My name is Petra and I'm the content manager of (NSFW) as well as the creator and organizer of all 5 Miss FreeOnes contests! (

The first contest was launched in 2010 and every year we have given away $30,000 in cash prizes to the erotic models, porn stars and cam girls that enter with the grand prize winner walking away with $10,000 for herself.

I've worked for FreeOnes for a pretty long time so feel free to ask about the porn industry, FreeOnes, Miss FreeOnes or life in general!


Edit: I'm headed home. Ask your questions and I'll keep answering them in about an hour!! Until then!

Edit: Home and answering questions!

Edit: Back to work! Will continue answering questions if you leave them.

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bozobozo332 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

FreeOnes_Petra320 karma


lowercaseCAPSLOCK226 karma

What are your thoughts on The Fappening?

FreeOnes_Petra262 karma

It's an interesting section to be sure. ;-)

DrLooBallsEsq223 karma

In your opinion, what percentage of the female talent likes their job, as opposed to, is only in it for the money?

FreeOnes_Petra241 karma

That's a hard one since I don't work directly with talent. I'd say probably 80% of the models I personally deal with love it because they're invested in marketing themselves and trying to drive traffic to their sites/cam pages.

Ricekrisper254 karma

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FreeOnes_Petra44 karma

I think there's a big difference in doing it because it's a job you like doing (I know several girls who were swingers anyways and decided to cash in on it) and want to succeed in vs. just doing it for the money.

Girls live Siri, Vicky Vette, Sara Jay, Anna Miller, XoGisele, Bryci, Maggie Green, Miss Hybrid, Mandy Flores and countless others I haven't made really, really love it.

nightwing2024128 karma

Okay. What are you people trying to do to me? First, we get the Fappening, and now a porn contest? My hair's a mess, my clothes are askew, and I haven't slept in a week. Yes, I realize it's only been one day.

My body cannot handle this amount of jiggle and flesh. I am going to look like a pale raisin by sundown.

FreeOnes_Petra40 karma

Did you make sure to get your daily votes in to make the day complete?

joeyj0j092 karma

How does porn make money these days, given that most people end up watching it for free?

FreeOnes_Petra108 karma

Target niches, lower the price of memberships, and of course cams is a huge one.

RacksDiciprine90 karma

Does your site generate revenue via Ad traffic and a paid members section? How does someone get a job at a company like this? Could someone do said job from home?

FreeOnes_Petra89 karma

  1. We do ad revenue as well as have places where people can buy content with their FreeOnes credits. They get those either by earning them, or they can buy packages.

  2. You can find jobs like this all over. Craigs list, industry boards, monster board, classifieds, and there's even an adult industry site with tons of jobs. xxxindustryjobs or something like that. Loads of people just kind of end up here though.

  3. Sites hire both in house employees and remote workers that do their jobs from home. I think I have 12 remote workers that do jobs for me right now.

RacksDiciprine43 karma

Thanks. I'll check it out. I do construction and work slows down at times. So I'm looking for something to "fill the gap" so to speak.

FreeOnes_Petra36 karma

You can always send a mail to [email protected] from time to time. I don't currently have any grunt jobs needing done, but from time to time I do. In fact, someone from reddit mailed me 2 months ago after seeing last year's AMA and it was perfect timing and he's now doing work for me. ;-)

HohD2W9 karma

What kind of work can you offer to you future employees who work from home?
And what kind of work current employees of yours do from their homes?

FreeOnes_Petra9 karma

For both current and future, it's a lot of writing descriptions for galleries. There's also some creation of galleries, cutting videos down to size, making banners, etc.

itisthumper8 karma

Is this your only job? Do you have another side business or job?

FreeOnes_Petra10 karma

This is actually my full time job right now.

itisthumper5 karma

I'm actually thinking of starting an online information sites for some extra money on the side, although it's not related to porn. Are there any recommendations you can provide in terms of earning revenue with minimal ads? Think about for another industry.

FreeOnes_Petra12 karma

First step, get a hold of a killer domain. Then figure out how to build traffic (read up on blogs/forums in whatever industry you plan to do it for). After that, come up with a solid plan to get people to want to put their links on your site and get them to link back.

AirMoons79 karma

Where is Jessica Hyde?

FreeOnes_Petra20 karma

Is she even on FreeOnes?

PatternWolf73 karma

What's your opinion on /r/nofap?

FreeOnes_Petra194 karma

I completely respect people who are trying to break an addiction, especially if it's affecting their relationship or work. Those that do it for the hell of it? I don't understand as much. But hey, if it floats their boats, more power to them.

ShooterDiarrhea59 karma

How does the contest work? On what basis is the winner chosen?

FreeOnes_Petra72 karma

This contest is 100% fan based. The only thing I do is sit here and make sure that there's no cheating going on!

So in a nutshell there are 7 categories and both anonymous voters (don't need to have a free FreeOnes account) and FreeOnes members can vote. The caveat is that anonymous peeps votes are only worth .25 of a vote while FreeOnes members votes can be worth 1-16x.

There are 3 rounds and at the end of the 1st round, the 50 girls with the most votes will go to round 2. At the end of round 2 the 10 with the most votes will go to round 3. At the end of round 3, the girls that come in #1 in each category get the grand prizes for each category.

extinctinthewild29 karma

The 16x votes, are those by platinum-ish accounts or something?

FreeOnes_Petra32 karma

The 16x votes are for FreeOnes members who have been around for 5 years and have over 500 posts on our message board. However, there's a whole chart based on length as a member and posts here:!-Round-1-has-officially-started!!

Donk7226 karma

So it's like karma, only useful?

FreeOnes_Petra19 karma

Pretty much!

extinctinthewild11 karma

What other anti-cheat methods do you have in place?

FreeOnes_Petra13 karma

We have a robust system that we've built over the years that checks and flags suspicious votes. Unfortunately, I can't go too much into detail about it because it gives would be cheaters ideas how to surpass it.

However, giving anonymous voters only .25 of a vote goes a very long way already and if they want to do anything sufficient they need to create an account which makes it super easy to track them down.

Also, where in the past years we get hit with bots pretty early on in the day, because voters can only vote 1x for a model per day no matter how many categories she's in, there has been very little issues so far.

Mondonodo50 karma

Has anyone ever looked at you funny because you work in the porn industry?

FreeOnes_Petra100 karma

I'm living in the Netherlands, so I don't get as many weird looks as I do when I'm back in the states. though it's one hell of an ice breaker!

Habbekratz13 karma

I'm Dutch, and jobless.

Are you hiring people to.. ehhh.. sort files or something?

FreeOnes_Petra18 karma

Send your CV to [email protected]. You never know if you have a skill we're looking for in house.

hattymac33 karma

On your website you have a "teen" section, have you ever had any issues with the teens' parents not liking what their children are doing and coming to you to try and stop their teenager being involved?

FreeOnes_Petra59 karma

Oh boy, I could write a book about this one. We have upset parents (mothers by majority) that pull the "my daughter was under 18" card all the time. Unfortunately, in the 7 years I've been answering those mails and calls, I can count on one hand how many times it could have been legit. The big legit porn sites are pretty good about dotting i's and crossing t's.

slayer1am27 karma

How difficult is it to verify the legality of girls that come from other countries? Are they screened remotely? How are their documents checked?

FreeOnes_Petra28 karma

We don't produce porn ourselves, but for the stuff where we need our own content we work with trusted producers. We also check IDs carefully for the girls that sell their content in the FreeOnes stores.

fuckswithducks23 karma

How has the site's traffic fared over the years? I stopped visiting years ago because it seemed like activity dropped since around 2006-2008.

FreeOnes_Petra34 karma

Traffic is still good as a whole. I don't think the community (i.e. board) is as active as 2006-2008 but hopefully we have some really nice changes coming early next year that all visitors will love.

Plus, we have tons of traffic, loads of videos (all 100% legit and legal) and lots of beautiful models that participate directly on the site with fans.

thunder_c0ck11 karma

Can you tell us more about these changes?

FreeOnes_Petra12 karma

Unfortunately, there's not much I can release right now. However, a big part of it is changing the way our search engine works. is a beta site we've thrown up to test the idea of an elastic search for the videos.

iEatWoofers23 karma

Hey Petra,

What's you day-to-day job like?

Do you work at home or does FreeOnes have an office in the Netherlands?

FreeOnes_Petra42 karma

This is actually an office job for me though I do work at home as well. We call this "flexible working" over here in the Netherlands.

Day to day job, well, that just depends on what's going on. The past month it's been a lot of getting ready for Miss FreeOnes on top of making sure my content team has everything they need to run promos, make banners, and so on.

I also do a lot of report writing, stat analysis, documentation, and other boring marketing stuff.

Trust me, having hot girls running around naked all day would be much more exciting than numbers. ;-)

jamesvideo19 karma


FreeOnes_Petra27 karma

About an hour worth since I was still on the clock when I started it.

jillmeister15 karma


FreeOnes_Petra14 karma

I don't know, what country are you from?

Champis14 karma

What's something about FreeOnes that the average user may not know about?

FreeOnes_Petra19 karma

It was started in the owner's attic in 1998 as a little project site and blew up into one of the biggest legit surfer sites out there!

pm_me_whateva13 karma

With all of the "free" porn being generated by willing amateurs, what do you think is the future strategy for pay sites?

FreeOnes_Petra27 karma

I don't believe it's the amateurs putting up porn for free that's hurting the industry. It's the people going and ripping the content straight from members area. ;-\

With that being said, I honestly believe we're going to start seeing sites coming up with new ways to interact with the girls. Interaction is pretty hard to pirate. ;-)

cripplecricket12 karma

Can one watch too much porn?

FreeOnes_Petra28 karma

Like anything, if you're ignoring responsibilities to watch porn, then yes.

slayer1am12 karma

Are there any types of porn, or certain porn acts, that you will not do, or are uncomfortable performing?

FreeOnes_Petra14 karma

I'm not actually a performer. I'm pretty much exclusively behind the scenes!

neoKushan13 karma

Have you ever considered it? Are there a few sneaky pictures of you floating around the internet?

FreeOnes_Petra14 karma

There's a few from past events I've attended. I'm pretty good at being where ever the camera isn't though.

Locak10 karma

What is FreeOnes?

edit: nvm i think i figured it out. what makes FreeOnes different from other sites?

FreeOnes_Petra12 karma

Everything you see on FreeOnes is 100% legit. So every single video and photo set given to us has been given by a model, site, or producer.

We also don't tolerate annoying types of adverts like pop-ups, pop-unders, or anything that will harm our user's PCs. In fact, several years ago we started warning potential customers about pre-checked cross sales (you'd buy a pass but fail to uncheck that box for the "free trial" and end up getting charged a few hundred bucks). In other words, we really care about our visitors.

MrMojoRavage9 karma


FreeOnes_Petra20 karma is probably my favorite since I've always been into bondage/S&M type porn.

informedsquash9 karma

What has been your favorite experience while working for FreeOnes? Also, what kind or porn is your favorite to watch if you do watch?

FreeOnes_Petra12 karma

Honestly, Miss FreeOnes. It's something I created by myself, executed, and brought to a successful conclusion 4 times now. The last 2 years was almost all by myself with very little help from my boss, and this year has been 100% myself and it's gone off without a hitch. That's a pretty good feeling.

And bondage porn is my favorite to watch.

josephsalem9 karma

does running a porn site get you a lot of ass?

FreeOnes_Petra25 karma

Nope. I'm married. ;-)


who is your tip for top whore this year?

FreeOnes_Petra13 karma

I'd watch Siri. She's pretty hot for it.

joman668 karma

Is this for reals?

FreeOnes_Petra14 karma


shiruken8 karma

Can you make charts of website activity during the World Cup like Pornhub did?

FreeOnes_Petra5 karma

We're actually working on mining our data so we can do cool stuff like this.

We did this one last year for our 15 year anniversary!

LiveToDieAnotherDay6 karma

Which would you rather fight: twelve 1ft.-tall porn stars or one 12ft.-tall porn star?

FreeOnes_Petra6 karma

Oooh boy. Depends on who those porn stars are. There's some that even at 1ft I wouldn't want to cross!

gergthemac6 karma

I'm assuming you watch a lot of porn in this position. What in your opinion is the best pornographic scene of all time ? Like just hands down, awesome

FreeOnes_Petra11 karma

My porn watching ebbs and flows. 6 months ago I was cutting videos for our promos and today I maybe see a little bit of a scene a week just to make sure a video works.

However, Nubile Films has some of the best quality videos in my personal opinion. That's followed by X-Art. However, I don't think there's a particular scene that sticks in my mind as being "the best ever".

beckisquantic6 karma

How is your website making money ?

FreeOnes_Petra6 karma

Obvious is adverts. We also sell credit packages and people can buy videos or photo sets from us or all the different models that have a FreeOnes store.

Gay3H36 karma

Are you planning on doing any male model categories (for either gay or straight porn)?

FreeOnes_Petra9 karma

If you asked me last year I'd say no. However, there has been talk lately about starting a male site geared towards women. It would feature straight guys (James Deen, Peter North, etc) as well as solo male porn stars.

From there, we could possibly venture into a actual gay porn site but that's a long way off.

Sniperae5 karma

Do you ever have any trouble from groups that are against pornography?

FreeOnes_Petra14 karma

Not really since our office is in the Netherlands and porn is more or less accepted. However, we get mails from time to time asking us to take down the site and repent.

trevxenemy4 karma

Hi Petra! Hope all is well! We've done some business together! Who's your favorite Miss FreeOnes, ever?

FreeOnes_Petra4 karma

Hey Trev!

They've all been wonderful, but Vicky Vette who was Miss FreeOnes 2012 was probably the best win for our members since she's extremely active on the board.

Indydegrees23 karma

What kinda things do the girls do in the competition?

FreeOnes_Petra5 karma

I've seen all sorts of antics over the years. Free site passes if you vote for them, raffles for items like panties, fan signs, and so on. I think one year a girl promised to raffle off a play station. Not sure if it ever happened.

IndianPanda3 karma

How many Indian models' collection do you have? I'm talking about girls strictly from India not of Indian origin. Do you guys contact modelling agency for models' contact and collections? Are you in contact of any Indian modelling agency?

FreeOnes_Petra3 karma

There's a few sites out there that have Indian models, but not many that have a first and last name which FreeOnes is surrounded around.

We just recently started accepting content from sites with more amateur girls so I need to go back and see what kind of videos I can get from the Indian member sites.

EnigmaticHuman3 karma

How did you decide to work in this industry? It's definitely not something that I have ever heard anyone say that it is their top career choice.

FreeOnes_Petra8 karma

I didn't really wake up one morning saying "hey, I want to work in the porn industry!" Like a lot of people in the industry that work behind the scenes, I just kind of fell into it by the right place and right time scenario.

In a nutshell, I just became legal to work in the Netherlands and wasn't having much luck because a Criminal Justice degree really isn't common over here. So I was getting desperate and found an office job on an expat classified site. Turns out it was for FreeOnes.

Went from being the minion to ordering the minions around over the past 7 years. ;-)

saptsen3 karma

What are your thoughts on the /b/ celebrity nudes leak (aka The Fappening)?

FreeOnes_Petra8 karma

Legal issues waiting to happen. I won't touch it unless it comes from one of our partner's sites.

hazelnutgelato3 karma

How do you feel about revenge porn?

FreeOnes_Petra14 karma

I think it's wrong and am 100% in support of laws that prevent people from putting this up. Porn should always be a fantasy made between consenting adults.

hazelnutgelato2 karma

Have you ever removed porn you thought was "revenge?" Have you thought about making a submission box or a flag or something for girls to contest getting their porn taken down?

(I didn't click on any of the links cuz I'm too much of a wimp so I'm not sure what kind of porn site you have)

FreeOnes_Petra6 karma

I think our message board is where we probably remove the most content due to the fact that there's nothing backing the legality of it.

For the content that our partners give us (the big porn sites for example), there are legal contracts involved so it's 99.9999% of the time 110% legit.

And we have report functions on all our links and galleries. Most of these girls know where to reach me at too. ;-)

(and our site is pretty tame though don't click on the links at work because there is at least nudity)

[deleted]3 karma


FreeOnes_Petra4 karma

Thank you for that! We try to be as helpful as possible.

cab005E2 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

FreeOnes_Petra3 karma


captain_sourpuss2 karma

Porn often seems to be designed for 'supporting' solo action. Very little porn in our opinion exists that goes slowly enough to keep up if you're actually 2 people running a video while you're doing your own thing too.

Do you know why this does not exist, or are we very bad at finding this? As an example our foreplay lasts, well, at the very least longer than any foreplay scene we've ever seen in a porn, unless it's a specific dick sucking video or something.

What gives?

FreeOnes_Petra3 karma

In the past porn has always been about the guy, because guys are the only ones who ever watch porn. o_O I think that the "porn art" companies are slowly starting to change this. They're aiming their porn more at women and couples by bringing the foreplay, the soft and sensual side of porn instead of the crazy gonzo that porn tends to lean towards.

I'd suggest checking out Met-Art, SexArt, X-Art and even (I probably left out an S or two) and see if there's something that appeals. And DON'T be afraid to write them and suggest what you want to see. Sometimes you get lucky and they'll take a suggestion in.

scrapitcleveland2 karma

What do you think of the Playboy Miss Social competition?

FreeOnes_Petra4 karma

I remember when it first came out a few years ago. I'm a huge fan of gamification and Playboy Miss Social does a really good job of that. I also really liked how a good majority of votes have to be from doing stuff while X amount could be purchased.

However, in my humble opinion, I think they let it become stagnant. Perhaps with Playboy's focus on making their content more geared for social networks, they'll breath new life into it.

fwho2 karma

Why is the industry so slow to adopt Bitcoin?

FreeOnes_Petra3 karma

I can't speak for the other companies, but I think getting it integrated into their whole payment system is a bit of a pita. But, we had several companies that moved in on it pretty fast and we even had it for about a year. It just wasn't worth it for us because an account HAD to be created to get credits.

flightattendante2 karma

How do you manage to keep track of all the new talent? Do they have to come to you or do you guys find them? It seems like there are constantly new performers getting into the business.

FreeOnes_Petra5 karma

I actually have employees who's sole task is to look for new talent on the scene and get content in order to make a model section. In July we had 30,000 models on FreeOnes, we're just about to break 34k in a little over 200 models.

EvangelineTheodora2 karma

Any tips or advice for someone who is interested in the behind the camera aspects of the porn industry?

FreeOnes_Petra7 karma

Writing, SEO, marketing skills, video editing, and customer service skills can come in handy. Almost everyone I know that is in a fairly high position of a porn company started at entry level type jobs and worked their way up.

Parabrocat2 karma

What's the main reason girls choose to get a job in the porn industry? Is it the cliche, "I have no money and can't find another job" argument or?

FreeOnes_Petra12 karma

All the girls seem to have a different story. More than half are probably started because of the relatively quick money. But some always wanted to do it, others were swingers and decided to monetize their skills. And quite a few just plain love sex and wanted to get paid for it.