I was also in Sony's 22 Jump Street and Grown Ups 2. Here's my latest video is The Rage: Anarchy.

Go ahead and ask me anything.

Proof: https://twitter.com/JimmyTatro/status/491661624822861824

Life According To Jimmy: https://www.youtube.com/user/LifeAccordingToJimmy

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gatorbite92392 karma

What's it like banging Emily Osment?

anyways_vs_anyway36 karma

Of course he wouldn't answer that.

gatorbite9281 karma

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Jimmy_Tatro318 karma


Pixel_Me_That248 karma

What would you say your chill to pull ratio is?

Jimmy_Tatro587 karma

To be honest, I created the chill to pull ratio but even I don't understand what it means

bmanning41438 karma

"no one knows what it means, but it's provocative" -jimmy

Jimmy_Tatro777 karma

I was going to 'like' this but all I see is "give gold" and that seems to cost money

bmanning41196 karma

Jimmy - you're hilarious dude. When are we gonna see another "drunk questions"? Also - you slammin emily osment?

Jimmy_Tatro353 karma

We're gonna put out drunk questions 3 soon

And uh.....no comment

mysteryguitarm189 karma

What's it like knowing the most amazing, incredible, funny, good-looking, and (most importantly) humble YouTuber in the world?

The one and only MysteryGuitarMan?

Jimmy_Tatro141 karma

He's a super cool dude

Bob_The_Bodybuilder158 karma

How'd you come to meet Emily Osment? And do you ever plan to stop with the YouTube videos to focus on the bigger aspect of your career?

Also we need a Mazzetti/Tatro collab

Jimmy_Tatro163 karma

We met through a mutual friend. I'm never going to stop completely, but if I get a show or I get to the point where I can start writing and starring in my own movies frequently, the YouTube thing will definitely take the back seat for a while

solano89134 karma

Can Manziel hang with you?

Jimmy_Tatro166 karma

Most definitely

Shawn0mara116 karma

Hey jimmy what's if like having a black friend? I don't have any :(

Jimmy_Tatro328 karma

It's fun. You should look into it

stolz_benjamin34111 karma

Are you thinking about doing any more sleepover videos soon? A new high school sleepover one would be funny as shit.

Jimmy_Tatro157 karma

Yeah I love that series

theBABS108 karma

How tall are you? And can you pull more bitches than Mike Stud? (Before you started dating Hannah Montana's friend).

Jimmy_Tatro141 karma

I'm 5'10"

No chance, the guy is an animal

s_not92 karma

I saw your instagram post that you just graduated, what did you actually major in? How awesome is making videos that people love? Edit: A lot of people want to know the answer, please don't leave us hanging.

Jimmy_Tatro196 karma

I dropped out of college junior year. I just have a great group of friends that I went to school with so I flew back to watch them graduate. Creating things that make people happy is what makes me happy

jack27clarke88 karma

Jimmy, you're the man, and I love your work.

We met down in New Orleans while you were there for 22 Jump Street, and you signed my red solo cup. You then tweeted about it. You then deleted said tweet. I’m still a little butthurt about it.

Why do you delete some of your tweets?

Jimmy_Tatro135 karma

Sorry man haha

When people go to my timeline they want to see funny shit, not a bunch of responses, so I usually delete all my replies eventually

Tanthony284 karma

You're known for playing a frat-boy in your movies. Any plans to try and break out of that role in future movies?

Jimmy_Tatro168 karma

Yeah definitely. It's a character that's fun to play and I can play pretty naturally at this point in my life since I'm still college aged but I'll be playing different types of characters in upcoming movies

TopCruise82 karma

Hey Jimmy, what is your favorite alcoholic beverage? (Mixed or straight out of the bottle)

Jimmy_Tatro163 karma

Johnny Walker Blue with one big ass ice cube

PurplePupilEater94 karma

Is Ice Cube chill? I heard he can't hang

Jimmy_Tatro265 karma

he scares me a little

narcistic_asshole78 karma

I noticed Emily Osment is in a couple of your videos. How did you get to know her? How can I do the same?

Jimmy_Tatro647 karma

We date and stuff. There, I said it. ARE YOU HAPPY EVERYONE!?

Skywhaa77 karma

Have you and Christian ever 3 somed a chick?

Jimmy_Tatro144 karma

Nope. Don't plan on it either

Bigdoitdirty77 karma

What are the chances of you smoking with a random fan if he/she offers?

Jimmy_Tatro183 karma

40 percent

NebraskaNation74 karma

Jimmy. James (may I call you James? Doesn't matter, I'm going to) If you could choose 3 celebrities to throw a rager with, who would you pick, what would you make them bring, and why?

Jimmy_Tatro277 karma

Drake, Kobe, Dan Bilzerian.

Drake would perform, Kobe and I would become best friends and Dan would bring the party

asovermann61 karma

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to try and focus more on acting or are you going to focus on stand up/sketch comedy?

Jimmy_Tatro231 karma

I'm in the process of planning a stand up comedy tour right now. I'm also writing a movie with Christian and one of the creators of Blue Mountain State which I'm really excited about.

36915243958 karma

I heard you want to move away from the "frat guy" role. What roles would you most like to try your hand at and why?

Jimmy_Tatro138 karma

It was never something I planned on doing for a long time, I was just in a fraternity in college so I thought of a lot of funny fraternity related jokes since that's what I was around. I really want to play a sketchy drug dealer character

RyanTheLion_191 karma

I didn't have any baggies so I put it in a Chipotle receipt

Jimmy_Tatro185 karma

You already know

Meth_Damon57 karma

Jimmy! I've been a fan of your videos for a long time now. I'm the same age as you, so I can relate to all of them and just think you are hillarious man. I'm very happy you are becoming more successful. You truly deserve it and are an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!

My question to you would be since you lived a normal life for most of your years, what has it been like being famous now?

Jimmy_Tatro213 karma

To be overly honest, it gets annoying. I love that people enjoy my videos and nothing makes me happier than making people laugh and if you're a fan of my work, I appreciate it when you tell me, but I don't do what I do to be famous. Some people come up to me on the street expecting me to start telling jokes and making them laugh and wanting to take pictures when I'm just trying to buy a damn Twix from the gas station. People can be really rude, but there's nothing I appreciate more than a polite fan telling me he/she enjoys my work, or loves my videos. That makes me really happy

Broseidonxxi50 karma

Next time I see you walking down the street we will walk by each other and ill look at you and say hey Jimmy keep up the awesome work bro and just keep on with our lives.

Jimmy_Tatro168 karma

And I will say "thanks man I appreciate that!" and then I will say to the person next to me, "that guy seems cool"

middledeer55 karma

Yo Jimmy. How did you and Christian meet, and how long have you been buds?

Jimmy_Tatro112 karma

We were in the same fraternity in college and realized we had similar aspirations. Once I started making videos I needed help and brought him on board

JuniorOneNut52 karma

What is your most memorable moment as an actor?

Jimmy_Tatro255 karma

My first line on Grown Ups 2.

"Boomer...what's going on?"



seth_rod49 karma

How did you meet Johnny Manziel?

Jimmy_Tatro156 karma


KnightsOfColumbus_47 karma

How much money have you made off of YouTube thus far?

Jimmy_Tatro291 karma

10 billion dollars

PizzaBart44 karma

How much do you bench? How much does Rooster bench?

Jimmy_Tatro155 karma

No idea man. I haven't bench pressed in so long. When I go to the gym I just ball

joehuet146 karma

You're not even frat dude

Jimmy_Tatro218 karma

I know.

cheeseburger4941 karma

How many girls did you hook up with last night?

Jimmy_Tatro114 karma


Mattbacal841 karma

Why did you choose the university of Arizona? And do you think it was key in establishing your career choice or did you know you wanted to do movies before college?

Jimmy_Tatro101 karma

It was either there or Oregon. To be honest, my outlook on college was 'hopefully I get something else going so I can drop out' but given the unexpected way things happened, it turned out to actually be pretty key in jumpstarting my career

chrissytheblack40 karma

If you had the chance to punch any YouTuber who would it be?

Jimmy_Tatro335 karma


kyle_el_gordo38 karma

Since your chapter got kicked out of UofA, does that make you a geed?

Jimmy_Tatro100 karma

I dropped out before we got kicked off so no...or yeah, doesn't really matter since I don't go to college

john23638 karma

What has changed most about your life?

Jimmy_Tatro71 karma

People recognize me now and I travel more. That's about it. I still have the same friends, it's not like i've changed as a person because of the career i've chosen

omran12337 karma

Hey Jimmy, have you banged Emily Osment?

5thGenWilliam38 karma

I heard they're dating so I would assume so.

Jimmy_Tatro364 karma

I heard that too

tbatts3336 karma

Where is the strangest place you've ever been recognized?

Jimmy_Tatro172 karma

In a weed store

iAhlerZ34 karma

Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?

Jimmy_Tatro417 karma

I'd rather not be a fish

OnceUponAnApple31 karma

Hey Jimmy, what first got you interested into getting in front of a camera?

Jimmy_Tatro87 karma

Skateboarding. I made skate videos back when I was like 8. I wanted to be a pro skater

whynotletitfly629 karma

You've been in two big time movies in 22 Jump Street and Grown Ups 2, are there any plans to be in another?

Jimmy_Tatro239 karma

Yeah, we're shooting the Blue Mountain State movie in October

I_Am_Intoxicated28 karma

What’s your favorite beer?

Jimmy_Tatro69 karma

Sculpin IPA

carpediem325 karma

Hey jimmy! I've always loved your videos and your frat star videos always reminded me of my guy friends, unfortunately. I always wanted to know, how would you describe your ideal girl?

Jimmy_Tatro222 karma

A girl that doesn't do that dumb stereotypical girl bullshit that 99 percent of girls do.

AteBreakfastAtGucci21 karma

Favorite shitty beer?

Jimmy_Tatro80 karma


ILove2Frolic21 karma

What made you want to start making your videos?

Jimmy_Tatro35 karma

I enjoy making people laugh

Carwheel20 karma

Hey! Thanks so much for doing an AMA, I think your stuff is hilarious and have been really psyched to see you getting larger comedic acclaim. My boyfriend (who originally showed me your videos and had me start following you on twitter) is a huge fan and just told me to "ask [you] something bro'y."

So...What's the fratty-est situation you've found yourself in and how did you manage to get laid afterwards?

And my real question - It seems like a lot of your material balances a line between a made-up persona and just you and your buds hanging out. How much of your material is your own personality, and how awesome is it to get famous for joking around with your friends?

Jimmy_Tatro60 karma

Most of the videos are a made up persona. A few of of them are actually based on my personality but for the most part I'm playing characters. I didn't get famous for joking around with my friends, my videos got popular because I put in hours and hours of work every week making sure I put out the best sketch possible. Most people don't understand how much work it is to put out a comedy sketch every single week

AGariepy19 karma

What was your favorite video to make? Why?

Jimmy_Tatro74 karma

THAT Drunk Guy was a really fun shoot. I usually don't enjoy shoots because they're hectic and I'm scrambling trying to make everything happen, but Christian held it down on that one and everything went super smoothly

NattysAndFattys18 karma

Do you still hang out with your fraternity brothers or are you too busy with other commitments now?

Jimmy_Tatro72 karma

I still kick it with my college squad all the time because they're my best friends. We all happened to be in the same fraternity and that's how we met but if you ask any of us, we're not calling each other "frat brothers"

iamchrisbosh17 karma

Why are you a better basketball player than Steve Nash?

Jimmy_Tatro39 karma

Right now? Totally.

JK he'd ball out on me, I think my 3 point stroke is better though

dalton04416 karma


Jimmy_Tatro55 karma

There's a bunch that I wish I could do again but do them with a better camera and edit them better. I regret a couple product placement videos I did

JackWinston16 karma

If you had 30 seconds in front of the entire world and you could say anything what would you say?

Jimmy_Tatro136 karma


purplepeopleeater42016 karma

Whatever happened to the whole Young and Boss movement?

Jimmy_Tatro23 karma

Didn't have time, it was cool while it lasted though

ryan991116 karma

Which celebrity would you want to work with the most in the movie business?

Jimmy_Tatro64 karma

Will Ferrell

kingofthenorth916 karma


Jimmy_Tatro102 karma

We threw a Black and White themed house party at my house at the end of my junior year. It was Project X minus the car in the pool

mrfluffy12215 karma

Why don't you ever charge your damn phone?

Jimmy_Tatro119 karma

I don't care about my phone. People get too attached to cell phones. I like it when it dies

based_garfield14 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Jimmy_Tatro54 karma

Cookie Dough'nt You Want Some

Cold Stone

ChildishGenius12 karma

What's the typical writing process like for you and Christian?

And do you ever see yourself not doing YouTube, giving the fact that it allows complete creative freedom?

I know you're doing more movies and stand-up lately, but you're one of the few legitimately talented people on YouTube.

Jimmy_Tatro22 karma

We sit down somewhere and go over the list of potential sketch concepts we can put out. Sometimes it's "which one do we want to do?" and sometimes it's "which one do we have time to do". Either way, we'll sit down for 2-3 hours and just start writing, I don't really know how else to explain it haha

Kylins12 karma

Where do you see yourself in like, 4 years? Big plans? Moves, movies? Tv show?

Jimmy_Tatro35 karma

Hopefully I just wrapped my latest movie and I'm going shoot season 2 of my show for the next 3 months until I have to leave for my standup tour

autobots_roll_out12 karma

Have you considered doing stand up? I feel like you'd be a natural.

Jimmy_Tatro27 karma

Yeah I'm doing a stand up tour in a few months, you should check it out

ColeAA12 karma

Hey Jimmy thanks for doing the AMA!

What the hell happened to you when you disappeared for like two weeks? Youtubers went insane with the conspiracy theories in the comments of your videos

Jimmy_Tatro34 karma

I needed a break. Making a video a week gets really hectic and time consuming and I was doing a bunch of press for 22 Jump Street so I had no time. It became more about 'what video is possible to make this week' than 'what video do we want to make this week' and that was really frustrating because I was putting out videos I wasn't completely passionate about


How was the transition from a normal college student posting YouTube videos, to moving to LA and working on movies?

Jimmy_Tatro29 karma

I've lived in LA my whole life. I went to college in Arizona with the hopes that something would start working out so I could drop out and start working on something I love doing and I was fortunate enough for that to happen

paysawnpahreruh8 karma

Is McCoy based off of a real person? or is he in fact real

Jimmy_Tatro37 karma

He's based off a real dude

Meth_Damon7 karma

What is the one thing that you had to buy with the money that you started making? Like something you wanted to buy since you were a kid.

Jimmy_Tatro23 karma

I never really had money as a kid so i'm just happy to be able to buy things without worrying.

My car was definitely a big purchase for me though

mwaskin6 karma

95% of the parties at my school are the bonerest of all time, and all the good ones get shut down immediately. Can you please come show us how to throw a proper rager? Or at least give us some tips on how to actually throw a good party?

Jimmy_Tatro23 karma

You need to sound proof it. Have someone at the door making sure when people aren't walking in and out that thing is shut at all times and no noise is getting out of the house

MayTheyProtectYou4 karma

Been a huge fan of yours for a while now. Since I'm going to be a freshman next year, what is your ultimate college freshman tip?

Jimmy_Tatro13 karma

Be yourself, don't try too hard

mhendler34 karma

What is your favorite comedy sketch you have done on youtube so far? As well what is the behind the scenes like when you're shooting videos? Thanks Jimmy!

Jimmy_Tatro11 karma

The Worst Idea Ever. I sat on that idea for so long and the final product is exactly like my initial vision which is a rare, great feeling.

Depends on the video but it's usually pretty hectic. Lot's of scrambling

closebut_nocigar4 karma

What is your one golden rule for being cool?

Jimmy_Tatro9 karma

Don't try to be cool

Stephruiz284 karma

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given? P.S you're kinda totally completely awesome :)

Jimmy_Tatro28 karma

I was in art class and the teacher pulled up a painting that was just streaks and splatters

My friend raised his hand and said "how is that art? I could do that"

My teacher said "You could've, but you didn't"

changed my life

BenLightfoot3 karma

If you were a porn star, what would your porn name be?

Jimmy_Tatro15 karma

Dick Diggity

Wavy_Crockett2 karma

Hey Jimmy, what was your career plan before your YouTube videos really started to take off?

Jimmy_Tatro2 karma

I've always wanted to make movies, YouTube just seemed like the right way to get there