Dwayne Johnson here and reddit just got Rocked. As your official AMA host feel free to ask me anything about movies, fitness life, fanny packs, ass kick'n and more.


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Update: Been fun everyone. Appreciate you taking some time to hang a bit. Until we do it again.. "if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise", stay strong and I'll see ya down the road. *** and here's an exclusive HERCULES clip for ya..


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Pixel_Me_That3757 karma

Hi Dwayne!

I read that you're good friends with Arnold. So, who would win in a fight: Conan, or Hercules?

GovSchwarzenegger5920 karma

I just came here to congratulate Dwayne, but you just gave me a great idea for a movie. I would love to do a movie with Dwayne - the Oak and the Rock - it couldn't be more perfect.

Anyway, congratulations Dwayne. The movie looks fantastic and I can tell you know what's best in life. Let's get together soon and share sword stories.

_DwayneJohnson3006 karma

Awesome, look forward to swappin' sword stories.

Golden_afro2774 karma

What is your view on the turtleneck as a tactical garment?

_DwayneJohnson3893 karma

The turtleneck can in fact work as a tactical garment, but you should also have a leather fanny pack on standby.

IvanS611719 karma

Hey Rock, after all these years what have you really been cooking?

_DwayneJohnson2825 karma

After all these years -- CLEARLY I've been cooking pop tarts and fanny packs.;).

themogul1454 karma

Hi Mr. Johnson, just wanted to thank you for being a major influential figure in my life when it comes to fitness and diet. At a point where I felt like I was knocked down, you've inspired me to get back up kicking and screaming and that motivation has been a great positive change in mindset. It has helped me to achieve my goals in the gym and outside of it. Thank you again for your TeamHercules workout. And now onto the question: What are some of your favorite tracks to play when you're in the gym?

_DwayneJohnson2817 karma

Comments like this are always the best to read. Stay strong and know that every time we get our ass kicked, we get stronger and (hopefully wiser for it. Generally when I 'clang and bang' Im all about hip hop - Tech9, Jay Z, Tupac, Bun B (UGK), Eminem, Kendrick Lamar etc. Then every once in a while I put it on shuffle in hopes of the random "Eye of the Tiger" to play. Shits on when that happens. #ClubberLangStyle

TheNutterr1227 karma

Was Hercules your most demanding role? Including diet, workout and the acting itself?

_DwayneJohnson2946 karma

Hercules was by far my most demanding role. I knew that going it though - so I was prepared to go the distance and commit. 6 months of hard core training, prep and diet. Chariot, sword and combat training as well. What I didn't count on was the injury that occurred 6 weeks before shooting (tore two tendons from my pelvis) which then ultimately led to my abdomen wall weakening which cause 3 hernia tears. So wrap all that up into a big ass ball of fun pain and you have the most challenging role Ive ever had. ;). Also when I arrived on set in Budapest in a physical peak I was happy with for the character, I had to maintain that look for the next 5 months. Very taxing on the body - physically, mentally and every which way in between. Funny thing is, if I had to do it all over again.. I'd do it twice. Only I'd add a freaking cheat meal once a week or so. Geeeezus

FreekForAll1144 karma

Hey Rock

Will you play in a Sylvester Stallone movie ? Co-starring Terry Crew ?

_DwayneJohnson3197 karma

If you're asking if I would consider being in the EXPENDABLES franchise - then the answer is yes. BUT.. I don't want to be on their team and be buddies with them. F*ck that noise. I want to hunt every single one of them down and tell them to "send your soul to heaven cause your ass is mine." Rousey lives cause she'd be my characters training partner and Crews lives as well cause my character would need someone to compete at pec popping with.

jarrettbrown1074 karma

Hi Rock, I recently heard that you finished filming the latest Fast and Furious movie. What was it like finishing the series without Paul Walker?

_DwayneJohnson2276 karma

Finishing Fast and Furious without Paul was very bittersweet. His death was heartbreaking and in a way, informed us that we should be even more grateful for every waking minute and hug our loved ones and friends just that much tighter and stronger. I truly feel audiences will be very happy and emotionally moved by Fast 7. Im proud of the movie we made - proud of my fellow actors, director, studio partners and hard working blue collar film crew. The truth is, like all movies - Fast and Furious will come and go and hopefully, leave an incredible movie legacy behind. To me, the #1 most important thing I care about is making sure his daughter has stability in her life and good solid men around her to help raise her in the wake of Paul's passing. (MYB)

Meth_Damon991 karma

Dwayne!! I was wondering what is your favorite food to eat on a cheat day?

_DwayneJohnson1937 karma

Fav cheat meal food would be pizza (double dough), pancakes and peanut butter brownies. And for good measure I throw in a diet coke!

thelessbag726 karma

Hi Rock! Which do you prefer movies or wrestling?


_DwayneJohnson1300 karma

Both. I love making movies - very passionate about it. And there's no greater feeling than that live electric connection with the WWE universe that I have the privilege of having. Connection is insane.

confusedseas602 karma

Talofa Rock!

Family is a super important part of Samoan life; what role has your family played in your life?

Fa'afetai Tele Lava! You are the best!

_DwayneJohnson1058 karma

My family is everything to me. It sounds cliche but its true. More and more as I go thru life my cup runneth over with gratitude for the loved ones in my life. For the record, Ive always wanted to write "my cup runneth over", so Fa'afetai Tele Lava! ;)

crlock84392 karma

Hey Dwayne, do you have a dream role that you've always wanted to play?

_DwayneJohnson828 karma

Well Hercules was a dream role for me. When I was 5yrs old I was in awe of the late great Steve Reeves movie poster of him as Hercules. I saw it in a gym when I used to go hang with my dad while he and his buddies worked out. I remember then being captivated by that iconic look. To be able to bring that to life - make a movie for a generation is a dream come true (and very f'n cool;).

jakelachance381 karma

have you ever thought about doing a stand up comedy special for HBO or even Comedy Central?

_DwayneJohnson1505 karma

Funny (not literally) you asked. One of our 7 Bucks Entertainment prod goals for 2015 is to start the development for a "Rock One Man Show" live. Comedy, singing (w/ my Willie guitar of course), stories and anecdotes, audience interaction and how to rock a fanny pack without looking too much like a buff lesbian.

deathmaster4035145 karma

So, do you like pie ?

EDIT : HOLY SHIT !!!! The Great One replied to me, my life is now comp... IT DOESN'T MATTER IF MY LIFE IS COMPLETE !!!

_DwayneJohnson244 karma

The Fungo Brothers LOVE pieā€¦ (watch my Jimmy Fallon appearance from last and this joke will make sense;)