Hi! I'm Kulap Vilaysack- a writer, comedian and actor in Los Angeles. I host a podcast called "Who Charted?" and am currently finishing a documentary about my complicated family called "Origin Story." It's currently raising post-production funds on Indiegogo.

The film is a feature-length road trip doc following me from Los Angeles to Minnesota to Laos, where my parents are from. In it, I track down and meet my biological father for the first time.

Ask me anything!

My Proof: https://twitter.com/originstorydoc/status/507609432188936192/photo/1

***UPDATE: Thank you so much; this was really fun! I'm sorry I have to run. Please help us finish the film by using our Indiegogo link- http://igg.me/at/originstorydoc

Have a great day!

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bingomagazine58 karma

How do you juggle work and family?

kulapOriginStory59 karma

By watching IFC's Comedy Bang Bang.

corbomitey49 karma

What's is like being The Choctaw's ex-girlfriend?

kulapOriginStory50 karma

I don't agree with this terminology.

cincykidd644830 karma

Hi Kupi Vivi, Were you sad when Scott broke up with you, but then instantly relieved when he proposed? Do you agree that you should always break up with someone before you marry them?

kulapOriginStory31 karma

I disagree.

lawmedy25 karma

Who is your favorite podcast guest, and why is it Paul F. Tompkins?

kulapOriginStory36 karma

You answered your own question. Is there even a question? He's Paul Fucking Tompkins.

KenGlauber25 karma

Do you realize that you and Scott are the Jay and Bey (respectively) of the alternative LA club comedy scene?

kulapOriginStory36 karma

Highest compliment. But there's no question: he's not cheating on me.

Ricktron303022 karma

How bad was it when Scott talked about U2 for months on end?

Will you be appearing on a future UTU2TM podcast?

kulapOriginStory31 karma

I just love that Scott and Adam have their own little clubhouse. I'll probably appear.

Ricktron303012 karma

Can you give us a scoop when the new 'season' will start?

kulapOriginStory18 karma

When U2 puts out their album! It is going to be tough because Scott starts shooting his show next week.

hofbraunhaus21 karma

Do you feel bad about taking Michael Scott's bike?

kulapOriginStory28 karma

Nope, he gave it to me. It was a gift.

GreetingsCHAtists19 karma

If I could please speak to Weirdest Kulap for a moment, can you give us a "Chart Exclusive" or a "Sclusee" on when we will hear another collabo with Weirder Scott? Maybe another holiday mashup? And I second an Armen and Howard episode or series. It should of course be called "Awkward Hour'd with Armen and Howard."

kulapOriginStory17 karma

These are all great suggestions; nothing is in the works yet, but I hear you.

airJordan4516 karma

Helllllo Kulap! I'm a huge fan of the podcast! What was your favorite out-there Howard moment from all these years together?

kulapOriginStory33 karma

When he revealed that he made love to his mother's coffee yogurt.

cosmolaika14 karma

Could you give Rocky a good scratch behind the ears for me?

kulapOriginStory15 karma


Shweezen3314 karma

Love me some Kulap!!! In our household we often shout "Jesus Kulap!" instead of more traditional swearing.

Do you ever foresee Howard actually allowing you a visit to dragon manor?

kulapOriginStory17 karma

That makes me so happy. I find myself trying to get him to say that during shows because it's so satisfying. And he'll only let me go if he's moving and wants my help.

Frajer13 karma

Why do you hate u2?

kulapOriginStory29 karma

I don't hate U2. I actually like U2, but there was a period of months where there was constant U2 in the house, documentaries on TV, and Scott listening to himself and Adam while editing the podcast. I'm only human!

_Finn_the_Human_12 karma

Hi Kulap!

I just finished listening to your fantastic episode of Never Not Funny -- I loved hearing you mention Katharsis (the DC Comics Superhero based on Kulap!). I've been loving The Movement.

Are there any comics that you're currently reading? What are your favorites?

kulapOriginStory14 karma

Hi! My favorites are The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Kabuki by David Mack and Gail Simone's run on Wonderwoman.

I also love Saga!

kulapOriginStory12 karma

Greetings, Chartists!

hotspots_thanks11 karma

Kick it to Ku: did you have a specific goal in mind when you started with comedy? (i.e. stand-up, comedic actor, writing, etc.) How did you get involved in comedy after college?

Listening to you and Howard even simply talking to each other is delightful. I listen every chance I get. Have I listened to every PFT episode at least four times? Do I regret living on the stupid East Coast and having a severe airplane phobia that prevents my seeing you guys perform live? SO MUCH YES.

kulapOriginStory10 karma

I wanted to be on TV show! I wanted to be a series regular on a sitcom. I started at 20 or 21 at Second City LA, and then went to the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA, which became a second home to me.

Aww. Thank you for listening. We need to get out and do an East Coast show. We know it. Let's make it happen in 2015.

WithForte11 karma

Hey Ku!

Got a couple, as I'm a big fan of WC and all things Earwolf.

  1. Do you listen to any of the Earwolf podcasts? If so, which is your favorite?

  2. Could you please put together an Armen/Howie episode? The head-scratchingly weird Howard with the incredibly socially inept Armen would make for some very funny interactions.

  3. What's your favorite spot to eat in LA? What about Minneapolis?

  4. I'm a big fan of Harris "RodOgg" Wittels, and I was honestly shocked when he came out as having gone to rehab. I know the two of you are friends, and I was wondering if it was apparent that Harris was dealing with a drug problem. He never really showed any sign of being an addict, other than taking a ton of drugs. Glad he can now laugh about, and I'm glad he got help.

Thanks for the AMA. I'll be donating what little I can, and good luck with the flick! You're great on today's episode of Never Not Funny, btw, and you should do another Doug Loves Movies soon!

edit: quick edit for question #5: What's your deductible bro?

kulapOriginStory12 karma

  1. To be honest, I don't really listen to any podcasts, but Comedy Bang Bang?

  2. Yeah. Done and done!

  3. I love the classic Katsuya on Ventura. I like Little Doms in Los Feliz. In Minneapolis, there was this Irish bar known known for their Juicy Lucy. Can't remember the name.

  4. Yes and no...

And thank you so much! I really, really appreciate it.

SteveFaberge10 karma

Will you guys ever do chart darts/roulette/goose again? As much as I love the tweet chart theme, those segments were always really good! Are you going to provide vocals for the long overdue "blame it on the weed" theme? Scale from 1-10, how jealous are you of this lady? http://imgur.com/8YR8mB9

kulapOriginStory11 karma

  1. You like them? Okay, I'll bring it up to Howard.

  2. It's all up to Howard.

  3. 11

ilikemustard10 karma

Hi Kulap! I have a few questions:

How often is Howard high when you tape the show?

Who was/is your favorite guest you've had on the show?

What's your favorite chart?

And finally, what's your fuckstyle? Jk. But really, what's it like to be married to Scott Aukerman? He's a personal idol of mine and I think it's super cool that you're his wife. And did you ever listen to U Talkin U2 To Me? Because if not, the first part of this question just makes me look like a pervert. Oh well.

Thanks for doing this, and good luck with your movie! It sounds really interesting and I hope the finished product turns out great.

kulapOriginStory11 karma

  1. Honestly, not that often. I can always tell and I ask when I think he's high. You can pretty much track it. He's definitely high during the last Jonah Ray episode.
  2. Too many. There are too many shows; we're 4 away from our 200th.
  3. Music
  4. Oh yeah, for the person who asked earlier what podcasts I listen to, that's one. UTU2TM. I love Scott. He's my everything.

Thank you!

BAKOBOY249 karma


First of all, your podcast is a beacon of light in the dark sea of my life, so thank you for that, and I hope the best for you.


Coming in at number 2: If you could have a sit down chat with Beyoncé, what would you tell her/ask her?

Coming it at numbah 1!: What are some things you think might be in Dragon Manor that Howard might not want you to see?

kulapOriginStory20 karma

Aww. Thank you!

  1. I would tell her that her last album meant a lot to me and has been my soundtrack since it came out.

  2. Toaster waffles everywhere.

IWantToMakeASuperman9 karma

Could you give us a bit more info about the $2,000 ‘premiere and after-party’ perk?

I’m surprised no one’s gone for it yet, and I get the impression that [if it’s what I think it is] people would love it.

My presumption… perk would get you into the same after-party that all your ‘famous friends’ would be at, right? So, $2,000 to celebrate your documentary and potentially rub shoulders with comedy [and podcast] royalty?

Also, any idea what time of the year it’d be? Ish.

kulapOriginStory8 karma

You are correct in your assumption, but time of year is tricky, because we don't quite know yet. It would definitely be well into the new year. But whoever claims that perk will be given ample time to make arrangements.

donnerpartyof59 karma

Hi Ku! Do you think having big boobs has helped or hurt your career/life? Ever thought about changing them?

kulapOriginStory24 karma

Scott will divorce me.

Verbz8 karma


kulapOriginStory13 karma

Thanks, man.

We've been friends since I was I think like 21. We met at M Bar in Los Angeles. It was Scott's idea to pair us together for Who Charted? three years ago. Everyone who's listened has actually observed the evolution of our friendship.

Verbz8 karma


kulapOriginStory26 karma

French or retarded.

kulapOriginStory14 karma

But seriously, back then he introduced himself as Dragonboy Suede. I thought he was good-looking, hilarious and completely unique.

corbomitey8 karma

Any stories about Jessica St. Clair? I love the dynamics of you two on your podcast (especially when laughing at Howie). Seems like you have a great friendship.

kulapOriginStory15 karma

I'm obsessed with Jess. You guys should keep tweeting USA to bring back her and Lennon's show Playing House.

kovalev278 karma

If Scott should someday die in a fiery motorcycle accident, would you consider dating Howard?

kulapOriginStory31 karma

Never. I love him, but never. And if Scott dies, I will Weekend at Bernie's him for as long as car fresheners and Febreze will aid in that.

happyamosfun7 karma

Hi KuKu!

This is my dog, Norman.. Are we best friends now?

kulapOriginStory6 karma


chichicork7 karma

Will laughing at some of the nonsense that comes out of Howard's mouth ever get old?

kulapOriginStory7 karma

No. It fills me with great joy. Sometimes my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard at him.

fakename3117 karma

Ku, You have one of the best theme songs, and you have a talent for S Factor. Have you ever pole danced to your own theme song, and was anyone else around? I'm speaking of "The Kulap Chart" song of course.

kulapOriginStory11 karma

First, thank you. I have never pole danced to my theme song, and I'm really disappointed in myself. Scott won't let me put up the pole in our new house.

OKDokeComputer7 karma

If you could see any comic get their own major motion picture that also honored their POV and voice, who would it be?

kulapOriginStory14 karma

Sarah Silverman.

corbomitey7 karma

Have you ever met Joan Rivers? Any stories about her you're willing to share?

kulapOriginStory17 karma

I wish I'd met Joan Rivers. I was thrilled when Scott did a recent episode of In Bed with Joan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UspepfbrgFk

corbomitey3 karma

What was it like having your name (kind-of) come out of her mouth?

kulapOriginStory5 karma

Oh my God, it was thrilling- thrilling! Exciting. She's a legend. Her documentary- I want to be watching it right now.

CorneliusFudgePacker6 karma

Hey Kulap! As a big fan of both CBB and Who Charted? I was wondering how you and Scott met, as well as why you don't appear on each other's podcasts more.

kulapOriginStory8 karma

We met at a taping of HBO's Mr. Show, Season 4. And it's not a conscious choice to be on each other's shows; we just don't think of it. We spend a lot of time with each other, so.

terrorhawk07526 karma

youre awesome, love who charted and all your appearances through out earwolf, really loved you on parks and rec and the office too! i know you and scott know mantzoukas well in person and im wondering is he really as vulgar as his podcast/television persona?

kulapOriginStory7 karma

Jason is a great friend, and yes! It's not, like, all the time, but you know.

terrorhawk07522 karma

you just made my day, knowing hes not doing it as a gimmick makes me so happy. thanks!!! keep up the good work origin story looks terrific

kulapOriginStory2 karma


and thank you!

bloodflart6 karma

We love you Ku can't wait to see the doc. What are some of your inspirations when making this film? Other than Jaws

kulapOriginStory8 karma

LOL. Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell, Oh, Saigon, and (sort of kidding, but also not kidding) The Joy Luck Club.

lazyass_tiger5 karma

What does your name "Kulap" mean?

kulapOriginStory11 karma


cake-scarab5 karma

Hey Ku! I love the podcast, you and Wie are so great together!

Being married to Scotty 2 Hotty and in the podcast game yourself, you must have had the chance to mingle with some awesome actors/comedians/etc in LA. What person have you got to meet that made you geek out the most and/or left the biggest impression on you?

Also if anyone sees this I'd like to give a shout out to /r/Earwolf. I make a discussion thread there for Who Charted every week but we could use more participation from Whooch fans, seems to be a ton of Chartists in here.

kulapOriginStory7 karma

  1. The President and the First Lady! It was an out-of-body experience.

  2. And let's tell all our grandkids about this!

ecctv4 karma

I'm a huge fan of the podcast and I've been following your story for so long I can't wait for it to come out! Have you heard anything from Parks and Rec about coming back? They really dropped the ball with the fact that Ben Wyatt was about to get a half sibling. Also I know you and Scott like Big Brother, but have you tried Big Brother UK? It is EVERY night and crazy. Right now they are doing the celebrity version and one of the housemates is Gary Busey. It is incredible.

kulapOriginStory12 karma

I'm constantly visualizing myself going back to Parks and Rec and hopefully I will "Secret" it into happening.

And Big Brother USA is enough. But Gary Busey- holy shit!

Knob_Gobbler4 karma

If Howard went to Laos for 2 weeks, what do you think would happen?

kulapOriginStory15 karma

He would become King.

BobJones564 karma

How jealous are you of the Chocktaw's relationship with one Ms. Wompler?

kulapOriginStory8 karma

Is that one of his interns? Nah, I'm not worried.

iperm3 karma

Kulap Kneehighsocks!

I know you love to dress your dog up in silly costumes.

Do you have a favorite?

kulapOriginStory7 karma

I really enjoy the turkey, which is great any time of the year.

Dubip2 karma

Seeing Rocky in the chicken suit, sitting the roasting pan killed me at the 30 Days of Rocktober.

kulapOriginStory10 karma

The chicken one is really great. An animal dressed up as another animal is really funny to me.

Fueledbytim3 karma

Love Who Charted!

I'm making a big move in the fall but stuck between 2 cities. Which would you rather live in, Denver or New Orleans?

Can't wait to follow your story!

kulapOriginStory9 karma

My first instinct kind of based on nothing is New Orleans. I want to go there myself. From what I've heard from friends, it just seems like its own country- steeped in culture and diversity. And Anne Rice lived there!

dihsho3 karma

Do you think you will ever be able to visit Dragon Manor? How much of Howard protecting his apartment a bit, because I'm sold completely that he won't let anyone inside.

Regarding Origin Stories, if it isn't spoiling too much, how did addressing your mother's gambling problem change the direction of your documentary? From listening to Whooch and Twooch, it seems like something that you were well aware of but didn't plan on addressing - until you flew back to Minnesota to begin filming and interviewing.

Also, loved your episode of NNF this morning! You were my go to "why haven't they had them on?" guest.

kulapOriginStory12 karma

He's terrified for good reason that I will report back to the Chartists. It's not a bit.

You know what, she's always been a gambler and I knew about it, but I didn't realize the depths of how bad it was until the last couple years, when she's asked me for money and I said no, seeing how she reacts. I think I was always going to address it in the doc. If anything, it's her gambling that's pushed me into this project. When I went home last year, she wouldn't talk to me because I wouldn't give her money, but I pushed forward through it.

dihsho4 karma

Thank you for your reply. Any chance you'll be selling Kulap Knee-High-Socks again?

kulapOriginStory6 karma

I was just thinking about that! I'd like to- new color story.

adizz3 karma

Can I have a Who Charted style Intro please?!?!?!?

kulapOriginStory8 karma

Of course, it's one of the perks in the Indiegogo campaign- http://igg.me/at/originstorydoc

corbomitey3 karma

Big fan! Thanks for doing this You still seem to be genuinely surprised by the way Howard Kremer's mind works and the things that comes out of his mouth. What's it like working with him so often?

kulapOriginStory6 karma

Who Charted? has changed my life. Working with Howard is an absolute joy; I look forward to doing the show with him. He's like family to me. I feel grateful for the podcast and the relationship we have.

sourmilksmell3 karma

I was in the hospital when I listened to the Matt Besser episode, has Armen recovered?

Also I love the podcast! You guys have mosdef taken the "fuckbotch" out of many a Wednesday & Friday. Thank you.

kulapOriginStory4 karma

Just barely.

Thank you for listening.

PoutinePoutine3 karma

Hi Kulap! How was your day? The weather in Minnesota is humid and gross, just like Alyssa, because she worked at Bunmi without AC. Alyssa has nothing to say, but best of luck with your Origin Story! the boyfriend.

kulapOriginStory4 karma


TotallyNotCastro3 karma

Hey Kulap. I'm going personal for this one: How did you and Scott meet and what stuck out about him that attracted you initially?

kulapOriginStory6 karma

He was 6'2" and good-looking. He made me feel safe.

Sakura_72 karma

What's your favorite animal?

kulapOriginStory7 karma

Rocky the dog. I like moose, wolves, bears. I really like animals.

moremysterious2 karma

What is it like to be surrounded by funny people all the time? I've heard funny people can sometimes be the most troubled, have you found that true?

PS Best of luck, I will be donating! You and Hot Soccermom rule and Earwolf is a blessing to my work days.

kulapOriginStory6 karma

Oh, God. I love my friends. They're interesting and multi-dimensional. I consider myself very troubled.

And thank you so much!

jim-_-2 karma

Will there be special features like behind the scenes of your podcast or/and Commentary tracks (ex. 'as I look back this and that wasn't as I really thought...') ? ++

Every documentary I have bought or funded online has forgotten this awesome feature of the DVD experience.

edit: Just to be clear I've been a backer for a while so I'm lording this over anyone.

kulapOriginStory9 karma

Truly, I hadn't thought about it. It's a great idea; thank you for that.

msbeckyp2 karma

One thing I appreciate and admire is that you are always so open and honest with sharing details about your life on Whooch and Tooch. Did being so open always come easy to you? Were you ever worried that your family would be uneasy about putting your/their life on film?

Thank you for doing what you do!

kulapOriginStory9 karma

No, I used to not share at all. I turned 30 and knew I was unhappy with where I was at and felt like I didn't have many intimate relationships and knew I needed to change. People can't get to know you until you share who you are with them. Through podcasting, I learned who I am is okay, warts and all. It's one thing to share my inner thoughts and feel good about myself; it's a whole 'nother thing to share my family's. I was nervous and still am nervous. I want to do right by them and am extremely concerned for my sisters and my nephew. I'm very protective over them. Just trying to find a balance.

onegallant2 karma

Has anyone you don't know ever approached you on the street and stated "Greetings Chartist" and did you instinctively respond in turn with the prescribed phrases?

kulapOriginStory6 karma

No one yet, and it's been a disappointment. But also a relief, because I always screw it up with Howard.


Have you seen the documentary, Daughter from Danang?

kulapOriginStory3 karma

No, I haven't yet. I've heard about it, though. Have been meaning to watch it.

NewAnimal2 karma

What are some in-home guilty pleasures that you and scott (and rocky) indulge in on the regular??

kulapOriginStory9 karma

All three of us? Cheese.

LifeIsARoofieCircle2 karma

Hello Ku!

I contributed some money (or dollar, if you speak street) to your campaign and can't wait to see it.

This journey you've been on is hugely important and relevant to a lot of people. What was the biggest discovery/insight you brought back from this journey? (Other than the knowledge of your biological father)

Again, can't wait to see the finished doc and good luck with everything!

kulapOriginStory5 karma

Thank you!

Well, now I know so much more about my parents and their background, yet I don't feel any closer to them. And I don't know what to do with that.

douko2 karma

Hey Kulap, big fan! I was wondering- what was the biggest surprise about making the documentary from a filmmaker's standpoint?

(Also, why no gus?)

kulapOriginStory6 karma


Here's the thing: what Howard doesn't seem to understand is that there aren't a lot of orangutans in Laos. I feel like a man who sings about gus should know about them.

My biggest surprise was how people open up in front of the camera. I thought I'd have to pull teeth! Turns out I didn't.

bloodflart2 karma

What is a good back episode to go listen to?

kulapOriginStory3 karma

I really honestly don't know. The thing is, I've done so many. Hey, why not the last one? I think listen to this past one with Jay and the upcoming one this Friday. http://www.earwolf.com/episode/power-stache/

unicorn9282 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

kulapOriginStory4 karma

Death from the Sandman.

redditbutblueit1 karma

Hey Kulap! I've been listening since the first ep. Actually your husband is one of my favorite eps, so much so I can quote directly from it!

1) Do you ever go on reddit a lot? If not, what other websites do you spend time on? 2) Would you be interested in doing more documentaries or projects that are not necessarily comedy-based like this?

Thanks for everything!

kulapOriginStory5 karma

  1. Pinterest; I fucking love to pin.
  2. It's hard to see beyond this project right now, but I think so?

Dubip1 karma

Hi Kulap (Greetings Chartist!)

As a long time Whooch and Twooch listener and follower of summah, what is your favorite Kremerism? What word or phrase does Howard make you laugh the hardest? I'm sure there's a million of them....

kulapOriginStory4 karma

Fuckbotch and Grease-feeding!

estoyspnoy1 karma

What's your favorite Lao dish? And where can I get it!

kulapOriginStory6 karma

Larb and sticky rice. Some Thai restaurants have it. Also Beer Lao!

advancedman1 karma

Is your documentary largely intended as something that will motivate you to connect with your birth father and resolve these family mysteries? Do you think that if you got a call from your birth father without this project in mind you would have tried as hard to reconnect?

kulapOriginStory4 karma

No, I wouldn't have. Left to my own devices, it would take me another 20 years.

JoeyJoJoJrShabadont1 karma

Hello Kulap, long time listener of WC. I was wondering what you thought of the audience growth of the podcast and if you see it growing into a tv show like CBB?

kulapOriginStory8 karma

Not really; I haven't really thought of it as a TV show. Maybe it's small-minded, but I just see it as this wonderful thing I get to do once a week with my good friend. It's something I'd consider but I just really love it for what it is. By the way, no one's banging on the doors to make it into something else.

crankbunny1 karma

Greetings Chartist! I have a similar background (immigrant parents, fled from country, political asylum, came to the US and worked their butts off for a better/safe future, am first generation american, etc).

I was wondering if before you visited Laos personally if you had pictured it any differently / similarly based on the stories you were raised with? Was it shockingly different in a bad or good way? I've always wondered how much we (first borns) romanticize our family's past - especially when hardship is involved.

kulapOriginStory2 karma

The first time I went was the summer before 5th grade. I'd say it was probably different; Laos was used as a place I would be banished to if I was bad. When I got there, it was pretty nice, beautiful. Relatives fawned over me.

maxzumstein1 karma

What's your favorite Dragon Boy Suede song?

kulapOriginStory5 karma

Nut Valet