Hey, this is Jason McCourty, first-time redditor, Week One NFL interception leader and defensive back of the Tennessee Titans. Like you, I could not be more excited the NFL season is finally here, especially after our win this week!

Looking forward to your questions today, AMA guys.


edit: it pains me to have to leave but i appreciate all the questions, and hopefully i answered all of them... and i'm going to be hanging out the rest of the season with the Lays STAX crew on FB, every Thursday night. thanks guys.

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lordmadone440 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA J-mac. I am a Patriot's fan so I enjoy your brother's work thoroughly of course but I got a lot of respect for your football work as well. What I am getting at is this....when do you plan to join the Patriots and make a historic twin secondary happen?

RealMcCourtyTwins941 karma

lol i'm recruiting him to the titans

Cosmikdebris12403 karma

Who is better at picking up women and why is it Devin?

RealMcCourtyTwins893 karma

I'm married so I'll plead the fifth on that one

Hitech_hillbilly290 karma

JMac, Obviously you're going to see we've got some great Titans fans here. Pop on over to /r/tennesseetitans anytime!

Who's been your inspiration in life and in football?

Go get them Cowboys this week!

RealMcCourtyTwins423 karma

my biggest inspiration in life has been my mom. My father passed away when i was young so she was a single mom and sacrificed so much to make sure her children were successful. I learned everything from her

Brick3brick260 karma

Mr. McCourty, is Jake Locker the man to lead to team on the offensive side of the ball this year?

RealMcCourtyTwins433 karma


Goldylocks42234 karma

Ok its week 17, 4th quarter, titans down by 6. If you win, titans are in the playoffs and your opponent just misses out (and vice versa):

Which team (or NFL QB) would give you the most pleasure to personally pick-six for the win? And why?

RealMcCourtyTwins636 karma

Whichever team Dev is on at the time, because he's my twin brother.

barstoolLA163 karma

A friend of mine named Brian Murphy always claims to have known you in high school. Did you? Please tell me you don't know who he is so that I can make fun of him forever. Thanks.

RealMcCourtyTwins300 karma

Yeah tell Brian I said was sup

VanDelay_Industry160 karma

Jason, congrats on big game on Sunday. I have three questions:
1. How do you think Rutgers will do in their first year in the Big Ten?
2. Do you think Rutger's recruiting will improve because of the move?
3. Should I pick up Tennessee's Defense this week for fantasy or not?

RealMcCourtyTwins200 karma

  1. Been talking a lot of trash in the locker room this year and that we're going to win the Big Ten this year.
  2. It will be huge and the opponents we face will allow us to get a lot better recruits.
  3. Of course! Why not?!

man_mayo150 karma

What's something about life in the NFL that the average fan doesn't realize?

RealMcCourtyTwins313 karma

People probably don't realize how down to earth we are as players. We've normal people just like everyone else. We're constantly busy every week, but the fans make it worth every ounce of effort.

SMStanton138 karma

What was the more difficult transition? High school to college, or college to NFL? Edit- I'm asking b/c I've heard that hardest step on the road to MLB is going AA to AAA.

RealMcCourtyTwins269 karma

college to the NFL because it is the first time your on your own and the first time you have some real money in your pocket

rubert11130 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for taking some time to do this AMA. Do you like Pizza rolls done in the oven or microwaved?

RealMcCourtyTwins486 karma

Intercepting Eli Manning again, in the oven. I like my food crispy instead of soggy.

DanceWithPedals125 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for doing this AMA!

Who's the toughest QB to play against?

RealMcCourtyTwins295 karma

You can pick between peyton, brady, rodgers, or brees

idealreaddit118 karma

Why do you hate the Chiefs?

RealMcCourtyTwins360 karma

It's the same amount of hate for all other 31 teams.

Cunfuse110 karma

If you couldn't play football, what what you choose as a career?

RealMcCourtyTwins326 karma

I'd be a high school teacher.

TruGabu103 karma

Can you throw a pigskin over them mountains over there?

RealMcCourtyTwins487 karma

I don't think I can, gosh. But Uncle Rico can.

lordmadone102 karma

One more question...looking at your Reddit name..do you plan to do a dual AMA with your bro sometime in the future? That would be pretty awesome!

RealMcCourtyTwins274 karma

You just gave me a great idea that i'm going to have to make come true...

kham100798 karma

Hello Mr. McCourty. Huge Titan fan here from Bergen County, NJ. I've been a fan of you and your brother since your St. Joes days. I was wondering what your favorite thing to do around the area was or still is?

RealMcCourtyTwins153 karma

Love going home and visiting mom

trick9692 karma

Would you rather fight 1 normal sized Cortland Finnegan or 100 duck sized Cortland Finnegans??

RealMcCourtyTwins307 karma

The 1 normal sized Cortland Finnegan. I know I can beat him!

therapistoften88 karma

Hey J-Mac! thanks for doing this AMA.

First off, congratulations on such a great performance Sunday. I think you're one of the most underrated players in the league and I'm really happy you're on the Titans. Now, my question: If the entire Titans organization was thrown into a Battle Royale/Hunger Games arena situation, who would be the last man standing?

RealMcCourtyTwins261 karma

Probably our owner Mr. Smith he has the most resources lol

skinsballr85 karma

Hey Jason - who is better on the field - you or your brother?

RealMcCourtyTwins273 karma

that's an easy one ME!!!!!!

LutzExpertTera72 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for stopping in for an AMA!

Please feel free to stop by the football dedicated subreddit, /r/nfl as we would all love to field questions over there too.

I'm a big Patriots fan so am curious to how it was growing up with Devin from a football perspective? I have to imagine the competition level in your house/high school/Rutgers was a huge advantage for honing your skills. How did you motivate each other? Any good stories about the level of competition?

RealMcCourtyTwins83 karma

It was awesome we pushed each other to the max growing up to be the best that we could be

mynamesyow1969 karma

Hey Titans fan here since the Eddie George/MacNair days, never thought Id see a titan do a AMA. thank you!

Two questions:

How does the new coaching philosophy of Whisenhunt compare to ex-coach Munchak's?

And how does the running game feel now that CJ is gone?

btw, Great Win over KC this weekend!

RealMcCourtyTwins58 karma

  1. Both really good coaches with different philosophies.
  2. Multiple guys getting the job done, opposed to just one.

rm201466 karma

Hey Jason, great game on Sunday. I'm a Rutgers alum as well, and I'm just curious, do you still keep in touch regularly with your old Rutgers teammates, particularly those who are also in the league?


RealMcCourtyTwins83 karma

yes i talk to a lot of them all the time. We all stay in touch in the offseason

BrushGoodDar63 karma

Who do you think is the fastest player in the NFL?

RealMcCourtyTwins177 karma

Devin McCourty

batman061555 karma

Hey Jason! I love the titans and I love you! What do you think about the Titans not resigning Verner in the off season?

RealMcCourtyTwins119 karma

It hurt thats my good friend i still talk to him every week but we all understand that its a business and how it works. Happy to see him sign a big contract in Tampa Bay

trick9652 karma

Another question, how often do you and your brother get under each other's skin about football? I know you two support each other but come on. There's gotta be SOME little arguments or something.

RealMcCourtyTwins130 karma

We definately get after each other a little bit, especially in the off season when were working out together. It's a little tough for me being he's been doing a lot of winning lately lol

daytonaguy52 karma

What's up #30?! Congrats on the win Sunday!

I have two questions:

Of all the players you've tackled, who was the hardest to bring down?

Do you prefer playing in a man or zone cover scheme?

Good luck against Dallas! I can't wait to watch you shut down Dez and company!

RealMcCourtyTwins94 karma

Jones Drew and Marshawn Lynch are some of the toughest to tackle. Scheme wise you have to be able to mix it up and play both

trick9651 karma

Hey Jason! Huge Titans fan here. Do you think having Donnie on your team for a year and going against him in practice the whole season helped you on Sunday?

RealMcCourtyTwins49 karma

Maybe a little bit but he was coming off an injury, so he's a completely different player now. He can run and it was a lot of fun competing against him!

batman061550 karma

How do you feel about how little press the titans get? As a fan its infuriating to think that I can watch NFLN for hours and not get one glimmer of the titans.

RealMcCourtyTwins115 karma

Doesn't bother us we like to fly under the radar

AntwanOfNewAmsterdam45 karma

Jason- great game Sunday, you guys really made a statement by beating the snot out of one of the better teams of last year. Questions-

1- Who is the craziest player you've ever played with/against?

2- Best locker room story?

Thanks, and good luck to you all (besides when you play the Jets week 15!)

RealMcCourtyTwins100 karma

craziest player i've played with probably Cortland Finnegan

AtlasNoseItch40 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for doing this!

Be honest, who is the most physically imposing guy in the NFL-that guy that makes you go "WHOA. That dude is big." when you see him up close?

RealMcCourtyTwins108 karma

Probably Ndamukong Suh.

dimplejuice36 karma

I saw a recent interview with Howie Long where he was saying when he looks back, football was only a part of his life. I know it is super early, but any thoughts on life post football career?

RealMcCourtyTwins72 karma

I look forward to being able to relax and spend a lot of quality time with my family that I miss out on now

raddrew200034 karma

You have any good prank stories from the titans locker room?

RealMcCourtyTwins111 karma

Every year, all of the rookies' clothes get thrown into the bottom of the cold tub.

kgalliso34 karma

Hey Jason, huge Titan fan here! Great game on Sunday, you were instrumental to our Win. I wanted to ask if you have any pre-game rituals to pump you up and get you ready for gametime?

RealMcCourtyTwins102 karma

This past Sunday in order to calm my nerves i actually got on my phone and started playing the McCourty Twins Interception challenge lol

blackrb30 karma

Are you close with Eric LeGrand?

RealMcCourtyTwins63 karma

yea that's my guy

Longvols29 karma

Hey Jason how awesome was it to get 2 interceptions on Sunday? TITAN UP

RealMcCourtyTwins63 karma

It was amazing to make some big plays to help the team get the first W!

tehJimsta27 karma

Jason! Huge fan of your work, my question is: who is the best prankster on the Titans roster?

RealMcCourtyTwins80 karma

Idk but before it was rob bironas

Mour_Time26 karma

You had an awesome game Sunday vs the Chiefs, Jason! Who is the toughest WR you have faced?

RealMcCourtyTwins83 karma

Calvin Johnson.

gamestar_2124 karma

Hi Jason, what is your favorite food?

RealMcCourtyTwins59 karma

Anything my mom cooks or my wife!

badlucklincoln224 karma

What do you think of the film adaptation of your team "Remember the Titans"? I love that movie, but not its sequel "Clash of the Titans"

RealMcCourtyTwins34 karma

any movie that involves Titans is guaranteed to be awesome!

DaJared23 karma

What's the weirdest item that a fan has asked you to sign for a autograph?

RealMcCourtyTwins69 karma

The weirdest one I've heard about was actually from my brother, D-Mac. He saw a fan with a tattoo of the Patriots helmet on his head and had Tom Brady sign one side and Randy Moss sign the other. He wanted to have their autographs then tattooed on the helmet on his head.

CoffeeMakesMeAwesome22 karma

Jason, Rutgers alumn here. What are your thoughts on Rutgers in the Big Ten? Do you think we have a shot at defeating Penn State this weekend?

RealMcCourtyTwins40 karma

We're going to dominate the big ten in year one!

goodstatic22 karma

What do you think of the new playoff system in college football? Who is your pick to win?

RealMcCourtyTwins68 karma


Gilb1721 karma

What am I going to expect from the Titans this year? And what do you love most about FOOTBALL?!

RealMcCourtyTwins45 karma

Your going to see us compete every sunday. I love the camaraderie built between teammates

dimplejuice19 karma

Do you notice a difference in the personality of defensive players vs. offensive players? I.e. are defensive players by nature more aggressive types of people?

RealMcCourtyTwins40 karma

nah no big difference just depends on the specific person

scurrdofsharks19 karma

Hi Jason, gratz on a great game to open up the season. Im a Steelers fan and was just curious if you had any interesting stories to share regarding them or any players there you might really respect or perhaps dislike? Always like it when NFL players do AMAs so thanks for doing this and good luck next Sunday.

RealMcCourtyTwins51 karma

I think Antonio Brown is one of the best WRs in the game

shtaaap18 karma

I asked Eli Manning this when he did his AMA, What do you think of the NFL's popularity growing more and more around the world.. specifically in Europe. Also what do you think of the possibility of their being a London franchise? good idea? or to far for teams to travel?

RealMcCourtyTwins30 karma

It'd would be tough but definitely something worth looking itnto

Tenglishbee17 karma

Hey jason I think you're one of the most underrated DBs in the nfl! What is your most memorable play?

Do you think Vince young should have another chance in the nfl?

RealMcCourtyTwins38 karma

Most memorable moment would probably be playing against my brother opening day two years ago

BrushGoodDar17 karma

Would you beat your twin in a 50 yard sprint?

RealMcCourtyTwins72 karma

I'd beat him in any yardage sprint you chose

marcosig17 karma

When you and your twin start competing against each other do yoyr parents pick side??

RealMcCourtyTwins71 karma

no my mom never picked sides but if it got out of hand she let us know she'd always win the battle

robstrongo16 karma

Why will the Titans win the Super Bowl?

RealMcCourtyTwins89 karma

Because we win every game in the playoffs.

kham100716 karma

Hey Jason, who are your best friends on the titans, and who would you consider and the funniest guy on the team?

RealMcCourtyTwins39 karma

Best friends are Michael Griffin and Bernard Pollard. Funniest guy is Daimion Stafford.

FancySack13 karma

Hi Jason,

What kind of diet are you guys on? Do DBs like yourself have to eat massive calories to burn though them during practice and game day?

RealMcCourtyTwins42 karma

Yes, we do. I try to eat a well balanced diet, but I do enjoy treats like LAY'S STAX potato crisps every now and then.

WertyBurger13 karma

Hello Jason, what are your thoughts and how has the team adapted to new coach Ken Wisenhunt and new Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton?

RealMcCourtyTwins27 karma

We are adapting well we just have to continue to work hard and prepare each week

strikeandburn12 karma

In the locker room, is their any shady rituals players do that would be looked down upon if it was shown on TV?

RealMcCourtyTwins56 karma

no of course not we're all clean cut nothing out of the ordinary

TheClayroo10 karma

Who did you grow up cheering for? Does that allegiance go out the window the minute you play for someone else, or do you still like to see that team do well as long as it's not at your team's expense?

RealMcCourtyTwins34 karma

I have no favorite teams now other than the Tn Titans but growing up my older brother made me into a Cowboys fan

Muppetmeister10 karma

Where do you see the Titans in 5-10 years?

RealMcCourtyTwins48 karma

hopefully hoisting a lombardi trophy

super__nova9 karma

What are your Favorite books?

What was the best advice you've ever received?

RealMcCourtyTwins106 karma

Favorite book: The Tennessee Titans defensive playbook.

Best advice: Control what you can control.

fighting_reds9 karma

what's the best hit you have witnessed?

RealMcCourtyTwins60 karma

Any hit Bernard Pollard makes on my team.

Ron_Tam9 karma

Hi Jason, thanks for doing this AMA!

Important question. You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your last meal?

RealMcCourtyTwins148 karma

Whatever meal that came with a side of freedom!

blackrb9 karma

Panthers fan here. How do you go about defending a much taller receiver? I'm incredibly excited about Kelvin Benjamin, and size seemed to play a huge factor in his success against Tampa.

RealMcCourtyTwins25 karma

You have to compete against him every play and attack the football at its high point.

lolwtferic9 karma

Who is your favorite NBA player and why is it Nick Young?

RealMcCourtyTwins35 karma

Because he's swaggy!

Mycousinislin8 karma

Hey Jason... Best pregame hype song?

RealMcCourtyTwins21 karma

I'm not big on music before games i like to relax and talk with teammates

JR6268 karma

Hi Jason,

Who would you say is your favorite player to just watch and admire his ability? (Not on the Titans)

RealMcCourtyTwins31 karma

Devin McCourty, obviously.

Gzideck8 karma

Hey Jason! Who would you say that the top three linebackers in the league are right now?

RealMcCourtyTwins50 karma

Wesley Woodyard, Zach Brown, Derrick Morgan and any other LB on the Titans

Lindseygray897 karma

When was your first moment that you realized "holy shit, surreal.. I'm an NFL cornerback"? Thanks for this AMA! I wish more players would do it!
Can't wait to see y'all beat those cowgirls!

RealMcCourtyTwins23 karma

I get that feeling every year its a blessing and a dream come true

yanivkin6 karma

Hi Jason, how many calories do you intake daily?

RealMcCourtyTwins34 karma

No idea, probably too many but don't tell the titans

Girvil5 karma

What is the most disappointing moment/game in your football career?

RealMcCourtyTwins20 karma

Every game lost is disappointing

irishcmac5 karma

Hey Jason! What team do you think has the best/coolest/nicest uniforms in the NFL?

RealMcCourtyTwins9 karma


DiminutoPene4 karma

As a longtime fan of the Titans, sometimes it feels like we no real rivals (at least from a fans perspective.) I would guess its the Colts, but who do you and the other guys in the locker room get more "amped" to play against, or feel as if are the rivals of the team?

RealMcCourtyTwins10 karma

every team in the division is a rival because you play them so much

lilschlicker4 karma

How much does a NFL player eat in a typical day?

Do you have a specific diet or just eat what you need to replenish calories?

RealMcCourtyTwins6 karma

Depends on if you as a lineman or a skill guy. Lineman eat a ton

ncduckhunt4 karma

Hey Jason, thanks for doing this. I think this is the year for the Titans to make a deep run. Who are the most difficult receivers to line up across from? And how much trash do you talk in an average game? Any good examples? Thanks for taking the time!

RealMcCourtyTwins8 karma

There are so many tough WRs in todays game that you can pick just about in one on any given team but there's usually a lot of trash talk going in during games

BrushGoodDar2 karma

What quarterback do you feel you have to prepare the most for?

RealMcCourtyTwins6 karma

to be honest all of them

dimplejuice2 karma

Why did you choose information technology as your college major? Does IT help you understand strategy, plays, decision making better in football? Any mental overlap?

RealMcCourtyTwins8 karma

Nah just liked working with technology

horribleITguy2 karma

Why didn't you go to Indianapolis? We would have loved to have you pick some of Mannings lobs on Sunday.

RealMcCourtyTwins2 karma

haha you guys have some really good DBs in Indy, you don't need me

tape_tissue2 karma

Who do you think are the top 5 corners in the league, ranked 1 - 5!?

RealMcCourtyTwins4 karma

I'm not big on rankings, i leave that up to the experts

purefabulousity2 karma

Just saying, but your name is one letter off from mine (my twin has the same first name), and I'm ALWAYS confused when I hear your name. Also, hope you have a good season! What team are you most looking forward to playing?

Edit: resubmit because of AutoModerator.

RealMcCourtyTwins8 karma

everyone on the schedule

kiwifucker50001 karma

Devon:what was the hardest thing about going feom cb to saftey? Also how did bill tell you? Is he actually funny behind closed doors?

RealMcCourtyTwins2 karma

Dev's not available at this time but it was probably easy for him being he plays safety and that's easier than playing corner

BaseballMittRomney1 karma

What does it feel like the day after a game?

What do you eat before and after a game?

RealMcCourtyTwins2 karma

Feels good when you win