Thank you all for your questions. I really hope you will enjoy my new album "Strut" out September 23. Gotta run to rehearsal. See you on the road.

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moonmman851 karma

How did you feel about being selected by the Jews in the 2004 Racial Draft by Dave Chappelle?

IamLennyKravitz816 karma

I love Dave. He's a comic genius. That shit was funny!

CumuloNimbus10459 karma

Hey Lenny! Your portrayal of Cinna in The Hunger Games was great! What was it like to work with the great cast of the Hunger Games?

IamLennyKravitz426 karma

I really enjoyed making The Hunger Games. It was refreshing and inspiring to collaborate with so many great actors. It is the complete opposite of the way I make music which is primarily by myself.

ningrim358 karma

If someone had never heard your music, what song would you want them to listen to first?

IamLennyKravitz492 karma

Let Love Rule

4a4a289 karma

How did your cover of The Guess Who's American Woman come about?

And why did you leave out the main lead guitar riff from the original?

IamLennyKravitz519 karma

I was called by the people making Austin Powers and they simple asked me to cover "American Woman" which I thought was odd but I accepted thinking it was an interesting challenge and did my best to change it as much as possible while still respecting the original. I was pleased when Burton Cummings called me to tell me how much he loved it.

Emerald_Empires276 karma

Do you ever wish you could just..... fly away?

Perhaps get away? Anything of that nature?

IamLennyKravitz296 karma

I do it all the time :)

Pixel_Me_That251 karma

Hi Lenny!

I read that you were classmates with Nicolas Cage and Slash. Any crazy high school stories we should know about?

IamLennyKravitz447 karma

Nothing really crazy no but Nick Cage and I were in the play "Oklahoma" together. I was he drummer in the orchestra and he was the lead actor. Slash and I just hung out in the hallways.

Alceus215 karma

Hey Lenny, you look very good for your age. What's your secret?

IamLennyKravitz400 karma

Exercise, organic food and good genes.

Velorium_Camper205 karma

What is craziest fan experience you've had?

IamLennyKravitz625 karma

The one that broke into my house and I found sitting at the dining room table.

purveyor27180 karma

Hey Lenny, will you ever release another straight up guitar rock album: stripped down, marshall stacks, les paul, bass and drums?

IamLennyKravitz291 karma

The new album "Strut" is primarily guitar, bass and drums.

Reed26146 karma

Thanks for the AMA!

If you could record a song with anyone(dead or alive), who would it be and why?

IamLennyKravitz363 karma

I suppose if I could recorded with anybody it would be with Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis

damnbiker138 karma

Can you draw me a picture of a unicorn, holding a sword and riding a motorcycle over a rainbow?

IamLennyKravitz387 karma

I could yeah

SargentHoward114 karma

Hey Lenny! My wife and I are huge fans of your film work, but we're even bigger fans of your music. With all your recent success, what's your process of balancing these two sides of your career? Also, how is it that you still look 25?


IamLennyKravitz151 karma

It seems that it just happens naturally. I was not looking to make films but it came to me organically and the time seemed to be right. Music is the center of my life but I now enjoy being able to take a break and yet still be creative through using different mediums. As far as the way I look, I can thank my family's genes.

Mitchy_chick93 karma

Lenny, it's been about a quarter of a century since you released Let Love Rule. I played that tape to death, many times over, then played a few CDs to death too before it went digital. It influenced how I looked at the world and got me through some really bad times. What is your favorite story associated with that album?

IamLennyKravitz258 karma

No words can express the incredible time I had making that album. It was my first record and it seemed like my entire life was the education for that moment. One funny story was when I was laying the drum track to "Fear," I broke a drumstick which flew into my eye and injured my cornea but I didn't stop playing and finished the track and was then rushed to the emergency room.

ricopicouk88 karma

Where has been your favourite venue for sheer electric atmosphere?

IamLennyKravitz165 karma

Madison Square Garden in NYC. Palais Omnisport de Bercy in Paris and Azteca Stadium in Mexico City are three of my favorites.

aparliam84 karma

What places do you enjoy traveling to, to get away from work?

IamLennyKravitz149 karma

I really like to go get lost in Brasil

krazyklc303075 karma

how's leroy doing?? will you please give him a pet for me.. he is absolutely gorgeous.

IamLennyKravitz117 karma

I certainly will. He's right here. He says hello.

Yazmin168465 karma

Hi there! Besides interest in music, what else do you like to do, into?

IamLennyKravitz112 karma

I am very much into design which is why I started Kravitz Design 13 years ago.

jellopez1148 karma

Hey Lenny! Thank you for doing this! Having worked with and met many of your musical inspirations, which ones stand out the most?

IamLennyKravitz107 karma

James Brown, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Curtis Mayfield are amongst some of the highlights.

moonmman45 karma

Last thing you broke on purpose?

IamLennyKravitz94 karma

an iPhone

VixyDoll39 karma

Hi Lenny! An easy question.. how is working with Slash?

IamLennyKravitz61 karma

It was great working with him especially because of the fact that we went to high school together. The two tracks that we worked on - "Always On The Run" and "Fields Of Joy" - are very special to me.

attentionpaysme38 karma

What's your ultimate goal now at the age of 50?

IamLennyKravitz99 karma

50 more!

rowmac8938 karma

Thank you for your song, "Believe", Lenny. It has helped me get through many tough, challenging moments in life. Can you tell me more about that song and the story behind it? Have a great day!

IamLennyKravitz81 karma

It's really about the power of God, self and positive thinking, which all equates to love.

escherbach37 karma

Did you have any formal music training or are you self-trained and what were the first songs/pieces you remember learning?

IamLennyKravitz61 karma

I primarily self taught but I did have a classical career from 11 to 15 with the California Boys Choir so I have both sides. Tchaikovsky was one of the first things I remember learning.

Claudiacalafate37 karma


IamLennyKravitz44 karma


ULTIMATUM733 karma

Hello Mr. Kravitz,

If one were to begin listening to your work for the first time, where would you recommend them to start?

IamLennyKravitz47 karma

Let Love Rule

therealdeviant31 karma

Hi Lenny! As a child, did you want to be a musician when you grew up or a different profession?

IamLennyKravitz52 karma

From the time I was 5 I knew that I wanted to be a musician.

Aurorinha27 karma

Hi Lenny, why did you decide to spend most of your time in Paris? What do you like so much about our city?

IamLennyKravitz48 karma

I think it's the most beautiful city in the world and I am inspired there every day. I'm also very interested in architecture and design, so Paris is the perfect place.

seismicor26 karma

Hi Lenny! What is the theme of your new album Strut?

IamLennyKravitz42 karma

There isn't really a theme but it seems to be a lot about the different dynamics of relationship, heartbreak, misunderstood love, desire, lust, devotion etc...

SkylightDigital21 karma

What is your muse, inspiration, fuels your creativity and passion?

IamLennyKravitz40 karma


MarlzBarkley20 karma

What was your inspiration for the album 5? You are one of my biggest inspirations in life. Your music makes me have the most positive outlook on everything. I cannot express the impact you have made on me since I have first heard your music. So much love! Xoxoxo

My dad also wanted me to tell you he loves you!!!!

IamLennyKravitz28 karma

The inspiration was just to express myself purely at that moment. It was an amazing time in my life recording that album in the Bahamas at the legendary Compass Point Studios. Thank you and your dad.

AlphaOmega8015 karma

Hi, there! My first question is, do you intend to tour the U.S., to promote your album, "Strut"? Also, how many instruments can you play? I had the pleasure of being on the set of the Hunger Games, while you were in Atlanta. I missed meeting you by a few minutes! We did have a staring contest (for a few seconds) from a distance. I was too shy to wave. My name is Tedra.

IamLennyKravitz22 karma

Absolutely. It's been a while since I did a full U.S. tour and I am really looking forward to it.

shivan2115 karma

What is your best album (with the exception of Strut)? Is it 'Greatest Hits'?

IamLennyKravitz31 karma

I can't really say which one I think is best. They are all snapshots of my life and as long as I've expressed myself truthfully, then that is success.

nrmlk515 karma

Hi, Lenny! We loved Franklin on the last tour but are psyched to see Cindy back on drums!.. What was it like bringing her back and playing together again?

IamLennyKravitz18 karma

yes Franklin was great but it's wonderful having Cindy back again. We worked together for so many years and it's like a family member returning home.

Ask_Me_How_Hard_I_Am14 karma

Given the changing climate of the music industry, how do you approach making an album differently as opppsed to say 20 years ago?

IamLennyKravitz33 karma

There is no difference. It's about expressing myself and regardless of what is going on in the business, that will never change.

deadoom10 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration?

IamLennyKravitz35 karma

My grandfather Albert and my mother Roxie.

LadyOuiji8 karma

Hi Lenny. Will there be a U.S. tour following the release of Strut and can we look forward to more videos? #LennyLoverSistas

IamLennyKravitz6 karma

yes on all of the above!

ghtgwen8 karma

Hello Lenny! Go Brooklyn! I am a fan since 1989. Your musicianship is inspiring and beautiful. What is happening with your funk album Negrophilia and will you be touring to NYC or NJ in 2015?

IamLennyKravitz10 karma

I know I've said it many times but "Negrophilia" will be coming out soon. It has been an incredible journey making that record over the last nearly 20-years. It should be very interesting and yes I will in NYC/NJ area.

bikerscott6 karma

Lenny, what have you been working on lately?

IamLennyKravitz12 karma

Rehearsing for the "Strut" World Tour .

Detoxrox5 karma

Hi Lenny, What makes your morning a happy one? X steph

IamLennyKravitz17 karma

Another day, another opportunity.

danesonnier4 karma

I am a HUGE fan of the work you did with Dan Dyer. Do you have plans to work with other artists?

IamLennyKravitz6 karma

Thank you that was a great record. And yes I plan on producing some artists for Roxie Records.

YoungBanks4 karma

Can you talk a lil bit about the upcoming book? Should we reading the book while listenning to STRUT? Can't wait to see you on tour in BELGIUM.

IamLennyKravitz8 karma

The Rizzoli book consists of 25 years of photography from many of the amazing photographers that I've shot with. It's a trip to see how many versions of myself were in those years. Should you listen to "Strut" while reading it? uh, why not?!