Hi guys! We have to get back to work but we love you all! Thanks so much for taking the time to ask us questions. And check out our show tomorrow on IFC at 10 pm. See you later!

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BSinZoology_LOL400 karma

Riki, would you be interested in dating a 41 yr old from Ohio? If you play your cards right, I could move in and you could support me. I am very tidy and a generous lover.

Garfunkelandoates2771 karma

Please send dick pics.

thatldopig398 karma

"How do you balance work and family?" - Scott Aukerman

Garfunkelandoates2492 karma

We don't have families so it's very easy.

bothuntil259 karma

Riki, I have a huge crush on a girl I saw at the vet's office. I want to ask her out, but I'm more comfortable just suggesting that our cats hang out sometime. Do you have any thoughts or concerns re this approach?

Garfunkelandoates2383 karma

Yes a cat date is always the best way. #newgirl

sillstaw244 karma

Have you ever heard anything from Art Garfunkel or John Oates about your using their names?

Garfunkelandoates2395 karma

John Oates is totally cool with it. Haven't heard from Art yet.

welshwordman231 karma

Are you two answering questions live from the Olive Garden?

Garfunkelandoates2221 karma

No, we wish. We are in our office.

Frajer213 karma

Riki: was it weird playing an originally male character in Much Ado About Nothing?

Kate:did your characters on Raising Hope and Scrubs sing and play ukulele because of you or was that written from the get go?

Garfunkelandoates2208 karma

Kate: Both characters were actually written for me so I knew I was singing the whole time. Riki: I loved playing a character that was originally male. It was very cool idea on Joss' part.

I_Lase_You176 karma

Hello ladies! Here's a Welcome to reddit lase I made for you! [Link] Now the question: Martin or Gibson?

Garfunkelandoates2150 karma

Martin! Riki plays a Little Martin and I play a Martin SO Uke. I'm from Nazareth, PA (home of Martin Guitar) so I'm always proud to play my uke.

welshwordman100 karma

Hey, Riki!

I first heard about you on the Nerdist podcast channel, I loved "Making It", any chance we get more episodes? Also, the pilot for IFC was amazing. Sports, Go Sports!

Garfunkelandoates285 karma

Thanks!! Making It is on hiatus for now but it could always come back.

bobsforth95 karma

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Garfunkelandoates2179 karma

Kate: Pirate or Annie Oakley. Riki: Miss America.

ZaxKellens93 karma

Hey Kate and Riki, this is awesome that you're here! My question is : What's the nerdiest thing that you enjoy doing?

Garfunkelandoates2155 karma

We both love reenacting scenes from musicals. We know all the words.

RiffRamBahZoo89 karma

Hey Garfunkel & Oates! Thanks for being awesome. Of all your songs to perform live, which one is your favorite?

Garfunkelandoates2203 karma

Our favorite songs to perform live are 29/31 and loophole. The first because it's so much fun to sing and the second because of the audience reaction.

DaSmartSwede86 karma

Sweden saying hello! Have you ever considered going to Europe on tour? I would love to see you live and LA is so far away :(

Garfunkelandoates2129 karma

Yes we would love to!! Riki is Swedish and has never been.

ilmarinen781 karma

I have been in love with your music ever since I heard "The Loophole". What is your favorite song that you've done? Riki, what's the funniest thing Kate's ever said? Kate, what's the funniest thing Riki's ever said?

Garfunkelandoates2301 karma

One thing that made me fall on the floor on stage was when Riki referred to a hipster cumming on a girl's face in the shape of glasses. She called it Pearl Vision.

Garfunkelandoates2238 karma

Kate once said that her life was like a sad montage in a romantic comedy without the ending.

judomonkeykyle71 karma

Can you tell us of any interesting cameos from the new show?

Garfunkelandoates2166 karma

Yes! Weird Al, John Oates and Ben Kingsley. So excited!

graceonyour_____66 karma

First off, thanks for normalizing my deep insecurities throughout my twenties with "hand job, bland job, I don't understand job" and "the fade away".

Today is my birthday, and I can't figure out which movie to stream on my roof for my friends and I, tonight. When Harry Met Sally, or Ghostbusters? Do you suggest something totally different? Unfortunately the IFC gig doesn't release until tomorrow.

Garfunkelandoates2107 karma

What about Goonies? I saw that again last night and it really holds up. But of those two, I say Ghostbusters. It's just so good.

Also, Happy Birthday!!!

Imnotmarcmaron57 karma

How did you get Ben Kingsley to be in your IFC series?

Garfunkelandoates276 karma

Our casting director had a connection to him and just asked him. He was so cool. "Sir Ben".

cheonda50 karma

Hey guys! Who are your favorite comedians?

Garfunkelandoates2112 karma

Tig Notaro, Anthony Jeselnik, Louis CK, Natasha Leggero... so many...

EndlessDevils41 karma

Hey girls. Big, big fan of your work. Just curious if you've ever attempted to break free of the comedic side of your songwriting and try to write something "serious?" If so, what was the result?

Garfunkelandoates290 karma

We've written some serious songs. One we recorded and later scrapped because it was maybe our funniest song...we sometime have trouble pulling off "serious." But in our show we have a song called "Such a Loser" which is an anthem for people who try.

floralthespian39 karma

Hello ladies! I'm planning on seeing you in San Francisco this September, and I can't wait. I have two questions: 1)You both make fun of a ton of stuff (pregnant women, Christian teen anal sex, sports) but is there any topic you won't touch? And 2) How do you react when people recognize you on the street?

Garfunkelandoates2129 karma

We are always flattered when people recognize us on the street. It doesn't happen that often so it's still pretty exciting. Two topics we won't touch: rape and race.

alamarco38 karma

Hi Kate, what was your favourite moment during your run on Scrubs? Was there a lot of fooling around on set?

Garfunkelandoates276 karma

I loved singing Carry on my Wayward Son. The whole thing was so much fun.

xTRYANx33 karma

Do you cringe when your parents/grandparents listen to your work? :-)

Garfunkelandoates274 karma

Yes. I hate it. It's so embarrassing. I wish they never googled us.

Imnotmarcmaron29 karma

I once read someone comment one of your Facebook or Instagrams posts where someone said „I want to wear your skin“ or so. I hope he meant it as a compliment, but the question is: How do you deal with creeps?

Garfunkelandoates293 karma

We try not to read comments. However, we try to save our dead skin so we can make him a very personal g&o jacket.

comedicmemoir28 karma

What is your favorite film that you can just watch over and over again?

Garfunkelandoates277 karma

Riki: Annie and Dirty Dancing (they are kinda the same movie if you think about it)

Kate: While You Were Sleeping! Who wouldn't want to watch that movie 100 times?!

Garfunkelandoates269 karma

Oh, and Boogie Nights.

xTRYANx25 karma

Hey Kate/Riki!!

Just came across you guys yesterday and I love your songs. They're hysterical, crude and smart.

My question is, what were you two like in high school? I get the vibe that you were part of the "cool club", but you guys also seem shy and kind of nerdy.

Garfunkelandoates262 karma

I think we were somewhere in between. Kate was kind of an artsy kid in high school and I was a tracy flick style over achiever.

BeauCarley25 karma

Hi Ladies! Probably my favourite song of yours is The Loophole and I've always wondered something about the video. When you were filming with the small kids, how did you guys get around the fact that your song was about anal sex? And how did you get their parents to agree to let them be in it?

Garfunkelandoates243 karma

Thanks! We actually made a bleeped and shortened version so the children did not hear any explicit content. We were very careful when they were on set. They are our music producer Eban Schletter's kids.

jolietjakemcfly21 karma

Say, you're trying to wow someone with a home cooked meal. What's the best thing you currently know how to cook?

Garfunkelandoates253 karma

We can both cook turkey sandwiches. That's about it. We always order our dinners.

bropez20 karma

Where can I buy a butthole painting?

Garfunkelandoates245 karma

Ask my ex boyfriend. I think he has the only one. (this is Riki)

nobutseriously9319 karma

Hey guys! Would you ever go on Getting Doug with High/ have you been asked before? (With Dough Benson)

Garfunkelandoates216 karma

I've been on it! I had a blast doing it.

HerbsParents19 karma

Hey ladies - only recently discovered you, and love what I hear.

Can I ask what you position is on Cannabis legalisation (medicinal and recreational), as love the weed card song but couldnt work out if pro or not?

Garfunkelandoates265 karma

We think pot should be legal. If alcohol is legal, pot should be too.

bmckibben18 karma

Hello! This is for Kate:

What's your background in music? School classes? Lessons? Musicals? Or did you just pick it up for kicks and giggles?

By the way, you're the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Garfunkelandoates232 karma

aww thanks. i studied classical piano for years and then picked up ukelele in college. but i also love musicals.

jolietjakemcfly16 karma

What's something you wanna mention that no one's asked you about yet?

Garfunkelandoates241 karma

i'm totally hungover right now.

doogie9213 karma

Do you aim for the fantastic balance of intellectual and crass that you strike in your work, or is that just how your personalities manifest themselves?

Garfunkelandoates226 karma

It think it's just how it ends up landing. We are definitely combinations of that in our real lives and we love to have both things in the same song. Like a Golda Meir reference in our Douche song.


Hi Kate and Riki! I have a few questions for you after catching the stream of your first episode:

  • Will future episodes follow the same format as your pilot, more or less?

  • Are there any new songs for the show? If so, can you share a new song title, pretty please?

  • How does the show handle the racier songs? I think it'd be hilarious to hear a version of "The Loophole" where there are a lot of bleeps.

Congrats on all your success! From what I've seen, I cannot wait to catch the rest of the show :)

Garfunkelandoates217 karma

Yes our future episodes will be basically the same format. Sadly our show is TV14 so we can't use a lot of our racier songs. No loophole :( But our favorite new song on the show is called Such a Loser and it's an anthem for people who are trying.

panglianio764513 karma

Whom do you think would win in a fight between you both and the real Garfunkel and Oates?

Garfunkelandoates217 karma

Oates. Hands down. Don't mess with that mustache.

thatldopig12 karma

What was the funnest time you ever had producing a video and were you running with chicken?

Garfunkelandoates226 karma

We are always running with chicken. It's a way of life, really. The most fun we ever had producing a video was the loophole. It was just so silly.

jncarr6x12 karma

Will y'all be dropping a new CD soon so can have 29/31 and loophole on my iPod? please

Garfunkelandoates213 karma

We are working on it. Recording our album was put on the back burner when working on the show. We are trying our best to get it out soon. We are excited about it!

pbbatenatar12 karma

Quick question, would you consider yourselves too cool for school?

Garfunkelandoates221 karma

Yes. I wish I had never gone to college.

RizzMustbolt11 karma

So you gals are about to break out in to the big time. When you go on your huge stadium tour before sold out crowds of hundreds of thousands of fans, what insane riders will you put in your performance contracts?

Garfunkelandoates233 karma

haha thanks! we would ask for FOUR waters instead of TWO. take that, america.

Mokajige11 karma

If you could have a cameo in any TV show from any period of time, what TV show would it be and what would your role be?

Garfunkelandoates218 karma

Kate would be paper boy on I Love Lucy. Extra extra!! Riki would be a scheming bitch on Dynasty.

Velorium_Camper11 karma

Do you guys pull any pranks on each other? If so, what's the best prank either one of you has pulled?

Garfunkelandoates224 karma

No. Sadly, with our time constraints on the show, we had no time. We shot each episode in 3 days.

haamster11 karma

Love you guys.

What's better for you financially: someone buying your albums or someone constantly listening to you on Pandora?

Garfunkelandoates241 karma

Buying our albums. By a lot.

logicatch11 karma

I watched the sneak preview episode on IFC.com and enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season! 

On that episode Go Sports Go was featured...will the songs featured on the rest of the episodes be mostly new material, old favorites, or a clever mix of both? (I'm hoping 29/31 makes an appearance!)

And Riki, is your Making It podcast coming back? Will there be any more G&O at the OG episodes or have you decided to never eat at Olive Garden again?

Garfunkelandoates217 karma

I'm not sure about the podcast. We really want to finish our album first. The songs on the show are a mixture of half old half new. We hope you like the new ones.

cykia10 karma

What's your favourite song you've done, and what was your favourite moment during your show?

Garfunkelandoates222 karma

We loved filming the last two episodes of the show where Riki gets her eggs frozen and Kate dates a high schooler and has a kazoo parade. Our favorite song is 29/31

MikeOxsbig9 karma

Why isn't your tour coming to Philadelphia? I demand answers!

Garfunkelandoates219 karma

We are not sure. We actually don't even schedule it ourselves. We just approve the dates. We want to though! We will try to make it happen in 2015.

aabbccatx9 karma

How many songs do you write that do not end up being used?

Garfunkelandoates211 karma

We write A LOT of things that we throw out. We probably throw out more things than we keep.

DrTeethPhD9 karma

I heard your version of Weird Al's "one More Minute" on Comedy Death Ray. Any chance you would record that for an album?

Perhaps as part of an all-musicomic Weird All tribute album?

Garfunkelandoates219 karma

We would love to!! We should do a parody so we can't sue us!!

SpoonAvenger8 karma

Riki, I loved Yell At Me From Your Car so much. any plans for future releases?

Garfunkelandoates212 karma

Not any time soon. Still trying to finish the G&O album. But thank you!!

kmckeown167 karma

Will you two be doing any sort of meet and greet for fans on your tour? I'll be at your Madison, WI show, and I'm very excited, love your music!

Garfunkelandoates220 karma

Yes! We will be meeting people after every show. Come by and say hi.

edugan6 karma

Hey guys! I love everything you do and am so terribly sad I can't find Gay Boyfriend chords anywhere on the internet. I WAS able to arrange only you for my acapella group's serenades, so props to you two.

My questions are:

What were you like in middle school?

If I can get tickets to your concert on the 30th, what one special item should I bring?

Garfunkelandoates216 karma

We made chord charts of our songs and put them on our app. I'm pretty sure Gay boyfriend is on there. But yay about only you!!

We were losers in middle school like everyone one. Only Kate didn't know it. I knew it. I was VERY tall.

Bring a kazoo!!

gencakes5 karma

What are your favorite musicals?

Garfunkelandoates212 karma

Rent, Book of Mormon, Les Mis and all Sondheim.

15rthughes5 karma

I'm really excited for your show guys!

My question is, how different was making comedy when moving from music to television?

Garfunkelandoates210 karma

Thank you! It's soooo different. We had no idea what we were doing and had to learn everything very quickly. Music seems easy and low pressure but with a TV show, a lot of people's jobs depend on you and you need to make it great.

j_platypus2 karma

My husband and I have loved your work for years!

How do you feel about being more famous?

I noticed you have redone some old classics in new videos! What was your favorite video to shoot?

Garfunkelandoates26 karma

Thank you!! We feel very lucky to be in this job and to have had the success we've had. Our favorite video to reshoot was Sports Go Sports because we got to parody Saved By the Bell. The best episode of SBTB.

PaintedinRed2 karma

I would just like to let both of you know that your songs speak to my soul. Handjob, Self Esteem, and College Try are all experiences that I've had in my life, and you manage to portray those feelings so genuinely and hilariously! Do you guys have any new songs you'll be premiering soon? I need more Garf and Oates in my life!!

Garfunkelandoates26 karma

We have a gay wedding song in our second episode and a song called "Such a Loser" in our finale episode. We love them both and hope you do too!

c2extremities2 karma

Hey Riki and Garfunkel, I've been such a longtime fan. I'm so glad that you managed to get a show started on IFC, despite it being only 8 episodes. What sort of direction do you want to take with the show and do you have future plans for it if it becomes successful? After all I loved the teaser episode, even if I felt that the entire song was somewhat unnecessary.

Garfunkelandoates23 karma

Songs are always necessary!! We need them to feel alive.

We would love to do future seasons. 8 episodes felt way too short.

NRwayne2 karma

Have you considered an all-rap album? Follow-up question: will you please consider an all-rap album?

Garfunkelandoates24 karma

No. And also, no. We wish. We just don't think the world is ready for an all rap G&O jam.

hiyeee1 karma

I just loved the "G&O at the OG" Making It podcast episodes. What are you favorite dishes at the OG?

Garfunkelandoates23 karma

Breadsticks. That it. Seriously nothing else.