Reid. Just acting like Andy!

omega47094 karma

You threw 4 TD's on a broken leg in Arizona...I just....how...?!

Donovan-McNabb137 karma

Guys did a great job of getting open and made my job easier.

PineappleDildos88 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

Donovan-McNabb283 karma

A hoagie, a turkey hoagie.

penissippi70 karma

What's the most interesting thing an Eagle fan has ever thrown at you?

Donovan-McNabb188 karma

A can of Chunky Soup!

the_soggy_taco68 karma

When you first hit it big in the NFL, did you binge buy something you regretted later? If so, what was it? Thank you for doing an AMA!

Donovan-McNabb144 karma

No, I didn't. I tried to be smart with my money. Never buy off of want, just buy off of need.

A_Jam_of_Space67 karma

Do you think Chip Kelly and Nick Foles are bringing a new era of a winning Eagles team to Philadelphia?

Donovan-McNabb105 karma


TrojanThunder58 karma

What are Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole like on the set of Fox Sports Live?

Donovan-McNabb59 karma

They're awesome. They're so funny. We always crack up before the cameras turn on.

RoswellSpaceman58 karma

Hey Donovan! Lifelong Eagles fan here. Thanks for doing this AMA. I have three questions for you:

  1. A lot of QBs with an electric running ability have become NFL starters in the last couple of seasons. Out of those QBs, which one do you think is most comparable to yourself?

  2. What do you think of Roger Goodell's reaction to the NFL's domestic abuse scandal?

  3. Can you summarize your relationship with the city of Philadelphia in 5 words or less?

Donovan-McNabb97 karma

1) I never liked to get into comparing anyone. I think all QBs are different. They present something to the game for different teams. So I wouldn't compare any quarterback to myself.

2) I thought he danced around a lot of the questions that were going on.

3) I enjoyed playing in Philadelphia.

TwoTinyTrees55 karma

Hey, Donovan! My friend, Todd, hates you because you had a great week once and caused him to lose his playoff bid in Fantasy Football. He still talks about it to this day. Any words that I can pass on to him to help him stop being butt-hurt?

Donovan-McNabb182 karma

HAHAHA. Get over it.

eagle22us53 karma

As an Eagles fan I have watched your career from the start, for holding most of the teams passing records you are not overly embraced by the Philly fans why do you think there is such a disconnect?

Donovan-McNabb83 karma

That I have no idea. But I enjoyed my time in Philadelphia and enjoyed the passion of the fans.

vitey1551 karma

Hey Donovan! You're the reason I'm an Eagles fan, so thanks for that! What's your favorite number (other than 5) and why is it 4.26?

Donovan-McNabb50 karma

Well, what's my favorite number - one.

Sakura_750 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

Donovan-McNabb113 karma


TheTreelo40 karma

Did Andy really have taco Tuesdays?

And if so, how many tacos would Coach eat?

Donovan-McNabb39 karma

Taco Tuesdays? No. That I don't know.

TheTreelo35 karma

Hey Donovan, thanks for doing this!

What is the most romantic thing that you've ever done for your wife?

Donovan-McNabb61 karma

Uh, really? A secret trip!

Poor_Grammer_Gary32 karma

Hey Donavan! thank you for doing this AMA!

I know one of my favorite memories of yours was the 4th and 26 conversion. What is one of your best memories as an Eagle and who was your favorite receiver to throw to??

thank you

Donovan-McNabb45 karma

Making it to the Super Bowl, and best receivers were any one that caught the opposite end of my passes!

PerSeHarvin31 karma

Donovan, as the players with the best Chunky Soup commercials of all time, which active player would be the next best to endorse the chunk?

Donovan-McNabb79 karma

Mmm. Nick Foles.

omega47030 karma

What song were you playing on air guitar that day in Dallas? Was it Sweet Child O Mine?

Donovan-McNabb35 karma

Hehehehe! It was a new song that was coming out of stores, but I didn't pull it out. I dunno!

Tujin28 karma

First of all, thank you for doing this, and thank you for many exciting years as the Eagles' Quarterback. I'll never forget December 28th, 2008 - the stars aligned and the Eagles had an opening in to the playoffs - all you had to do was beat Dallas. And beat them you did! That playoff run was some of the most exciting football I've ever seen. It didn't turn out the way we wanted ultimately, but you guys put on a hell of a show. So thank you. I hope that some of the more "enthusiastic" fans didn't leave a sour taste in your mouth, for many of us you were everything we could've asked for and more.

Two questions:

1) Is it difficult transitioning out of the life of an NFL player (especially a pretty successful quarterback)? Obviously you've got the broadcasting thing going on which is great, but before you had that sealed did you ever have any "what the hell am I going to do now" moments?

2) Do you watch the Eagles play when you're not commentating or doing other things? Do you even consider yourself a fan these days, or is/was it really more professional for you?

bonus question: Do you want to watch an Eagles game sometime? My brother and I live in the Tempe/Chandler and it would be pretty much the greatest thing ever to watch a game with such a legend. Probably pretty unlikely but I figured I'd throw it out there.


Donovan-McNabb25 karma

1) Not at all. That was always my plan from the very beginning.

2) Professional.

Times are a little tough now since I'm working, but we'll see!

hoodedbob20 karma

Hey Donovan.

What is one thing you love about retirement?

Donovan-McNabb51 karma

Uh - that the body is not sore every day. That I can spend time with my kids.

micah2415 karma

What do you miss the most about Philadelphia?

Donovan-McNabb17 karma

Just friends that I've built over time.

BaltCoder14 karma

What is your true opinion on Eagles fans? I get that you were with them for so long, but given the reputation they have for throwing their own under the bus, I wonder sometimes if Eagles players occasionally hated their own fans. Also, was there another team you really wish you could have played for during your career?

Donovan-McNabb23 karma

Well, that's just the exciting part about playing in Philly. You just gotta be able to deal with it and go out and play football.


What do you think is the best throw you've ever made?

Donovan-McNabb19 karma

I don't know, I can't just pick out one particular throw.

rim26112 karma

Hey, what's your favorite genre of music?

Donovan-McNabb19 karma


AaronsonShawkiesha12 karma

What's the meanest 'hate tweet' that has ever been sent to you?

Donovan-McNabb14 karma

Uh - that I don't pay attention to.

ayaashm11 karma

If you had to add one and replace one player from the Eagles , Who would it be?

Donovan-McNabb19 karma

I wouldn't replace any of the guys that I played with.

mjj58095 karma

I just recently learned that you have a B.S. in speech communication. Any plans to put it to use now that you've retired? I'm also a com major, by the way!

Donovan-McNabb11 karma

I'm working in broadcasting now!

1minuteman5 karma

im from europe and have no idea what NFL is or what it stands for , as a star of it what 5 words would you use to describe it?

Donovan-McNabb10 karma

Exciting, passion, determination, drive, and winning!

Thyworldbetwisted5 karma

Hey Donovan!

Huge fan mate from college and through nfl.

Quick question.

What was college at syracuse like? It's been a dream for me to attend for years.

And any advice you would give to someone who intends to go to syracuse?

Donovan-McNabb9 karma

Continue to work hard, and find out what you want to do in life. How was it at Syracuse? I enjoyed every minute of it.

jmul3213 karma

Long time fan, was sad to see you leave philly. How long did it take to come to realization when you hung the pads up? How did it feel that first season afterwards?

Donovan-McNabb3 karma

It took about two weeks. But I was working and I had something else on my mind.

Unremoved3 karma

How much Campbell's Chunky Soup do you actually eat?

Donovan-McNabb6 karma

None...hehehehe. I'm not eating any Campbell's Soup right now.

steelcity243 karma

Favorite memory from your high school career?

Donovan-McNabb5 karma

Winning the city championship!

PriorityQuesque2 karma

Hey Donovan, You are my favorite player of all time, I grew up watching you ever since I was 5 years old and you have made me love the Eagles and football.

I was wondering: What is your favorite memory of playing in the NFL? What was your favorite part about being on the Eagles? What would you have done differently if you had the chance to go back through your football career?

Donovan-McNabb5 karma

Playing in the Super Bowl in Jacksonville! Every moment. Besides change things the way it happened in the Super Bowl? I don't know.

DrJawn2 karma

What do you think about the Chipper and his system? Would you like to play under his system?

Donovan-McNabb2 karma

I think he has a great system for the way today's game is played. Would i Like to play in it? I think it would be a great system to be a part of.

SuperDan13481 karma

Do you think the media or fans treated you differently for being one of the few black quarterbacks in the league?

Donovan-McNabb2 karma