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"How do you balance work and family?" - Scott Aukerman

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No comments on the Greendale t shirt!? Go Human Beings!

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Thanks for the reading tip on @nerdist podcast where you recommended Rodney Dangerfield's autobiography. I've read it since then...
Question, how did breaking out as a stand-up comedian post 80's differ from back when someone would appear on Rodney's young comedian specials?
Kind of a vague question, but what i guess I am asking is 'how does someone have the balls the try and be a stand-up comedian in 2013?'

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Hot Saucerman

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What goes behind the creative decisions on how to use CG blood. I am thinking of your movie and The Walking Dead when I ask this versus, say, The Cabin in the Woods. Is it completely a financial decision? I guess a more generic question is if Zombieland had a bigger budget, what would you have done differently?