You may know us best as the Executive Producers and Show Runners of 24: Live Another Day. We both worked on the original incarnation of 24 as Executive Producers and couldn't get enough so we came back for this current incarnation. The finale of 24: LIve Another Day airs Monday night, July 14th, at 9pm PT on Fox and it will LITERALLY (and figuratively) change your life.


UPDATE: Hope everyone enjoys the finale on Monday, July 14th at 9pm PT. Also, for any Star Trek fans out there, Manny will be appearing with Brannon Braga at the upcoming convention in Las Vegas. Thank you for all the questions!

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aldoaoa58 karma

Why does everyone says NUCULEAR?

EvanAndManny45 karma

MC: I don't know, but it's driving us crazy as well.

CTU-2439 karma

What's your favourite Jack Bauer fact?

And thanks for the show, here's a few photographs of my car at the front and back.

EvanAndManny54 karma

MC: Jack Bauer has been to Mars, that's why there's no life on Mars. And your car is awesome.

aldoaoa37 karma

Why did you kill Renee? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYY!!!??

EvanAndManny25 karma


rosickness1234 karma

Does Jack have tone of voice between whispering and yelling?

EvanAndManny75 karma

EK: He has a third verbal strategy which is to repeat what he just said, but louder.

alfienism28 karma

Could you make a 24 Short film that's 24 Minutes long?

EvanAndManny131 karma

MC: The way commercials keep encroaching into our episodes, I'd say we're getting pretty close.

larezbears27 karma

President Jack Bauer?

EvanAndManny35 karma

MC: He has my vote

Spoonsy26 karma

How on earth are you wrapping this up in a single hour?

EvanAndManny60 karma

MC: Because we're awesome.

GartWilliams24 karma

Should I take the over or the under on 7.5 dammits in the finale?

EvanAndManny30 karma

EK: We'd like to know what half a dammit sounds like.

trevrox24 karma

How did Cheng know where Audrey was?

EvanAndManny33 karma

MC: Cheng has a network. He has planned this very well.

dngwall23 karma

24 is the show my girlfriend of eight years and I watched when we first started dating and fell in love. I think It is really cool that 24 cast Mary Lynn Rajskub, a comedian in a dramatic role. What is it like working with her? Does she ever make you guys crack up on set?

EvanAndManny96 karma

MC: Like most comedians, Mary Lynn is just angry and unfunny in person.

transmigrant22 karma

Why does no one ever believe Jack?

EvanAndManny116 karma

MC: Because if they did the series would be called "1"

MrSocko2322 karma

What exactly happened in the 10 seconds while Heller is walking out to the field?

EvanAndManny37 karma

MC: This is what happened: Jack was notified by Chloe that she had broken into the video feed. Jack quickly convinced Heller that he didn't need to die and he rushed him off as Chloe was cloning the footage.

stig_latin_cousin21 karma

What's the secret to stay awake for so long?

EvanAndManny37 karma

MC: When the camera's not on you, you take cat naps and go to the bathroom.

blooperboy21 karma

First off, I want to thank you guys for making 24 and then reviving it. It is easily my favorite show on television (both runs). Now for the questions:

  1. Is 24 going to continue next year? If so, will it be in this new format again?
  2. Can we hold out hope that Tony and/or Mandy may return to the show (or at least be mentioned)?
  3. What choices, if any, have you made on the show that you regret looking back? Killing off a character, not killing off a character, including a storyline, etc.


EvanAndManny35 karma

MC: 1. As of now, there are no plans to continue the show next year but we remain open to the possiblity. We had a great time doing it this year and would love to take another crack at it.

EK: 2. We'll go on record as saying hope is a good thing.

MC: 3. Season 6, Episodes 5-24.

mgolf13 karma

MC: 3. Season 6, Episodes 5-24.

I am the only one who liked Day 6?

EvanAndManny29 karma

MC: In all seriousness, there are great moments in season 6. Jack torturing his brother is one of the highlights of the series, but we do think that it went in a bit of the wrong direction. If we had to do things over, I think we would have changed course.

Oafah18 karma

Would you ever consider jumping ship in favour of the Netflix formula, should this whole network TV thing not pan out?

EvanAndManny36 karma

EK: We remain believers in network television, but the Netflix platform is exciting.

inspiralroses17 karma

After your big London adventure, if 24 was to return, where ideally would you like it to be set?

EvanAndManny51 karma

MC: Personally, I think 24 should return to Los Angeles for at least one more season.

KE: I would like it to be set in Italy because I'd like to live there for six months.

pm_me_a_smile16 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Have you guys ever seen someone in line at the grocery store and feel the need to make them a star?

EvanAndManny41 karma

EK: No, and please don't bother either of us at a grocery store.

mgolf16 karma

First off, I just wanted to thank you both for what an amazing show 24 is! My whole family discovered the show during Season 7 and have watched all the episodes on DVD together. My dad since moved across town, but still came over every Monday to watch Live Another Day with us.

My question is: Why hasn't Jack Bauer really tortured anyone this season? You guys seemed to have toned it down. He twisted Simone's thumb in the hospital bed, but that only lasted 5 seconds and he then apologized for that. My family was really hoping Jack would torture Mark Boudreaux with a taser or lamp last night.

EvanAndManny27 karma

EK: We try very hard not to do things we've done before and Jack has had his fill of torture. We try to challenge ourselves to tell the story without it.

Devonai15 karma

Does it bother you when your foley guys put clicks, rattling, and cocking sounds for firearms where they don't belong?

EvanAndManny21 karma

MC: Yes. Drives me crazy.

LunaticNik15 karma

Damnit! I'm so glad Chloe is black to rerouting satellites again! Is Kim coming back!?

aldoaoa16 karma

nobody wants her back, she is just trouble everywhere she goes.

EvanAndManny44 karma

EK: Little known fact, a Mountain Lion / Cougar in season 2 actually bit the actress on the hand.

Friedso14 karma

What was the biggest challenge in this new season of 24?

EvanAndManny26 karma

EK: Coming up with a threat we hadn't done before.

DrJJ21714 karma

I first want to say I love 24. It's one of my favorite shows of all-time and having it back this year has been awesome.

Question for Manny about Dexter. Did you watch the end of the series after you left? Also, would you have done things differently? If so, how?

EvanAndManny47 karma

MC: I was not at all happy about the Dexter finale, but I was even more disappointed in Dexter Season 8. It's now how I would've gone. Let's leave it at that.

trevrox13 karma

Are Kiefer and Jon going to Comic-Con to announce a tenth season?

Also, I hope you both know that if Chloe dies, your entire world is going to come down. So, please, don't kill her off?

By the way, that wasn't me asking. I was just being courteous.

EvanAndManny11 karma

MC: What do you mean about our entire world coming down? Should we scared?

zchill12 karma

Did you ever consider calling the new series, "24: Terror took a half day?"

Loved your run on Enterprise Mr. Coto.

EvanAndManny68 karma

MC: No. Never considered that, which is why we're still getting paid.

Art1411 karma

Have you considered doing a 12 episode season, followed up by a 2 hour feature film to end the day?

EvanAndManny28 karma

EK: We are open to the idea. Let us know if you can get the financing.

cm877110 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA! What deceased 24 character was the hardest (personally) for you guys to kill off? Also, are there any characters in the 24 universe that you had planned to kill off, but decided to give a last second reprieve (or vice-versa)?

EvanAndManny32 karma

EK: We can't answer that question until the finale airs on Monday.

Shirubaa10 karma

Thanks for everything you guys do in bringing up A+ entertainment.

I have to ask about Aaron. The guy made it through 7 seasons being the only other character to be in them, and then he was dropped in season 8. Was it a scheduling conflict with the actor or could you not find a place for him? I always thought he would accompany President Taylor to CTU to tell Jack that she was going to cover the Russian involvement in Hassan's death as like, a guy Jack knows who could calm him down if things got out of hand.

Also, did you try to get him in somehow for Day 9? I just hate seeing a streak like that broken.

EvanAndManny19 karma

MC: We love the character of Aaron Pierce and the actor who played him but it started to feel like he was the only secret service agent on the planet.

EK: It was discussed to bring him into Day 9 but we felt it was hard to get an additional american character believably based in London.

saintanthony10 karma


EVAN KATZ and MANNY COTO have begun answering questions for their Reddit AMA. Muffled noises are heard outside the conference room. The FBI agent stationed outside has been knocked unconscious. A window shatters. The door flies open revealing JACK BAUER who is holding a gun. He points it at the two of them.


Who is he?

Jack approaches Manny and stares him down. Jack aims at Manny's knee and screams at him.


Tell me or I will shoot your kneecap. Who is he?


What are you talking about?


Aren't you a fictional character?


Don't play stupid with me. I know you know who he is. Who was the man giving orders from the future on Enterprise? This is a matter of national security. There are innocent lives at stake.


Alright, if you must know...

A vortex suddenly appears. The glass window behind the two shatters as the pulse from a phaser fires through. A Section 31 agent appears and grabs Manny, pushing him through the vortex.


Dammit. We're losing him.

Jack runs through the vortex... to Live Another Day... in the future!

Seriously though, who was the man?

EvanAndManny13 karma

MC: Tiberius Kirk.

trevrox9 karma

The season 7 and 8 box sets were an absolute embarrassment to a great TV show. Season 8 DVD set especially for it being the final season and all. Just...awful. Please tell me the LAD release will make up for that with plenty of extras AND commentaries??

Also, complete series Blu-ray release with exclusive extras for each season?? Possibly? Blooper reel?

And what happened to that 24 documentary Kiefer was talking about a few years back after the show ended? I haven't seen one.

EvanAndManny55 karma

MC: I personally would love to see a deluxe, beautiful Blu-Ray edition of the entire 24 series. It's long overdue and it should be packaged in a large nerve gas canister.

dannyboylee9 karma

Mr. Coto,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but to my eye it seems like once you took the reins on Enterprise, the set began to gradually look more and more like the original Star Trek series. The railings and doors changed color, the back wall of the transporter got a lot groovier...

Had the show continued, was it your plan to slowly make the show look like the original Star Trek?

EvanAndManny17 karma

MC: I'm glad you noticed the changes we made. And the answer is Yes - I wanted to slowly make the NX01 look like the Enterprise from TOS.

LongBlackRoad9 karma

Who do you guys think was the most successful villian on the show?

And on a side note, do you know how successful Habib Marwin was on the nuclear plant meltdown? They said on screen that 40,000 people could die, but never confirmed.

EvanAndManny17 karma

MC: President Logan without a doubt.

BAdams47 karma

First off, I want to say that 24 is my all-time favourite show.

  1. What is your favourite episode of the show? (please don't say next week's finale if it is, since we've not yet been able to see it)
  2. Whose idea was it to bring Tony back as a bad guy in season 7?
  3. Were there any other formerly recurring characters that you wanted to bring back for Live Another Day?
  5. Favourite character on the show?

Also, is there any possibility of interviewing either of you about the show and your other works for SpoilerTV? It's a long shot but why not ask, eh?

Thanks in advance!

EvanAndManny17 karma

MC: 1. My favorite episode of the show would have to be Jack flying a nuclear bomb into the desert in Season 2.

  1. It was my idea to bring Tony back and in a moment of sheer desperation and that's no joke.

  2. For me, it's Jack Bauer. We all want to be him secretly.


  1. we talked about brining Tony Almeida back. We love Carlos Bernard and felt his character deserves a third act.

  2. I think Charles Logan is my favorite character. But we don't all want to be Charles Logan.

Fleener7 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Have you guys seen the episode of South Park titled "The Snuke" where they spoofed 24? If so, did you enjoy it and was it flattering to have South Park do that?

EvanAndManny12 karma

EK: Yes, it was a great honor. We particularly liked that they set everything in battered old warehouses like the show.

friendofthemouse7 karma

Could you please elaborate a bit on the writing method in 24? Are the processes like storylining and dialogue kept seperate, or are there different people on charge of different shows but they do everything on it? Also, please tell us any other details of the processes or method that you can share. Thank you very much.

EvanAndManny18 karma

MC: Basically, all the writers sit in a room and figure out verbally what the episode is going to be about in a general concept kind of way. The next step is for all the writers to start figuring out the various scenes that will go in each act. When we've figured that out, we move to an outline which usually runs from five to eight pages and fro, there one of the writers takes the outline and produces a script. That's when the fun starts. We proceed to take that script apart, re-think it, throw out most of it and start all over again.

SFWRedditor16 karma

More pointed at Manny, but I'd happily hear from Evan if you have experience on it too! I know after binge watching a season or two of a show like Dexter I have a bit of an overdose of a bit too much darkness and serial killers for one instance and end up taking a break from the show for a time. Do you ever have similar experiences when writing for the show, and kind of have to step back after having to think and write so many twisted and dark things?

EvanAndManny7 karma

MC: Weirdly, I don't have much problem with twisted and dark things. Even my five year old son is obsessed with zombies. I think it runs in the family.

cm87716 karma

Would Trip still have died even if there was going to be a fifth season?

EvanAndManny6 karma

MC: No, he would have been around until the end.

aabbccatx6 karma

How much do you enjoy driving us crazy with cliffhangers every week?

EvanAndManny12 karma

MC: Intensely. It's one of the great aspects of the show.

gigitee6 karma

Jack has been much more lethal this season, the eclipse being having thrown the Al-Harrazi's out of the window. Is this a natural progression given his status as rogue operative or is it more following the "must make things crazier" formula?

EvanAndManny18 karma

EK: We think Jack's behavior accurately reflects where he is in his life. His character is farther outside of society than he ever has been and seems to have little time for finesse or legalities.

sicki6 karma

Hey guys, I know you're probably busy being amazing and making amazing things, but I've got a couple questions that NEED answering:

1) At any point did you feel that Jack should be seen shooting and/or blowing up a thesaurus? It would be very symbolic of his (obvious) hatred of synonyms!

2) Thank you for putting Yvonne Strahovski in this season. She should probably be in every TV show ever. Agree? Yes.

3) How would I go about getting a Kiefer-signed page of a script where Jack says "WHERE IS THE TARGET!?" so I can frame it and keep it on my desk at all times. That way I'll never forget that there's always a target in life, and even though it might take me 24-hours. God dammit, I'm going to find that son-of-a-bitch!

Thanks for making some awesome TV to consume my life!

EvanAndManny12 karma

EK: We're not aware, cognizant of, wise to, or familiar with Jack's hatred of synonyms.

Skippy88986 karma

How hard is it to keep all the facts straight so there are no errors from one episode to the next? Do you have a favorite error? What was it like coming back to 24 after such a long lay off? Are you happy with the ratings?

EvanAndManny11 karma

EK: All of our staff and crew keep track of continuity between episodes so we have many people to catch our mistakes. We don't have a favorite error because we've never made one.

MC: Since we feel that everyone on the plane, we'll never be satisfied with the ratings.

kirblar5 karma

The Hospital episode and chase sequence was amazing, and I had the biggest smile on my face as I was watching it. You guys have done an outstanding job this season and I hope you guys are able to continue doing these smaller 24 seasons, because this may actually be the best season your team has put out.

Now for the question - What was the wildest/craziest serious idea that was floated for this season that ended up not making it to the episodes?

EvanAndManny10 karma

MC: Actually all the wild, crazy ideas ended up in the season. We're glad you loved the chase sequence, for us it's the most amazing action sequences seen on television and it's a testament to our amazing crew.

cm87715 karma

This one is for Manny- In my opinion, the final season of Enterprise was one of the best seasons in all of the Star Trek universe. Is there any chance at all that Enterprise might get a fifth season on Netflix or something like that?

EvanAndManny4 karma

MC: I have heard the rumors of Star Trek continuing on Netflix in some incarnation or another. I personally would love nothing more than to finish enterprise and do all the things I wanted to do in Season 5 or as good as (or even better) coming up with a new series for Netflix based on Star Trek. I think it's high-time that Star Trek came back on the air.

Darkwave4 karma

Hi guys! Loved your work with 24 for years. Been such a part of my life for so long now. The last ~10 minutes of season 6 episode 4 is one of my favorite sections ever (not through what happened of course but the pure intensity of the sequence.) The editing, the music, Jack's reaction. I get goosebumps just thinking about it now.

What has been your favorite cliffhanger you've ended an episode on?

EvanAndManny11 karma

EK: Not sure if it qualifies as a cliff hanger, but we really liked the idea of killing Heller at the end of episode eight this season only to reveal he was alive in the next episode.

NorbitGorbit4 karma

would kiefer automatically veto bauer revealed as the villain in a twist? what twists are off the table?

EvanAndManny13 karma

MC: I would say that twist pretty much qualifies as a twist that would be off the table.

dar27843 karma

As one of my favorite shows of all time, I just wanted to first thank you. You've given life to one of the greatest action stars of all time, Jack Bauer. I can't think of a more memorable character in television history.

Do you think that the 12 episode format was more difficult to work with, being that you had more time in previous seasons to work through a particular storyline? I personally feel that it gave new life into the show which was already awesome. This entire season has been like driving on a highway at 140 mph. I have loved every minute of it!

EvanAndManny11 karma

EK: Not more difficult maybe more exciting. It challenged us to cut out all the flab and make sure every episode was special.

nighttrain833 karma

Do you imagine current pop-culture as existing in the show world? Or has the effect of a couple nuclear bombs detonating on American soil altered the world of "24"'s pop-culture to the point that it has diverged from ours?

For instance, would the show Game of Thrones exist in Jack Bauer's universe?

EvanAndManny17 karma

MC: 24 definitely kind of exists in an alternate universe. We rarely use pop culture references, but we made the exception this year for Madonna because we love Belcheck.

zacharywcox3 karma

Mr. Coto,

I'm the host of a podcast based out of Indianapolis, IN. On Movie Buzzed, we watch a movie, provide commentary, and get buzzed. It'd be an absolute incredible pleasure to have you on the episode where we're highlighting, "Dr. Giggles." I'd like to discuss your work on the film, other aspects of your career, and to promote any upcoming/current projects. I know it's a long shot, but what's the harm in asking? I hope to hear from you soon and I appreciate you taking the time to take my request.

Thank you, Zach

EvanAndManny6 karma

MC: Zach, I would love to take part in a Dr. Giggle screening. Let me know what you need.

Lilyan303 karma

There are so many unanswered questions. What happened to Martha Logan? Aaron pierce? allison taylor? tony?

EvanAndManny28 karma

EK: Martha Logan is alive and well. She's being tended to by Aaron Pierce. Allison Taylor did some jail time and Tony Almeida is still in jail. There will be a DVD extra scene on the box set coming out soon that tells you more about Tony Almeida's fate.

RedStrike3 karma

Are you guys hiring PAs? I want to break into tv from digital media and told I should try every Avenue

EvanAndManny5 karma

MC: Unfortunately, production is finished for the season so we have no openings, but we do hire PAs.

aldoaoa3 karma

Is the description of the final episode of this season on IMDB accurate?

EvanAndManny12 karma

EK: It's an accurate description of the finale and almost every other episode.

theprettyprogrammer2 karma

How does Jack get around so fast in that LA traffic?!

On another note, you guys are awesome! Love the show. :)

EvanAndManny6 karma

EK: The same way he gets around in London traffic.

Pepsiman342 karma

What ever happened to President Keeler?

EvanAndManny8 karma

MC: Personally, I think he's no longer with us.

Danzig742 karma

I meant to you like guacamole?

EvanAndManny27 karma

EK: We can't answer that question without giving away the end of the season.

The_Schnitz2 karma

Hey guys, huge fan here! You rock and 24 will always be the best! My questions are:

  1. What creative twist or plotline are you most proud of in the whole series (24 and 24LAD)?

  2. I've read that because of the network TV schedule, you guys have had to spend most of the seasons writing some of the last episodes even after the first ones air instead of being able to write everything before it is all shown.
    Is this style of writing kind of a nuisance or do you like it (ie you can change things based on audience reaction and it keeps you thinking quickly on your feet). And do you normally think of all the season's general arcs before you start writing the season, or do some of the arcs get thought up after you've already written some episodes?

Thanks for everything and have a great day!

EvanAndManny12 karma

EK: 1. Season 5, President Logan turning out to be bad. 2. We like writing the show in this way. In fact, most American network shows are written while the show is in production. We have a general idea of the story arcs and know the first few episodes when we start writing. But, we make the rest up as we go along.

goodbye_default_subs2 karma

Evan and Manny, how do you both feel about integrating your characters from 24 in a tv series crossover with Homeland?

EvanAndManny23 karma

MC: 24 and Homeland exist in two completely separate universes. They are two radically different shows. That said, Jack would have no patience for most of the characters in Homeland and they most likely will end up dead in short order.

ToeKneeAlmeida2 karma

What does Kiefer Sutherland bring to the role of Jack Bauer that differentiates him from others who may have potentially played the role? Does Kiefer bring a lot of his own personality into the role of Jack?

Also, what are some of your favorite shows to watch that are currently airing on TV?

EvanAndManny5 karma

EK: Kiefer is a very intense and intelligent man and a lot of that shows up in Jack Bauer.

HappyCynicism2 karma

I have watched from episode one, season one. I have noticed that Jack seems to be getting more brutal as the seasons go on. Is there a reason for the progression of violence?

EvanAndManny3 karma

MC: Jack as a character has been on a definite dark trajectory. The more he sacrifices for his country, the greater the toll on him and the greater his reaction to being challenged. Jack's character in 24: Live Another Day is not the same man from Season 1 and that's by design.

JohnFoxpoint2 karma

I know this show is very popular with "conservatives" who support Jack's style of ends justify the means. But a lot of the situations seem to either criticize that behavior or general "conservative" policies. Yet Jack is the hero...

Do you think of "political agendas" when writing? Or do you just aim for a good story with a lot of conflict?

EvanAndManny12 karma

MC: We always just aim for a good story which could come from the left or the right.

MrAtrus2 karma

Do you think Jack can ever have a reasonably happy ending?

EvanAndManny8 karma

EK: We don't understand the word happy. > happy en

liamquane2 karma

What drew the project to being London Based?

EvanAndManny5 karma

MC: At the end of season 8, Jack was a fugitive and seemed like a great idea to take him out of the country. We felt it was in-line with this season being a special "event series"

inspiralroses2 karma

Hello Evan and Manny. With so many conspiracy plots abandoned and left up in the air. Will we ever find out what happened with Wilson's group?

EvanAndManny4 karma

EK: Who's Wilson?

Banhoff232 karma

I am a new 24 fan because of this current season! I have heard that Jack does some pretty crazy things in the previous season and am interested in watching the older ones. What do you guys believe is the best old season of 24? I've heard he's on heroine in one season and tortures someone with jumper cables and all other crazy things! I don't know where to start!

EvanAndManny16 karma

MC: I'm delighted you've found the show. Seasons 2 and 5 are the best seasons.

larezbears1 karma

Evan and Manny,

Possible spoiler question: Is Jack's son a crewman on the USS Massachusetts?

EvanAndManny6 karma

EK: Jack doesn't have a son unless you know something we don't...

LuggagePassword123451 karma

I think Jack didn't yell "DAMN IT" enough this season. What's your explanation for that?

EvanAndManny1 karma

MC: I would beg to differ. I think Jack yelled "Damn It" way to much. Do you have numbers? Can you prove this?

Zeno_of_Citium1 karma

Why are the countdowns so LOUD?
If it's set in Central London, where are all the other cars?
Other than that, very good. Now I've got to watch the first lot.

EvanAndManny5 karma

EK: My mother watches the show and we make the countdowns loud to keep her awake.

aldoaoa1 karma

Can you tell Kiefer to shout "Dammit Aldo" the next time you see him? I wouldn't hear him, but I'll live happy knowing he did shout at me.

EvanAndManny4 karma

EK: Dammit Aldo, we can't do that.