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DoctorDetroit8734 karma

Did you keep/steal/buy any props from Goldeneye? Do you wish you had?

DoctorDetroit8251 karma

Are there any plans on releasing a compilation CD of Y2J's best insults? "Trash Bag Ho" and deliberately mispronouncing opponent's names are my favorites, lol.

DoctorDetroit8119 karma

Will we see more ethnic/minority bars rescued in the future? I would love to see an Asian Karaoke bar (not just Dimples-style) or an actual Mexican Cantina (not just an Agave Junction Cantina/Rocky Point Cantina/Lona'sCity Limits Cantina). The gay bar episode was also a good one, but that's only 1 out of 71 total episodes! Thanks!

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About how much money goes into renovating a rescued bar?

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As a sniper, you get to claim 33 confirmed kills. What does your spotter get to claim? Does he/she get to claim any awards/medals for helping you get those 33? Thanks,