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I was diagnosed with an AVM (arteriovenous malformation) after about a year of suffering migrains. Had a craniotomy on April 2nd in Edinburgh Western General to solve the problem and am now the proud owner of metal plates on my skull. Bad news at the hospital yesyerday means im gonna go through it all again and that means another 5 months off work and a driving ban. This is a brief description of what happened and more details can be given :)

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fs10inator7 karma

A driving ban? For how long?

mosif898 karma

Luckily it was for 5 months and the doctor said i would be safe again. Its because i might have developed epilepsy. Some get to spend a year without a license.

Tyrion_Lunaster6 karma

Hello there, I wish your second surgery to have a speedy recovery. How's financial aid from where you are? In your case, are all these expenses going to come out of pocket, or is there insurance that you're going to use to mitigate the costs? I know it's the last thing you want to set your mind on so apologies in advance for asking such a bold question.

mosif8915 karma

Well after a long fight with my work about my pay i basically got fucked up the ass and am currently poor. In Scotland we have the NHS. Basically i pay money every month directly from my pay and any hospital treatment, medication, check ups etc is all free.

spooky9815 karma

What is recovery like for surgery on the brain?

mosif896 karma

Long. Its been 5 months and still get tired doing tasks that i was otherwise totally capable of. I used to be a gym member now i get to tired and have to start of right at the bottom to get used to it again. Im struggling with work because its early mornings and heavy lifting. And forgetting stuff all the time is a nightmare but all things i can live with. Its surprising how much more you appreciate everything.

buggosorous5 karma

Just out of curiosity -

Did you feel any sensation while your brain was being operated? Does it feel any different post operation?

BTW kudos to you to have gone through that & good luck for the next!

mosif899 karma

I was under anaesthetic for the operation and i have no feeling on the top of my head which may or may not come back. My memory has been affected also and i need to see a specialist about it. Other than that im back to normal-ish. And thanks a lot!!

gligoran4 karma

Does the "no feeling on the top of my head" make the rain seems less annoying? (Hope you don't take this as offensive or rude.)

Good luck with the next surgery and recovery!

mosif898 karma

Its Scotland, the rain is always annoying haha. Means that when it gets kinda itchy i can't do shit about it lol. Cheers mate!

Jayhova19904 karma

I feel for you mate, 3 days ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I am currently waiting for a surgery date to remove it. Any tips you can give for after the surgery? Iv never been through anything like this before and honestly I'm a little scared.

mosif894 karma

Really sorry to hear that. Have a good drink and relax with everyone you love before you go in. Afterwards listen to what the doctors say and rest. For the love of fuck REST. You will not regret being looked after for a month before you get on your feet again. And when you do, don't make the mistake of pushing yourself like i did. It will end up doing more damage than good. Take care and all the best, if you ever need a chat my name is Joseph and you can pm me anytime and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

Jayhova19902 karma

Cheers man I appreciate the advice, everyone is telling me to take it easy but that's hard as fuck to do if your me but I'll try my hardest to cool down a bit. Thanks again man.

mosif891 karma

All the best mate!!

NoodleFarts2 karma

Rest really is key. I had an AVM removal craniotomy on sept 2nd and even if I clean for a few minutes, it sets me back about 12-24 hours in recovery. I need to learn to relax. So when a brain surgery recoverer (?) tells you to rest = do it.

mosif892 karma

Ill drink to that. Hope everything is ok with you mate. All the best for the future!

t-rexia4 karma

First of all a huge good luck for the next procedure.

I'm from Edin & have known a few people treated at Western General with mixed reviews. As a whole I think the NHS is fantastic in comparison to healthcare options abroad, but how have you found the staff? If you could could fill out a 'comments' section so to speak what would you say?

I hope all is successful for you and you get a good whisky and/or Irn Bru waiting for you at the end!

mosif896 karma

Thanks for the kind words. I have had nothing less than a great experience with everyone i have come into contact with at that hospital. The nurses are all patient and very understanding and the doctor who took my case had a way with words that made you realise the situation but sort of comforted you. The NHS is excellent and has so far saved my life twice and this will be the 3rd life changing operation for me and although i am totally fuxking devestated i know im in the best of hands. And ill be having a piss up before i go back in and im sure as fuck whiskey will be involved. Cheers for the question and thanks for the kind words!

SmokingTrumpet4 karma

I honestly don't have a question for you. But I really wish the best of luck. I am sure you have gone through enough hell during this whole process. I know the doctors know what they are doing. But its scary. It makes my skin crawl thinking about being put under. Actually. As I am typing, I got one.

What Is it like being put under and how long did you feel (asleep I guess) or did you feel it at all? Was it a put under then wake back up quick? Or like you fainted for a long time?

mosif894 karma

Thanks a lot mate. You don't feel anything while under. Its an injection and then you kinda feel drunk. Then its like seconds later you wake up. I lost 6 hours and woke up with a huge bandage on. Dreamless blackness is how i would describe it :)

laughingstoc3 karma

I'm a little late to this but I had 2 brain surgeries within a couple of months of each other at Salford Royal and this is exactly what it felt like. It was like the waking from the best sleep ever into a dream state because of all the painkillers!! I didn't mind the dream state it was like being on another planet but being lucid very weird!!

mosif892 karma

The painkillers lasted a while afterwards and now i have all that to go through again. My house is already like a damn pharmacy haha

laughingstoc2 karma

Go for the deluxe menu as I like to call it!! Fentanyl with a bit of oramorph for the breakthrough pain! I was a bit of a frequent flyer at salford after my surgeries because of one thing or another (not painkiller seeking!!) so I tried them all. They were quite strict at salford about opiates and brain surgeries because of the risk of seizures after so they did use sparingly but I was pain free. Good luck with your surgery- when is it planned for?

mosif892 karma

Sounds similar to my story. Not got a date yet, not looking forward to getting one either tbh.

laughingstoc3 karma

The anticipation is awful waiting for that appointment and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Hopefully it will be soon and then you can start planning the lazy days of recovery- think how much Jeremy Kyle you can watch! Tbh I got bored of him after about 2 weeks!! I did binge watch breaking bad and lots of other stuff on netflix so if you haven't got it I would highly recommend it- it's worth it's weight in gold especially while your recovering and before find something to take your mind off things. PM if you like for suggestions or if you want to chat

mosif891 karma

Yeah it sucks a cock big time haha but ill pull through it. Jeremy Kyle lol those junkies are funny and i have netflix. Appreciate the offer and glad to know there are people like you out there, that goes for many more that commented. Thanks for the support!!

allenstenhaus3 karma


mosif896 karma

Yes it was, i forget a lot of things and there is no visible pattern to what i forget. Things from moving my living room around to my friends wedding.

full_of_grace3 karma

Do you use any techniques or strategies to help with memory problems? Best of luck for your recovery and next operation!

mosif895 karma

My hand is constantly written on and i write everything down in a diary i recently got. Calenders on the wall and weekly planner on my fridge so i see it. This all helps a bunch. Thanks!

basedboi3 karma

Bad luck man. Sort of off-topic, but (assuming you're from/live in Scotland) what are your views on the upcoming referendum and how do you think it'll turn out? Get well soon!

mosif897 karma

Im voting yes for a tonne of reasons. Mainly no country has failed going independent. UK used to run a third of the world and nobody cared about those country's doing it, why make a big deal about us? And thanks mate.

TheSascrotch3 karma

Has your first surgery affected your mental falculties at all?

mosif898 karma

Not at all, im still the same just forget stuff a shit tonne more than before.

TheSascrotch4 karma

I hope you pull through. And keep your chin up. Good luck.

mosif897 karma

Thanks a lot mate!

shoshinzen3 karma

I've had an AVM removed as well. Where was/is yours located? How are they getting at it?

mosif893 karma

It is still in the same place. Above my right eye closer to the centre of my head. It was located just in one of the crevices of my brain, a little complication. They went straight in the front of my skull when the operation was done. Hope your recovery was good!

shoshinzen3 karma

I was lucky, I guess. Left/rear, near where language is processed (I'm told), and very near the surface.. Sucked for about a week, but was back doing half days at work after three weeks.

mosif892 karma

Lucky bastard haha, glad things are good for you!!

GrapeGrabber3 karma

What helps you pass the time most pleasantly? Keeps your mind off things?

mosif891 karma

Art and drawing mate. I love it!!

JordonG3 karma

I know how you're feeling. I've had three brain surgeries due to Chiari Malformation. It's really rough and very painful thing to go through. What are they having to do on this next one?

mosif893 karma

Ill be having another crainiotomy the doctor assumes, easier to take out the plates and screws and do the same thing again. My AVM came back in the same place so same thing again. Just waiting for dates now.

bozobozo2 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Also, how much is all of this going to cost you?

mosif896 karma

Saurolophus - ducky was awesome. And im from Scotland mate. This ain't gonna cost me anything. If i was American however i would be better commuting suicide or trying to do it myself. Perspective for you :- I have had 2 angiograms that according to the doctor cost about $25k. I have had easily 10 MRI scans and several CT scans. And i don't even wanna know how much a craniotomy costs. Its about a 5-6 hour procedure on the most complicated part of our body. Doctors in USA would be laughing and choking on their gold dusted caviar.

LightningReptar2 karma

Why do you have to get it done again?

mosif895 karma

Because for reasons that are not quite clear yet, the problem is still there. They have operated to fix the problem and the problem has found another way to do the same thing as before. Im at a high risk of bleeding in my brain if they don't go in and start chopping again lol

thepottsy2 karma

First off, that fucking sucks man. I hope everything goes well, and you have no complications.

Secondly, have you ever had the opportunity to head butt someone with your metal plates? Cause that would be kind of bad ass.

mosif893 karma

Thanks mate, appreciate it. And not yet haha, still get a bit of pain in some of the screws. Thing is, when its healed its dead centre of my head. My perfect hidden titanium weapon haha

YuiG2 karma

You're from Scotland, so I have to ask. What team do you support?

mosif891 karma

Rangers mate. Please don't hate me lol.

YuiG1 karma

That sucks, now I have to stab you with a smashed buckie bottle, while manically screaming Irish Rebel songs!

mosif892 karma

You just made my day mate! Awesome comment!!

Jastin-231 karma

Good luck man, my sister had brain surgery twice for AVM's, was it a routine check up that made the doctors realize you still had an issue, or did you have similar symptoms prior to the first diagnosis?

mosif893 karma

This was my scan to see if my operation was a success. I have recovered well with no migrains or other symtoms and even the doctor was surprised when he told me. So it really sucks i have to go through it again. Hope your sister is well.

NoodleFarts1 karma

Did they not do an angiogram directly after/during the Craniotomy? That is what my surgeon did to insure I was cured.

mosif891 karma

I have had a couple of problems during my recovery but nothing much. This was my first angigram after my op and was to ensure it went well, 5 months after. Yours was maybe a serious case :)

Englishnotgentleman1 karma

When is your next op and what do you do for a living?

You'll pull through mate!

mosif892 karma

Im waiting to meet the consultant again and get booked in for it so not sure yet. I work in ASDA (Walmart in Scotland) and am currently trying to step up. All my time off kinda puts me back though.

TobyKennedy2 karma

You in the 24 hour one down leith?

mosif891 karma

Nah, im in the comfort of my home. Although risks are involved with my condition, unfortunately its regardless where i am if it decides to bleed. Ill proberly be dead if its bad and not much can be done to help because it happens pretty fast.

gyxmz1 karma

hey, do you know if you were intubated during the operation, and if so, did you have a very soar throat after? I'm asking because I was operated on in Glasgow under full anesthetic for a biopsy and when I woke up I had a really soar throat and when I asked if they intubated me they said no, but I think they did. And after dealing with cancer my only advise to you is: don't worry, everything is going to be alright! have a good day! edit, spelling

mosif892 karma

Im almost positive that i had that or at least other things in my mouth. I remember the nurse telling me before i went under anaesthetic. Never had a sore throat at all though. Thanks for the kind words mate :) take care.