It's Mike, Robb, JP and Pat here! Season 8 of Trailer Park Boys is now streaming on Netflix and you can check out our comedy network on so fire us some questions!

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DJDaCar2182 karma

Holy fuck boys! Thanks for doing an ama. Season 8 was amazing I couldn't stop laughing from start to finish. Can we expect more seasons from you guys?

TheTrailerParkBoys3528 karma

Yes. 9 coming in March - 10 and 11 to follow....

efraz441998 karma

Hey boys, can I get a fuck off from ricky?

TheTrailerParkBoys3009 karma


Fabs931412 karma

Ever think of making a Trailer Park Boys video game? Sandbox-style like Grand Theft Auto?

TheTrailerParkBoys2866 karma

There's one being developed

PsYcHoMoNkY31691269 karma

John: Is that really a rum and coke you have all the time?

All: who can smoke the most before losing their shit?

TheTrailerParkBoys1674 karma

Sometimes and me.

3isthenew41231 karma

Pat, how did you stay in shape to reprise the role of Randy?

Season 8 was great boys, keep 'em coming!

TheTrailerParkBoys2763 karma

Eat pure fucking garbage and don't exercise

Alanakii964 karma

Fucking A, boys! So how many cheeseburgers can Bobandy fit in that magnificent gut?

TheTrailerParkBoys1277 karma record!

dodge_this814 karma

Hey fuckers! Season 8 was DECENT! What can we expect from season 9?

TheTrailerParkBoys1230 karma

Biggest upset in Sunnyvale ever.......

iSoQuailman806 karma

Watching season 8, I had no idea that it had been 7 years since season 7. Everyone seemed to pick it right back up. Was it a struggle to keep the same style after everyone had grown and went out doing their own things over the last several years?

You guys rock and I'm hoping I can make it to St. Louis to see your show in December.

TheTrailerParkBoys715 karma

It was very easy to get right back into it.

zoneseekca707 karma

Hey boys, big fan....I always noticed Ricky smoking "for reals" in the early seasons of the show and it would seem over the last few seasons smokes and smoking has still been part of the jokes surrounding Ricky, but hes not really do any "real" smoking anymore. My question is for Robb Wells...did you quit smoking cigarettes at some point over the last few years? If so, has it been challenging playing Ricky the last few seasons, including Season 8 where Ricky is hard on the cigarettes as usual?

TheTrailerParkBoys1470 karma

I quit smoking seven years ago, smoking herbal cigarettes and they are fucking disgusting!!

KitKatAmazing89704 karma

If you boys had the opportunity to go to Disney World as Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, would you do it?

TheTrailerParkBoys1025 karma

100% for sure

schwebin701 karma

Ever hear the story of the shitfisher?

TheTrailerParkBoys694 karma

unfortunately yes

dleacock692 karma

How was it working with Netflix rather than Showcase? Loved the new season!

TheTrailerParkBoys1657 karma

Netflix is fucking awesome!! Total creative control :)

ishootthemoon680 karma

If the boys were the first humans on Mars, what would your famous first words be?

TheTrailerParkBoys1701 karma

Lets's get high!

shockwavelol662 karma

JP since Julian is usually the more level headed and serious character in the series, what was it like playing him in the episode where Ricky makes you get high all day? I absolutely LOVED you in that episode. I never laughed so hard in my life. When you said "Dude he just spit in your car dude" I died!!! Did you like doing that kind of stuff or are you more into the more serious acting? Do we see any of this Julian in season 9?

I've seen every episode more times like I'd like to admit i Just wanna say I love you guys and you make Canada proud! Represent!!!!!

TheTrailerParkBoys754 karma

It was great doing a scene where I'm not so fucking serious or stressed out! Thanks

nztdm587 karma

Do any of you sometimes subconciously act like your character's in your daily lives?

TheTrailerParkBoys1038 karma


gunthermobini519 karma

Thanks for doing this, your shit is fucking hilarious. Just a couple questions...

  1. How in the fuck do you guys come up with the Rickyisms and how hard are they to act through Robb?

  2. Also, does John Dunsworth actually drink alot/heavily, or is he just that good of an actor?

  3. And Pat, are you pushing your stomach out in all of your shit? It is the most beautiful stomach I've ever seen either way.

Thanks again and fuck off!

TheTrailerParkBoys881 karma

  1. We get really baked or sometimes we hear somebody say one.
  2. John doesn't drink, incredible actor.
  3. Pat doesn't push it out but can an additional 4 inches.

Shy__RedheadV2516 karma

Holy fuck! Huge fan of the show here. I've got a couple questions if you don't mind answering.

  1. Mike, can you see anything out of those glasses when you wear them? They kind of remind me of beer goggles.

  2. John, where can I get one of those sexy black shirts? They just look so sensual. I feel like I could really bring out my inner Sunnyvale-ness with one.

  3. What do you guys do with all of the cats that you use in the show when you finish filming an episode/season? Do you keep any? Give them to nice kitty homes? Whenever I see the kitties in an episode I get all giddy.

  4. Final question: how do you guys feel about redheads?

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this AMA! It means a lot to see you guys here answering questions, and I hope you have a good time!

TheTrailerParkBoys623 karma

1 - Not a fucking thing 2 - Wal-Mart 3 - The cats rae all from the park and have good homes 4 - Love em

thisistravis57484 karma

How much time do you boys spend together outside of shooting? Your chemistry seems so natural.

TheTrailerParkBoys699 karma

a lot

operation_hennessey454 karma

eh boys!

I got the biggest ladyboner when I was watching Archer one day and realized you guys were guest starring! Can you tell us anything about your Archer experience?

TheTrailerParkBoys888 karma

Did voices from a studio in Halifax. Got drunk as fuck with the cast in Atlanta though!

theshitlist436 karma

Hey boys! What are your thoughts on Corey and Trevor leaving Trailer Park Boys (glad to see Corey is back!) and how Michael Jackson portrayed it? Is it really as bad on the show as he makes it out to be?

edit: grammar

TheTrailerParkBoys751 karma

Things are a lot better now and we are on great terms with MJ, he's a bud!

Sancta434 karma

Why is Randy so fucked?

TheTrailerParkBoys806 karma

Because his parents were fucked.

evadence407 karma

  1. Why won't Randy and Lahey fuck off?

  2. Robb, is it possible for me to achieve sideburns as glorious as yours WITHOUT shaving in a car?

TheTrailerParkBoys657 karma

They will never fuck off! - What the fuck kinda question is that? Robb

knockoutcity392 karma

Any nude scenes for Randy this season?

Love love xoxoxo

TheTrailerParkBoys900 karma

You wanna film one with me? - Randy

treilly19391 karma

Boys, why was it that after 7 years off air you felt it was time to start TPB up again?

TheTrailerParkBoys1279 karma

Because we were finally able to buy the franchise from the previous producers

Revrynd385 karma

How much honey oil was smoked on the set? lets be real here.

TheTrailerParkBoys849 karma

Too much to talk about but not enough

liferoundhere359 karma

Is Ellen Page gonna come back? I wanna see her back in Sunnyvale!

TheTrailerParkBoys539 karma

We sure wish she would!!

KingofAnglia353 karma

Loved season 8 well worth the wait, where was baby-randy in this series?

TheTrailerParkBoys631 karma

Randy sent him to live with relatives, doesn't want any influences coming from Ricky.

jesternv99310 karma

What the hell happened to Ray??? Did he die underneath a pile of garbage at the dump? Is he going to miss his great-grandson being bornt?

TheTrailerParkBoys641 karma

Ray is retired at a dump in Florida

angry_greek301 karma

First off, RIP Phil Collins. Green Eggs and BAAAMMM forever.

Second, was there ever a gut-off backstage between Phil and Randy?

Last, can I get a Fuck-Off in South Korea?

TheTrailerParkBoys251 karma

One gut off at a wrap party and yes, FUCK OFF!!!

TheScotched295 karma

Hey Shitdicks, do you plan on doing more seasons after 9 is released?

TheTrailerParkBoys645 karma

That is the fucking plan

Amberleee1284 karma

Poor Bubbles! When are you ever going to get some lady love? I know you must be frisky, Bubs needs love too

TheTrailerParkBoys494 karma

Hopefully someday, interested?

Vmoney1337279 karma

Holy fuck, boys! I'm an insanely huge fan. Back when I lived in Russia, I introduced TPB to all of my friends comrades, and they love it because it hits close to home since we pull shit like what you guys do in the show on a daily basis. So if you ever meet another Russian guy who likes TPB, ask them if "Vladimir" introduced it to them. If it wasn't me, you won't look stupid because everybody is named Vladimir in Russia.

Anyways for my question: Does Ricky stumble/fall in real life as much as he does on set? Also, where did Ricky get all of his shirts?

TheTrailerParkBoys325 karma

He's pretty fucking clumsy in real life. Broke his toe yesterday actually.

agegin241 karma

Was it frightening on the set when the bottle kids would chuck the glass at all of you? How come you never got them to fuck off?

TheTrailerParkBoys500 karma

terrifying. They simply WON'T fuck off.

olic32226 karma

Which line from TPB is most frequently shouted at you?

TheTrailerParkBoys662 karma

What in the fuck!!!!

Lextreme21218 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing an AMA! I love Trailer Park Boys. You guys are hilarious. I have a question. Do you guys grease Randy up between shooting scenes or is he just naturally that greasy?

TheTrailerParkBoys484 karma

naturally greasy and very stinky.

bookworm59214 karma

Holy shit, boys. I just wanted to say that one time I got way too fucked up and the only thing that kept me from feeling like I was gonna die was watching old seasons of TPB. You fuckers are keeping me sane while I'm in graduate school. But you guys are kinda fuckin' me around since now I say shit like "worst case Ontario" and sound dumb as fuck unless you get the reference.

Here's my question: How many Orangies have you gone through while filming?

Can't fuckin' wait for season 9! Keep up the awesome work!

TheTrailerParkBoys414 karma

Not a single Orangie died during the making of Season 8

McHamma89211 karma

Ricky did you actually read animal farm?

TheTrailerParkBoys748 karma

A lot of the words got read yes

michellica198 karma

JP - my sister Louise wants to know if she can be the Baby to your Swayze? Thanks.

TheTrailerParkBoys288 karma

no more baby's for me, sorry

obfuscationz174 karma

What is your favorite fuckin sandwhiches?

TheTrailerParkBoys467 karma

Montreal Smoked meat with mayo and gummybears

operation_hennessey173 karma

What are your favourite TPB episodes?

TheTrailerParkBoys594 karma

Alex Lifeson episode

aer0zeppelin162 karma

Bubbles, will you do the honors and name my future kitty? I can't imagine asking anyone else.

Also, please come back to Newfoundland soon boys!

TheTrailerParkBoys182 karma

I'd have to see him/her

shugz601162 karma

How much of the sweat on Randy's gut was natural in those wonderful closeup shots?

TheTrailerParkBoys281 karma

Every drop

CoolHandLuke98145 karma

How'd the death of Reveen hit you, Robb?

TheTrailerParkBoys249 karma

Great man, I cried.

Thisislawless138 karma

I was working at a Value Village in Woodbridge, Ontario in 2011 when you guys (Robb, J.P. and Mike) came through while shooting for Race Dicks. You bought some stuff, and I cashed you guys out. Robb you cheap fuck you had a Savers Club card... you shop at Value Village often?

Photo for proof.

TheTrailerParkBoys180 karma

What the fuck are you talking about? Robb

AndyD516128 karma

Do you guys ever get tired of fans talking to you as if you were in character in your regular lives?

TheTrailerParkBoys220 karma

We're use to it now.

We_Have_To_Go_Back124 karma

Who wants a belly tickle?

TheTrailerParkBoys218 karma

Who doesn't?

jschafer05117 karma

Hey Fuckers. Favorite strain?

TheTrailerParkBoys285 karma

Purple Cheese

poka64109 karma

When can I see season 9?

TheTrailerParkBoys246 karma

Netflix next year.

doctormega107 karma

Will Conky be back? Also who is the coolest cat bubbles has got to hangout with while filming the show?

TheTrailerParkBoys367 karma

Steve French

thatyungrascal106 karma

Hey Mike, have your eyes degraded a little from wearing Bubble's glasses on for years now?

TheTrailerParkBoys150 karma


SealTheDeaI106 karma

Hey boys,

I've always been curious, what do you actually smoke while on set? I assume it's some sort of herbal thing for legal reasons.

Keep up the amazing work!

TheTrailerParkBoys313 karma


Acidrein13104 karma

Hey boys. I've always wondered ... Why do you reuse the name Terry so much?

TheTrailerParkBoys307 karma

Terry is a great fucking name!

threeshaan87 karma

What was the most difficult part about filming season 8 and/or 9?

TheTrailerParkBoys179 karma

Loved every second of it! No Stress!!

toppenberg8176 karma

Hey Boys!,

Loved the new season and will hopefully be seeing you guys in Denver for Swearnet!! But my question is in the scene where Randy rubs his dirty gut on the police car window, was he greased up prior or is his gut that greasy??

TheTrailerParkBoys120 karma

No, gut grease.

mostmetausername72 karma

Have you recovered from hanging with Snoop and Doug in the same afternoon? Is there a link to the Snoop TPB hang?

TheTrailerParkBoys122 karma

It's on, more with Snoop coming soon.

Swag_monkey50 karma

Huge Fuckin Fan- How nice are those fuckin kitties?

TheTrailerParkBoys76 karma

adorable :)

smallbluetext48 karma

Randy: Is your relationship with "Donna" over?

Julian/Sexian: How close to vomiting were you when Lahey's dirty mug was an inch from your lips?

Ricky: Can I PLEASE get some of that maple honey oil?

Bubbles: How many more times are you going to let these fuckers land you in jail?

TheTrailerParkBoys65 karma

Randy: we're still freinds with benefits Julian: Very close Ricky: yep. $25/gram Bubbles: Not going to jail ever again

LiNkZoR44 karma

Who can put down the most fajitas between you four?

What happened to all of the babies that were there at the end of season 7?

TheTrailerParkBoys103 karma

Never had a fajitas eating contest, might do that for supper.

McHamma8940 karma

Boob guys or ass guys?

TheTrailerParkBoys90 karma


nemo108024 karma

Pat,... do you enjoy burgers as much as randy? And how does randy keep his pants so mint??

TheTrailerParkBoys104 karma

Yes. And to keep the pants mint you take em off to fight.

AstroZombie13821 karma

When will you release Swearnet to iTunes so those of us who aren't in an area where it is being shown can purchase it? I must admit I did watch Don't Legalize it on Youtube, but did buy it on iTunes when it was available. Wouldn't it be better to just sell the movie now to people who are willing to buy it?

Also bring back Conky.

TheTrailerParkBoys35 karma

Cannot enough begin to explain how complicated it gets with different parties owning different degrees of rights around the world. Swearnet is coming soon though!

Murkuree9 karma

Hey Guys! Greetings from Albany, NY. Me and the boys were wondering, how did Conky come about?

TheTrailerParkBoys12 karma

lots of hash

TomJones096 karma

Hi (hand up, waiting for a high five). Favorite improve line/situation that made it to TV?

TheTrailerParkBoys8 karma

In the new season when Ricky says "I don't have pajamas but I can wear my underwear" the editors milked every frame they could get before Mike laughed and ruined the take