Those are some x-rays from after the first surgery of me in a halo vest.

I had to have the C1-C2 fusion redone after the titanium cable snapped.

The C1-C2s were done with illiac crest bone, so now I have a cool V on my back, and a scar on my neck, along with scars in my hair and close to my hairline from the halo pins. I will upload pictures of all the scars if this gets enough attention.

I also have Autism Spectrum Disorder, diagnosed late at 13.

Along with Depersonalization Disorder which happened after bad drug experiences and panic attacks well I was stressed out over the surgeries.

I also have some sociopathic tendencies and possible Dissociative Identiy Disorder.

I currently build computers as a job and hobby, along with play many board games and video games, and watch many movies. I also like comics.

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ThatGuyGetsIt19 karma

What's the best movie you've ever seen?

Questica14 karma

That is really hard. I really loved Reservoir Dogs, but 12 Angry Men had amazing direction too. I loved both there small settings. Oldeuboi also ranks pretty high with me. Psycho is also really really good. So is a Clockwork Orange. I don't know whether to answer the movie I most enjoyed or the actual best directed/acted/produced movie I can think of.

ThatGuyGetsIt4 karma

I'd posted this separately but it was removed because it wasn't a question :

This isn't a question so much as a general comment. The Shriner's are my go to charity to support. Without them I wouldn't be walking properly today as I was severely pigeon-toed as a child. Being that my family was extremely poor my mom couldn't afford proper treatment.

Shriner's childrens hospital took care of me, though. I don't have any vivid memories of that but my mom assures me that I had metal braces akin to Forest Gump.

Good to hear of someone else that they're taking care of.

I really want to become a freemason but their prerequisite of believing in a higher power disqualifies me.

Questica4 karma

Please please, keep supporting them, I was thinking about putting something in the post about donating to them, they just recently had a bunch of cutbacks and they really need it right now.

ThatGuyGetsIt2 karma

Man, I recently posted in a thread about tipping using Mr. Pink's dialogue about the topic and got downvoted! Can you believe that shit? That is a pretty infallable list of movies, though. I was hoping you'd drop some more obscure titles. To that end... are there some more obscure movies that you might not consider favorites but still recommend?

Questica1 karma

More obscure? Confession Of Murder (2012) is something I watched recently that I thought was really good, reminded me a lot of oldeuboi. I know I like lots of other obscure movies but I don't seem to be able to name them. Does The Departed count as obscure? Or eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?

jeff_albertson_redux2 karma

Heh, funny, those are my favourite movies, too...and I'm more than three times your age :). Best of luck to you! Oh yeah, didn't really like Clockwork Orange though, it seems a bit too arranged to me anyways :).

Questica2 karma

My taste in music goes pretty far back too.

Lynguist_1 karma

A fellow Oldboy appreciater, I like your taste in movies :)

Questica1 karma

The remake changed the ending. Grr.


I'm not sure how to eloquently or correctly word this so I apologize if it comes off as offensive. What was your worst or scariest sociopathic, DPD, & DID episodes? Also I am an IT as well! Keep up the hard work & get some good certs! there's good money to be made!

Questica11 karma

I had a really bad hallucinatory panic attack when I was at BC Children's Hospital.


What would you see?

Questica7 karma

Well I was playing the first game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series when I started to see it in pastel/crayon, I started hearing music that wasn't there and whenever I would try to think back I would see a white flash. I started to see myself in the third person swaying on the bed, elastically past what was physically possible, some other minor stuff and then I snapped out of it and ran crying into my mother's arms.


That's intense I couldn't imagine that. You're one tough kid! You have my respect.

Questica5 karma

Thanks. That bad drug experience is what caused the DPD. It also made me really really depressed for awhile. It was hard to recover from.

Trisomic2 karma

Recreational or pharmaceutical drug? Which one, if you don't mind my asking?

Questica1 karma

Recreational. Weed. I stopped because well, it gave me hallucinatory panic attacks.

councilhouser8 karma

What's DPD?

Questica8 karma

Depersonalization Disorder

gesundsbleiber5 karma

I'm 16, doing an extended project qualification based on DPD and the misinterpretation of DPD with Schizophrenia. Just saying, after researching the disorder I'm really sorry you have to put up with it and think you are really brave to do things like this :) You have my respect.

Questica2 karma

Thank you!

pabst_jew_ribbon5 karma

Dude, you're so metal. If you could play an instrument, what would it be?

Questica17 karma

I'm literally metal, theres some in my neck!

Guitar so I could pick up even more babes.

zebratacos4 karma

Where is Shriner's? I don't think I've heard of it.

Questica6 karma

They are a charity with locations all over the US

angeloftheafterlife3 karma

Well hey there again Questica

my question:

What was is that caused the C1-C2 fusions? Do you think what you have had to go through has exacerbated your mental conditions?

Questica6 karma

The reason I had to get C1-C2 fusions was because of Os Odontoideum.

The Os Odontoideum probably happened at 3-4, I think it was caused by chiropractic but I have little evidence for that.

The C1-C2 fusions took away the chronic pain I had for 7 years.

Alithekiller3 karma

whats your favorite board game and video game?

Questica7 karma

Fav board game is Munchkin Fav vidya is probably Banjo Kazoiee

TheMichelotti1 karma

I LOVE that video game!!! I played that game for years! Banjo Twooie is really good, too. You should totally get it!

Questica2 karma

I have 2 copies of Banjo Kazooie lol, does that count as Banjo Twooie?

oppose_3 karma

Damn dude, hows it going?

edit: Also, whats your iq at?

Questica2 karma

Just chilling homebrewing some RPG rules, you?

PrinterIsOnFire1 karma

What RPG system mechanics do you particularly like and/or dislike, and any reasons why?

I spend a lot of time messing around with them, so I always like to hear what other people think.

Questica1 karma

D&D 3.5 is the system I started on, and its really well done but the combats a bit slow.

Pathfinder is really similar to 3.5, so its something you might also want to try.

I try to homebrew a lot of my rules, and something I almost always include in my games is armor class checks.

Questica1 karma

Same as Stephen Hawking's.

mahhhhhh2 karma

If you could go on a three week long vacation, where would you travel to and what would you do?

Questica1 karma

I actually just got back from a 3 week long vacation 2 days ago, it was to Victoria with my girlfriend. If I could go anywhere though... I really don't know, probably somewhere in Europe.

TheEpicDuck2 karma

I went to Shriner's for my scoliosis, and they definitely didn't help me at all :/ How was your care?

Questica7 karma

Which shriner's did you go to and why didn't they help you?

My care was great, I don't even live in the united states, they constantly bus me from BC down to oregon.

CalRipkenSucks-15 karma


Questica8 karma

A private charity, not the american government.

mclovinsgirl1 karma

My stepdad's a Shriner and is actually president of his local chapter, so it's cool to hear the stories of kids who benefit from that organization since I know so little about it haha. I know Shriner hospitals are known for their burn and orthopedic centers, but how are they regarding mental health treatments? I have bipolar II disorder and a minor case of generalized anxiety, so I'm curious about how they're treating you. I'm also a psych major (planning to continue working for a mental health awareness organization) and I want to say how inspiring it is that you're still around despite all the mental struggles you have to endure on top of your other medical problems. Stay awesome!

Questica1 karma

They don't have any psych facilities, they treat everyone well.

[deleted]1 karma


Questica0 karma

Cope with which thing?

JustAHiccup1 karma

Waffles or Pancakes?

Questica10 karma

Fuck you, strudel.

JustAHiccup1 karma

Strudel with what inside? :D

Questica8 karma

Semen for all I care, fight the power.

JustAHiccup1 karma

To each their own. I guess...

Questica2 karma

Fight for your right to fight the power. -- The Beastie Boys

FatFingerMcgee1 karma

Dude you are stuck in my generation.

Questica4 karma

le wrong generation lel xD spork

xyzwave1 karma

Can you elaborate on the bad drug experience? Which class of drugs (hallucinogen, stimulant, etc) and what made the experience negative?

Questica1 karma

Marijuana, its like a rite of passage in BC.

Hoyata211 karma

I use to get panic attacks from weed try switching to indicia weed

Questica1 karma

or just stop doing drugs

drugsneverwork1 karma

How often did you smoke weed for when you were using it? Did you have bad trips when you were high?

Questica1 karma

First hallucinatory panic episode was just when I used edibles.

Second one was about a year later, I was hanging out with the pot heads and I smoked with them 3 times, third time I had another hallucinatory panic episode and decided I was done with THC.

biernas1 karma

Wow I'm glad you are doing this. I just recently (this week) joined the Shriners team as a volunteer. I'll be in the child life area hanging out with patients such as yourself. Have any suggestions for a new volunteer? Also how has your experience been with the Shriners community so far?

P.S. the location I'm at specializes in orthopedics so it may very well be the same hospital.

Questica1 karma

Is it the Portland location?

There is a lot of other really great people on the child life team, maybe you should talk to them about suggestions.

cynical-therapist0 karma

Good news: I don't think you have Dissociate Personality Disorder. That's not a diagnosis in the DSM-5. (I'm not saying you don't have problems, but the symptom of dissociation could be attributed to other illnesses, or maybe just a limited experience related to the drug use).

I'm curious what you mean by "sociopathic tendencies" though. Have you actually done anything above and beyond the typical teenage I-don't-give-a-fuck-itis that you think qualifies as sociopathic?

Questica1 karma

Fuck, I meant

I lie to people all the time to make things easier. I treat my girlfriend and family like crap, I could do it worse but I understand the concept of consequences.

cynical-therapist1 karma

Under the circumstances (chronic pain, loads of stress) treating people like crap is understandable (although not acceptable). I hope you get good treatment, and not just more pills (cause I imagine you're on some meds already) for your anxiety and other issues.

Questica1 karma

I don't actually have anxiety very often.