Edit: this is important, too. -- 'Into The Wide' is Out Today -- Download: http://smarturl.it/DeltaSpiritITW

Physical CD/Vinyl: http://smarturl.it/DS_IntoTheWide Stream: http://smarturl.it/ITW_Stream

*We're headed out to sound check. We'll check back in after we're done!

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kellycatchpole53 karma

MATT. Are we ever going to see another Middle Brother album? the two MB shows that I went to are two of my top five favorite sets of all time.

Please say yes.

Even if it is a lie.

huge fan of all y'all by the way, laaaaaaaaaaaa

Deltaspirit18 karma

YES!!! well.... I hope. I think? YES i hope and think it'll happen. MV

lizziebraswell27 karma

Hey Matt, Remember when you forgot the words to 'Devil Knows You're Dead' at Shaky Knees last year and I came to the rescue? Can we do it again next Friday at Terminal West in Atlanta?

Deltaspirit15 karma

I DO! Thanks for the help!!! MV

LincolnDunkin18 karma

Saw you guys open for Cold War Kids many years ago. You guys stole the show...

A few questions:

  1. Why the move from Rounder Records to Dualtone?

  2. Who has been your favorite band/musician to tour with?

  3. Why did you guys decide to re-record and place 'Streetwalker' on the second iteration of Ode to Sunshine?

Deltaspirit10 karma

Hey thanks!

  1. Our deal w Rounder was completed and Dualtone offered us a very artist friendly deal.

  2. MMJ for sure!

  3. Of all the ep songs it had found its way into our live set the most at that time, but we wanted to do a new take on it. In hindsight I like the ep version better. jj

Deltaspirit7 karma

  1. Dualtone has more living artists than dead.
  2. Dr. DOG
  3. Because people liked the song, and why the hell not? MV

drewcorleone3 karma

Cannot imagine how incredible a Dr. Dog/Delta Spirit twin bill would be. Can we make this happen at Stubb's?

Deltaspirit4 karma

We already did that!!!! It was awesome! MV

prariedan17 karma

Hey guys! I’ve been a longtime fan ever since I saw you open for The Shins in Portland in ’08. My favorite memory of seeing you guys live is when some friends and I drove 26 hours through the night to catch you in at The Waiting Room in Omaha for the History From Below tour because that was the only venue we could get into under 18. You guys inspired me to become an Intern at Prairie Sun studios where History From Below was recorded. I got to know Studio C, The Waits Room, and all of the chickens pretty damn well.

My question is this: at what point did you guys to decide to drop everything and go all in on making it as a band?

Thanks for inspiring me and making some of the best music I have ever heard. Stoked to see you again at The Fillmore in October.

Deltaspirit12 karma

we had all been through the run around before we started the band. This time around we decided to just play the music we wanted to. we were very lucky to have friends that took us on tour and gave us a shot.

Deltaspirit10 karma

That's amazing!! Prairie Sun is great! Well, Brandon and I were in a band that signed to a major label, spent a lot of money and the album never came out. Matt had a similarly bad experience. Right from the beginning of our band in 2005 we knew that we wanted to to do things our own way and the best way to do that was to play as many shows as possible and write songs that we love and didn't mind playing a million times! We've been trying to do that ever since and are still loving it. See you at the Fillmore! jj

LosMaven17 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how cool is it to have your song playing on the final montage on the series finale of Friday Night Lights?

Deltaspirit15 karma

An 11. -BY

Deltaspirit10 karma

11.5 MV

7DollarWhiskey17 karma

Hey guys, What was the inspiration for "Bushwick Blues"? That song changed my life.

Deltaspirit17 karma

Sharon Van Etten and the G train. mv

anchorchain4 karma

Wait, you actually caught the G train? How long did you have to wait?

Deltaspirit11 karma

5 weeks jj

ruperthackedmyphone12 karma

I'll be honest I just googled you cause this is the first time I've heard about you. If you were to recommended a first song for me to listen to to get me hooked, what would it be?

mki40116 karma

"From Now On" off their new album is pretty tremendous.

I'm a huge fan of their 2010 album, History from Below. Standouts include "Bushwick Blues", "Salt in the Wound", and "White Table".

I also love "California" off 2012's S/T.

Deltaspirit8 karma

Thank you!

Arms-Against-Atrophy9 karma

strange vine is probably the best song ever written/performed/illegallydownloaded/legallydownloaded/madeloveto/dancedto...


i am drunk but this is an honest reply.

Deltaspirit3 karma

I like that honesty

CoderInPhoenix11 karma

I am very dissatisfied with my cell phone reception in Phoenix. Why does it always switch to 3g?

Deltaspirit10 karma

bad immigration laws jj

Deltaspirit7 karma

BUMP john! MV

Deltaspirit8 karma

best question of the day

hum_bucker11 karma

Hey guys. First off just want to say that I am really digging Into The Wide. I'm listening to it very loud right now. Your last album is one of my favourite ever but it looks like you somehow found a way to top it!

2 questions:

  • This new record seems to take your sound in a pretty new direction. Were there particular artists that you were listening to a lot while you were making this? I'm hearing some U2, George Harrison, and The Killers but I could be out to lunch.

  • What is the story behind the 3rd verse of Empty House? "I got this limp from a favor I did / Some folks don't like charity / Copper pipe is worth more than you think / There ain't no point blaming me"? I love it but I don't know what the hell you're talking about haha.

Keep on making amazing music and please tour western Canada!

Deltaspirit9 karma

Thanks! We're always listening to U2, and All Things Must Pass. I can't say that we listen to the Killers all that often, but we were on a touring festival with them last year and we watched them every night. They were incredible, and though I was not aware of it I knew their entire catalog. -WM

Deltaspirit2 karma

Bono kissed my baby jj

restlesstourist11 karma

At one of your concerts in Austin a few years ago, me and my friend (we were both 17 at the time) were hanging out and mingling with the crowd near the stage. I'm not very social, but my friend was and after a while of talking to this group I decided to turn around and zone out for a little. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see this older lady come and approach me, and she gets really into a conversation were having. I don't really pick up on signals, but this lady seems to be really into me, you know touching me and shit. I got kinda frazzled, and went to go get a drink and come back. Well, and this is where you (Matt) come in. After one of your songs, you tell the crowd that your mom is in the crowd and that we should all say hi to her. You point to her, from what I remember, and everyone turns to look at her. Well, the lady I think you pointed to was the lady that was hitting on me. So, Matt, I think your mom hit on me at one of your shows. My question is how do you feel about that, or could you clarify?

Deltaspirit16 karma

God damnit mom

Deltaspirit11 karma

hahaha that was Kelly just think you could be step father. now that's hot. In all honesty i doubt hitting on you would be the right word for what happened there. My mom is super out going and amiable. She's anything but cougar creepy. MV

jgill49 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! You guys are one of my favorite bands and put on a hell of live show,can't wait to see y'all play in Chicago this October! Congrats on the new record, it's fantastic!

Question: What do you eat for breakfast?

Deltaspirit14 karma

coffee and a cigarette

CapnKurtz9 karma

Delta spirit, I will be at your show in Chicago at the Vic on 10/11. I live a block away. Do you need a place to crash?

Deltaspirit9 karma

Very kind of you but I think were ok :) -BY

jeanshanchik9 karma

Hidey ho! You’re one of my favorite bands out there. Your fourth album gets me through my work days. My questions:

  1. Is there any connection between Yamaha and California? They both seem to be about losing someone/letting someone go. Was it based on the same person/relationship?

  2. Matthew – Cool ranch Doritos or nacho cheese Doritos?

Deltaspirit9 karma

Kelly here. No connection between the two. I wrote California about a year before we started recording about a break up. Matt wrote Yamaha while we were in the studio about his wife. Re: Doritos, Matt says 'neither' ;)

wehadamoment9 karma

Loved your cover of Talking Heads' Once in a Lifetime. What other covers do you perform or want to? have you ever done triple j's like a version? (australia)

Deltaspirit15 karma

Never done "Like a Version", we've seen it though. It'd be cool to do at some point. We've done a bunch of covers over the years; Bill Bush's 'I'm Waiting' Louis Armstrong's 'St. James Infirmary' Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here' We're working on The Beatles 'Something' may bring it out at some point on this tour ;)

darthsand8 karma

Who was the last person to use the bathroom in the hotel room you are in? And what did you do?

Deltaspirit15 karma

That was me. A quick #2 while I was playing clash of clans. -BY

dirtydianer7 karma

Hey candy boiz.

How come every time I walk into a 99cent store I hear one of your songs? It's actually kind of genius, hearing 'Tear It Up' while i shamefully walk the aisles searching for an at home pregnancy test.

Anyways..that wasn't really a question, more so of a story.

Do you guys miss Long Beach? Do you miss me? Will Brandon ever smoke pot?


Deltaspirit8 karma

HAHA. Miss Long Beach cant smoke the greens -BY

Deltaspirit6 karma

pls snd nudz

themiddlechild7 karma

Congrats on the new album! Can't wait to see you guys for the 7th time this Friday!

I saw y'all for the first time at a small venue in Houston called Walter's on Washington in 2009 (that building doesn't even exist anymore). It was Dawes, Other Lives, and you guys closing out. One of the best shows I've ever experienced - thank you for that.

Delta Spirit and Dawes seemed to have really good chemistry - will you guys do any other shows together? And on that same note, it seems like you guys started out sounding a lot more Americana-folksy/rootsy than where you are now. What's been the source of progression?

Deltaspirit10 karma

Yeah, they're still good buddies of ours, we'll probably do some shows again. The source of progression is mostly us progressing as people and not wanting to be tied down to a specific genre. If people say we're doing it to find a bigger audience, that couldn't be further from the truth

ehmbeecue6 karma

Is there any chance of 1. a Middle Brother reboot or 2. you guys needing a new best friend?

Deltaspirit3 karma

maybe and maybe. What kind of friend qualities do you have?

okaygeorgia6 karma

Hey guys! Bushwick resident here. How do you feel about Vogue naming Bushwick the 7th "coolest neighborhood in the world" and do you still have those Bushwick Blues?

Deltaspirit5 karma

My Bushwick blues have been over for about 6 years now. hahaha Roberta's pizza is so good. try the pasta also deep cuts. MV

lockhart9626 karma

When are you's coming back to Scotland?! And when is the album out in the UK

Deltaspirit6 karma

nothing is scheduled yet for Scotland and I believe the record come out in poss. November over there -BY

Deltaspirit2 karma

I'm trying to spend a month in Glasgow when I get the time. My father came over in 1952, that's where my family's from and I'd like to learn more about my ancestry. So even if we're not playing there, I'll be there. WM

borntolose536 karma

What is everyones favorite song to play live?

Also, loving the new album!

Deltaspirit15 karma

Hold My End Up!! I get sweet bass leads :) jj

Deltaspirit10 karma

I love Playing Live on right now. MV

Jeffrey_jellyfish5 karma

Ever since the album trailer featuring "Live On" came out this summer I had been dying to hear it live. Got to see it Finally at Live on the Green in Nashville and you guys killed it!

Deltaspirit5 karma


geoffreylebowski5 karma

I saw you guys in Madison last year for Live on King Street..

  1. Matt, do you ever regret smashing that guitar or any of the guitars you have smashed? (FYI it was fucking awesome)
  2. Will, my friend and I met up with you guys at a bar after the show (same show) and I got FUCKED up on some Scotch on the rocks.. were you as hungover as I was the next day?

Deltaspirit7 karma

I will admit I kind of miss my hagstrom. A lot of bands will plan that whole thing. they'll play an out of tune piece of shit the whole song and then destroy something meaningless. I think that its important if that kind thing happens it just happens. Sacrificing a guitar I love means something to me. That night was so much fun, that moment was worth more than the guitar to me.

Deltaspirit3 karma


connorh455 karma

Hi There,

Matt- Any Middle Brother stuff in the works? The debut album is one of my favourite albums of all time


Deltaspirit12 karma

Thank you so much! I don't know if we'll do another record. I don't think anyone is opposed to it. That was one of the funnest weeks of recording i've ever had. Maybe someday hopefully someday. MV


will you take deep sea diver out on your next tour?

Deltaspirit2 karma

best band in the world

MarcyProjects5 karma

If y'all could only give one song to someone who had never heard y'all before to convince them to be a fan, what song would y'all pick?

Also, please keep coming back to Austin. We love y'all here!

Deltaspirit13 karma

Each of us would prob pick a different one but I would choose Motivation from our EP. Its good to start from the early years with us... -BY

mki4015 karma

What's your favorite story from the road?

Deltaspirit20 karma

There are too many but one comes to mind. 6 years ago we were on tour driving through TX and a cop pulled us over for speeding. We had allot pot in the van and our tour manager at the time told him we were a christian band on our way to a christian festival and let us off. One more would be Jons mom gave him pills to stay up on the long drives. I think it was provigil. We hit a border stop and I was so mad at the border cop that I told him to search the van, you will find nothing. Next think you know Jons in the slammer for the night. We had to cancel the first show with NADA SURF. -BY

JasonVoorhees-5 karma

Hey Delta Spirit! How do you get that guitar tone?

Deltaspirit8 karma

Pour whiskey on your amp, when it starts smoking, you have a few minutes of great tone before the amp is dead forever

SoSuccexy5 karma

Favorite eatery in Long Beach? Bonus question: Who would you guys like to jam with?

Deltaspirit2 karma

Number Nine, duh

itrainmonkeys5 karma

At a show in NYC a few years back I got a setlist. May have been the show with Gordon Gano. Anyway, I got the setlist from the show and when I got home realized it was written on the back of some kind of legal document. Looked like a traffic violation or parking ticket or some thing. I think it was for Kelly. My question is.....did he get that resolved? Or is he on the lam?

Deltaspirit8 karma

Kelly here. If it's a Boston ticket, then no, I haven't gotten it resolved and am no longer allowed to drive in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I was hoping they just forget about it. Thanks for reminding them

itrainmonkeys3 karma

Haha, just got home and looked at it. Was a California citation apparently but I'll make sure to burn the evidence so nobody will ever know.

Deltaspirit3 karma

Cool, what did I do?

username264 karma

What has been your favorite venue you've played in Chicago?

Deltaspirit3 karma


beedohbeedoh4 karma

How is playing a festival different than a regular concert? Do you have a preference of one over the other?

Deltaspirit13 karma

At our level we usually end up playing festivals during the day, so there is always a feeling that you are playing for other peoples fans as well as your own. Trying to keep the show exciting without the aid of lights and production is a challenge, but at the same time its an incredible feeling to break through in those difficult settings and create great moments and really connect to the crowd! That said, a headlining show offers a real chance to present a complete experience. Both great in different ways! jj

cmac64 karma

What's the most fun show you've played?

That July 3rd show in DC a few years back was insane (playing Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner at midnight, rocking out to John Henry, and closing with Shout).

Deltaspirit6 karma

That was def my fav show ever!! Glad you were there! Lolla 2012 right before the storm has an honorable mention. jj

Deltaspirit1 karma

You nailed it. That show was the fucking best! -BY

Maccas754 karma

Do you guys have any plans to return to Australia sometime soon? We love you guys!

Deltaspirit4 karma

As Soon as possible! We love hanging in Australia! MV

cmac64 karma

Jon, where'd you find your kickass American flag jacket?

Deltaspirit5 karma

Canada!!! hah! jj

redditcow3 karma

Hey, why don't you guys play anything off your debut EP live? Me and my girlfriend were hoping to hear French Quarter or Streetwalker at your Philly show D:. Is it just like a... we've evolved since then and want to play newer stuff, or you have limited time and want to feature Self-Titled / Into the Wide content.

No matter what guys - I fucking love you. Into the Wide is an amazing album, and I've never listened to a band so able to make drastic revolutions in sound while keeping a lot of what makes you sound like Delta Spirit. The Wreck is as amazing a closer to an album as Yamaha, and I can't wait to see where you guys go next. Thanks for the music, please keep giving me ways to give you money :D.

Deltaspirit5 karma

we try to play something from every EP and album. The older songs get put in the mix but now with 4 records and 2 EPs with an hour and an half to play its really hard to play everything. Street Walker gets played every once in awhile. French Quarter might be 6 feet under at this point -BY

Deltaspirit2 karma

It's easy to skip over the songs you've played so many times so long ago. We're not over it, though. Sometimes they don't fit, sometimes it's oversight. I think by the time we're back in Philly we'll definitely have something from the first ep in the set list. Thanks for supporting all the different songs we try to make with kind comments and money! WM

freepoop3 karma

The only time I've ever been swung at was at one of your shows. Apparently I was rocking out too hard and not all that sober. Thankfully the dude missed as I ducked mid-head-bang. You guys are amazing live and History from Below is one of my favorite albums.

Question: Favorite venue you've ever played at?

Deltaspirit5 karma

Good duck. 9:30 club DC or Red Rocks jj

Heyitsme233 karma

Just wanted to say I am a huge fan of you guys! I will be seeing y'all this September! Ode to Sunshine is one of my favorite albums of all time. May have already been asked, but what is the meaning behind the name "Delta Spirit"?

Deltaspirit5 karma

because we all didn't hate the name. MV

BluthBananaStand3 karma

Matt, Do you remember getting drunk during the show at the Boulder theater a few years ago and yelling at somebody in the crowd that you hope they get cancer before unplugging and walking off to end the show? I do, that bummed me out.

Deltaspirit11 karma

Yup that happened....

it took two to tango in that situation. It some guy leaning on the front of the stage with his back to the band. He was trying to hit on some girl. inconvenienced by the volume of the music he attempted to talk over the band on stage directly behind him. I regret wishing him cancer. that was a base thing to say. But still... FUCK THAT GUY.

After that night I've made a conscience effort to not be such a prick on stage. even if they have it coming. I'm sorry you saw me at my worst. MV

tortoisenotaturtle3 karma

Hey guys, I met you guys in Downtown Fullerton (In/Outside of Mulberry St.) after Matt's wedding a few years back. Doubt you remember that?? Anyways, Where is your favorite place to play in CA?

Deltaspirit2 karma

The Fillmore & the El Rey are my two of favorites MV

anchorchain2 karma

You guys are truly one of my favorite bands and have been influencing my writing styles for a few years now.

Fan since I Think I've Found It. Bushwick Blues is probably one of my alltime favorite songs. Any chance you could share the backstory to that songs meaning?

Also I'm going to the Carrboro, NC show next week. Any chance I could get you guys to sign my record?

Deltaspirit3 karma

Matt & Sharon Van Etten running around Bushwick back in the day. Just come talk to us and we'll sign your record. We'll be hangin' around. See ya in NC. jj

Kelarichey2 karma

Hello there! What do you think the band would sound like now if Sean Walker was still in the band? Thank you!

Deltaspirit3 karma

Judging by the amount of weed he smokes now, we'd probably sound like Cypress Hill - KW

atagher2 karma

hey guys - i've been a long time fan, think I first discovered your band from the trashcan blogotheque video on the train... awesome stuff. ive seen you a bunch of times but one of the more memorable was recently for the pandora free show at the middle east in cambridge, ma...

my question is two tiered - if you guys could collaborate with one artist out there now... any genre... who would it be?

how much would you charge to play a wedding in the next few years? ;)

Deltaspirit5 karma

our wedding fee is super steep. trust me you don't want us playing your wedding. The day is about you guys. MV

frozzymm2 karma

Was there another airline merger that I missed?

Deltaspirit2 karma

hashtagfunny jj

slowens82 karma

You guys played a song called "The Wolf" earlier this year at the Blue Moon thing in Brooklyn. It was dope. what's the story with that song? Is there a studio version?

Deltaspirit2 karma

There is a studio version of that song but it didnt fit the flow of the record. At some point it will get released.

freepoop2 karma

Does Patriarch have a tragic underlying story like Ballad of Vitaly does or is it more figurative?

Deltaspirit4 karma

Its a figurative story but there is personal experience in there too. I spent a month in IHOP (International House Of Prayer) in KC. That experience is what lead me to Agnosticism. MV

Odetosunshine2 karma

Two quick questions! Can y'all please release "the best"? I stand by the road and no one here but the Holy Ghost. You know that one? Haha Is it pretty awesome having Daniel tosh on drums? I've been told that Kelly learned harmonies from the angels... Is this true?

Deltaspirit7 karma

We've never actually recorded the best, maybe someday. Daniel Tosh sucks at drums. It's the other way around though, Kelly taught the angels how to sing harmonies

cmac62 karma

What city is your favorite for food when you're on tour?

Deltaspirit5 karma

I feel like we always end up eating really well in Chicago. jj

flaxenblade2 karma

Do you guys have any side projects outside of Delta Spirit?

Deltaspirit4 karma

Middle Brother is the only one that has been released. We are constantly doing other things for fun but not sure if they will ever get released.

matben2 karma

Hello guys ! My name is Mathieu, I'm from Paris and I've been a big fan of your music for years, any plans on going visit France soon ? Beers are on me :)

Deltaspirit4 karma

We LOVE PARIS!! We really hope to get there again soon!!

SiegmeyerofCatarina2 karma

New album is fuggin AMAZING guys. AotY contender for sure. This will prob get buried at this point, but what does the Ballad of Vitaly personally mean to you guys?

Deltaspirit3 karma

THANKS!! It's a true story. Google "Vitaly Kaloyev" jj

FortAtlantic2 karma

What band is your favorite on Dualtone and why is the answer Fort Atlantic?

P.S. Welcome to the label! Let's meet up when y'all are in Portland.

Deltaspirit5 karma

haha, let's hang

BLarsenAFC18862 karma

Are there any songs that you refuse to play at your shows? If so, can you say why?

Deltaspirit2 karma

Not really. Although, I can think of a specific time we skipped "house built for two" because of family in the audience. WM

folkmasterfrog2 karma

What do you think of Oklahoma? Are you ready to rock out at the Conservatory tonight?

Deltaspirit12 karma

Breakdown of our day so far:

  1. Pull up in our bus that is possibly bigger than the venue itself
  2. Homeless women walking circles around the bus staring in all the windows
  3. A big slayer logo tagged on the outside of the venue
  4. The venue smells like a mildewed basement
  5. Check into our hotel for AMA
  6. Room smells like a wet dead rat
  7. Upgraded to the presidential suite
  8. Ate a bunch of mushrooms
  9. Don't know how I'm typing this
  10. See you at the metal show tonight


Deltaspirit4 karma

OH Yeah it's gonna be a punk ass bowling alley vibe tonight. MV

doddwave2132 karma

Jon and Brandon -- do you guys ever miss the good ol' Noise Ratchet days?


Anyone -- Jars of Clay or DC Talk?

Deltaspirit2 karma

DC Talk every time. Sup DoDD jj

borntolose532 karma

Can you please take Jonny Fritz (formerly Corndawg) on tour? It would be glorious.

Deltaspirit3 karma

RIP Corndawg

Deltaspirit3 karma

We should! I love Mr. Fritz. he sent me a few new tunes this last week. His writing keeps getting better and better. keep your ear out for his new stuff. MV

Maxpower000442 karma

Interlude ---> War Machine just hit me HARD. when playing it live, will interlude be included? Great album, really enjoying it.

Deltaspirit3 karma

Of course, they need to be together

DoingAllForScience2 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this AMA! My question:

Who are you?!?

Deltaspirit3 karma

Just guys

username262 karma

What do you guys like to do outside of music? Hobby-wise

Deltaspirit3 karma


RSBeaver2 karma

I saw you guys years ago in Tulsa OK. There were only about 20 people at the show, I think the venue was called chameleon club. It didn't matter, you guys killed it After you played, we chatted at the bar for a bit, and it was awesome to meet the musicians behind the music. Tally Hall was the opening act, and they didn't want anything to do with the fans. Even though you're more famous now, do you still find yourselves going to the bar and talking to fans?

Deltaspirit4 karma

Hell yeah! We got sweet burgers and beers at Midtown in Little Rock last night! jj

Ping_Islander1 karma

Just curious why you made the move from San Diego to Brooklyn. Do you feel like it has evolved/influenced your sound?

Deltaspirit2 karma

We moved because we needed a change of pace, and have a bunch of friends in NY. But really just for fun. It influenced the sound of the new record mostly because of our dingy studio with no windows and the shitty winter that lasted way too long. We made it through though :)

mki4011 karma

Any current earworms or albums you can't put down?

Deltaspirit3 karma

I love the new EDJ record. Sam Cohen from Apollo Sunshine produced it. Also I've been listening to Maggot Brain-Funkadelic. That guitar solo just makes me feel so good. MV

Jeffrey_jellyfish1 karma

Hey all, thanks for doing this AMA! I finally got a chance to see you live this past week at Live on the Green in Nashville and you put on an incredible show!

My question: Do you guys try and do anything on the road to break up the monotony of touring? I could imagine that show after show takes its toll, so are there any activities/hobbies you guys share on the road?

Thanks again!

Deltaspirit4 karma

Thanks! We had a great time! I bring a fold up bike and try explore each town a bit, so that it's not just going from bar to bar. jj

dadschool1 karma

I am totally stoked on the new album! When will we get another Noise Ratchet LP?

Deltaspirit2 karma

Thanks! Who knows? Emo seems to be coming back. It's almost retro;) jj