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/u/YouPornJude - Social Media & Support

Matt Blake - PR & Marketing

Nic LeChance - Lead Developer

Ryan Smith - Site Manager

eSports Spoiler: We were hoping to have our new team sponsorship signed and sealed to announce today, but we're still waiting on a few signatures. That being said, here's a sneak peek at what the team logo and jersey will look like!


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Katie_Pornhub2795 karma

Any chance YouPorn will sponsor my pussy?

YouPornJude2120 karma

Didn't we already do that?

Jux_2279 karma

Can you disable the first 5 second of audio for tracks? Sometimes my phone is a real jerk and won't silence videos until they load in the player and that makes masturbating in the work bathroom a nervous proposition.


*edit: hey geniuses I have an Android phone with a bug that starts the video player with volume up even if the phone is silenced. And headphones means I can't hear when someone comes in. It's like you've never masturbated in a public restroom before!

YouPornJude1991 karma

Never heard that one before, brb, going to bathroom to "trouble shoot" the issue. - Jude

richardwrinkle1926 karma

As a business how do you overcome the fact that your product causes blindness and hairy palms in millions of adolescences a year?

YouPornJude2673 karma

Glasses & razors

PnkFld1501 karma

Do people actually use the facebook share function?

YouPornJude1983 karma

You'd be surprised how often it gets used. - Jude

saucesplz1497 karma

Could you allow "Timeline" comments like soundcloud, so I could quickly hover over user submitted annotations in the video and see which scenes I want to fast forward to?

YouPornJude1699 karma

It's a cool idea, and definitely technologically possible. We'll have to look into it. Thanks for the idea. - Nic

Someone921478 karma When will this happen?

YouPornJude777 karma


FlamboyantSloth1247 karma

Do you ever accidentally type in youporn when going to YouTube in front of people?

YouPornJude1781 karma

Every. Single. Day. - Jude

Every time I type Y into my browser it auto-completes to - Matt

habalushy1222 karma

What days of the year do you get the most traffic?

YouPornJude2680 karma

January 2. The holidays are over, family time is over, people have their houses to themselves again, it's only natural. - Ryan

Draculas_Dentist278 karma

My professional guess would be Valentines day.

YouPornJude1064 karma

It's actually a slow day for us, but the 15th more than makes up for that. - Jude

aguyfrominternet1183 karma

What's NSFW for you at work?

YouPornJude2034 karma

Cute cat videos. So like 1/2 of reddit. - Jude


When you remove a video, do you actually remove it, or do you keep it in your shoebox underneath your bed?

Can I have it when you die?

YouPornJude1050 karma

They get deleted entirely, sorry. - Ryan

mjw237853 karma

Who is currently the most searched actress (or actor)?

YouPornJude1400 karma

It changes a lot but Lisa Ann has been in the top 3 for close to a year.

thatginger00839 karma

What did your parent(s) say when you told them what your job was?

YouPornJude1695 karma

"Good job, son. Can I have a free account?" True story. - Jude

My mom regularly finds some of our PR initiatives and tells me she's proud. - Matt

king_tommen752 karma

If y'all could get any A list celebrity to do a scene who would it be and why?

YouPornJude1528 karma

Rihanna, she teases us pretty well with her music videos - Matt

Nicki Minaj... dat ass - Jude

Jennifer Lawrence, because we love her almost as much as reddit. - Ryan

RhllorTheLordOfLight941 karma


YouPornJude1156 karma

Oh, we're trying. Always trying. - jude

irod23740 karma

Which site do you use for fapping? be honest now- I'll know if you are lying.

YouPornJude1480 karma

YouPorn, obviously... okay, and maybe PornHub from time to time. - Jude

Th3Oscillator549 karma

If you had to pick one, which Teletubby is your favorite and why?

YouPornJude1787 karma

The one with the biggest dildo on its head - Jude

Tube8_Ava520 karma

tits or ass?

YouPornJude1531 karma

Y not both? - Everyone, ever

Ding-a-lingus493 karma

Suppose someone never looked at internet porn before and you had to make a sales pitch to them as to why they should choose you over your competitors (xhamster, xvideos, etc). What would you tell them?

YouPornJude795 karma

We're the original tube site and we're constantly evolving our products to improve user experience. We look at ourselves as a technology company and are focused on improving site speed, performance, adopting new technologies and compatibility with as many platforms as possible. - Ryan

HappyMondiis465 karma

How did you get involved with eSports?

YouPornJude707 karma

We have lots of gamers here, so it seemed like a natural partnership to make. - Jude

theheirofgondor220 karma

Is there any progress on you guys sponsoring a professional eSports team?

YouPornJude387 karma

Just waiting for the contract to be signed. Check out jersey and logo mockups in ama description. - Jude

kateLowell462 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen uploaded to your site?

Do you track what individual people search for and watch (I wouldn't mind, I'm just curious)?

YouPornJude619 karma

  1. Face-gina - Jude

  2. We don't track individuals, content is tailored based on overall site trends. - Ryan

Shouldbeworking22392 karma

What is your favorite type of porn?

YouPornJude765 karma

Midget gangbangs - Jude MILFs - Matt Amateur - Ryan BBWs - Nic

Nunoporing399 karma

Midgets gangbangs? o.o

YouPornJude1167 karma

Don't act like you've never been curious. - Jude

Minifig81376 karma

Hey guys, I know you own several porn sites in your network, but have you ever thought about adding a "Actor/Actress Height" "Breast size:" or, you know "Penis Size:" and "Hair color:" picker for those who know exactly what they're looking for across all the sites in your network?

YouPornJude394 karma

We're always working to improve our search features and these will definitely be considered for future release.

Emma_RedTube351 karma

If you could sleep with any porn star who would it be?

YouPornJude617 karma

Alexis Texas, always been a fan - Jude Lexi Belle - Ryan Madison Ivy - Matt

kugrian266 karma

Is this your office?

YouPornJude130 karma

Simon Pegg is a genius! - Jude

Carnivean66263 karma

In your opinion, what's the greatest plot in the history of porn movies?

YouPornJude998 karma

ding dong

PnkFld260 karma

Favorite video?

YouPornJude600 karma

Anything by FakeTaxi - Jude

New Madison Ivy from Brazzers - Matt

Hoobacious246 karma

What does your typical work day consist of, and do you get to work at home?

YouPornJude777 karma

Twitter, Reddit, some support emails, watch some porn, harass /u/Katie_PornHub, and lots of work from home. You know, "research". - Jude

lost_one7226 karma

First off I want to say thank you for entertaining me last night... along with every other night. You're the reason i'm able to get a good nights rest. Second, what do i have to do to be a intern or take a tour and maybe cum away with from souvenirs?

YouPornJude208 karma

We're here to please! We're not looking for new interns right now, but whenever we do, we usually find them via a contest on Twitter, so keep an eye on our twitter for future opportunities. - Jude

ilofty224 karma

Hi guys, 2 part question!

I've always wondered if there is someone on the 'other side of the screen' that monitors what people search for/watch. Have you ever just sat there and looked at the recently searched and laugh? If so, what is the most ridiculous, fetish if you will, that you have come across

YouPornJude888 karma

Check this out for a laugh -

hip_hop_opotimus207 karma

Does working for a porn site diminish your sex drive or perception of sex with a SO?

YouPornJude372 karma

If anything, it increases it. - Jude

There are many jobs in the company that don't involve actually watching porn. - Matt

motherstep193 karma

How do I get a job composing music for 1980s grade amateur porn films?

YouPornJude447 karma

I recommend a time machine and a Midi Keyboard. - Jude

alikeyvan191 karma

How many viewers you have per year?

YouPornJude460 karma

Somewhere around the 7.3 Billion visits mark -Ryan

FunkyChicken69167 karma

How do you get a marketing job in porn? Sounds like a dream job

YouPornJude295 karma

To be honest, I saw an ad. Came from a completely different industry, and now I'm livin the dream. - Matt

NDoilworker136 karma

Why is there a comment section?

YouPornJude736 karma

If there were no comments, there wouldn't be things like Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos

DrunkenJagFan121 karma

Lotion or dry?

YouPornJude361 karma

Is it a special occasion? - Jude

Indydegrees2103 karma

You are stranded on a desert island with a mermaid.

Do you want get to be top or bottom half fish?

YouPornJude167 karma

Top fish, if I have a bag. - Jude

The_Knight_of_Ni99 karma

What are the hardest aspects of each of your jobs?

YouPornJude439 karma

Mah dick. - jude

From a marketing perspective it's sometimes difficult to crack the mainstream, but it's a challenge we take head on. - Matt

It's more of an interesting challenge than a difficulty, but effectively managing the mass amounts of traffic we handle on a daily basis while maintaining site speed and quality is something I've never had to deal with before working here. - Nic

SwaggaDagga797 karma

To start off, I personally think that it is great that you guys want to invest in the esports scene to help it grow. That being said, do you think that YouPorn brand may actually put a negative spin on the legitimacy of esports since porn is generally looked down upon in society?

YouPornJude172 karma

It's a common issue we run into in this industry when trying to work with companies outside of our industry. There's going to come a time when the overall perception of porn and related brands changes; we think we're on the verge of overcoming the stigma and believe we could be the company to break through the barrier. We're just looking forward to becoming a part of the growing esports community. - Matt

backpackcode83 karma

What do you say when people ask you where you work? What do you list on your resume?

YouPornJude186 karma

I say I work for a porn company. - Jude

lovesamoan78 karma

And the grandparents never ask any questions?

YouPornJude513 karma

My grandparents don't know how to turn on a computer. To them, I work for the internet. - Jude

_The_Obvious_82 karma

Do any of you actually have direct contact with any stars?

YouPornJude147 karma

All the time - Matt

appieftw58 karma

How many people visit YouPorn on a daily basis? Like an average.

YouPornJude136 karma

20 million visits every day!

TheBiscuiteer28 karma

Why did you remove the "random video" dice button? I thought that was an exciting way of doing it. Is it just somewhere else on the site but I just can't find it?

YouPornJude35 karma

We removed the dice button, but you can still find the random videos listed under the videos menu, or directly at -

Just4Lulzz9 karma

Are you actually trying to find a League of Legends or Dota team?

YouPornJude14 karma

We've already found one. Contract is just waiting to be signed. You can see the jersey and team logo mock ups in the ama description. - Jude

[deleted]9 karma


YouPornJude12 karma

We're here to please. - jude

TheOpen5 karma

What’s the deal with all the blurred out beavs’ in the Asian porn? I’m here to masturbate not be censored. Also, if you know Esperanza Gomez, can you tell her I said “Hi”?

YouPornJude14 karma

In Japan you actually can't legally show the beavs without blur. -Jude

Grazer464 karma

Soooo, did you sponsor /u/EDJE 's DotA 2 team?
Edit: I'm a slowpoke. Move on.

YouPornJude10 karma

EDJE doesn't have a "team" of his own. He did tell us to sponsor Team Tinker though. He wants to see SingSing in YP Pink as much as we do. - jude

amdy9853 karma

A few pornnstars have come out and said they hate porn tubes like Youporn and pornhub, because a lot of the content on these sites are pirated, so the people who work on these films aren't receiving as much money as they should be. Do you agree and do you try and stop it? Or do you think they blow it out of proportion?

YouPornJude3 karma

We take piracy very seriously. We do everything in our power to combat copyright piracy, and comply with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Carnivean662 karma

Do you view working in pornography as a job just like any other acting job?

YouPornJude5 karma

None of us are actually "actors" in porn, we're the people behind the scenes. It's a lot like working for any other web/tech company. - Ryan