Hey you guys! I'm Gabriel Iglesias, also known as "Fluffy." I've been doing standup comedy for over 17 years now, have been in many TV shows and films. Getting ready to release my Fluffy movie in theaters July 25th. You can check out the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEET86mhXvs

Here with Victoria, let's get started!


update: This was pretty bad-ass, I can't wait to do it again. Next time we gotta try it drunk.

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SuperDuperTurtle808 karma

Is there tension between you and George Lopez?

Gabriel_Iglesias1817 karma


GoodlookingnerfherdR628 karma

what's the toughest audience you ever had to do comedy for?

Gabriel_Iglesias2322 karma

I had to do a show in Orlando, Florida, for a domestic violence survival charity fundraiser. A woman goes up on stage and tells her story of survival for 15 minutes, and shows clips of everyone that passed away that year from domestic violence. And now... comedy with Gabriel Iglesias!

I died a horrible death.

NickAmato544 karma

What was it like working on All That?

Gabriel_Iglesias1302 karma

It wasn't All That.

Velorium_Camper482 karma

What's your favorite prank you've pulled?

Gabriel_Iglesias1342 karma

The Racist Gift Basket on my friend G Reilly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbppTv4pCGQ&feature=kp

Dododude2415 karma

Wassup, Fluffy! I've always enjoyed your bits about your friend Martín. Would you be willing to share a story or two about him?

Gabriel_Iglesias571 karma

He is sitting right next to me. Feel free to ask ANYTHING YOU WANT and he will answer. Right now. #NOFILTER

xelphin441 karma

Did he purposely take his sweet time when you picked him up at his house so you could get heckled by his neighbors?

Edit: Órale!

Gabriel_Iglesias779 karma

Martin says: "Yes. Hair like this doesn't just happen."

ijmolder93401 karma

If given the chance, what is another job or career you would have liked to have?

Thanks for giving me lots of laughs, keep it up!

Gabriel_Iglesias690 karma

If i wouldn't have done comedy, I would have been a teacher. I was really good when I took an exploratory teaching class in high school, at getting kids' attention, and delivering lesson plans. Though my principal even told me that this was what I was meant to do. And that being a big-mouth comedian was a waste of time.

JessieJ577299 karma

Who would you say is your biggest influence as a comedian?

Gabriel_Iglesias513 karma

Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Paul Rodriguez, and my mom.

eatfresh420298 karma

Hey Gabriel,

What is your favorite fast food place to eat at? What's your favorite thing to eat there?

Gabriel_Iglesias529 karma

Jack in the Box. Sourdough Jack.

GeezRoni286 karma

If you had free reign to do a bit on any subject what would it be?

Gabriel_Iglesias419 karma

Definitely wrestling.

JeffHoyle265 karma

How do you deal with stage fright?

Gabriel_Iglesias513 karma

I no longer get stage fright. But in the beginning, I just asked to go first so I could get it out of the way.

theMAYNEevent262 karma

Every single time I watch your hot and fluffy special you have me in tears. Your impressions are spot on and the crocodile hunter bit remains one of my all time favorites! What are your plans for the future?

Edit: special not social. Although I do watch it socially...

Gabriel_Iglesias298 karma

World unity through laughter!

amellujah240 karma

What is your absolute favorite place you have visited while on your tours?

Gabriel_Iglesias562 karma

San Antonio Texas! I love the food, the city, and the people. Is that the wrong order?

aiaccino223 karma

Did the lady that got kicked out during filming of Fluffy Movie make the blooper reel?

Gabriel_Iglesias431 karma

No, she did not. She made the newsreel.

Scharute211 karma

Fluffy, at what point did you realize that you actually made it as a successful comedian? Also, pie or cake?

Gabriel_Iglesias397 karma

I knew I had something going when I got paid. I'm tired of cake. It's all about the pie now.

fireflambe201 karma

If you could change the type of food that fans send you from chocolate cake to something else, what would you change it to? also mfw when I get to an AMA early

EDIT oh god I just remembered something else. In the extremely low chance that you make it to my question, I would also like to add: do you watch breaking bad?

Gabriel_Iglesias324 karma

Chipotle! Chicken burrito bowl, with no rice. Let's see what happens.

Myksee151 karma

Great job on getting Stone Cold hammered! What was some of the conversation between you and Stone Cold before he remembered to push record? You both said it was even funnier than what was recorded.

How were those tortillas he gave you?

Gabriel_Iglesias262 karma

The tortillas sucked. I blew up his toilet. And he's a big fan of my merchandising.

bigdogneversleeps141 karma

Fluffy fan here. Can't wait for the movie, and I might be going to see your Atlantic City show to celebrate my 21st birthday. Besides if you want to do tequila shots to celebrate, two questions. What is the joke you are most surprised by being popular, and is there any chance that Frankie joins you in being a comedian someday soon?

Gabriel_Iglesias184 karma

First off, happy 21st! We'll be happy to do a shot with you. Second, Frankie has been on stage with me a few times. Still hasn't said anything, but he likes the attention.

kooolraul140 karma

Saludos from Chicago, I'm a huge fan and being Mexican/American I look up to you and others in entertainment for incorporating our culture into what you do.

So, serious question here, whats your favorite cerveza?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Gabriel_Iglesias435 karma

I don't drink beer. But when I do...I prefer Dos Equis.

thisguystaint136 karma

out of all of the stand-up comedians who are no longer alive, who do you have the most respect for?

Gabriel_Iglesias247 karma

You know, I was a huge fan of Sam Kinison. He was fearless onstage, and wayyyy ahead of his time.

Pontefex122 karma

Hey Gabriel! What's your favorite comfort food?

Gabriel_Iglesias266 karma


georgesmelies105 karma

Hello Gabriel, I want to start by saying thank you for being so great to your fans. I have seen you here in El Paso every single time you have come but one time stands out. When you had a signing in Best Buy and from 10-3. I showed up when the store opened and was 5th in line with my brother and pregnant wife. We were 8th in line and got tickets to your secret benefit show. You were late to that show that afternoon because you had actually stayed at the signing until the very last person which was until 6:30. I thought it was amazing that you did that and it meant a lot to the fans.

My questions:

  1. I remember seeing you in Last Comic standing and rooting for you. If you had not gotten kicked out, do you think you would have won? During your secret show you had drinks at the hotel bar with fans but I was not able to get to you and ask you this question. I did ask Martin because I was waiting at your bus and he said he believes you would have won.

  2. What is the best way to get to meet you at a show?

  3. Any plans to return and film in El Paso again?

  4. What healthy snacks can we take instead of cake to your shows? You said at a show once that to bring transformers for your son instead of cake, what things is he into now or is it still transformers?

  5. Are you still doing DDP and what started your healthy journey?

  6. What has been the hardest and most rewarding part of losing weight? If you are able to answer just one question, I would be eternally grateful

Thank for doing this IAMA

Gabriel_Iglesias134 karma

1) First of all, thank you so much. I was so tired that day in El Paso. I remember it was really really hot, and some poor girl even passed out in line, and the Fire Department showed up. As for Last Comic Standing, do I think I would have won? I think I was funny enough TO win, however things sometimes work out for the better.

2) If it's a comedy club, just hang out! If it's an arena...I'm in the process of planning a "Fluffy Press Conference" for Arena shows.

3) August 16th I will be at the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, And definitely 2015, we are going to do it at the Don Haskins center. Martin says: Go Miners!

4) My son is into girls, YouTube, and Call of Duty. If you bring any of those, be careful.

5) DDP helped get me going. He was the reason I was able to pull off the first 60 pounds. If you do the program, it really works. He made me get rid of aalllll my bread, pasta, and sugar. After 6 months, I found where he hid the bread, pasta, and sugar. Still lost another 40 pounds. Right now, I'm taking a break from the gym to pursue my movie career.

6) Not eating the fun stuff has been the hardest. Rewarding? Feeling better.

hansololee79 karma

What was it like guest-hosting Equals Three?

Gabriel_Iglesias116 karma

It was always fun, I got to do it several times, and was even considered as a permanent host after Ray retired from it.

cvillemade78 karma

Are you aware you've had me in tears like a hundred thousand times?

As a fellow impressionist, what advice can you offer to better my skills, aside from practice?

Gabriel_Iglesias143 karma

Make sure you're doing impressions of people that are still relevant, and that everyone knows. Red Skelton impressions are a little outdated.

abcrandommuch72 karma

How often do you deal with hecklers? Do you make them the butt of the joke when they interrupt or just ignore them?

Gabriel_Iglesias146 karma

Very rarely get hecklers now. At this level they just disrupt the show and get kicked out.

LootenantTwiddlederp69 karma

Did you really end up at the OP when you turned 21 in El Paso? How was that like?

Please come back to El Paso soon!!!

For those who don't know the story, the OP was an alternative nightclub in El Paso, TX

Gabriel_Iglesias84 karma

Story was true. The club is no longer there. Don't ask me why I know that. I will be back in the 915 very soon.

rcrockchd58 karma

Hi Fluffy,

Big fan of yours and share your love of pro-wrestling. My question is "if you were to fight someone from past/present roster, who would it be? Also your in-ring name?

Mandatory : /r/squaredcircle plug

Gabriel_Iglesias101 karma

I would face Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I would be The Fluffster.

insanesquirle57 karma

Hey Gabrial... If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one item would you take with you?

Gabriel_Iglesias103 karma


pattycakezo55 karma

What did you have for Breakfast?

Gabriel_Iglesias98 karma

I was at Fluffy Cafe in NYC, having a egg, sausage and cheese bagel sandwich with Fluffy coffee.

bseemann13654 karma


Gabriel_Iglesias173 karma

Going to work at 9 PM!

Kaniio50 karma

Ohhhhh man!!! You are amazing!! What was one of the biggest obstacles that you confront??

Gabriel_Iglesias118 karma

In comedy? Entertainment? Life? Love? The pursuit of happiness? Details foo!

SIy_Tendencies49 karma

How did you get so good at sound effects?

Gabriel_Iglesias88 karma

Sound systems got better. And so did I. The sound amplifies everything, so that's the only thing, there's no way for me to do sound effects onstage, it's because it's amplified that it comes out the way it does.

trollinwithdagnomies47 karma

Would you rather fight one hundred fluffy duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck wearing a Hawaiian shirt?

Gabriel_Iglesias101 karma

I'd still rather take one 100 little ones. I'd step on them.

Jassie41146 karma

What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened during one of your shows?

Gabriel_Iglesias97 karma

During my show someone put a laser pointer dot on my crotch - this was in Milwaukee (speaking of Wisconsin). At another show, in California, a man walked up onstage with a SARS mask 3 days after the swine flu broke out, that freaked everybody out.

Vmoney133742 karma

Hi Gabriel, I loved your in All That as a kid. How did you decide that you wanted to be a comedian?

Gabriel_Iglesias53 karma

It's something I've always wanted to do since I was 10 years old. I was in All That because I was a comedian.

Huicho440 karma

Thanks for doing this, Gabriel. You make the Mexican-American population proud.

Are you friends with many of the other Latino comics that have come before you? Guys like Pablo Francisco, George Lopez, etc and how much have guys like that influenced your work?

Gabriel_Iglesias64 karma

I'm very good friends with Paul Rodriguez and Pablo Francisco: they definitely paved the way.

Raaaaaaaaaandy31 karma

What kind of vacuum do you own?

Gabriel_Iglesias60 karma

I have hardwood floors.

adisobedientavocado25 karma

Gabriel, what is your favorite fan story? Also, what is your favorite story to tell on stage?

Gabriel_Iglesias29 karma

There are so many, I can't just pick just one.

Snowangel2821 karma

Hey fluffy! I just turned 16 what advice would you give me about life in general?

Gabriel_Iglesias126 karma

Understand that you don't know it all. You don't know anything yet. What you've been taught is great, but always go with common sense. And don't marry your first love.

nixonsoulless20 karma

What do you think about bacon as a topping for cake?!

Gabriel_Iglesias41 karma

DUH!!!!!! Bacon should be a topping for everything!

DrBrosephJones19 karma

How do you feel about your movie?

Gabriel_Iglesias40 karma

I feel great about my movie. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it.

ChildrenForBreakfast16 karma

Hey Gabriel, big fan, and just heard you on Adam Carolla's podcast! Quick question, what's with all the Hawaiian shirts?

Gabriel_Iglesias31 karma

It's a trademark, it's something I've always done. I'm starting to change things up for 2015, but the Hawaiian shirts will always be a part of it!

DrengRedBeard13 karma

What's your best "Dad" joke?

Gabriel_Iglesias49 karma

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Nobody! My dad's not here!

whyishuman12 karma

Hi there! Big fan.

My grandfather is a big fan who's recently been dealt a bad card in the health department. He's grown up in poverty but considers himself successful because his kids and grandchildren are happy and healthy. He enjoys watching your specials and cracking jokes about it and still keeps his chin up regardless of his situation.

I guess my only question is: how do you keep yourself motivated when things just don't work out?

Gabriel_Iglesias33 karma

I do it for you guys, for the fans, because somebody always has something going on that needs to laugh, and I need to make this a better place for them.

zeppelin102310 karma

I got into you channel surfing about 10 years ago when i saw a comedy central presents special. I immediately said "Holy shit it's the dude from All That!" And i've loved your work ever since. My question, Do you still keep in touch with anyone from the show?

Gabriel_Iglesias20 karma

Every now and then Josh Server sends me a tweet, but as far as everyone else is concerned, they are off doing their own thing.

Iglooset9 karma

Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?

Gabriel_Iglesias36 karma

Yes. I can peel all the stickers off, and put them back on. My mom caught me doing that when I was little, she thought I was a genius, she said "Mira, look, he is a genius," but she didn't know I had peeled all the stickers off. When she caught me, she stopped bragging about how smart I was, that's for sure.

jcvdevil7 karma

What's the rarest/funniest gift you've received during your shows?

Gabriel_Iglesias24 karma

Someone gave me a giant turtle shell with a painting of my face on it. It was really good, and I still have it. Another fan made custom Fluffy panties with a "sign here" design.

Not gonna lie, I signed.

2414106 karma

How's the day treating you?

Gabriel_Iglesias6 karma

Pretty good, I'm running around all over the place, we've done countless interviews and I still have the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon coming up. But like Ice Cube says, today was a good day (we met him last week, it was cool).

zeppelin10236 karma

Knowing you're a huge wrestling fan, who is your favorite/least favorite wrestler at the moment?

Gabriel_Iglesias12 karma


Let's see: least favorite - Bolive. Most favorite is still CM Punk, even though he's M.I.A.

awwaygirl2 karma

Did you REALLY get pulled over after going to a donut shop? And did you really ask the cop if he could smell them?

Gabriel_Iglesias3 karma


It's all true.

Why you trying to kill it?