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How much money have you made off of YouTube thus far?

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On the rock

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Fascinating, and thanks for taking the time to answer my (slightly) redundant question with nuance from an earlier one.

So interesting to think of my knowledge back then (blu-ray is the future, bro!) while people behind it all knew their content would be streamable even though most everyone else wouldn’t have known what “streaming” really was.

Was original content always a part of that streaming plan?

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Thanks for doing this! I’ve heard stories that you and Hastings knew even in the DVD delivery days that content would be streamable through the internet instantly on a platform just like Netflix exists today.

Is it true that such a 15-20 year strategy was set from the conception of Netflix? What drove that early strategy and was it always in anticipation of becoming a streaming service with original content? I’m fascinated by 10-20 year growth plans especially in such quickly evolving technological times.