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That there is HOPE. Hope is the most powerful of all emotions and directions in life. Find help, because its out there. Over 30 million people suffer from ED, so you dont have to be alone. We think that we are the only one who has "this story" or "this specific pain" and we hide it because of embarrassment and emotional trauma, but once I was able to share, I found so much acceptance and help. I run a FREE mentorship program and am daily interacting with people who think there is no way out and there is. Find it because you have so much to offer the world. Don't stay in the cave suffering alone. There is hope.

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Education!!! Drivers are simply not educated on the laws. For example, in California we just passed the 3 foot law, which means every car has to pass a cyclist giving 3 feet of room. Also, it is up to us cyclists to follow the laws of the road and not run stop lights or signs which then will create more respect between cyclists and drivers. Many drivers also don't understand that we are allowed to be out on the open road! I hear many say "just ride on the bike path" but as a professional athlete, I have to be out on the road training. Covering 60 miles a day at 20mph is simply not possible on a bike path.

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Whew! Ready to feel tired? ok- its 7 hours of training total. Morning is a 2 hour zone 2 endurance ride, followed by a stretching routine. Then i hit the gym and my specific routine varies depending on the season but i do the inverted leg sled building to 650 lbs. and I do 5 sets x 60 reps. Then late afternoon is a track session where i am solo or with the team and we are at the track doing efforts for about 3 hours.

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Hahahahaaaa...well, it could be 1 minute if you have the wrong saddle:-) It is definitely a personal "thang" so go to a bike shop and ask and expert and ask others and find a saddle that works with your anatomy.

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Being there, just simply being in the thick of it all and seeing the whole world come together in a time of war, but the Olympics are these 3 weeks of PEACE and you can feel it in the air almost. Eating and hanging out right next to someone from the middle east and laughing and joking and seeing we are the exact same.