Hi everyone! Here to chat with you all and spread the word about Fozzy’s new album "Do You Wanna Start A War." Just debuted on the Billboard charts at #54, as well as #20 Rock Albums, #10 Independent Albums, and #9 Hard Rock Albums.

You may also know me from the WWE.

Ok guys thanks for all the great questions!! Gotta split..see u on tour! An check out Do You Wanna Start A War on iTunes or amazon, bestbuy, fye etc!!

Official website: www.FozzyRock.com Twitter: @FozzyRock Facebook: www.Facebook.com/FozzyRock

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IamMisterBubbles357 karma

Chris - What's your opinion on Dolph Ziggler? Dude is an unreal worker but hasn't been able to break through yet. What does he need to do to get to that next level?

Chris_Jericho425 karma


TryNstopME024268 karma

Any advice for a guy in his mid twenties?

Chris_Jericho1333 karma

Work hard and wear a rubber

BM_FUN258 karma

Hey Chris Jericho you beat Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night to become the world champion.

You know what The Rock and Stone Cold did to the wrestling community on this website? They ignored them.

My question to you Mr. Jericho is... Will you beat The Rock and Stone Cold to not ignore the wrestling community of Reddit?

I'm a fan of yours Jericho, and it would be cool if you come visit us at least to say goodbye at /r/SquaredCircle

Chris_Jericho1141 karma

Sorry I'm ignoring you

DoctorDetroit8251 karma

Are there any plans on releasing a compilation CD of Y2J's best insults? "Trash Bag Ho" and deliberately mispronouncing opponent's names are my favorites, lol.

Chris_Jericho326 karma

Yes!! It's coming out on K-Tel via mail order soon!

AfroMH217 karma

You are well known as the Man of 1004 Holds. Have you learned any more, and how exactly do you use the Moss Covered Three Handed Family Credenza?

Chris_Jericho348 karma

It's all in the wrist

LutzExpertTera212 karma


Chris, thanks for doing this AMA from a huge fan!

  • Wrestling question: How have you been able to compete at such a high level for so long? It’s amazing looking at your WCW matches from the mid 90’s compared to present day, and to see the excellent shape you’re still in. I think you said it best yourself at the 2013 Royal Rumble “I never lost it baby!”
  • Semi wrestling question: With Fozzy’s USA Fall Tour kicking off this week and your involvement in the buildup to SummerSlam later this month, how are you able to balance touring for both Fozzy and WWE?
  • Non wrestling question: What is your creative process like for coming up with new songs? How has your songwriting style changed or matured over the years?

Chris_Jericho249 karma

I cant balance both, which I why I only come back to the WWE when Fozzy is taking a break. My WWE stints will be more like rock tours now. And this tour ends Sept in Nashville. Thanks!

LicenseToILL-INI205 karma

One of my favorite aspects of your promos is when you would purposely bungle your opponent's name (Kirk Angel, Raisin, etc.)

How'd you come up with that, and how would you bungle your own name?

Chris_Jericho400 karma

I was announced as Chris Herrichico once in Pomona, CA

BenjaminTalam188 karma

Was the silent gimmick a creation of your own, and if so his did you convince the higher ups to let you roll with it? It was hilarious sitting on the edge of my seat each week waiting for you to say something besides a maniacle laugh.

Chris_Jericho262 karma

Me and Vince's idea

Marcanadian188 karma

I grew up watching you and you're still my favourite wrestler of all time. You've made many big returns, most notably in 2007 and 2012, but also at the Royal Rumble in 2013 and just a few weeks ago. Which one of your returns did you enjoy the most?

Chris_Jericho401 karma

Royal Rumble 2013 was awesome cause it was a Total surprise!! I fooled you!

MaxPayneistheName161 karma


Chris_Jericho682 karma

Doesn't matter...none of them have ever beaten me in an officially sanctioned match

Throwing_Elbows158 karma


Chris_Jericho576 karma

Yes as the new Sin Cara

ilikeminieggs139 karma

Mr. Jericho, what was the deal with your 2012 Raw return where you cried and left the ring without saying a word? Was there some motive or satire I completely missed or was it done to get this kind of a response?

Also, will we ever see Y2J in long pants again?

Chris_Jericho315 karma

I was overwhelmed over how much the fans loved me

CLint_FLicker135 karma

Do you ever consider regrowing the early 2000's beard?

Also, shout out to /r/squaredcircle!

Chris_Jericho252 karma

Nope I'll leave the beards to Zakk Wylde and Daniel Bryan! Too itchy

Leakee113 karma

When you first debuted in WWE, who's idea was it to do the whole millenium entrance-countdown thing?

Chris_Jericho231 karma


droopy_4skyn112 karma

Hello, Chris. What was your most memorable moment of Eddie Guerrero?

Chris_Jericho319 karma

His friendship

MichaelJahrling110 karma

Hey Chris! Love all of the stuff you do in the ring. Sorry if you've mentioned this in one of your books before (I've never had the chance to read them) but what was your reaction when Mankind was thrown off the Cell at the 1998 King of the Ring?

Chris_Jericho241 karma

Same as yours...HOLY SHIT!!

the_dead_icarus91 karma

Hey Y2J, it's 5:30am here in Australia and I stayed up just for this AMA. Will we ever see a return of that glorious fountain hairstyle you used to rock? Granted you'd have to grow your hair out a bit for it to work.

Chris_Jericho151 karma

That was a once in a lifetime thing haha

scrotie_boogerballs87 karma

Chris huge fan of your books! My question is, what time period does your new book cover? Keep doing what you do babaaaayyyyy!

Chris_Jericho114 karma


EatUpAndWellTellYa77 karma

Hi Chris. Welcome to Reddit is Jericho!

I've always wanted to know, I remember watching your episode of The Dating Game and you were the selected bachelor with that blonde broad. Did you actually go on the three day vacation with her? Did you guys actually ever date? How much of that was all for show?

PS. Love Talk is Jericho, and thanks for being the best in the world at what you do. The stuff you're doing again with Stephanie right now is great.


Chris_Jericho148 karma

I did not go on a date with her, but got an email that she popped out of a cake at a batchelor party a few months later...

Thesolly18075 karma

Hi Chris you've been my favourite wrestler since I started watching, how many holds do you know? Armbar?

Chris_Jericho205 karma

I'm down to about 14 now

jadken69 karma


Chris_Jericho117 karma

Follow Your Dreams!! and never give up!

judomonkeykyle67 karma

Huge fan! Who has your favorite feud been with?

Chris_Jericho201 karma

Shawn Michaels 2008-2009

shakedatbooty51 karma

Any chance we see Jim Norton, Anthony or Opie being on your podcast? And what do you think about Anthony getting fired?

Chris_Jericho49 karma

Yes! Love all three of those guys

MrZissman50 karma

A lot of KISS fans do not like the fact that Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer are wearing the Cat and Spaceman outfits of Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. (Myself included.) So I know you're a KISS fan, but I was curious if you had an opinion on this?

Chris_Jericho71 karma

Doesn't bother me. I dig the Bruce Kulick/Eri Carr era the most

Leakee49 karma

How does your typical Monday go, when you are scheduled to be on Monday Night Raw?

Chris_Jericho216 karma

Hang out. Do AMAs on reddit

bonerjohnson49 karma

If you had to do it all over again .... would you avoid spilling that coffee on Kane?

Would you recommend the newest Fozzy album as a good start to a potential new listener?

Chris_Jericho65 karma

Absolutely. Do You Wanna Start A War is the most diverse and eclectic album of our career and the perfect example of what our band sounds like

MrBigBadBean44 karma

We all know of your many talents on-screen or in music, but do you have any hidden talents that would surprise us?

Chris_Jericho107 karma


Imposter_RITchie40 karma

How many "Walls of Jericho" are needed to build a two bedroom house?

Chris_Jericho204 karma

As many as you want...they never work anyway

Dumb236 karma

What was Gorilla Position like in WCW?

Chris_Jericho108 karma


Vyndro36 karma

If you could give me one piece of advice about life, what would it be?

Chris_Jericho116 karma

Don't listen to negative people

SmashedBrotato35 karma

Hi Chris! I'm a huge fan, you're actually the reason I got into wrestling! Plus, you're the funniest guy on facebook.

Out of all the matches you've had, which stands out as your most memorable?

How do you juggle Family Life, Fozzy Life, and Wrestling Life without going completely insane?

Any chance you'll regrow your magnificent, lionlike mane?

Can I have a hug?

Chris_Jericho87 karma

Jericho vs HBK ladder match at Unforgiven 2008

Twatticus32 karma

Hi Chris! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Have you ever smelled what The Rock was cooking?

Chris_Jericho84 karma

Yes and its lovely

Thinkyt29 karma

Hi Chris - big thanks for doing this. I have a tonne of respect for everything you've done over at WWE.

Can I ask, what does your average gym session consist of? And what is your diet like?

Chris_Jericho120 karma

I rarely go to the gym. Mostly DDP yoga nowadays

TheTallOne9329 karma

Will you let me body slam you for a dollar?

Chris_Jericho129 karma

Canadian or American?

Leakee28 karma

Which is your favourite arena to work in?

Chris_Jericho101 karma

All State in Chicago, Madison Square Garden, Sumo Palace in Tokyo

TotesMalotesDawg21 karma

If you could make a guest appearance on any TV programme what would it be?

Chris_Jericho65 karma

Three's Company

Bullitbob_21 karma

Hey Chris, I'm a big fan going back to your early days of WCW. I know WCW wasn't always the best place to work but how fun was it doing all the comedy stuff you got to do there? As a fan, I never had more fun watching you on TV than in those days.

Chris_Jericho45 karma

In retrospect WCW was a great experience

danram20721 karma

Hey Chris! You've been quoted as saying you don't want a huge production for your retirement from pro wrestling and that you kind of just want to ride off into the sunset. Do you still feel this way?

You've been written off WWE programing a couple of times now, either with a beatdown (Orton in 2010, Ryback in 2013) or by having your contract terminated (Ziggler in 2012). Would you be ok with something similar to this happening for your final in-ring appearance?

Chris_Jericho41 karma

Doesn't matter to me. I don't put too much thought into that sort of stuff

ryanrobson10120 karma

What would you consider your breakthrough moment in your career which took you to the main event level?

Chris_Jericho45 karma

HBK fued in 2008

JoshuaTee19 karma

Chris Jericho!!! Flashback from my childhood! Thanks for stopping by and doing this. Just a couple of questions:
-Who was your favorite wrestler to work with?
-Who's idea was it for the pony tail on top your head?

Chris_Jericho53 karma

I stole it from Gene Simmons

outlaw6128816 karma

The Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla! My question: If you could recruit a metal supergroup with you and lead vocals, who would you choose?

Chris_Jericho83 karma

James Hetfield-guitar Dimebag-guitar Steve Harris-Bass The Rev-Drums

Bentley8216 karma

Hi Chris, first let me say that I've been a fan of yours since the early 90s. I even had your Jerichoholic's shirt which I wore until it fell apart, literally!

  • You've had some pretty crazy ideas for segments and gimmicks, what drives you to think of these? I like to assume you're trying to get other wrestlers to break character by being as silly as possible.

  • I once did the Walls of Jericho on my brother about 15 years ago, the old-WCW style where you really cranked it on the other person's neck. He squealed, I laughed. If you could, would you return to the older style for aesthetic reasons?

  • If you're ever in Phoenix, AZ (cheap pop), want to grab a beer?

Thank you for the memories, truly.

Chris_Jericho19 karma

Gotta think outside of the box man!

[deleted]14 karma


Chris_Jericho48 karma


cycosomatic14 karma

Chris Jericho, I must say you are awesome as you combine 2 of my favorite things, rock and roll and wrestling. I have been a fan of yours since your WWE debut. That said, when are you going to do a duet with Ozzy Osbourne as I think it would be massive?

Chris_Jericho27 karma

Whenever he calls me I'm ready

xayoz30613 karma

Chris: huge fan of the music and the work in the ring.

I know you are good friends with Jeff Waters from Annihilator. Any plans of a tour together in Canada? Would love to see both bands here in the prairies. And bring along A Darker Day out of Ottawa.

Chris_Jericho23 karma

Would love that. jeff is one of the best guitar players in the world today!

tears_for_bacon8 karma

Hi Mr Jericho,

Long time fan. I'd like to think your sassiness made me into the woman that I am today.

Do you really hate Windsor, Ontario as much as I think you do?

What was your favourite cartoon growing up?

Also, I was the girl who tweeted you the Jericho valentine :) I like to think that made you my secret makeshift valentine....

Chris_Jericho6 karma

Scooby Doo!

T-town048 karma

Appreciate you doing this, what is a place that you've travel to that surprised you and why?

Chris_Jericho18 karma

I really loved Italy

lovebug208 karma

Hey Chris! Huge fan! Random silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If so where are your most ticklish spot? Are you ticklish on your feet? Thanks for doing this! :)

Chris_Jericho19 karma


justamania8 karma

Hey Chris, ive been a huge fan of yours for several years but also obsessed with Slash/Guns N Roses. Have any good Slash stories?

Chris_Jericho14 karma

Plenty and all of them in my new book comin out in oct

asr057 karma

Any thoughts on so many people in the wrestling industry having podcasts and how do you plan to continue to make yours stand out?

What kind of prep goes into it?

Chris_Jericho18 karma

No Prep ....just conversations Mine's not just a wrestling podcast

[deleted]6 karma


Chris_Jericho13 karma

Adam Rose Do You Wanna Start A War is a good start!

Dinosauringg6 karma

Hey Chris, what moment in your career would you say best defines you?

Also what is the best ingredients to a perfect sandwich?

Chris_Jericho12 karma

PB&J baby

Abuti6 karma

Hey Mr.Jericho, thanks for the AMA! My question is: How was your journey to Wacken 2013 and would you like to return to the Wacken Open Air in 2015? Thank you! Rock on!

Chris_Jericho7 karma

It was WUNDERBAR!! One of my favorite gigs of last year

tamammothchuk6 karma

You have put your heart and soul into wrestling and performing - were there any mistakes you made in your career that you'd like to take back?

Chris_Jericho17 karma

Mistakes? I've made a few....

sgtsheabo5 karma

Who was your idol growing up. Do you feel like you can relate to your idol now?

Chris_Jericho18 karma

Paul Stanley James Hetfield Hulk HOgan

T-town044 karma

Hey Y2J! Any interesting experiences with fans that you'd like to share?

Chris_Jericho24 karma

There was this one time at band camp...

MrRicker3 karma

Hey Chris! Absolute huge fan, met you back in 2010 and 2011

I have a couple questions, What is your favorite song to play live on stage? And what was it like being a game show host for a brief period? Really liked Downfall, wish it got picked up for more episodes. Thanks!

Chris_Jericho7 karma

God Pounds His Nails Bad Tattoo Sin And Bones

Feklahr3 karma

Is Taker always scary? I bet he is.

Chris_Jericho12 karma

He rules!