Seth Meyers here, coming to you from my dressing room in Downtown L.A.'s Nokia Theater, where come Monday I'll be hosting the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys.

This past February I became host of NBC's Late Night franchise. I've had the opportunity to interview Reddit favorites like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chris Pratt, Lena Headey, Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, plus tons of other actors, musicians, authors, athletes and more...

Before I joined Late Night, I spent over a decade on Saturday Night Live, where I served as a cast member, head writer and Weekend Update anchor. Some highlights thanks to Yahoo! Screen here. I'm also excited to share with you the Hulu animated series The Awesomes was just picked up for a third season! More info on that here.

Ask me about the Emmys, Late Night, SNL, The Awesomes, comics, books, sports, television and...anything!


UPDATE: Thanks, everyone for the questions! I really enjoyed my first AMA. Watch the Emmys on NBC Monday, Aug. 25 at 8pmET/5pm PT and Late Night weeknights on NBC at 12:35/11:35c!

Have a great day!


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what_would_yeezus_do541 karma

How could you ask questions like "I'm sorry Stefon, what is a human magic 8-ball?" with a straight face when Bill Hader couldn't keep it together?

Seth_Meyers553 karma

In my memory I never did. It was so wonderful being out there with Bill. I just felt like an audience member with the best seat

EloquentMumbling446 karma


Seth_Meyers632 karma


ChrisK7367 karma

Sorry, I've wanted to ask one guest of Comedians in Cars this:

How much time is spent actually shooting an episode as a guest? Is the conversation completely spontaneous or do you prepare as you do for a show like Late Night?

Seth_Meyers587 karma

No preparation at all. Jerry pulled up outside my apartment and we spent four hours together. An hour on the road, three eating and talking. Probably four of the most exciting hours of my life. Very few people I know that are more fun to talk about comedy with.

Velorium_Camper313 karma

In a perfect world, would you and Stefon be together?

Seth_Meyers980 karma

It is a perfect world and we are

MyPrettyPower249 karma

Any chance you will cameo on Portlandia? Your chemistry with Fred is charming and hilarious!

Seth_Meyers300 karma

The schedule has never worked out but I'm hoping to make it up to Portland soon. I'd love to be there and see Fred do his thing

jvh2012223 karma

Hi Seth,

What sketch that you wrote during your time at SNL are you most proud of writing?

Why doesn’t SNL release who wrote which sketches? (I.e. on the credits when they are uploaded to Yahoo Screen the next day) I feel like a lot of SNL fans would like to know who wrote what, and that it would be a great way for the fans to become familiar with the writers, who often times can go unappreciated.

Seth_Meyers355 karma

In my last full season I wrote a lot of stuff I loved. Louis CK as Lincoln, Darrell's House with Zach and History of Punk with Fred. As far as why they're not credited it's a good question. I will say, with rewriting and collaboration giving one writer sole credit would take away from the efforts of the table. I "wrote" the Sarah Palin sketches but often the best jokes came from other people pitching in.

Dsalamone12190 karma

The thing with Fred at the start of the show where he tells what hes been up to lately is one of my favorite things ever. Are those completely improvised or does he know what your going to ask him about?

Seth_Meyers270 karma

Completely improvised. No idea what I'm going to ask him.

nayun180 karma

Seth, did you know that you have a large amount of fans in China? And we call you " Sai Jin Hua" (means "better than Golden flowers" ') . You like saying anything to us? :) P.s Good luck on Emmys! !

Seth_Meyers250 karma

That's the best thing I've heard all day! Can't wait to make my writers start calling me that!!!!

Thanks, China

Maccas75170 karma

Hi Seth! What has been the most challenging aspect of hosting your own talk-show?

Also, do you miss doing Weekend Update with Cecily Strong? You guys had such great comedic chemistry together!

Seth_Meyers366 karma

I miss her terribly. But we're in the same building so I get to see her all the time. I'm really glad I was able to spend time with her at the desk.

The most challenging aspect is shaving every day as opposed to once a week on Saturday night

tajmaballer164 karma

Best perk of hosting Late Night?

Seth_Meyers371 karma

A dressing room with my own bathroom

GrandMasterT136 karma

Seth, who was your favorite guest host on SNL?

Seth_Meyers217 karma

So many great ones over the year. Jon Hamm, JT, Melissa McCarthy...There are so few that let you down. It's amazing that people are willing to give an entire week to such a stressful process.

T3canolis125 karma

Seth, you are literally my comedy hero. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate and love the stuff you wrote and were in on SNL.

However, my favorite moment of you on Saturday Night Live was on the Season 35 premiere, where after Jenny Slate famously swore in her sketch, you stayed with her during goodnights, giving her what was definitely a much-needed hug. This made me really look up to you, in how you decided to comfort her with a smile even after she screwed up on the show you wrote for.

With this in mind, I want to know what you think about those who treat comedy, and especially SNL, like an unforgiving, cruel place. Do you agree? Or not?

Seth_Meyers134 karma

SNL was an incredibly loving place in my time there. People were out to succeed but not at the expense of their colleagues. By design someone is going to be unhappy at the end of every show. There's just not enough space for everyone to score each week. But it was never unforgiving and never cruel.

As for Jenny, she is such a talented person. I suggest everyone see her film "Obvious Child" which was wonderful. She also killed her segment on Late Night

drewm_5593 karma

Less of an "ask" and more of a "tell", but the segment you do right after the monologue where you do updates on the family and personal life are really great, you're a dynamite storyteller with those. Here's an "ask" part for you: does it take a lot of work to come up with a new yarn every night, or do those anecdotes come to you pretty naturally?

Seth_Meyers90 karma

Thanks! I really enjoy doing that. I wasn't something we planned as much as we discovered. They don't come easy every day. There are times when it's a bit more of a struggle mostly because my days can be the same in the middle of a show week. I do find myself trying new things in hopes of finding something new to talk about

modern_complexity85 karma

Hi, Seth!

I'm from your hometown of Bedford, NH! Your mom taught French to my friends several years ago, I was at your show at our high school auditorium (the local jokes in particular were spot on), and I was in the audience at your third ever Late Night show! So I'm a pretty big fan of yours, and I appreciate having the opportunity to tell you so.

My question is a two-parter:

1 How do you like the job? Is it a fulfilling line of work?

2) What's it like to step into the shoes of the late night greats like Jimmy, Letterman, and Conan?

Thanks so much!!

Seth_Meyers98 karma

Bonjour! Great to talk to a fellow Bedfordite.

1) I love my job and it's incredibly fulfilling. Getting to do it every day is incredible. 2) It's daunting but at SNL I was stepping into big shoes as well so I learned the best way to handle that kind of pressure is to do your best to ignore it.

Velorium_Camper78 karma

What's your favorite Stefon nightclub?

Seth_Meyers242 karma


G-Pape72 karma

What do you miss most about SNL?

Seth_Meyers121 karma

The people. It's an amazing lot up on 17

DarrenAronofsky69 karma

How awesome was it working with Bill Hader? I imagine he's fun. Also, huge fan. You're very funny. Keep doing your thing.

Seth_Meyers110 karma

Bill is one of the most talented people I've ever met. On top of that he has impeccable taste when it comes to comedy. Writing with him always meant you were going to get the best out of the idea

Neiljackandjimmy69 karma

What do you think about the lonely island movie that's been announced?

Seth_Meyers98 karma

So so excited

aejohnson967 karma

Hey Seth, Any advice for aspiring TV screenwriters? What's the best route to get into entertainment writing?

Is being in a comedy troupe particularly important? can online journalism suffice?


Seth_Meyers125 karma

I think there are more ways than ever to find a job in the entertainment industry. The best advice I would give is to create as much content you're proud of as possible. So if the day comes when somebody wants to see your stuff, it's ready to go

Psychofant63 karma

Has Chevy Chase ever told you that you're not?

Seth_Meyers150 karma

He's implied it

frid62 karma

Seth, did you have any interaction with Don Pardo during your SNL years? Wondered if you had any stories of thoughts about him.

Seth_Meyers107 karma

Don was a wonderful guy who was always happy to tell us about the Golden Age of TV and radio in early days of 30 Rock. I'm so happy I had a chance to know him

milkymaniac62 karma

When will we see another "Second Chance Theater"? I loved that bit!

Seth_Meyers89 karma

We have another one locked and loaded. Hoping to announce soon. But it's a good one!


Is madam Meyers still teaching French? She's the reason I still know the French alphabet after 14 years.

Seth_Meyers79 karma

My mother retired two years ago! She misses her students but loves her free time

emilyyy18259 karma

Hey Seth! What part of the Emmys are you most looking foward to?

Seth_Meyers134 karma

The after party!

moshami55 karma

Big fan and congratulations on your new venture! Which SNL cast member is in real life most like one of the characters they play?

Seth_Meyers154 karma

If you think that, based on her characters, Poehler is a ball of positive energy that you would want to spend time around, you would be right

Ascertain2055 karma

Do you clear stories you're going to tell on the show with people before you tell them?

Seth_Meyers95 karma

I don't. Eventually I'll get in trouble but so far, so good!

unicorn92852 karma

What is your favorite comic book?

Seth_Meyers121 karma

Locke and Key is my most recent fav

globochememployee50 karma

Who was your favorite recurring guest on Update (besides Stefon since we all know it is Stefon)?

Seth_Meyers124 karma

Yes it was.

Loved Drunk Uncle. Loved anything Kate ever did. Never was out there with Kenan when he wasn't killing it. So many

Karlybitme4748 karma

Dearest Seth, I am such a huge fan. I went to the 52nd taping of Late Night on May 22nd. I was freaking out the entire time. Hugh Jackman punched my arm, and your bloggers made my friend and I into a gif because we were freaking out so much. I straight up started crying when Fred sang Dancing with Myself. At the end, Fred blew me a kiss and Kim gave me her drumsticks and I almost passed out. Long story short, it was the best day of my life. I want to thank you so much for that. You are absolutely incredible, and you make me laugh until I cry every single night. You are going to rock the Emmy's! Okay so here is my question: what advice would you give someone like me who dreams of making people laugh for a living? You are such a huge inspiration to me, and your advice would mean the world. Thank you so much!

Seth_Meyers58 karma

Glad you had fun! Here's my advice: Get out when you're young and perform as much as possible. This is the time to find your voice. A lot of the finding will come in the failing but that's OK. You'll be fine!

funk_houser48 karma

Hi Seth! Loved your work on SNL, specifically your characters Man in Line, Concerned Customer, Offended Friend, Silent Observer, and Restaurant Patron. What was the strangest "pinch me" experience that you've had at 30 Rock?

Seth_Meyers70 karma

Thanks for pointing out my fine sketch work!

In my early years of SNL I shared an elevator with Robert DeNiro

NapsAndNetflix47 karma

Seth, when asked who my celebrity crush is I always answer with you. I am a straight 20 year old male. Now that that is out in the open, what was the biggest change from moving from snl to your own talk show?

Seth_Meyers58 karma

Thank you! I'm flattered.

Doing a show every day versus once a week. The upside is, when something doesn't work we get to go back out there 24 hours later as opposed to having to sit with it for seven days.

andykuchen46 karma

Hey Seth! Is your Game of Thrones still in Spanish?

Seth_Meyers78 karma

We figured it out but thanks for your concern!

thecricketnerd42 karma

Seth, what impressions/characters did you do for your SNL audition? Those were never your strength but obviously they weren't bad enough because you got hired.

Also, is there anything you can tell us about SNL's upcoming 40th season special?

Edit: grammatical

Seth_Meyers55 karma

Impressions were Russell Crowe, David Arquette and Hugh Grant. Characters were an Italian fashion photographer and a guy from Boston

thechasesmith35 karma

Do SNL stars and writers bring a notebook of ideas back from their summer break? How crazy is that first pitch meeting? I'm sure everyone is bringing their A game

Seth_Meyers67 karma

Surprisingly, the stuff you work out in the summer always feels flat and old by the time you bring it to the first pitch. Some of the best stuff I ever wrote were ideas I came up with in the seconds before I had to say something out loud

DaRooster34 karma

When you were a kid did you ever picture your life taking this direction?

Seth_Meyers108 karma

No. But I never saw it taking any direction.

messimanziel34 karma

Hey Seth, how did you feel when you got to roast the President at the White House Correspondents dinner?

Seth_Meyers51 karma

It was a thrilling night. Very out of body. I was incredibly happy when it was over but I'm glad I'm not sitting on that dais now about to stand up and do it again

notkapowski30 karma

Seth, I loved the Men In Blazers' appearance on your show the other week. How in the world did you become a West Ham fan?

Seth_Meyers51 karma

I was doing a show in London in 2000. I wanted to go to a soccer game. Went to a ticket agent and had my pick between West Ham, Arsenal and Charlton Athletic. Chose West Ham because I liked the idea of going to East London. Have often regretted not taking Arsenal but will never switch back!

Tommyboy212428 karma

Hi Seth!

Out of all of the Emmy nominated shows this year which one has been your favorite?

Seth_Meyers82 karma

Loved Fargo

GO_riboflavin28 karma

Do you ever feel bad about making fun of people? Big fan, thanks.

Seth_Meyers60 karma

I try hard not to tell any jokes that, were I to see the person I told them about, I wouldn't feel so bad that I couldn't say hello. There are very few I'd take back

moopersoup26 karma

How hard is it to come up with a new monologue every night?

Seth_Meyers41 karma

It's incredibly hard but we have great joke writers who are more than up to the task

traheidda25 karma

What is one of your favorite Weekend Update jokes or bits that you were a part of?

Seth_Meyers61 karma

Loved doing really with Poehler. Loved doing features with fellow cast members.

pumpkinsauce22 karma

Will you please insult me?

Seth_Meyers69 karma

That's a stupid question

(how was that?)

zedtozee22 karma

If I remember correctly, I think you mentioned that you are a Kanye fan. How were your interactions in SNL/Late night with Kanye been and how was it like to interview him so early on in Late Night?

Seth_Meyers32 karma

It was great. I'm such a fan of his work and it was exciting to talk to him about it. It was a little stressful having him as a guest for our second show but I think it worked out all right.

intrenches21 karma

Do you hold grudges against your Late Night writers after reading Affirmations?

Seth_Meyers44 karma

No, but only because I don't know who wrote what

RandomnessAbound061020 karma

Hey Seth glad to see you with a talk show, always a joy to see you on SNL!

Was Drunk Uncle a character you came up with?

Seth_Meyers34 karma

Drunk Uncle was all Colin Jost and Bobby

Neiljackandjimmy20 karma

Hi! I'm from England and I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh so much. My question is if you could do a special week of latenight in any country/state, which would you pick?

Seth_Meyers27 karma

Well, I used to live in Amsterdam and that would be pretty great

globochememployee19 karma

If you could have been on the writing staff of any show (past or present) which would it be? Why?

Seth_Meyers36 karma

I saw a tape of a writers panel from Caesar's Hour a few years ago. Neil Simon, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks and many more. Would have loved to have been in a room with them

FallonIsBetter19 karma

Hey Seth! I was at your monologue rehearsal on July 31st (national orgasm day) I was the kid in the navy blue shirt that waved at you before you started.

My question for you is: How old were you when you first started writing and performing standup and how did you first get involved with it?

Seth_Meyers29 karma

I had an improv background. And that was something I started doing in college. I came to stand-up later in life. But with writing, that was something I was doing from a very young age. Was lucky to have good teachers who told me I had talent there

jklap18 karma


Who was your favorite musical guest during your time on SNL?

Seth_Meyers60 karma


BlackCydonia17 karma

Seth, can you tell me what's with the number 21? You used to put it on your twitter name

Seth_Meyers46 karma

I blame Bill Simmons. He used to be BillSimmons33 so I thought you needed a number. 21 is one I like (Robert Clemente - my dad's favorite)

longorama16 karma


Seth_Meyers51 karma

Pedro Martinez

nevercomestheday16 karma

Hey Seth, huge fan of yours since you got started on SNL! My question for you is this: of all the update anchors, who's your favorite and/or biggest inspiration?

Seth_Meyers37 karma

Grew up on Dennis Miller. Loved Norm

Hiimash16 karma

What are you most nervous about hosting the Emmys?? Love you so much!!

Seth_Meyers31 karma

Just getting that first laugh. After that, we're golden

miatova16 karma

Hey Seth! Do you have any idea when you're going to get to do Second Chance Theatre on Late Night again? Jennjamin was so funny and I would love to see something like that again. Any idea when it's coming?

Seth_Meyers17 karma

Hoping September!

Neiljackandjimmy15 karma

Do your family ever come to watch the show?

Seth_Meyers25 karma

They have. My parents are great. They waited until I'd been doing it a month until they showed up.

Sakura_715 karma

Why is the Blue Beetle your favorite superhero?, mine is Booster Gold.

Seth_Meyers40 karma

I loved Justice League International when it first started. Good stories with comic relief. Blue Beetle and Booster were always my favorite but I liked Blue Beetle because he was smarter

dezweb14 karma

So....are you nervous? lol

Seth_Meyers28 karma


EdmundCastle13 karma

What do you think about the Not Ready for Primetime podcast? Did you really send Mike Ryan a lobster hat? Where does one even find that?

Seth_Meyers19 karma

I sent Mike a Maine Justice hat. I had them made for Sudeikis' last show and knew Mike to be, possibly, the world's biggest fan of that sketch.

lazyfoot1013 karma

Hey Seth, I am loving Late Night!

Think the Pirates sneak into the playoffs this year?

Seth_Meyers18 karma

Last week has been brutal. But I think they have a shot. Fingers crossed

MyPrettyPower10 karma

Bill Hader said "All of them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them." in response to "favorite sweet?". What's yours?

Seth_Meyers13 karma

Don't love sweets. That's why Hader and I get along so well. No competition!

drcorndog9 karma

With Late Night having a longer running schedule than SNL, do you think you'll still be able to tour at all?

Seth_Meyers11 karma

Less for sure. But I'm still going to try and get out twice a month for as long as I can handle it. I love getting on the road.

Ascertain209 karma

How far in advance do you write monologue jokes for Late Night?

Seth_Meyers14 karma

Day of only

vs3446 karma

Hey Seth!

Who were some of your favorite comedians growing up?

Seth_Meyers13 karma

Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Woody Allen

nayun6 karma

One question bothering me a long time: How can you guys of SNL remain such a great spirit on air after many rehearsals ? did you improvise often?

Seth_Meyers6 karma

We never improvise but we don't have that much time to rehearse. By the time you do it live on air, it's TOPS, the 6th time you've done it from top to bottom

shattered466 karma

What are your thoughts on the current state of the Red Sox? Are you confident the younger talent they're banking on will grow into their own in the next couple years?

Seth_Meyers8 karma

I hope so but I truly don't care. It's all gravy for me now. I feel as though I asked the fates for one WS and I would never ask for anything else. So I won't.

mindylahiri4 karma

Hi Seth! Although I miss you on Weekend Update, I look forward to your new show every night.

Your new writers are awesome; I especially love all the stuff Michelle Wolf does for the show! I'm wondering, how involved were you in the process of hiring writers for Late Night? How did you decide who would be best fit to write jokes for the show every night?

Seth_Meyers6 karma

Alex Baze, Mike Shoemaker and I met with all of the writers before we hired them. We wanted people who had voices different from mine and so far we're really happy with how it's turned out.

Ascertain203 karma

Are there more global outposts of Awesomes teams like in the UK or Germany?

Seth_Meyers4 karma

Keep watching Season 2. I think you'll be very happy.

La_Baguette2 karma

Howdy Sethington! On Late Night, what is it like having to sit down with celebrities that you don't like? Is there ever a time where you simply don't want to have a discussion with a person on the show?

Seth_Meyers3 karma

I'm not sure if that has happened yet. I like talking to people. So while they're are people I'm VERY excited to talk to there haven't been any of the opposite.