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Where has been your favourite venue for sheer electric atmosphere?

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Hope things have worked out for you bro. I've been in that world of hurt.

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Hey dont get me wrong, I hate my job just like everyone else does. But I work hard, get paid well and I am years ahead of my peers in my friends group. I have a wife, kids, dog etc, where as some of my friends are still living with their parents!

Work hard, play hard.

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I'm amazed by this ama. Am I the only person who works 50 to 60 hours a week all the time?

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I read a lot about the virus yesterday and I was surprised at how contagious it appears to be, which is clearly devastating in country's who's medical are already stretched.

How far do you see this epidemic going if world governments don't react quickly? If the virus gets ahold of a 1st world country, how likely will local medical staff be able to contain it?

I guess you can't easily answer these questions, but I'm a bit scared that this virus is particularly nasty and contagious, especially that it starts off with flu like symptoms that some people will ignore initially