My short bio: I've been working at applebee's for over a year now. I've been promoted to neighborhood expert, meaning I'm "part of the management staff"

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ghostofjamesdean43 karma

Is it fair to say that Applebees is the malt liquor of the restuarant world?

MrStealYourIphone24 karma

Yes it fair to say that. I agree 100%

GeauxMik38 karma

Microwave accusations (applebee's microwaves everything), how true are they?

MrStealYourIphone39 karma

We microwave our sauces and then hold them hot. We microwave our rice and some vegetables. i want to say at least 45% of things go in the microwave.

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MrStealYourIphone13 karma

i'm aware of everything that happens in that place. have you been to applebee's and if so tell me what you order and i'll tell you what is microwaved on that dish

bmike9095 karma

Napa chicken and portobellos?

MrStealYourIphone10 karma

Okay the napa chicken. Grill the chicken, red potatoes are fried, all the veggies are sautéed on the flat top. The napa wine sauce heated up in the microwave. add parmesan cheese and parsley on top.

Dstrunk1 karma

Cowboy Burger, French fries, ranch.


Sirloin, Mash Potatoes (not loaded), Broccoli.

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

Cowboy burger any day 86 the ranch

Scrapple66632 karma

Do they serve anything there that doesn't come out of a freezer bag?

MrStealYourIphone27 karma

Yes. all of our salads and fruits. But our meats are pretty much a frozen.

ArchDucky16 karma

Why do you get 10 fries with a burger now? It seems greedy, potatoes are cheap.

MrStealYourIphone18 karma

good question, I can't speak for the entire applebee's chain but in our franchise it's 4oz or 5oz.

ArchDucky13 karma

4oz? That number is down right depressing.

MrStealYourIphone146 karma

True but our fries taste like shit either way.

tumescentpie12 karma

Why do you microwave my steak?

MrStealYourIphone24 karma

Because if I don't I won't be able to become a pokemon master. All seriousness we don't we use a grill

pssychesun9 karma

Almost every time I've eaten at our local Applebee's I've gotten terrible service. Super long wait times, forgotten items, etc. We're talking over a couple years of visits. Obviously, we don't go there very often anymore. Where is the breakdown in your opinion?

MrStealYourIphone10 karma

Breakdown as in why you get shitty service?

pssychesun2 karma

Yes. Since it has been over a long period of time and management and servers change frequently would you say that the Applebee's system is flawed on the backend or we just have a cursed Applebee's?

MrStealYourIphone9 karma

It all comes down to a number of things. Maybe the Hosts didn't give a menu count to the BOH staff and they were not prepared for the rush. Or maybe the kitchen manager didn't assign enough prep work. Lazy or slow cooks is always a thing. But if you went and you were the only table there than yea you have a cursed Applebee's

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MrStealYourIphone91 karma

No. this is my first cooking job. I originally applied to be a server. Manger saw i was of hispanic origin and automatically gave me the job as a cook.

aberrantfungus8 karma

Dude, that sucks.

I've applied for cook / back of house jobs before and after orientation I get thrown on register or something customer related. I specifically chose a non guests service position because I was tired of dealing with customers. The manager sees that I'm a pale white dude and wants me to "represent" the company image... Wtf?

Seriously I can't believe this kind of shit still happens with so many politically correct mantras being crammed in our faces while at work.

If someone is interested in a position and qualifies for it then they should be able to work that position. Bastards making hiring decisions based on skin color.

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

i know but happens all the time. The bad thing is after a month i asked to be trained as a server, they listened to me and i completed 3 out of the 4 days of training. On my forth day they said they need me in the kitchen because i was more "useful" back there. They told that next week i could finish my last day. Till this day I've been waiting to complete my last day of training to become a server.

pbrunk5 karma

If you mean what I think you mean then that's really shitty. Do cooks at least make more money than servers?

MrStealYourIphone8 karma

I don't think so, cooks are hourly paid and servers get tips. Tips can go either way. It depends on the customer i suppose.

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MrStealYourIphone6 karma

no it's bad you laughed. I find it funny too. but i assume you understand why he gave me the job as a cook rather than a server.

ClemClem510-1 karma

Because you're an iPhone thief ?

MrStealYourIphone9 karma

Yea bro, I've recently upgrade to iPads and MacBooks. The struggle is real!

kazuri857 karma

So if I gave you my iphone you could make it teal for me, Mrs? is that some kind of dye, or paint?

MrStealYourIphone5 karma

You give me your iPhone a I personally guarantee you won't see it again

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MrStealYourIphone15 karma

Best think to order is our Cowboy Burger and no i don't cook outside of work because i'm a lazy bum

Dstrunk2 karma

Me and my GF are obsessed with the Cowboy Burger. But for the love of god, take the paddy off the grill sooner. I ask for a pinkish center, and I get a well done burger. Throws off the entire thing....

Sorry, Your the only restaurant in my town that serves edible food. That, and I have 19 minutes left to waste at work. So I'm just going to complain...

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

Feel sorry for you if that's the only place that has edible food for you to eat

cabeez5 karma

Worst job related experience thus far?

MrStealYourIphone15 karma

Each item on the menu has a specific cook time. On Valentine's Day the VP of our franchise came in, and he was asking for food that was no where near the cook time Worst shift ever

jaburnett74 karma

Are you remotely worried about losing your job over this? I've read about many employees in various fields who have lost their jobs due to to online "exposés." It's not right, in my opinion, but it happens.

MrStealYourIphone37 karma

No not really. Unless the hacker known as 4chan hacks my things and exposed my identity. either way i'm only their until i graduate.

SunnyRachel3 karma

Does one who microwaves plastic bags all day really deserve the moniker "chef"?

MrStealYourIphone34 karma

No. I would call it a cooking job.

mannyrmz1233 karma

Have you ever had a tragedy in your kitchen where the dish takes forever/is ruined and had to start over again? How was it?

MrStealYourIphone26 karma

Bro Applebee's isn't a quality restaurant. Let's say a table of five orders and out of those 5 dishes I only have to cook 2. The other 3 go to the other cooks. I finish my dishes and put them in the hot window. And it will sit there as long as it has to. We don't remake anything unless something is overlooked, burnt or raw

Srirachafarian3 karma

I've worked at two competing national chains. They always told me that Applebee's just microwaves its food, and I thought it was just made up for employee morale bullshit. According to your AMA so far, it actually appears to mostly be true.

Were you aware that other restaurants hold up Applebee's as a "don't be like them" example?

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

I wasn't aware of this until now. It makes sense though. The employer wants to make as much money as possible and in order to do that shortcuts must be taken.

SuaveMF3 karma

Does it surprise you that the restaurant is sometimes referred to as "Crapplebee's"?

MrStealYourIphone14 karma

Nope it doesn't one bit. Like i said before I die a little bit on the inside whenever i work.

Dstrunk2 karma

How come every god damn time I order my steak cooked RARE, I get it back, and its Medium Rare, to Medium?

I'm not the kind of person to complain to the waiter/cook, especially on a busy night.

But it's your AMA, and you literally asked for it.

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

Your local applebees cooks don't know how to cook a steak. When I work rarely does a streak get sent back. I use the Gordon Ramsey technique to cook the steaks

nat2r2 karma

Why should I eat at Applebee's over some other restaurant?

MrStealYourIphone68 karma

You shouldn't eat there unless you have a gift card to the place.

aFROdesiac842 karma

How do you live with yourself sir...?

MrStealYourIphone25 karma

I die a little bit when i go to work but outside of work i'm alive and well

aFROdesiac846 karma

It could be worse. I live in the Midwest. You ever hear of Golden Corral? It's a buffet. I've never been in one without vomit somewhere in the bathroom. They eat themselves sick at that place.

MrStealYourIphone10 karma

yea there's one here where i live. I don't like it. They always have food that's hours old. We had an Old Country Buffet which was a way better version of Golden Corral.

periloux2 karma

How much of the food comes prepackaged and precooked compared to what's made in-house?

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

All of our meats come prepackaged and pre cooked i would have to say our frozen stuff like all of our apps. In house all i can think of is our Four mac and Cheese pasta

two_off2 karma

What menu items are made completely from scratch with raw ingredients?

MrStealYourIphone8 karma

right now all i can think of is one of our pasta called Four Mac and Cheese.

biggreasyrhinos3 karma

So bechamel and everything?

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

pretty much. several of our cheeses.

Server_Error_in_Appl2 karma

Fry, mid or broil! Or did you master them all? And do you hate the half off appetizers after 9 as much I did. Oh ding 9 o'clock, 15 app samplers ordered with only 2 cooks.

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

I've mastered them all, but I prefer broil. My strongest is fry side. I hate half price apps but i can handle it on my own (on fry side only).

skippgil1 karma

Please explain to me what cross cut ribs are and why they are unlimited? I've never been to an Applebee's but I am aware it is a popular drunk spot due to the cheap fried food they have at night.

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

Cross cut ribs are pork ribbletts floured and deep fried for a minute 45. We have an AYCE special.

skippgil0 karma

That doesn't sound very good but I assume you get quite a crowd for the AYCE special. I am noticing that is the trend with these sort of restaurants. Same as Outback, Fridays and some others who are heavily advertising on TV.

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

Yea it's a pain. Once the same table got 20 refills in one hour.

skippgil0 karma

That's disgusting. So the frozen riblets are thrown directly into the deep fry for 1:45 and played?

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

They are thawed out and then portioned. They are floured as the orders come in. After that they are tossed in the sauce the customer has picked

adamb101 karma

What is one item that I shouldn't order at AppleBees?

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

Cross Cut Ribs

paulrenaud1 karma


MrStealYourIphone5 karma

Heart attack waiting to happen. The ribs are greasy to begin with, and then you deep fry them some more.

paulrenaud2 karma

I have never eaten at Applebee's. After your AMA I don't think I ever will. Thank you.

MrStealYourIphone8 karma

What did you read that made make this harsh decision?

olithraz1 karma

Where can I get some of that honey pepper sauce

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

Honey pepper is delivered to us. All we do is portion it and heat it up

Anim8ergrl1 karma

Whenever I get ToGo it seems like the portions are noticeably smaller than what you would get if you dined in for the same price, is that true?

MrStealYourIphone6 karma

Probably is true, i think all ToGo's and drive thru's are rip offs.

eatmystreak1 karma

Hot Buffalo boneless wings, any insight on that? as that's the only thing i visit applebees for.

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

Let me guess, half off late night apps? nope nothing sketchy there. It's exactly what you expect. Boneless wings fried and tossed in sauce.

aluminumpark1 karma

What's in the sauce? Or does it just come as Applebee's buffalo wing sauce? And how can I get some?

MrStealYourIphone3 karma

yea the bag just says wing sauce.

eatmystreak1 karma

You got it, those things are pretty bomb. Especially the Tabasco seasoning on top

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

I'll have to agree with you on that one. I like so much i take some home once in a while. But next time you go in just ask for a side of the hot season.

a-la-brasa1 karma

What's the grossest thing you've ever seen happen in the kitchen (that the customers never knew about)?

MrStealYourIphone4 karma

grossest thing? Not really gross but whenever cheese gets burnt, all the cooks do is put more cheese on top to cover up the burnt cheese. 9/10 don't get brought back.

ionicbondage1 karma

How many microwaves are in your kitchen?

MrStealYourIphone3 karma

5 or 6 two per station, but one keeps on breaking and management send it off to get fixed. usually takes a month for it to be repaired and then breaks within a week.

oneof101 karma

Is chicken fat really an ingredient in the dressing for the pecan chicken salad?

MrStealYourIphone3 karma

The pecan chicken salad we use balsamic vinaigrette. Idk if chicken fat is used to make that.

_Bobbin1 karma

My friend was served potatoes still in their plastic bag. How many people did that plate get passed to before it made it to our table like that?

MrStealYourIphone3 karma

I laughed when i read this. Assuming all Applebee's are like the one i work at. 2 people should have seen that bag. 1st the expo and 2nd the server. The bag technique is a good way to ensure the food stays hot. They should have removed the bag once they were running your food.

deathsmaash1 karma

How are the endless ribs?

MrStealYourIphone5 karma


binary11001001 karma

Are you really Real?

MrStealYourIphone3 karma


xtra3331 karma

how is applebee's compared to olive garden? which one is lower in quality?

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

Idk never worked at there. Like I said this is my first cooking job

Anablue1 karma

Are the salads fresh ? Or does the lettuce come in frozen ?

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

Nope fresh. One of the freshest thing on the menu

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MrStealYourIphone1 karma

Sure no problem I live in Arkansas

Torres0971 karma

How true is the thing about if we return the food they spit on it? Love Waiting the movie you should check it out

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

I'll check it out but I've never seen anyone spit on anyone's food. Maybe people over exaggerate ?

Drowning2Sleep1 karma

Did you ever get any crazy requests for meals that weren't on the menu? We're you able to make them anyway?

MrStealYourIphone7 karma

Crazy request to make food not even on the menu is a no. But crazy orders yes. Once i was told to cook a steak half MR half MW.

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MrStealYourIphone5 karma

Can't speak for the entire Applebee's franchise but my store is completely clean. During our dinner rush we stop cooking and clean up our areas.

Dkusmider920 karma

Do you ever feel ashamed of the food you send out? Just how close are you to committing suicide?

MrStealYourIphone5 karma

Do I feel ashamed? Nope because people shouldn't come in to begin with.

Mantisbog0 karma

Have you eaten at any of San Pelligrino's top 50 restaurants? How do they compare to Applebees?

MrStealYourIphone1 karma

Nope I haven't, I don't even live near one of these restaurants

karmanaut-5 karma

Sorry, could you provide some additional proof? A picture of food doesn't really prove your claim.

karmanaut-14 karma

Could you take a similar picture with a note that says your username?

MrStealYourIphone2 karma

I will when I go in for my shift later today