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Hey Mike, aside from Troy, is there anyone from Dirty Jobs working on your new show?

edit: -screams- Thanks for the reply!

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How has the production of the second season of the show differed from the first?

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Hi! I was wondering how different the production of White Rabbit Project was from other shows you've worked on. Was it the same? Or was it very different? Thanks!

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Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?

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Hey Kev! It’s Isaac (the one who keeps sending you links to watch my Off The Air series).

Listening to the episode with SmarterEveryDay (loving the podcast so far), and I noticed you mentioned you went to film school. Do you think it’s still worth it do to so? I’m taking classes at two community colleges toward a digital media degree, but I may have to transfer everything to a different college or find a film school that will take the credits I currently have. What do you think is hard to learn outside of a film school but is simple to do us within one, and what did you learn outside of said film school that you wish you did?

Thanks again! Hope to see you at VidCon this coming year :D Isaac