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Have you ever been threatened by a customer? If so, what was the worst threat you've received?

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Not so much threatened, but told rude things. Someone told me she hoped I died in a car crash on my way home.

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What was your favorite lunch to take to work, assuming you didn't eat out every day?

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I am the absolute worst person at packing a lunch, I always buy a lunch somewhere. (I worked and still work in the downtown core, which has a ton of restaurants with great, cheap lunch options)

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Nucomm by the border. Brockville by chance?

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St. Catharines, but Nucomm did have a bunch of locations :-)

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Any good horror stories from working there?

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The whole place was just one big horror story. But my favourite call every was probably the woman I like to call "the monkey woman". Now, I feel bad for her, I do, but the call was just hilarious. It was never discussed by her, but she must have had tourette's, and her tic was monkey noises. Literally "ooo ooo eee eee" monkey noises. So she calls up about a problem (I forget what) and she is PISSED. But in between her yelling and screaming at me, she's making the monkey noises. I had to keep putting my phone on mute because I was LOSING it. I even made coworkers come listen in on my headset, because I knew no one would believe me unless they heard it for themselves.

"My cable box hasn't been working for -ooo ooo eee eee- two weeks, and you guys keep telling me that - ooo ooo eee eee- you will fix it but" and on like that.

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How do you sleep at night!?

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Pretty damn good, since I got the hell out of there and have a respectable job now.

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What was the weirdest situation you were every put in when entering someones house? Strangest client?

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I never had to enter someone's house, I only took inbound phone calls.

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How do you sleep at night?

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Pretty damn good, since I got the hell out of there and have a respectable job now.

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So in you in your bio, that you worked for comcast, then in all the comments you say that you didn't work for comcast, but for a company that did work for them... how were you a comcast employee again?

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Comcast doesn't "own" their own call centres. Comcast contracts with call centres to provide the service, this is how 99% of all major companies handle their call centre needs. The company I worked for had a number of clients, such as Rogers, Sprint, Comcast, etc. I was on the Comcast campaign, so I was exclusively a Comcast rep.