Thank-you everyone for your questions! We appreciate all of the support. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail us or FB msg us.

Tahoma Growers is in crunch time trying to pass our final inspection from the state in just a few weeks. AMA about the new industry and what it's like to be one of the few that will be growing in WA this year.

On 7/21 we were feature on a local news radio station KIRO. Link below if you are curious to listen:

Checkout our website and facebook:

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dneals30 karma

Do you drug test your employees?

tahomagrowers46 karma

Haha, no way.

MightySpaghettiKing43 karma


Callmebigpahpa22 karma

Funniest quote ever from Workoholics.

tahomagrowers19 karma

You only YOLO once

sixpacked15 karma

Do you smoke your own product? In the interests of quality control obviously.

tahomagrowers22 karma

Haha we still have our final inspection set for 8/15 and are currently pooling together all of our savings/maxing our credit cards to do so. We also launched a indiegogo a few days ago to help.

that being said...

Once we get the final stamp and start growing, Yes.

joebob80114 karma

Do you know that you do not own the domain of the website you linked to?

tahomagrowers17 karma

You're right that was a typo. I've changed to our correct domain:

Thanks for catching that joebob!

inaction2action10 karma

how big is your farm? what are your prospects going forward?

tahomagrowers14 karma

close to 10 acres 7000 sq ft for growing

Plan is to turn most of that 10 acres into an all organic, eco-friendly farm. Not just weed but vegetables, fruit trees, goats, chickens, etc. Once we are most established we plan on helping other eco-friendly farms do the same.

CheezyOnion13 karma

How did you plant goats and chickens? Where can I find those plants ?

tahomagrowers21 karma

You are one cheezyonion

insanesquirle9 karma

Canibus Executive Officer?

tahomagrowers8 karma


Squidward99 karma

Hey, thanks for the AMA. My questions are, favourite strain you grow? How difficult was it to get started in the industry?

tahomagrowers10 karma

To answer your first question..

TBD. Will know in a few weeks. Feel free to FB msg/e-mail us anytime.

WA state has provided some hoops to jump through. We just finished our 8ft security fence. We need to get power up and running, security cameras, plants/seeds finalized, and a building built by 8/15/14, which is our final inspection. We do not have a big investor, it is all our own funding. That has been the biggest obstacle.

We want to go completely eco-friendly and support other farms that are doing the same.

sketch8148 karma

How did you start? Where did you buy your first plants/seeds?

tahomagrowers9 karma

We are actually in the process of finding the right company to get seeds from. Trying to stay as local as we can. Plants are in the works as well, but I can't disclose here. :)

tahomagrowers10 karma

Also, we started with Mike our President applying for the license and a vision. out of 7,000 that applied only 100 have gotten licenses as of now in the lottery. We had a 1.4 chance and we feel really lucky.

ChaosScore3 karma

Wait, so can you not even start growing or buying seeds until your inspection?

tahomagrowers6 karma

Technically No

emptytrunk6 karma

Have there been unforeseen complications throughout startup for which resolution seemed out of reach?

tahomagrowers2 karma

Only funding, but where there's a will theres a way. We have started an indiegogo account but no such luck as of yet.

See my response to Squidward, it explains some of the legal hoops we must jump through in order to pass our final inspection.

FabiWabi5 karma

Do you plan on changing the public perception of the marijuana industry? If so, how?

tahomagrowers10 karma

Yes! Absolutely.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to change the perception of a flower to illuminate the beauty of marijuana. Our vision is to discover and develop high-quality marijuana strains while keeping our focus on sustainability & protecting the environment. Our goal is to revive farming communities around the globe one small farm at a time.

No pressure to contribute, but more info on this is on our indiegogo site below:

FabiWabi2 karma

Much appreciated. As a younger person, I'm firmly convinced that my generation will legalize marijuana in the US. You guys are an early step in that process!

tahomagrowers2 karma

We hope so too


What was the number one hurdle you had to jump through, legally speaking?

tahomagrowers7 karma

Getting the license for 1. We only had a 1.4 chance of all the applicants to receive a license, so we feel really lucky.

Right now it is financially due to all the things WA state is requiring in order to pass inspection. They make sense and we are not throwing the state under the bus, but they cost some monies to get up and going and we do not have an investor, it is all our own savings and credit cards.

[deleted]1 karma


tahomagrowers3 karma

Total we will be spending around 40K to get it up and running.

Millhouse963 karma

Has anyone tried to break in/Steal any weed?

tahomagrowers8 karma

No. It seems like that's the big a concern and the first question that pops into a lot of peoples' minds when legal marijuana is brought up. WA has required 24hr security cameras in order to pass inspection. We have 5 dogs too, so we aren't concerned.

bowmaster171 karma

Sounds like the scene from without a paddle that they burn a weed plantation and the guard dogs get high.

tahomagrowers1 karma


draibop3 karma

i would like to intern, is there college credit available?

tahomagrowers10 karma

What college? You find a college that will give you credit and you got a spot.

draibop20 karma

south harmon institute of technologies, has something like this i believe.

tahomagrowers4 karma

If you get the paperwork figured out and everything and it's legitimate I'll allow it.

moombathon2 karma

If my college will, can I get in on this?? I live in WA state.

tahomagrowers2 karma

Yes. We're an organic farm, you can use that as leverage. Make sure to be transparent. E-mail me at [email protected] Good luck!! What college?

rosickness123 karma

What's the competition look like? Why are you one of the few? And are you allowed to grow any strain you'd like? In Colorado the recreational strains are far less from the medical strains.

tahomagrowers6 karma

As of now we haven't met any of our competitors, but we hope to. Only 100 WA state producer/processing licenses have been given, and there is currently a shortage for the retail stores. Many had to close by day 2 of opening.

Yes, any strains. We're looking right now for the right seeds and plants. Hoping to keep it as local as possible.

What do you mean by the far less question? Far less potent?

roreads1 karma

Less variety to choose from is I believe what he means. Potency levels seem to be pretty constant.

tahomagrowers1 karma

Will all depend on what grows best outdoors. We'll need to try several strains before choosing our core ones that we will be using. More info to come on this.

redemptionquest3 karma

Do you worry about being raided by police officers or SWAT teams?

Do you have any security at the farm?

tahomagrowers4 karma

No we're legal!

We do, it's required by WA state to pass inspection.

redemptionquest3 karma

Even still, plenty of legal places have been raided in California.

tahomagrowers4 karma

I know they have been raided but they usually give a heads up when they are coming, and we plan on following the 502 guidelines. All the raids that have happened in WA no one can name an arrest.

sdfjiowefh3 karma

Have you consulted any lawyers during the process of establishing your business and preparing to get it going? What has your experience (or the experience of your co-workers) been like dealing with the various regulations and regulatory agencies in Washington?

tahomagrowers3 karma

We've been in contact with a lawyer and he is trying to navigate the laws as well.

Because this is so new and the laws are changing every day everyone is new at this. That's one of the exciting parts of a new industry.

AcmeAjax3 karma

I am a homeless graphic designer and web developer in Seattle. Can I have a job?

tahomagrowers2 karma

We just got our graphics finalized but if we need anything in the future will keep it in mind. Our e-mail is on our website. I hope you get work soon!

supernoob1113 karma

What is the process that goes into naming the different varietals that you will be selling?

tahomagrowers6 karma

We don't name them, breeders have spent a lot of time developing these strains. We do spend a lot of time researching the best strains though.

Duxal2 karma

If other drugs like cocaine, MDMA, LSD etc. were legalised to the same extent as marijuana, would you expand your market?

tahomagrowers5 karma

We like to keep it green, so probably not.

catsrule3622 karma

What's the greatest challenge you've had to overcome?

What do you need to do to pass inspection? Any major problems that have arisen?

Thanks for the AMA!

tahomagrowers2 karma

Rocks on the farm. Lot of rock moving.

In all seriousness the state has put many requirements that must be met before final inspection.

We just finished our 8ft fence and before 8/15 have to build a building, get power, get security cameras up. Then we can bring in our plants and officially start growing.

Funding has been the biggest obstacle. We're a small group that are spending our own money and maxing our own credit cards to support this. No big investors here.

emptytrunk2 karma

What positions are available at a weed farm?

tahomagrowers4 karma

All kinds of positions! Here's our team:

Mike: President; The Dreamer

Nicky: CFO; The Numbers

Tony; COO; The Grower

Shelby; CEO; The Salesman

Josh; Chief engineer; The Fixer

When we get bigger this will have to be expanded to more farm hands.

emptytrunk1 karma

Is there quite a bit of competition now that things have turned over administratively?

tahomagrowers2 karma

As far as the growing side not so much. Retail stores here in WA had to close on day 2 of opening in most cases due to a supply shortage.

highassnegro2 karma

Can i have your email?

tahomagrowers3 karma

Of course.

[email protected]

Squeezer992 karma

How is it a legal weed farm when weed cultivation, possession, and distribution is still illegal at the federal level?

tahomagrowers2 karma

classic state vs. federal law argument. It's definitely a dilemma that we're facing in the industry. The reward is worth the risk, and all indications point to decriminalization on the federal level by 2016.

jonahewell2 karma

Has anyone tried to "muscle in" on your farm? Maybe I've just watched too many movies, but I have this image of disgruntled people looking to get a piece of the action. I'm thinking of growers who didn't win the lottery for a license, or anyone else who is/was involved in the medicinal and/or formerly illegal recreational marijuana industry.

tahomagrowers2 karma

Very interesting topic. Here in WA investors have already "bought out" licenses. We won't be selling out. No one disgruntled that we've ran into yet.

flanneur2 karma

Do you get frustrated at people who think marijuana is a dangerous drug (e.g. 'It'll make you crazy if it doesn't kill you first!'), and offensive stereotypes (e.g. archetypical lazy stoner deadbeat)? How would you convince someone biased against weed to consider the other side of the argument?

tahomagrowers1 karma

It gets frustrating sure. We don't feel that there needs to be any convincing...time will tell that those stereotypes are false. Especially here in WA with the weed growers and sellers out in the open. If this convo does come up though the biggest testament pro-marijuana is how it helps people with medical conditions- a wide range of them and without having to take pain killers and other harder drugs. There's a ton of medical journals promoting the positive effects of cannabis.

Makeithappencapt2 karma

What type of security do you have to prevent theft of your plants or is a very low risk operation?

tahomagrowers4 karma

In the next few weeks we will have 24hours secuirty cameras. This is required by WA state before we pass final inspection. We also have 5 dogs, just in case :)

Makeithappencapt3 karma

How would you feel about hiring armed guards? Passing backround check and the guard providing all his/her own weapons?.

tahomagrowers2 karma

We would rather not have armed guards for Marijuana. We hope to industry doesn't come to that.

Makeithappencapt3 karma

Well I mean wouldnt you rather have them and not need them, then need them and not have them?

tahomagrowers2 karma

Touche, but we don't think it's necessary at this time. Always a risk in everything you do right?

Huplescat222 karma

You may want to re-think the goats. I used to raise dairy goats, and I lost track of how many goats that we had killed by the various neighbor’s dogs… and we had no neighbors closer than ½ mile. And, if you plan to grow outdoors, goats love to eat marijuana.

tahomagrowers2 karma

Good to know..I've read about the dog thing but not that they eat weed haha thanks for the tip!

forgotusernamedamnit1 karma

I recently watched the Morgan Spurlock CNN show about medical marijuana in California and it appeared that even thought the selling of pot was legal in California, it was still illegal to grow it due to federal laws not recognizing California laws. Do you have such a problem in WA? Could a federal agent knock on your door and claim you have violated federal laws?

tahomagrowers2 karma

For those with their 502 license in WA i do not believe so, but the laws are changing everyday and of course there's always a risk when it is not legal federally. WA and CO will be making a lot of money from this, and hopefully that will spark more deregulation and eventually federal deregulation.

asstatine1 karma

Do you plan to grow many different strains or just stick to growing 1 or 2 in high quality? Why?

tahomagrowers4 karma

We plan on growing a lot of different. Since we're outdoor we need to find the strains that do the best so we need to try multiple. Eventually maybe only a couple.

asstatine1 karma

Does growing outdoor cut down on yearly revenues? I always thought growing outdoors would make it more difficult to stay positive.

tahomagrowers3 karma

I see where you're coming from. The output from one season of outdoor can yield much more than a whole year of indoor. Depends on nature sometimes too of course.

jolly_green_gigante1 karma


tahomagrowers4 karma

I wasn't. I was in an industry supporting post-smoking behavior. I sold snacks

The advice I have is vote, petition, research how WA and CO state have benefited from deregulation, contact your local law makers, fund prop 19. All things I'm sure you're aware of. I know it can be frustrating when it's up to state governments and seemingly out of your control.

Superfluous4201 karma

What's the best way to combat the munchies?

tahomagrowers2 karma

Just shh let it happen

im_always_fapping1 karma


tahomagrowers5 karma

Really fucked, but then we'll go to court and get them back.

marvinisgay1 karma

What i am interested in is your revenue potential. i assume right now your in the red financially, but how potentially lucrative could your weed farm or any other farm be?

tahomagrowers3 karma

I wish I had an exact answer for you, but as of now it's all going to depend on how quickly we can pass inspection. It's set for 8/15, and if we need that extended it's going to change our revenue potential for this year quite a bit. Also depends on weather conditions, mold outbreaks, etc. more to come on this. Feel free to reach out and e-mail us with questions once we are up and going at [email protected]

As far as potential...very lucrative.

SteveStrummer1 karma

Are you able to handle credit card transactions? Can you use a bank for your cash deposits?

tahomagrowers3 karma

As of yesterday I believe yes. Law just changed the last 24 hours.

ExpertShot1 karma

Do you read the cartoon Doonesbury?

tahomagrowers1 karma

Only read the comic strip a couple times. Why you ask?

ItsMrMark1 karma

Hey sorry if I'm late here, but I'm interested in knowing what the consumer base is like in Washington? Do you already have a lot of inquiring customers, associates, etc. or is the market in Washington more unknown and untapped due to more recent legalization and/or Washington being overshadowed by weed capitals like Colorado and California?

tahomagrowers1 karma

We have a couple inquiring customers since there is currently a shortage, but we won't know our full customer base until we know how much we will be growing this year. Will know this in a few weeks.

Bevolicher1 karma

So, I'm a grower as well. I fear the federal gov't. Why are you not scared?

tahomagrowers1 karma

The reward is worth the risk. Are you in WA or CO? Predictions say it will be decriminalized federally by 2016. I just trust that they're smart enough to focus on the drugs that are doing harm in WA, not the one bringing in money for the state.

robertwilding1 karma

send some my way?

tahomagrowers1 karma

Dont want to go to jail?

Fudge_the_first1 karma

What is the typical price in which weed is sold?

tahomagrowers1 karma

Right now it is sold for about 20$ (including tax) a gram recreationally. We are hoping that is going to be lowered soon.

Fudge_the_first1 karma

What does weed taste like?

tahomagrowers1 karma

Good. Like it smells.

chrissigs1 karma

Is there a legal age for it like drinking alcohol?

tahomagrowers2 karma

Yes 21

eraof91 karma

how much does it cost to get the license for this operation?

tahomagrowers1 karma

$250 for initial application

redsloth121 karma

How many years do you think until weed is completely legal in the United States?

tahomagrowers1 karma

2 is my guess

ASmileOnTop1 karma

Have you ever played FarCry 3?

tahomagrowers3 karma

No time