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thelastdisciple23 karma

Obviously you wouldn't want to be typecasted (I'd assume) but would you ever take on a Western type of role after Hell on Wheels has wrapped? i personally would love to see you kicking ass on the big screen Clint Eastwood style mind you those kind of movies need to make come back in general, very few and far between these days.

Anson_Mount35 karma

Well, I've done back to back action and back to back drama and back to back romance, and I wasn't type cast after that. Genre is nothing but Genre. A million different characters can live in side. For better or for worse, Cullen Bohannon will die with "Hell on Wheels".


If you had the chance to star in any older classic western film, which one would you choose?

Anson_Mount39 karma

Great question. I'd love to do a remake of "Duck You Sucker" by Sergio Leone and play the James Coburn role. Maybe get Gael Garcia Bernal to play Rod Steiger's role.

A role I'd LOVE to play if it was being remade, although I think it should NEVER be remade, would be "Jeremiah Johnson".

I think "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" would be a great reboot as well. I'd have to replace Coburn there as well.

I've heard tell that there is a "Dirty Dozen" remake floating around in development. I'm all over it.

stianss120 karma

hey, Great show, can't wait for s4! I was just wondering who is the biggest prankster on the set?

Anson_Mount26 karma


Anson_Mount49 karma

Okay, so I stole Colm Meaney's door mat from his trailer. Does that make me a criminal?

I also had Common's name changed on his dressing room after he accidentally kneed me in the groin during a scene and.... this is hard to describe... Okay. He didn't hit the family jewels. He kind of clipped the very end of the... yeah. So he quickly got the nickname "The Tip Whacker". That's what the sign on his dressing room read all last year. And then the props guys got on board with it and changed his chair from "Common" to "TW".

Nothing_Doing20 karma

Hey Anson, My question is do you think amc could do a better job of promoting Hell on Wheels? Its such a good series I feel like there isnt enough people that know about it. Also I hate the swede so much that I like him, is there something wrong with me?

Anson_Mount29 karma

I'm sure every fan of every show feels that show doesn't get enough promotion. Ours is a tough one as our audience is different than all of the other AMC series which have mostly appealed to a coastal, blue-state audience, I feel. We skew more middle american red state. That's a very different thing to sell. But we're all working on it.

There is nothing wrong with you. That is the mark of a good villain.

InvaderDem20 karma

Hey Anson! I love your portrayal of Cullen Bohannon on Hell On Wheels. Since you apparently have a great-great-great grandfather that was involved in the civil war, did you do some research on him when figuring out how to portray your character?

And are there any other shows coming up that you'll be involved in? Or are you strictly Hell On Wheels at this time?

Finally - barbecue chicken pizza. Yay or Nay?

Anson_Mount27 karma

Probably one of the most frequent questions I am asked. Answer: I had a great grandfather who was a moonshiner too. That doesn't help me drink.

I have an exclusive contract with HoW. I got to do "Red Widow" because it was the same Executive Producer (Jeremy Gold) and he convinced AMC that it would only be one episode and not conflict with any AMC scheduling.

And, finally, BBQ chicken pizza. Why is the sauce on those things always so damn SWEET??? Ugh.

econ121918 karma

Hey Anson, I'm a huge fan of HOW.

Did you and the other actors have to learn the basics about building a railroad? Would you be able to build one today?

PS. I cant wait for everything to blow up in the Swedes face.

Anson_Mount38 karma

Hell naw. That's like taking a crash course in structural engineering AND large scale labor projects. We occasionally have consultants.

PS Me too.

tankofgas18 karma

Hey Anson!

I started watching HoW a few weeks ago on Netflix and have enjoyed all the twists and turns.

Two questions!

  1. Are you pleased with the new showrunner and direction of the show?
  2. You (in past AMAs) have recommended some excellent books to read. What books are you reading right now?

Also, I still think you should be Joel in The Last of Us movie adaptation. You would embody that role.

Can't wait for the return, although I still need to finish Season 3.


Anson_Mount17 karma

  1. Yes. Very much. I am enjoying the best collaborative relationship of my career with John Wirth and Mark Richard.

  2. I'm reading "The Hunters" by James Salter. Earlier this year I read Mark's memoir titled "House of Prayer No.2" which I highly recommend. I also read an excellent expose of Scientology recently called "Going Clear". I'm also jonesing to read the entire Mad Addam trilogy by Margaret Atwood.

AutomaticAxe17 karma

What's up Anson? I absolutely LOVE Hell on Wheels, one of my favorite shows hands down. My question is, how did the role of Cullen Bohannon come to you? and did you have any reservations about taking the role that you now realize were incorrect? Keep on kickin' ass, I can't wait to see more work from you.

P.S. Your Twitter is hilarious

Anson_Mount27 karma

I auditioned.

No reservations. Best pilot script I'd ever read. Although I was nervous to play him because I'd never played anything remotely like him.

Anson_Mount20 karma

And thanks.

RainKingGW15 karma

Best Colm Meaney story?

Anson_Mount23 karma

Colm once got bumped on a flight back to Calgary from his home in Spain. When we heard about it, we took turns in the make-up trailer doing our best impressions of what Colm was probably saying to the airline officials. "H-What do ya mean it's 'unfortunate'? Do ya call yourselves a fookin' airline!"

CommonCourtesyVortex15 karma

How long does it take you to grow out your beard? Do you prefer to be clean shaven or rocking the Bohannon beard?

Anson_Mount33 karma

I'm usually ready for HoW after about 3 and 1/2 weeks.

To answer your second question, I absolutely despise grooming myself. I'd rather chew on a light bulb. I haven't paid for a haircut in 5 years and, if I can get away with it, I don't shave.

masterxplodr14 karma

Hello Anson,
First of all, cannot wait for tomorrow night. We're having a huge viewing party here for the new season. According to Wikipedia, (credible, I know) you went to the same high school I went and grew up where I used to live in dickson, tn. My question is, do you ever go back? If so, what are your favorite things to do there?

P.S- came out of lurking for this :)

Anson_Mount20 karma

I go back about once a year to see friends and to support FIGHT DMD. In fact, I'd like to go ahead and announce that AMC has agreed to partner with myself and Omaze to offer a chance for you to win an all expense paid trip to Calgary and visit the "Hell on Wheels" set and meet the entire cast. I'll take you skeet shooting and maybe even horseback riding and we'll wine you and dine you. And remember: this is not an auction but a LOTTERY, so anyone can enter. It only costs $10 to buy a chance. The site went up last night. Go to http://www.omaze.com/experiences/join-anson-mount-on-the-set-of-hell-on-wheels

pepper3414 karma

Welcome back, Anson! I love the show! I have a few questions for you. 1. How is your relationship with your horse/horses you ride on the show? In particular the big bay. 2. How does Mac like it on set? 3. Does his tongue always stick out like that? 4. What was it about Mac that sealed the deal for you and made you decide to adopt him? 5. What's it like after the cameras are off for the day? I wanna imagine some pretty wild times with Common and the crew. 6. Who's your favorite co-star and why? 7. What episode has been your favorite? 8. What your favorite book? Huge fan of your work! Cheers!

Anson_Mount15 karma

I'll answer just a couple of these. Sorry, but that's a lot.

1) Love my horses. Best part of the show. I'm on 'Q' this year. He loves being scratched. Episode 4 sees me on 'Badger'. He's great, just a bit lazy sometimes.

2) Mac digs set. He saw some chickens the other day and went out of his MIND.

5) Shot of bourbon.

8) "The Sound and the Fury" maybe.


BastardScum13 karma

What 1 food item would describe your time on 'Hell on Wheels' ?

Anson_Mount23 karma

A bourbon and tobacco sandwich with a side of lava beans and a nice chianti.

pumpkinface1113 karma

Hi Anson, I am a new addicted fan of HoW living in Alberta. Great to see the beauty of our province showcased. When filming do you "campout" near set or do you get to stay somewhere civilized?

Anson_Mount14 karma

I have a place in downtown Calgary. The commute is a pain in the butt, but worth it. My friends keep threatening to come up here and camp out on set. They have yet to do it. Last year the mosquitoes were way too bad.

SuperWhiteBoy13 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10, How bad ass is Hell on Wheels going to be this season?

Anson_Mount28 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10? I'd give it about a 42 (that's a reference Douglas Adams' answer to the question of the Universe for all you fellow geeks out there). I give credit to the writers and an amazing list of directors this year including Neil Labute, Rod Lurie, David Straiton, and our own Marvin Rush. One of our newbies Clark Johnson directed 406 and did an AMAZING job. Wait until you see it. Oh boy.

AJW199812 karma

Since season 4 of Hell on Wheels is starting tomorrow night, how many more seasons do you think there Will be or how many do you hope there will be?

Anson_Mount20 karma

I hope for a full 6. AMC has started doing these 16 ep orders that they split into 2 years. I don't like this idea as I don't think we can tell the rest of this in just 16, and I don't like the idea of being held in contract when I'm not actually working.

Mena99512 karma

Hey Anson! big fan of your work on Hell on Wheels.

How has your relationship with Common on and off set been throughout these last few years? And how is it like working with Christopher Heyerdahl?

Anson_Mount27 karma

Common is such a diva. I joke. He's literally THE nicest person and THE hardest working guy. He treats every crew member with respect and interest. He comes to work early so that he can pray and meditate. He is thoroughly prepared. He works on his music on the weekends. I mean the guy just lives within his own focus. Me, I burn hot and then need to step away. I have a lot to learn from him.

Chris is just the best, man. He takes his work incredibly seriously, which he should. His interest and creativity spurs the rest of the cast to be better all the time. He also has an incredible sense of humor. I mean, how can you create a character like that and not be 1) smart, 2) talented, and 3) have a good sense of humor? He sees the light in the dark and the dark in the light. He is a true artist.

13shanny12 karma

How do you like filming in Canada? Also who are you closest with out of the cast?

Anson_Mount13 karma

We love filming in Calgary. We have an amazing crew, primarily because they all love the story we are telling and they care about the quality day in and day out. Our cast and crew screening last weekend was a blast. So good to see them see it all pieced together.

vickilandon12 karma

You've just gotten home from a long day. You kick off your boots and sit down for the first time all day. What's the drink in your hand?

PS - Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Anson_Mount45 karma

The blood of Yankees.

devilinnylon11 karma

What's the biggest challenge filming Hell On Wheels?

Anson_Mount19 karma

This is a hard question to ask because it is nothing but a joy. I would have to say the weather. We're a mile up and near a mountain range so it changes quickly.

sjamorgan11 karma

hey Anson :) ! welcome to reddit.

how much extra time does it take with a series to go back and do the dialogue that gets missed while filming the show outdoors like it is?

Anson_Mount10 karma

I do about one hour of ADR per episode. But all the sound mixing, editing, and sweetening takes much longer.

neu31811 karma

What was the most memorable scene you filmed?

Anson_Mount23 karma

That is such a hard question to answer. I suppose the fight scene in 105 is a contender. We shot that for three days in a hot studio, surrounded by hot lights and lots of people crowded together. We rehearsed for three weekends, changing the choreography up until the first day of shoot.

I like the hilltop scene (the snipe hunt) with General Grant. You'd never guess it from watching, but we had to break out of that scene 3 times because of possible lightning storms.

tommmyboy778510 karma

Love the show. Have to ask: will the railroad ever actually get built?

Anson_Mount19 karma

Will World War II ever be fought?

I'm a sarcastic ass sometimes. Yes, the railroad WAS built and WILL be built as long as we don't experience an unforeseen drop in ratings.

allular19 karma

Can you tell us about the hardest you ever laughed?

Anson_Mount23 karma

The first time I saw "Team America". I thought I would suffocate because I literally could not draw a breath.

econ12199 karma

How did you first get into acting and land a major role?

Anson_Mount28 karma

I studied it in college, got into graduate school, finished, signed with an agency and began auditioning. The biggest hurdle is to DECIDE you will do something. Then you just do it. Success is simply when preparation meets opportunity.

Drabon0019 karma

You've had many different experiences as an actor...television, movie, theater...do you have a preference, and what makes one better/worse than the other?

Anson_Mount13 karma

I compare the two by saying they're like downhill skiing and water skiing. They require a completely different application of the same muscles. I feel that most actors have to train in both in order to be good. Of course, there are always exceptions. Personally, however, I have to do a play at least every two years or I start to get sloppy.

seangibs9 karma

Is the Swede going to get it? Please say yes.

Anson_Mount25 karma

"Get it"? Like get laid? Or "get it" like finally understand how to multiply fractions?

kraggers9 karma

What is your favorite non-Old Western movie?

Anson_Mount17 karma

"Amadeus"? "City Lights"? "Full Metal Jacket"? "2001"? Hell, the entire Kubrick library.

19bokami789 karma

Hello, Anson! Your character Cullen Bohannon really sets my lady-loins on fire but I'm not sure I would want to marry him and have his child, especially if I knew his only other choice was death. Cullen seems to be trying to do the right thing, but given the circumstances, do you think he will make a good husband and father to his new family? If not, will he finally get to nail Ruth?

Also, does Mac ever trip on his own tongue?

Anson_Mount26 karma

My apologies to your loins.

Cullen trying to do the right thing is somewhat akin to a heroin addict saying, "You know, what? I think I'll turn over a new leaf and have a family!" Cart before the horse. That's all I'll say.

While Mac does not trip over his own tongue, he HAS tripped over a curb once or twice.

gmadoggie8 karma

Hello Anson I was so thrilled to see HOW come to TV. So much is targeted at young people. I grew up watching the old black and white westerns. It's great to see a real story line brought to the screen. If you could develop a new series, what would you consider?

Anson_Mount4 karma

Already doing that and can't really say. But I can say that one idea is Western and one idea is political thriller.

hannahyvonne8 karma

what do you fill your downtime on set with? any recent books? whats on the iPod? card games?

Anson_Mount6 karma

Still trying to finish "The Hunters" by James Salter, which Jake Weber gave to me. Next is a book of short stories by a South American writer that Mark Richard gave to me.

myfootfellasleep8 karma

Cook County was an incredible performance. Are you interested in doing more character-driven work in that vein, on smaller films? Got anything like that in the works?

Anson_Mount11 karma

Yes I am. I am particularly interested in movies that take place in locales other than NYC or Los Angeles. I like movies that are about the dignity, and sometimes the humanity, of normal folks. Because normal folks are who made this country and who comprise the large silent majority of who we are.

juliew11247 karma

Hi Anson! While researching for Hell On Wheels, was there anything you learned about the Transcontinental RR, or the history around it, that you didn't know beforehand? Wanted to ask this on the Talking Hell podcast, but didn't get in before you had to leave. Thanks for taking the time to do this today & looking forward to S4 tomorrow night! :)

Anson_Mount12 karma

Check out a book called "Nothing Like It In the World" by Stephen Ambrose. It's a great read.

mrsgendy7 karma

Part of the reason I started watching Hell on Wheel was the look as rendered by the costuming and set choices. So two questions: which prop/costume do you find most represents your character, and what are you likely to sneak off the set as a personal momento?

Anson_Mount6 karma

The gun. But, because of various laws, it might be difficult to sneak off with that. So probably my knife and/or my flask.

Jaimie12226 karma

Hi Anson, Love the show...have a weak spot for westerns. What would you like to see yourself doing after HoW is done? If you're even thinking that far ahead...Is the transition from living in NYC and then Calgary hard? What do you find most appealing about both? Who is your personal fave character on HoW? Thank you!! Good luck with the premier!!

Anson_Mount6 karma

I'm currently developing some of my own TV projects. Hopefully, I will be available as an actor once they are going forward. Other than that, for this next off season, I'm not sure yet. My stage feet are starting to itch though.

I love working in Calgary. I can focus there, but if we want to go out on a Friday night we can. Lovely town and the people are happy to have us there.

Capitol486 karma

What do you think of Siobhan Williams being replaced by MacKenzie Porter? I thought Williams did a great job in season 3. Is the new girl up to snuff?

Anson_Mount10 karma

Siobhan was, unfortunately, under contract with ABC when we came back for Season 4 and they wouldn't let her out. The new girl is Mackenzie Porter and we all adore working with her, as we did Siobhan. They're definitely different people, but both had a great take on what has become a wonderfully conflicted character in this season. Mackenzie did something which is not easy: take something which has been established by another artist and continue its arc in a way that pays homage to what was already there but still has something which is 'connected' to your own creativity.

tankofgas6 karma

For Non-Stop you were completely shaven, except for your head and nearly unrecognizable (at least to me), what was it like being on that set? How long was the shoot for you?

Anson_Mount8 karma

The set was pretty amazing. An entire airplane fuselage in a studio. Pretty cool. The shoot became hectic after the hurricane hit. My Facebook followers will remember my long posts about going down and volunteering. I had a huge vacation planned to go to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia. Had to change that due to date changes. But that wasn't a bad problem to have. That all got put in perspective when I went down to Staten Island.

Regan620725 karma

Hey Anson, just wanted to thank you for what you did for my area Gerritsen Beach after SS Sandy. Loved HOW since ep.1 & can't wait for tomorrow night! how different was it working on that newly built set this year compared to past seasons? Again thanks!

Anson_Mount8 karma

Gerritsen Beach was such a cool place to go and hang out and help. It was like you guys were having one huge block party. So hospitable and welcoming. Thank you.

Yeah, we got a bit of a budget bump this year and I think it will be immediately apparent when you tune in tomorrow night. The sets created by John Blackie and his team are just... well, it's like stepping into 1868 every day. You almost don't have to act.

jethroboom5 karma

Hi Anson, huge fan of Hell on Wheels, even bigger fan of rescue dogs!

From the interviews you've done and the article in Cowboys & Indians, it seems like your dog Mac is always with you, even on set. Is that the case? If so, how does he enjoy being on the set and around so many people all day, do you tie him up in the brothel when shooting?

Finally, whats your favorite go to activity in between shots? It seems like the set being out in the middle of no where that the cast has to come up with their own entertainment to pass the time.


ps: Sorry you didn't get to beat up Jason Statham in 'Safe', I was looking forward to that fight :-P

Anson_Mount9 karma

I try to have Mac with me as much as possible. But a set is crazy. I'm blessed to be able to have an assistant this year, Chandler. In fact, funny enough, Chandler and I were at Sewanee: University of the South at the same time and never met. She lives in Calgary now with her husband Julian who is also an alum. They both adore Mac and Chandler takes good care of him while I'm riding my horse or shooting bad guys.

As to your second question, there's not usually a lot of down time for me. Occasionally, I'll get to sit out a scene so I usually keep a book in my bag. Other times I just love sitting around and trading stories with Colm.

shabrayrob5 karma

Were you and Common friends prior to Hell on Wheels? Also I think you could do entire show with just a look. Huge fan..watch every western I can....also..did you watch Sharknado 2?.. We did..there was a suede in The Hurt Locker...have you ever seen that war movie?

Anson_Mount11 karma

Did not know Common before the show but feel blessed to know him now.

Did not see Sharknado 2 but I cannot wait. It looks AWESOME. I encourage you to go read the Time Magazine review of the first one. Best review I've ever read, I think.

I did. A suede? Like a suede shirt? Suede shoes?

BrodyApproved5 karma

Hey bud, Hell On Wheels is our(my roommates & I) shit right now. I heard that some filming takes place outside of Calgary, so I've wondered is there anywhere in Calgary you like to hit up when you are here? If you're ever bored you're more than welcome to come hangout, drink, & shoot stuff with us.

Anson_Mount11 karma

EVERYTHING is shot just outside of Calgary.

Thank you for the invitation. I love shooting stuff. Especially while drinking.

reidhoch4 karma

Is it a pain in the ass having a brother with the exact same name as you? Also are you going to fight anymore wolves this season?

Anson_Mount18 karma

Well, Anson and I didn't grow up together so it's never been terribly difficult. But it does confuse a lot of people, so he and I have probably memorized our rote explanation at this point. When we're together and someone says 'Anson', he and I can usually tell who they're addressing by their tone. If they say it lovingly, it's him. If they're angry, it's usually me. :-)

No more wolves YET.

Cleartammy4 karma

I think Marvin Rush's work is the best in the business. Anything fans can do to get him professional recognition so deserved?

Anson_Mount6 karma

If you figure it out, let me know.

spacepie84 karma

1) What was Cullen saying to God when he was about to be burned at the stake?

2) Favorite Bob Marley song?

Anson_Mount7 karma

1) I don't really recall. But I'm sure Cullen would tell me to mind my own damn business anyway.

2) Marley? "One Love"?

Vinylrecliner4 karma

Anson, As a theatre performer did you find it difficult to make the transition to film and television? What kind of advise would you give an unconventional looking yet talented actor that specializes in theatre...i have had small TV and commercial roles, and am at the top of my game in my small media market in theatre...not in film and TV. They don't know what to do with me!

Anson_Mount17 karma

That's a subject for a much larger conversation. Just act, dude. Be the cream at the top. It'll happen, assuming you live in either NYC or LA. If you don't, then ask yourself what it is you want. You certainly don't HAVE to do TV in order to be considered legitimate or even enjoy your life.

You can also walk down to the Best Buy and buy a top quality HD camera and even some sound equipment for not a tremendous amount of money. This was not the case when I first exited drama school. Now it is. So I put the question to you: Why are you asking me this instead of making a film? No excuses. NO EXCUSES. Get to work.

vickilandon4 karma

Do you have a favorite period of American Theatre history?

Anson_Mount6 karma

Great question. I really dig what was going on in the 60's. The Living Theater and all that.

GcMcCannMovies4 karma

Hello Mr. Mount,

I am a huge fan of the Western genre and always have been. It seems that the genre was nearly dead until 'Hell on Wheels' rolled into the world of television. Do you think that filmmakers will begin to make more Westerns soon? Also, what made you want to play the part of Cullen Bohannon? It is such a tough role in a tough genre, yet you play it so very well. Why did you want this part?

Thanks! I can't wait to Season 4 tomorrow night!

Anson_Mount9 karma

Well, there were 3 or 4 Western pilots the year after our debut, which made me hopeful, but none were picked up. I'm not sure. I blame the descent of the genre on two things: technology and American myopia. Film technology is at the point where, if you can imagine it, you can put it on the screen. Therefore, Sci-fi is infinitely more doable than ever before. This has become our escapism, rather than going back to the 18th century. American myopia is due to the fact that we have become so pampered, we can no longer truly identify with a time and place in which there was true lawlessness.

Winn33173 karma

Anson, Moving to Nashville this month and I was wondering what bars/restaurants and activities in the area you would recommend?

Anson_Mount9 karma

Live music, live music, live music. If you like dive bars that happen to have karaoke, make sure to check out Santa's. It's literally built into a double-wide trailer.

And get Titans season tix.

econ12192 karma

Did you ever drink with the McGinnes twins offset?

Also, you gotta admit the Swedes psycho plan that he is pulling off is ridiculously awesome.

Anson_Mount7 karma

Yes. With Phil Burke frequently. Ben doesn't really drink but he would hang with us while we did.

I agree.

MamaApples1 karma

Hi Anson! #1 Fan right here!

Do you use a stunt double?

Do you get tired of us on Twitter?

Anson_Mount17 karma

Stunt double: Yes. And so does everyone despite what you hear in the press. No investment of this size is going to allow their lead actor to endanger that investment by doing work that someone else could do. This is not to say I haven't done some things that required caution. I do most of my riding, including the fast stuff.

Twitter: I only tire of the trolls and the unnecessary flirting. The first is childish. The second is objectifying.