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Has Chevy Chase ever told you that you're not?

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Frank! You're my hero!

  1. Where is Audrey II now and how is he doing?

  2. Did you ever in your career have to double-track because 'your' characters were talking to each other?

  3. Do you know anything about the Star Wars sequels we don't that you'd be willing to share?

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Hi, Bryan.

With the ridiculous amount of money floating around in European football, do you think NA will ever reach the same level of sponsorship?

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Not OP, but if I may?

OP inserts the captions at the transmission end. They are transmitted to you as metadata, lying alongside the video picture. They are inserted into the picture by your television. Your television will have its own way of transmitting the 3D information and therefore also its own way of inserting the captions.

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What's your opinion on freeze-dried food?