Hey Reddit! I am former heavyweight champion, actor, producer, promoter, performer, and all around nice guy, Mike Tyson.

I am back in boxing! Now as an entertainer/promoter. I am hosting a huge event in Miami this Thursday July 10th - if you are in the area get your tickets now: http://bit.ly/1lOg8vS

Or watch the championship action LIVE on FOX SPORTS 1 @ 10pm

Ask me anything about my life, my career or my upcoming night of entertainment.

I will be picking my favorite question and answering it LIVE on the FOX SPORTS 1 broadcast Thursday night. I will give a shout out to the Reddit community!

Proof: https://twitter.com/MikeTyson/status/486572033581391873

EDIT: Sorry I couldn't answer everyone's questions, but I want to thank you all for participating. Sorry I have to get going now, a lot of work to do preparing for my show Thursday night. I have a few quesitons picked, but will select one to answer live on FOX Sports 1 Thursday night, please watch!

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OldManLaughingBull1811 karma

Do you think you can beat Buzz Aldrin's AMA that is running in parallel?

The_Mike_Tyson5118 karma

I probably won't... I have never gone to the moon.

If Buzz had got into the ring with me I could have sent him to the moon without the rocket ship.

dayofthedead2041719 karma

Hi Mike,

Thanks for doing this AMA!

My question is have you been able to defeat yourself in the game “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out?”

The_Mike_Tyson2948 karma

I have lost to Glass Joe before.

The_Mike_Tyson681 karma

Never ever!

alexbonifer1638 karma

Blessed by Mike Tyson at Birth: Hi Mike, I have a question about a story I've been telling people my whole life. Let me start by saying this is a second-hand account, as i was in the womb at the time. 1 day before my Mother went into labor in Los Angeles, 1988, she was rushed to the hospital by my Dad. Unable to find help at the front door, my Dad ran into the hospital looking for a wheelchair, and a nurse to assist my pregnant mother. As the story goes, he turned a corner to see you with two friends, or members of your entourage. Instantly recognizing you, he yelled "Mike, Mike.. my wife's about to give birth, can you help?" You immediately found a nurse, got my mother a wheelchair, and before you left, you touched my Mother's stomach and said "everything's going to be alright. He'll be a fighter, I know it." I've always been a big supporter of yours because you helped bring me into this world, and I'll be forever grateful for that.

My question for you is... do you remember this happening? I've been curious my whole life.



The_Mike_Tyson2231 karma

I'm going to have to be honest with you, I don't remember that my friend, but thank you very much.

Frajer1475 karma

do you regret telling that guy you were going to eat his children?

The_Mike_Tyson2875 karma

Yeah I guess I do

mylefthandkilledme1352 karma

Hardest opponent you've faced inside and outside of the boxing ring?

The_Mike_Tyson3677 karma

Me, Mike Tyson.

OhHelloPlease1238 karma

Hey Mike, do you still do much with pigeons? Are there any other birds you're into?

The_Mike_Tyson2116 karma

I still have my Pigeons, about 2500 still. Only Pigeons though - no other birds.

robinsky11131 karma

What is your biggest achievement in life?

The_Mike_Tyson3423 karma

Stop drinking and using drugs.

The_Mike_Tyson2720 karma

And being a present father.

casheshe1055 karma

Is there anything you've seen written or said about yourself in the media that you want everyone to know is absolutely not true?

The_Mike_Tyson2862 karma

The part where they say I am a bad person.

Weezilwood888 karma

Hey Champ,

As a former professional athlete that was suspended from boxing after your biting incident, what are your thoughts on Luis Suarez getting suspended from the World Cup for his habit of biting opponents? What drives highly competitive athletes to bite? Is it all instinct? Intimidation? Do you think he got what he should have, with regards to suspension (he's done it THREE times)?

The_Mike_Tyson1706 karma

I think it is just the heat of the moment, really hot blooded and really competitive. The heat of the moment takes over us, we are really competitive and lose bad judgement in our thinking. Sometimes you can just become highly frustrated.

habsmike839 karma

Mike could you explain the face tattoo for us?

The_Mike_Tyson1745 karma

It is the Maui symbol from the ancient native warriors.

reganomics08769 karma

Hey Mike, huge fan here. If you could step in the ring with any fighter in history, who would it be? Thank you for doing this, glad to know you're still doing what you love.

The_Mike_Tyson1867 karma

Me of course - Mike Tyson

TheDuskDragon689 karma

Considering that you guys are on good ground now, do you and Evander Holyfields joke about the ear incident that happened decades ago?

The_Mike_Tyson1410 karma

Nah not really.

KingYing688 karma

Mike Tyson!! Big fan Mike not only of you as a fighter but you as a person as well.

How close were you with Tupac? What's your favorite memory of him?

The_Mike_Tyson1560 karma

He was a really good guy, really nice guy, really close good friend of mine. Favorite memory was when I saw him in a club and he got on the mic and really took over the party - he was 19 years old then.

BedSideCabinet651 karma

What are some of the most important things that you've learned in life?

The_Mike_Tyson2362 karma

You have to be humble in life, and if you are not humble, life will make you humble.

FrankerZd605 karma

How have concusions and head blows affected your health after retirement?

The_Mike_Tyson2462 karma

I have no idea, maybe I am able to speak better now.

I went in talking funny and came out talking funny!

Exalted81535 karma

Iron Mike! How was it to hit Zach Galifianakis?

The_Mike_Tyson1088 karma

Well I didn't really hit Zach, but he is a good sport.

PoppySquidJr478 karma

Hello Mr. Tyson! I have a friend, huge fan, who wanted me to ask you a couple questions, and I'm just as eager to hopefully see an answer!

  • There's a lot of talk that Wladimir Klitschko has been reigning heavyweight champ for so long because there aren't any good heavyweight fighters left. Do you think this is the case or do you think Klitschko would still have been a formidable heavyweight champion even in the golden age?

  • It seems like a lot of people also question the legitimacy of Floyd Mayweather's undefeated record accusing him of cherry-picking his fights, what's your opinion on him?

The_Mike_Tyson835 karma

  1. I think he would have done well in any era.

  2. Floyd, I don't know. He has beaten everyone he has fought. He is the cream of the crop.

The_Mike_Tyson1559 karma

I would love to see him fight Pacquiao though.

Carlito1107456 karma

How was it working with the WWE and how do you feel about being in the Hall of Fame?

The_Mike_Tyson886 karma

Working with the WWE was a life saver. I am the only boxer to be in the WWE HOF as well as the boxing HOF.

rustyshackelfordd449 karma

Hey champ, do you think you could have taken Dredrick Tatum in a fight?

The_Mike_Tyson829 karma

No I can't beat anyone anymore.

knocksteaady-live352 karma

hey mike, big fan here and love what you've done for the sport as well as your recent involvement in MMA and pranking dana on his plane.

my question to you is this; why do you love MMA so much?

The_Mike_Tyson734 karma

Because it is real raw and exciting.

carsmello_anfernee347 karma

Hey Mike, how has New York changed since you were growing up?

The_Mike_Tyson1268 karma

Too many people, so many cameras, it's just overwhelming.

I even went to my old neighborhood, it was a dangerous neighborhood growing up - now there is a Whole Foods down there - they are building the neighborhoods up now, there is no more ghettos.

Sometimes I go to my old neighborhood, and think to myself was my whole life a lie - you don't see the bunch of guys hanging out on the corner anymore, now you see a whole bunch of white people.

malcontented333 karma

Hey Iron Mike. I'm old enough to have seen your whole career. You were an amazing and punishing boxer. Who was the toughest opponent you ever faced?

The_Mike_Tyson568 karma

Probably Holyfield and Razor Ruddock

Super8IsAGreatMovie325 karma

Hello Mr. Tyson, Who do you think does the best impression of you? Thanks!

The_Mike_Tyson653 karma

Maybe Jamie Fox.

glassjoe103308 karma

Hi Mike Tyson! Thank you for doing this AMA. I've been a fan since I was 5 years old and I saw your fight against Michael Spinks. You got me into boxing and I never looked back. I sometimes wish I could walk out to the sound of chains wearing only black shorts, black shoes, no socks. Back in 2011, you did a meet and greet at a local hobby shop in Las Vegas. I was on my bachelor party then and just happened to stumble across the store and see that you were appearing for photos that day. Being a long time fan, my buddies helped paid to take a photo with you. It was one of the best presents my friends could have done for me. http://i.imgur.com/okn0IOL.jpg

There are so many questions I want to ask, but what's your favorite punch or combo? My favorite combo you deploy is the right hook to the body to right uppercut. It's so devastating and fast. Before they can react to the body blow, you've already knocked their teeth out!

The_Mike_Tyson718 karma

Left jab, straight right hand. One/two.. boom boom

I throw it real fast because my objective is to hear those two punches sound as close to one as possible. My intention is to knock him out, but my objective is to make the two punches sound as close to one as possible.

VictorCrackus216 karma

I have never caught a AMA within minutes of it being posted. I finally do, and I can't think of anything amazing to ask. So, Mike, what did you do for 4th of July weekend?

The_Mike_Tyson382 karma

Nothing, I was working - headed down to Miami to work for my upcoming fight.

YuhGuero212 karma

Mike, got any words of advice to kids / teens who want to take up boxing?

The_Mike_Tyson464 karma

You have to be dedicated, you have to have a monogamous relationship to it. You have to be dedicated to it and have to respect it.

I have a fighter Erikson Lubin who displays all of these characteristics, it is his life - I tell him this all the time. He has to be married to it and dedicated to it.

dannyoday212 karma

How do you feel about O & A's Anthony Cumia being fired by Siriusxm? Do you think he is racist?

The_Mike_Tyson729 karma

In life we all say things we know we shouldn't have said, and sometimes we put it into a context where people absorb it different ways.

I don't think he is a racist, but who am I to judge? People say a lot of bad things about me and my past, but we must learn from mistakes and our history.

Leunam23195 karma

I've recently started training at a boxing gym. What workouts did you like for working head movement and defense besides sparring?

Thanks for doing this AMA.

The_Mike_Tyson555 karma

Just having someone throw punches at your head and you can't throw back - that is how you develop good defense.

acokiko152 karma

What are your thoughts on Al Haymon and how he "protects" his fighters?

The_Mike_Tyson362 karma

Anyone in this business knows you have to match your fighters smart, sometimes people see this as "protecting" them. I am not into that politics of the game, if that is what he does. I am worried about Iron Mike Productions!

I am a promoter as well and if you watch the last fight for my boxer Mendez, you'll see that he was hit after the bell. I believe in fighting for your fighters - I fought to get the belt back for him and this upcoming rematch Thursday night. You have to protect your fighters.

I don't talk negative about anyone, I just want to the best fighters fight the best fighters in the world.

yugi1234456140 karma

What kind of training do you do? Weights, cardio, drills?

The_Mike_Tyson231 karma

Pretty much all of that stuff, simple stuff now.

Papalopicus113 karma

Hi Mike! Thanks for doing this AMA. I'd like to ask, what makes a good fighter in your opinion?

The_Mike_Tyson247 karma

His determination and desire to be the best in the world.

D3PO105 karma


The_Mike_Tyson176 karma

Stay dedicated.

hugotheyugo92 karma

Iron Mike, honored that you might be reading this - huge fan of yours brother. Now that you're making the transition into promoting, how will your philosophy differ from those who promoted your fights as an athlete?

The_Mike_Tyson199 karma

Basically I want to match my fighters against guys of equal quality. I think those make the best fights, I just want to give fans exciting fights. They need to matched up evenly and need to be action fighters, guys that throw a lot of punches.

Scoobello73 karma

What's your favorite song to sing to?

The_Mike_Tyson142 karma

Oh man...

Any song really, nothing in particular.

gotta_jibboo61 karma

Hey Mike, Big fan.

As a borderline alcoholic myself, what helped you the most on your road to recovery from addiction?

The_Mike_Tyson139 karma

Going to meetings, having a sponsor and staying away from old places, people and things.

The_Mike_Tyson118 karma

Also working on spirituality and a lot of praying.

Dylan081226 karma

Hi Mike! Thanks for doing this.

What is your opinion on the current state of heavyweight boxing (or boxing in general), is it in a good place or not?

The_Mike_Tyson64 karma

It is not as good as it could be. I think once promoters start putting their fighters in fights they might lose, it will bring out the best in boxing. The sport has to improve at giving the fans what they want. Too many promoters promote fighters, but I want to promote boxing.

My fighter Mendez might lose on Thursday night, but I want to give boxing fans good entertaining boxing. As long as the fans are entertained I am happy.

LickyBoy17 karma

Hey Mike. Lets be honest here, you used to be a scary ass dude. You've said recently that that was just an act but I'm curious, was it? Or did you simply mellow with years?

The_Mike_Tyson38 karma

Combination of both. Intimidating my opponents was one of my tactics, but I have mellowed over the years.