I found cycling late in life, at the age of 26, and used it is one of my vehicles for healing from a life threatening eating disorder. It has been a wild journey and one I am so thankful for. On my route to the Olympic podium I suffered debilitating back pain from sciatica. After taking upwards of 1000 mg of ibuprophen daily to manage the pain so I could train, I found SpiderTech tape, which is kinesiology tape that is 100% drug free pain relief and my liver was very happy about this:-) Find me at www.dotsiebauschusa.com and @dotsiebausch and @spidertech. To understand more about Spidertech tape and how it can help you visit: www.spidertech.com. ASK ME ANYTHING, literally.


ok peeps. Its been fun. Thanks for all of the intriguing questions. Til next time. DB

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iia162 karma

Hasn't the efficacy of such tape been called into question by studies which ultimately concluded that any perceived improvement is likely a placebo effect?


DotsieBausch-17 karma

Try it one time and then you tell me. I have been able to completely stop using ibuprphen because of the pain relief that SpiderTech tape offers.

NateThomas197954 karma

If you could give one message to those who suffer from bulimia, anorexia, body image issues, etc.

What would it be?

DotsieBausch108 karma

That there is HOPE. Hope is the most powerful of all emotions and directions in life. Find help, because its out there. Over 30 million people suffer from ED, so you dont have to be alone. We think that we are the only one who has "this story" or "this specific pain" and we hide it because of embarrassment and emotional trauma, but once I was able to share, I found so much acceptance and help. I run a FREE mentorship program and am daily interacting with people who think there is no way out and there is. Find it because you have so much to offer the world. Don't stay in the cave suffering alone. There is hope.

Jupiter_Ginger28 karma

How long do you have to sit on a bike seat before your butt starts hurting? I know when you're racing you aren't sitting, but why if you were just going for a nice ride?

DotsieBausch39 karma

Hahahahaaaa...well, it could be 1 minute if you have the wrong saddle:-) It is definitely a personal "thang" so go to a bike shop and ask and expert and ask others and find a saddle that works with your anatomy.

pm_pics_of_bob_saget24 karma

What do you think are the biggest challenges in making America more bicycle friendly?

DotsieBausch53 karma

Education!!! Drivers are simply not educated on the laws. For example, in California we just passed the 3 foot law, which means every car has to pass a cyclist giving 3 feet of room. Also, it is up to us cyclists to follow the laws of the road and not run stop lights or signs which then will create more respect between cyclists and drivers. Many drivers also don't understand that we are allowed to be out on the open road! I hear many say "just ride on the bike path" but as a professional athlete, I have to be out on the road training. Covering 60 miles a day at 20mph is simply not possible on a bike path.

dragonfly199317 karma

what is your daily training routine?

DotsieBausch49 karma

Whew! Ready to feel tired? ok- its 7 hours of training total. Morning is a 2 hour zone 2 endurance ride, followed by a stretching routine. Then i hit the gym and my specific routine varies depending on the season but i do the inverted leg sled building to 650 lbs. and I do 5 sets x 60 reps. Then late afternoon is a track session where i am solo or with the team and we are at the track doing efforts for about 3 hours.

Stoooooooo13 karma

What are your favorite olympic memories?

DotsieBausch23 karma

Being there, just simply being in the thick of it all and seeing the whole world come together in a time of war, but the Olympics are these 3 weeks of PEACE and you can feel it in the air almost. Eating and hanging out right next to someone from the middle east and laughing and joking and seeing we are the exact same.

antnee11 karma

Wow what a story.. How long was the transition between suffering from the disorder and getting into good enough shape to compete professionally?

DotsieBausch19 karma

A while:-) From onset to 100% healing to elite competition ability was about 8 years.

kelyar10 karma

Do you think Hour Record will be beaten today?

DotsieBausch2 karma

No way, and I am HUGE Jens fan, like everyone else on the planet.

frozen_barbie_head7 karma

Do you find that cycling was therauptic in a way?

DotsieBausch15 karma

ABSOLUTELY. it gave me a freedom i had never been able to tap into before. It was also a way to feel more, which "feeling" is what I had been avoiding in my ED. It is a beautiful thing. I will do it til the day i drop dead:-)

frozen_barbie_head8 karma

Congrats on finding that inner peace, you are an inspiration and gives me hope :)

DotsieBausch20 karma

Tell me about how you came up with frozen barbie head?

aryeh566 karma

Do you listen to music when you ride? If so what kind?

Also, do you know what your route is going to look like before you start biking, or do you just hop on and go for an adventure?

DotsieBausch16 karma

Always just have ONE side of my ear phones in so i can hear traffic on the left side:-) I listen to anything from Eminem to podcasts to TedX. LOVE everything except country. Country is lazy music in my opinion. And, i know my route well. I cant train appropriately if I start out and randomly ride, or maybe its the Obsessive/compulsive side of me?

2Bpencil5 karma

What does your leg workout routine consist of?

DotsieBausch10 karma

I use the inverted leg sled. Many reasons why, but one is because in order to create the max force/strength I need for my event, I could never lift the amount of weight i need to on holding the bar on my shoulders. The leg sled works specifically in the gluts. I work up to 5 sets x 650 lbs. x 60 reps. I begin with 2 plates (45 lbs each) on each side for a warm-up and then increase 1 plate per side until I reach my max for the day. Never do this if you feeling shaky or unstable. Just do enough reps where you feel it, and then stop. It took many years to build up to this point.

AlcoholicCelery4 karma

If you could skip one process of your daily workout routine without it affecting your results, what would you pass on?

DotsieBausch4 karma

oh GOOD question, because everything i do in regards to training right has purpose or I would not do it. I guess it might be the stuff in my head that I often times "allow in" that i shouldn't like negative self talk. hmmm, you got me thinking though. What could i leave out?

guitarerdood4 karma

Why/why isnt cycling a better form of exercise than jogging/running?

DotsieBausch1 karma

Why do you think this?

guitarerdood3 karma

More of asking your opinion! :)

DotsieBausch9 karma

Ah ha. Well, because running requires full body activity as apposed to just legs, maybe some find it quicker and easier (no equipment needed) to just go for a run. I dont find running better for me. It beats my body up so badly. Cycling is far superior for me to get a great workout in!

ThatStinkyTaco2 karma

What's it like to call your self a biker?

DotsieBausch8 karma

Ok- i gotta say i am not a "biker" because i don't ride a motorcycle in leathers, although that would be more badass than what I do. Pedaling a bike is called cycling and then when you put it that way, its not so cool anymore.

fuzetealover1 karma

was your eating disease due to some illness or more a suicide attempt ? How would you motivate a teen to not suicide her self ?Maybe I m getting every thing wrong, sorry if I am.

DotsieBausch3 karma

An eating disorder is an illness in itself. It developed from a myriad of issues, like many illnesses do. Suicide is very serious and I certainly am not an expert/therapist/doctor, but I would say to this teen that there is HOPE. TELL SOMEONE what you are feeling. Don't isolate. Don't be alone.There is a purpose to your life!