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Hey Matt, I love this idea. Are you aware of William B. Helmreich, a Sociology Professor at CCNY who's done the same thing as you? I think you two should meet up at some point. Oh and what's been your favorite street that you've walked down so far?

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Hi Rock, I recently heard that you finished filming the latest Fast and Furious movie. What was it like finishing the series without Paul Walker?

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That was my biggest gripe when my mother and I went last year. We thought it was going to be like Englishtown, but it was the same crap over and over. We liked it, but we’re gonna go to englishtown next time.

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Hey Howie, Thanks for doing this. Being that I'm so close to NYC and heard stories and news reports for years about the New York Families, there was one thing that always made me wonder about the ones that I didn't hear about. What was the biggest difference between the Irish Mobs and the Italian mobs or is there nothing that's different between them other than location?

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It's basically an NJ Annex. You stop there for a few years before you move to NJ.