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KB21534 karma

How do you ignore all the negative jokes directed at you and your video? Has it changed how you view people in general? Did it ever really hurt or are you able to push it to the side?

itsrebeccablack32 karma

honesty i don't get offended by the jokes but they do get old because i've heard them all like it's been 3 and a half years, and not really but i did realize how creatively mean some people can be lol

sinz8434 karma

Do you enjoy gettin' down on any other day but friday?

Am ... trying ... so ... hard ... to ... stay nice .... but its so hard as that song was so bad.

shakeygoat22 karma

What is the creepiest message you have received?

YellowShot3 karma

I just used my Nazi alt account to talk to her about the protection of white culture.

kewriosity3 karma

You also asked her if she wants to do porn. I think that's a little creepier.

itsrebeccablack7 karma

which both questions i quietly scrolled passed (sorry)

Feignfame17 karma

So, what's new with you? College?

itsrebeccablack23 karma

still in high school

RaptorsFromSpace16 karma

What's the best and worst thing that's happened because of your fame? Would you do the video again if you had the chance?

itsrebeccablack31 karma

the worst thing would have to be the death threats and harassment but the best thing is that i've met soooo many cool people and made a lot more friends because of it and i have so many advantages and i'm so thankful for all of it and that outshines all the hate

Beardman9514 karma

What are your plans for the future?

itsrebeccablack22 karma

after i'm done with school i plan on making more (better) music but also college

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itsrebeccablack22 karma

how did you know that

toiletting14 karma

I love you Rebecca, can you write a song specifically for me?

itsrebeccablack70 karma

everyone buy my new single its called toiletting

SgtPeterson13 karma

What day is it?

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itsrebeccablack12 karma


ZayngZadam11 karma

Do you legitimately feel any different on any specific day of the week? Personally I know mondays make me feel just great.

itsrebeccablack36 karma

tbh im more of a saturday person

Asasara11 karma

What's your favorite food?

itsrebeccablack16 karma

i love food what a hard question but PIZZA

wiiings10 karma

At what point did you figure out it was best just to roll with the attention the video was getting?

itsrebeccablack13 karma

hm i don't know exactly, but it wasn't to long after lol

scumoftheeaarth6 karma

How old are you?

itsrebeccablack7 karma


DatNick19885 karma

How do you deal with the negativity of your song? Have you thought about making another one to "make up" for Friday? No offense, I'm just curious!

itsrebeccablack8 karma

the negativity doesn't bother me anymore and i do have a couple of other songs, and when i finish school i plan on making more. anD THEY'LL BE GOOD THIS TIME I PROMISE

d8a7n5 karma

When you made the song did you have any idea how much of an impact it would make on our culture at that time?

itsrebeccablack3 karma

NO CLUE it went viral so fast i didn't see it coming

sillybillymi5 karma

Hmm I have one and only one question...

Do you feel differently towards Friday than any other day, being the fact that you received much hate about the song etc, or does it not really matter?

itsrebeccablack9 karma

still love fridays

DrunkVixen4 karma

What's your favourite song?

itsrebeccablack4 karma

coattails by broods

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itsrebeccablack11 karma

At first i got bullied a lot tbh but now everything's cool and i get along with a lot more people than before the video and no one ever says anything mean but on fridays i always get asked what day it is

Scrotie_3 karma

Do you think making that video helped or hindered your attempt at making yourself a respectable career as a musician/youtuber? Has it provided opportunities that you think might not have otherwise happened?

itsrebeccablack6 karma

most definitely, which is why i never regret making it

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itsrebeccablack5 karma

some things people were saying were RUTHLESS no lie but i had fun making it and didn't let it effect me to much and of course i love fries

acxswitch2 karma

If you were to go to the mall every day for a week, would you be recognized as Rebecca Black more often than not?

Also do you plan on continuing your education after HS or continuing your music?

itsrebeccablack2 karma

Yes definitely and both

MinotaurforAslan0 karma

Hi, Rebecca! I've greatly enjoyed seeing your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber! I was hoping to be able to come to your panel at VidCon about suddenly being a star, but the line cutoff didn't allow me to get in. I recently had one of my own videos go viral, so I've been wanting to ask...

What advice you would give to someone on how to handle their social life after suddenly having a lot of exposure? I know when you suddenly became famous overnight, you got teased a lot at school, but I'm sure you were treated differently by many your friends as well. Looking back, was there anything in particular that you felt you handled well or feel like you could have done better?

Thanks for being an inspiration that people can make lemonade from lemons on the biggest of scales!

itsrebeccablack5 karma

First off, thank you so much! and my advice for someone who suddenly got a lot of exposure is- brace yourself. It's going to be WEIRD. you're going to be stopped by random people for a picture or even walking down the hall at school and don't listen to any negative comments because i promise you that it really does not matter what they have to say and they're just wasting they're time to try to get on your nerves so keep that beautiful chin up! but honestly my friends were pretty chill about it, no different treatment. and i wouldn't change a thing.