Hi Reddit! This is Kiesza and I'm ready to start #AMA with you all! Looking forward to your questions! https://twitter.com/Kiesza/status/497430006445133824

Hey guys!!! This was so much fun and I'm literally being dragged away by force, because I can't stop answering myself. I really love chatting with you all and lets do it again! If you want to stay in touch I'm always on twitter (@kiesza) and instagram (@kiesza) and facebook (www.facebook.com/kiesza).

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bkstr15 karma

Where was the Hideaway video filmed? How long did you rehearse the dancing for it, I love it so much!

KieszaOfficial22 karma

It was filmed in Brooklyn on West 12th and Kent street! We rehearsed for 3 days!!! Thank you!!! xox

GregGD24307 karma

Kiesza!!!!!! Any plans on releasing a studio version of No Enemiez?

KieszaOfficial14 karma


CATBBQ7 karma

In your video Hideaway, was it hard to get your pants on over your kneepads?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Not really! I forgot I was wearing them. They're very comfortable.

Frajer7 karma

Hideaway has a retro sound, who are your musical influences?

KieszaOfficial17 karma

Heavily influence by the early 90's... people like Soul II Soul, Robins S, Corona, Martha Wash, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and one of my biggest inspirations is Michael Jackson, as a performer especially!

SpeakYourWords6 karma

Hello. Love your music. Thanks for the AMA.

Your music is 90's inspired. What was this decade like for you personally?

How many tries did the Hideaway video take before it was perfect?

Why do you think your music is more popular in Europe than the USA?

KieszaOfficial17 karma

In the early 90's I was in diapers and I think while my brain was developing the 90's sound was infused into my neurons!

Two takes to get the video

The music started in Europe, but is picking up fast in the US. I think the sound was more relevant in Europe when it came out!

thegoldenlie6 karma


KieszaOfficial8 karma

Thank you!!! Calgary is my home so I will definitely be back and can't wait!!! Proud to be Calgarian!!

TragikHero4125 karma

Hey Kiesza!! I just recently saw your first performance in the states at Santos House Party! Which was amazing!! You really sang and dance your a$$ off and live at that!! I work in night-life in NYC and I'm starting to hear Hideaway at the clubs I work more than ever before... though I would request your music frequently.

So my question is like Michael, Madonna & Janet in their heydays starting off reminds me a bit of you. You know that low production but powerful performances that gives you life... did any of these artists influenced you in any way?

Also you style seems very party-kid! I love that!! Also I love how you incorporated my favorite house track from the 90's in your performances! Push The Feeling On!!!

Like the artists I mentioned above I can see you being just as big!! Looking forward to your actual album release!!

<3 you from NYC!!!

KieszaOfficial3 karma

They were all big influences to me!!!! Thank you for coming to Santos and for requesting my music!

benny10005 karma

Hey big fan of your music. Any chance you will be in the UK soon?

KieszaOfficial12 karma

Hey!!! thank you !!!! Yes I am in the UK a lot and will be doing a tour there soon!

GregGD24305 karma

What are your thoughts on Gaga and would you ever consider doing a collab with her?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

I'm always open to spontaneous collaborations with incredible artists. I think Gaga is amazing and is a true artist. She is such a great live performer and such a unique individual!

KomodoMoses5 karma


KieszaOfficial17 karma

In my belly button, ears, behind the knees and feet!

TheBhaveek4 karma

Has Calgary helped you become who are as an artist? Any plans on doing a show here soon? Love your music!

KieszaOfficial17 karma

Definitely! Calgary is where I was born and raised and is a big part of the person I am.

smizmar1234 karma

Who are you. And what do you do?

KieszaOfficial16 karma

I am just an ordinary prairie girl who likes to hum a tune.

lividd3ad4 karma

Hey! I'm a massive fan of all of your work so far and I have a couple of questions.

Where did the idea come from for the Giant in My Heart video? And how have you found the response to it? I've noticed that some people have been a little negative to the message it sends, while the majority love it.

And are you working on an album or just individual songs? And if so, when can we expect to hear it?

KieszaOfficial7 karma

The idea from Giant In My Heart came from my own experience of letting go of a person I wasn't ready to let go of. I think excepting that love is over is very hard, but something we all have to go through, which in the end makes us stronger people.

Shouldbeworking224 karma

Biggest inspiration?

KieszaOfficial16 karma

Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Lucille Ball, Einstein, Walter Russell, Quenton Tarantino, Robin S, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Aaliyah, James Brown, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Louis Armstrong...among others!

soundslikeaplanstan4 karma

Hi Kiesza! Huge fan! I have a lot of questions, but I will try to keep it chill and succinct. 1) I really admire the way you've traversed different genres and continue to adapt to different sounds with your recordings and live performances. What advice can you impart to creative younglings who want to venture outside their comfort zone? 2) I am beside myself with excitement re: your work with Rihanna. Can you give any tiny morsels of details about what you wrote/recorded, or otherwise talk about that experience? (PS - This is totally selfish, but a show in the southeastern US would be much appreciated.)

KieszaOfficial8 karma

My advise is to really explore things that you wouldn't normally expect yourself to do and collaborate a lot with people. Don't be afraid to be who you are. That is the most authentic thing about you!! The more you experiment, the more you find out about yourself. Take risks and be fearless!

420YoloSwagEuW4 karma

After watching the video to Hideaway I have to admit I loved it!
Do you conduct your own choreography? Also how many re-takes were there of the video if any?

KieszaOfficial6 karma

I work with the best choreographer IN THE WORLD!!! Her name is Ljuba Castot and she is a near and dear friend of mine!! We inspire each other and bounce a lot of ideas off each other. We did the video in 2 takes!

deanpmorrison3 karma

Hey! Any chance of a new Dean & Kiesza show in 2015/2015? :)

KieszaOfficial4 karma


KieszaOfficial3 karma

We definitely need to reunite one day!!! And sing the coat song again!

carliss3 karma

AMA tour South America? please!!

KieszaOfficial6 karma

OMG YES!!!! I love South America!!!

Casemap3 karma

Hey, Kiesza. I hope you can answer this one. Would you say that fame changed you? And how would you describe the feeling of being famous to us regular folk?

KieszaOfficial12 karma

I don't think it has change me as a person, but my life has definitely change a lot! I get recognized a lot on the streets, which a very unusual experience, but most people are very friendly and I really enjoy meeting fans! I'm surrounded by amazing people who have been there from the start, so they keep me very grounded!

iidd44ya3 karma

have you considered going to Asia? I'm from Taiwan! please put it in your list for tour in the future!!! I was at the very front row at Glastonbury this year! had a very good time!! Massive fan of you here :) x

KieszaOfficial3 karma

I've been dying to go to Asia!!!! It's a dream of mine. I've never been yet, but will definitely be there in the New Year! Thank you for being there at Glasto!!!

btcprox3 karma

  • Any collaborations you'd like to do in the future?
  • What's the inspiration behind that interesting album cover?
  • When's the next single coming out?
  • Which ice-cream flavour do you like? :)

KieszaOfficial11 karma

  • Duke Dumont, Joey Badass, Miguel, Sam Smith, would love to work more with Diplo and Skrillex.... so many its hard to choose!

JeanneInori3 karma

Hey! I'm such a big fan of your music I went to see you at Stantos Party House in NYC <3 totally amazing!

Are you going to use some of your old songs on the new album? I heard them through Youtube. My favorite is Oops but Where was You is pretty good too =D

KieszaOfficial4 karma

Those are all songs I wrote for fun, while working on my craft as a professional songwriter. I love the songs, but hadn't discovered myself as an artist yet. I can't say they represent my personal vision for myself as an artist but love them non-the-less.

ifyouaskm323 karma

Hi Kiesza, I am a big fan and will be attending your show in LA. Will there be photo opportunities with you and the fans?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Definitely!! I love to meet fans after my shows

thawkins3 karma

Weirdest/craziest thing that has happened at one of your shows?

KieszaOfficial8 karma

I ended up taking selfies in an empty jacuzzi with Skrillex and Diplo!

MartyBernie2 karma

Hey Kiesza! Any chance of doing a remix of something of yours? I have a few thousand followers, and I can add something that none of your official remixes have had so far. Here's a Link to my most recent remix for consideration, thanks!

KieszaOfficial3 karma

I'll definitely listen to your work!

Illyriana2 karma

Do you have any pets and do they travel with you?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

I dream of having French Bulldog!!!

unapologetiq2 karma

Hi Kiesza! I was in the audience at Jimmy Kimmel last week, it was the first time I've ever seen you and was incredibly blown away by your live performance. It was so hard not to applaud you during the first round, your voice was perfect every single time!

My question is which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to hear more!

KieszaOfficial5 karma

I would love to collaborate with Miguel and thank you so much!!!!

milesabove2 karma

Diplo's recent AMA hinted at a collab with Jack U... what was it like working with those guys? Are there any other collabs we can expect to see soon?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

They are AMAZING!!!! Two of the nicest people I've ever met and they are creative geniuses! It was so inspiring working with them and I hope to do more work together! We are definitely talking about another collaboration!

Illyriana2 karma

I just wanted to thank you for getting "Push The Feeling On" stuck on my head!

What are you listening to right now? Any particular artists or songs?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

Love Sam Smith, Mick Jenkins, Duke Dumont, Major Lazer... so many!

rachelikewoee2 karma

How did you deal with your worst breakup? Kinda struggling here.. it came out of nowhere and I loved that boy! :(

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Being creative is the best therapy!!! Painting, drawing, writing and journaling helps.

Illyriana2 karma

What is the artist you would like to collaborate most with and why?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

I love spontaneous unexpected collaborations and if Michael Jackson was still alive, that would have been my dream!

Urbernscreemz2 karma

Hey Kiesza, I'm new to your music after hearing about the forthcoming collab on the Jack u mixtape, Do you have any info about release details or anything? Thanks

KieszaOfficial5 karma

I think it comes out this month!

Gabster90z2 karma

If you could work with one artist dead or alive who would it be ? :)

KieszaOfficial4 karma

Michael Jackson!

Nodarisan2 karma

what is your dream ?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

To be creative for my entire life!!!

Actionh3ro2 karma

How did you become a master of all the arts? Were you put into singing/dancing lessons growing up or did you take an interest in them then pursued them? A little Throwback would be awesome! You're amazing kiesza!! You're putting canada in the best light and I could not be more proud.

KieszaOfficial5 karma

A little bit of both! My mom put me into a lot as a kid and I discovered a lot of interests of my own will!! I was a bit of an adventurer as a kid!!! All of my passions pursued where of my own doing!

Illyriana2 karma

What is your favorite instrument to play?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Piano and guitar are pretty equal! But I also play the flute!!

scottfits2 karma

Kiesza! Student looking at studying at Berkley here. Did Berkeley help you musically or help you get music-industry connections? Both?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Berklee got me into the right place and exposed me to so many creative people that I learnt from. Collaboration taught me so much!

-mael-2 karma

What is your favorite song you have recorded?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

Its so hard to say! I love them all very equally!

Illyriana2 karma

Hi beautiful :) I wanna know when No Enemiesz will be released? Will it be a single or will it be available on the album?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

No Enemiesz is definitely on the album! I'm not sure about which songs will be singles yet, but it's definitely a contender!

jubileemannation2 karma

Curious about the Jimmy Kimmel performance. The crowd around you seemed decidedly well-behaved -- but also decidedly stiff while looking on. Nobody really seemed to be dancing or moving around, and I can't imagine Hideaway not making everybody jam out. Were they asked not to get into it? Was the performance sound-free for those outside? What was the deal there?

KieszaOfficial9 karma

Outside I had In-ear monitors, so no one else could hear the music but me and the dancers! They were all tourists, so they probably where trying to figure out what was going on as the camera men pushed them aside!!! haha

Bandicoot7332 karma

What is your favourite song to dance to?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

AAAAAAAAH Such a hard question!!!!! Billie Jean???

-hellokitty2 karma

If I found you out in public and you were eating a hamburger, would you give me a bite of that hamburger?

KieszaOfficial8 karma

Chicken, Shitake mushroom, goat cheese, lettuce, mustard, tomato, light mayo.... pretzel bun!

dom_nic2 karma

Hey K! Its lesbi_an from Instagram lol I just wanted to ask you will you be performing at the VMA's and when can we expect the album to drop?

KieszaOfficial6 karma

Not performing this year but definitely attending!!!!! Album drops in October!!!!

Illyriana2 karma

Is Rami the only producer that worked on your upcoming album or did you work with several producers?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

Rami did most of the album... there are two other producers that worked on two of the songs and Rami did the rest!

mbear112 karma

Hi Kiesza! Super proud as a fellow Calgarian to see you making it big :). I love your music and share it with every one I can.

**What has been the biggest moment to you in your performing career so far?

**Are you scared of spiders?

**What's your favorite Disney movie?

Much love!

KieszaOfficial5 karma

  • Wembley Stadium with 88,000 people was insane! And my first headline show was a very emotional moment for me.
  • Lion King

rockc282 karma

Hey Kiesza, did you ever get our photo from grammy party a couple years ago? :) http://imgur.com/eg5xvX0

SO happy to see how far you've come - p.s. you should bust out "race car tires" at your next LA show!

KieszaOfficial3 karma

NO!!! Thank you for sending it and it was nice to meet you!!! Race Car Tires is an epic song!!!

sb2792 karma

Would you be interested in a collaboration with a New York based women's fashion start-up?

KieszaOfficial2 karma

Im always open to collaborating with new up and coming projects! Love to support!

HiKiesza2 karma

How are you so fabulous?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

How are YOU so fabulous???

imthefooI2 karma

Would you still sing if you made no money from it?

KieszaOfficial4 karma

I sang for almost 8 years making no money and was happy throughout. I don't do it for money, I do it for love and creative expression. I'm so grateful to be having so much support now and to be able to share my music with so many people, but would never stop making music if it never caught on.

Illyriana2 karma

Can you reveal any of the song titles on the album or how many songs there are in it?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

There album has 10 or 11 songs I think... Im finishing it up next week... "Loosing My Mind" is one of the album tracks!

sarahbotts2 karma

You were the face for fendi eyewear a bit - are you planning on making your own line?

KieszaOfficial5 karma

Yes! My own fashion line is called SteamPop and will go out in the new year!

aedgar7772 karma

What did you do this week?

KieszaOfficial6 karma

I performed a private event, was in the UK and and Ibiza and am now in NYC!!!

KHsonicdude232 karma

Hey Kiesza. I'm a big fan of your stuff so far. Hideaway and Giant in my heart have been in constant rotation on my iPod lately. I live in Brisbane, Australia and was wondering if you had plans to tour here at any time in the future?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

Will be there for 2 weeks in February I think! Thank you for being a fan!! xoxoxoxox

Tischwanze182 karma

Hey Kiesza! I really love you!❤️❤️❤️ Your hairstyle is really cool and I like the sound of your voice! For me your the best singer ever. I got some question I hope you can answer to all of these questions! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  1. What is your height and shoe size?
  2. What are the 3 most important things in your life?
  3. Will be the first song you've ever written be in your new album?
  4. What makes you happy the most?
  5. What's your favorite MJ song?
  6. What's your favorite movie?
  7. If you could be an animal what would you be and why?
  8. Do you always create your choreography by yourself?
  9. What's your eye color?

I'd really be happy if you'd answer all of my questions I'm a big fan of you.

Oh and... ❤️❤️ So deep is such a great song man pls just go on like this!!!

KieszaOfficial2 karma

Shoe size is 8 1/3 My Family, My creativity and my friends and fans!

KieszaOfficial2 karma

I would be a Giant Squid!

KieszaOfficial2 karma

Billie Jean Love Forest Gump I always create original dance moves... so far I have coined the "Circle of Thrust" and the "Kwop." My eyes are blue

jmb1192 karma

Where did the inspiration behind the Hideaway video come from? I heard you had a broken rib during the shoot, HOW THE HELL DID YOU LOOK SO FLAWLESS?

KieszaOfficial6 karma

I didn't know my rib was broken, so it helped me psychologically to not know!!! It hurt a lot though... i have high pain tolerance I think. My Grandpa did, so maybe its a family trait.

pokodapa2 karma

Hi Kiesza ! One question. Do you really like to dance ?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

I LOVE to dance!

Illyriana2 karma

You've talked about the inspiration behind Giant In My Heart but I would like to know what's the inspiration behind Hideaway? Did you write it about someone special in your life?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

Hideaway was inspired by the idea of someone I like at the time :-) Everything on my album comes from a real place or real experience.

Illyriana2 karma

Hey Kiesza, I'd like to know about your vocal warmups and do you have special drink for your voice, tea maybe?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

I have Ginger, lemon and honey in hot water before every show and warm up for about 20 minutes! I also warm up my whole body which makes a very big difference in my vocal performance!

Tommyguitar2 karma

Would you rather ride an elephant or drive a race car?

KieszaOfficial3 karma

An elephant on wheels??? Does that exist???

MuhammadRajab2 karma

do you know that you look like Zooey Deschanel a little bit ? except for the tangled red hair..... and you tow have the same sweet nature , and I love you Kiesza very much :)

KieszaOfficial3 karma

Thank you!!! I love her! I have actually gotten that before!! I think we may have similarly shaped eyes.

rbtmnst2 karma

Will you take a picture with me when you visit SF?!?

KieszaOfficial3 karma


Aris8771 karma

Hi Kiesza, I really love you, and your music. Will you be on tour after the album release?

KieszaOfficial7 karma

Yes definitely!!! I'll start touring in September! Thank you so much!