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theroadtonowhere42 karma

Will there be onions in the potato salad?

ztbrown19 karma

I don't know! Send me a good recipe? We could crowd source a crowd funding project?

MokaiSaotome31 karma

Hey man, I live a stone's throw away in Gahanna, and I work for Donatos Pizza. Would it be cool with you if I shoot a message over at Donatos HQ and see if there's anything we can do to help make that pizza party happen?

ztbrown23 karma

That would be perfect! PM me and I'll get you my contact info.

zsaile28 karma

Why did you post an Ama if you are not planning to answer anything until morning? Why not just post it then?

ztbrown28 karma

SORRY! I wasn't following the clock! My bad! Hope you'll stick around.

mynameisthemaster124 karma

Will it take you three days to make that potato salad? If so, make sure nobody lands on it.

ztbrown21 karma

There's so much money and so many backers! That's so much potato salad and so many names to say out loud (I'm saying each name out loud for each potato salad type that I make)! It could take me weeks to make the potato salad.

TheLemoncloak19 karma

Why potato salad?

ztbrown40 karma

Dude, I don't know. It seemed so right.

matryoshkalegs14 karma

Might write about you for grad school. This is an existential masterpiece. Do you consider yourself a sort of modern day Camus, with more tongue-in-cheek? I'm broke, but I promoted the hell out of your Kickstarter. The idea is as absurd as it is All-American. The backers have got to be as quirky as they are sheeple-y. Guess we all are. #notevenhigh

ztbrown10 karma

I'd love to have a sit down if you do.

Chairboy14 karma

What are your thoughts on how to safely mail a bite of potato salad? Some of the ingredients require refrigeration.

ztbrown16 karma

Yea, it's going to be a challenge. I would have put it under risks if I had ever considered that anyone outside of Columbus would want some. I thought I'd just go to people's houses and hand it off.

LN300014 karma

Hi Zack! Congrats on the successful on-going kickstarter project! My question is.. Why? Why are you doing this? What made you think of starting a kickstarter for potato salad? Why a $10 starting funding rate? Did you expect to go above that? Did you think it was possible to get this much attention over potato salad? You say you've never made potato salad before.. So what do you think makes your potato salad interesting? Perhaps just the sheet simplicity of the idea, and the concept of a crowd of people coming together to make potato salad?

ztbrown28 karma

I never thought it would go this far. $10 seemed like a good, conservative goal. I think the thing people are responding to is the opportunity to come together around something equal parts absurd and mundane. Potato Salad isn't controversial, but it seems to unite us all.

jthoo14 karma

Will you donate the money you don't actually need to charity?

ztbrown30 karma

Kickstarter explicitly prohibits saying that we will donate excess proceeds to charity so I can't say that we will donate excess proceeds to charity.

Nygmus12 karma

I LIVE in Columbus. I will now be watching for details on the potato salad party, because I'm not quite certain if this is stupid or amazing but I'm on board either way.

Do you think you'll have any problems with this thing, though? Any worries that Kickstarter will pull the project for being so... well, goofy?

ztbrown13 karma

CBUS represent! I've already accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish and more. I have no worries. Come to the party! Seriously!

v00d00_11 karma

What if I don't like potato salad, huh? What then?

ztbrown14 karma

Do you like parties? Consider this your official invitation to the potato salad party, internet citizen!

ArosHD8 karma

What is your recipe?

ztbrown13 karma

What is yours!? I am looking for all the help I can get! BTW, consider this your official invitation to the potato salad party! As a citizen of the internet, you will be on the official guest list!!

SunnyChow7 karma

Is your salad open-sourced?

ztbrown14 karma

Yes! We should start a repo!

daedrin7 karma

What should I do for my ingredient for Canadian-inspired potato salad? Can I back twice so I can add cheese curds and gravy?

ztbrown6 karma

That sounds so tasty! I have a Canadian already working on a recipe for the book, but I suppose 2 isn't too many! Can you send the recipe?

aWiseMoose6 karma

Do you see yourself doing similar kickstarters in the future?

ztbrown39 karma

This seems like a one hit wonder kind of thing.

severedfingernail5 karma

Will you buy the potato salad a car when it's 16?

ztbrown9 karma

16 years from now, none of us will be driving / owning cars! Come to the party! You're invited, internet citizen!

Shadowpriest5 karma

I live in Columbus, Ohio too! How many people could I invite to come with me? Will you have an additional tip jar or let us know we can bring something nonperishable to help donate to the needy?

ztbrown5 karma

Yes. Donations at the party will be encouraged. Fantastic idea!

ztbrown4 karma

Everyone is invited!!! Bring everyone!

KevinB0075 karma

Awesome that your campaign has gathered so much steam, ever think about sending our tubs of Potato Salad? I know you've never made any but a lot of people are interested.

ztbrown9 karma

oh man, I'm stuck trying to figure out how to ship bites of potato salad. I have no idea how I would send a whole tub!

LandonTheWhite5 karma

What type of potato salad shall it be?

ztbrown11 karma

There will be four types!

marenkar4 karma

What's the most memorable potato salad you've had?

ztbrown9 karma

Grandma's Potato Salad, Giant Eagle.

beermit4 karma

Are we talking mustard-y potato salad or the German kind? Because I'm all about the mustard one.

ztbrown6 karma

I suppose I'll do both! Thanks! Come to the party if you're free!

jntchin4 karma

Re: the $20 pledge. Will all of us be receiving the same potato-themed haiku, or will you write different poems for each of us?

ztbrown9 karma

Different poems, but I was planning on only doing that for the 4 potato madness level people. If there is an interest, I'll do them for other levels too! Come to the party!

aWiseMoose3 karma

Are you going to send samples of the potato salad in the mail to your backers?

ztbrown2 karma

I don't know! Come to the party, internet man/woman!

Vulg4r2 karma

Do you think you could get the guy from regular ordinary sweedish meal time to provide the mayonnaise?

ztbrown6 karma

What's that? Do you think we could? Call him up! Come to the party, internet man or woman!

druidofnecro2 karma

Do we need to show some sort of invitation at the dinner hall? How much potato salad can each guest have?

ztbrown14 karma

No invite needed. Just tell the bouncer that you're from the internet.

Marco_7322 karma

Is potato salad still potato salad if it's made with sweet potatoes?

ztbrown6 karma

I would love to make one! have a recipe? Come to the party, internet citizen!

stoneysilence2 karma

Are you going to put Reeser's out of business?

ztbrown6 karma

No way. I would pull the plug if I thought this was hurting any one in any way. Are you going to be at the party!?

Crimsonfoxy2 karma

Will you consider overseas distributors for all your non-US backers? Maybe as a further stretch?

ztbrown3 karma

I would love that. Do you know anyone?

KevinB0072 karma

http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/324283889/potato-salad/ Says has you pegged at $25K. That's a lot for Potato Salad, any long term goals?

ztbrown1 karma

I can't imagine that will actually happen. One day at a time. Looking forward, are you coming to the potato salad party. Please say yes!

Wishpower1 karma

Will you stream yourself reading everyone’s names?

ztbrown3 karma

Yep! I have some people looking into it!

adiopersocom1 karma

If you raise even more funds, would you go on a potato-salad-making tour?

ztbrown4 karma

Absolutely. My ideal goal would be to bring a scoop of potato salad to everyone's doorstep.

GTctCfTptiHO0O01 karma

what are you going to do with the money?

ztbrown4 karma


laberge1 karma

How much do I have to donate to receive a potato salad of yours?

ztbrown3 karma

I think it's $3. Also, come to the party, internet person!

Montigue1 karma

Did this start as a joke? I mean, I believe you're making Potato Salad, but it doesn't even require $10.

ztbrown4 karma

I wanted to make the good kind.

Gettomaster1 karma

Where did you get the idea from of starting this project on Kickstarter? Do you already have any idea of what to add into the potato salad? How is the preparation for the pizza party going?

ztbrown3 karma

Necessity is the mother of invention! The preparation for the pizza party is going great, in that I haven't prepared at all! Come to the party, internet person!

Sonicadvance11 karma

What date are you expecting to hold this potato salad party?

ztbrown3 karma

No idea! Will you be there!?

Alchav1 karma

Did you know that, despite the name, potato mashers aren't actually made of potatoes?

ztbrown3 karma

What are they made of? Did you know that uppotatosaladsupporter isn't made of potatoes?

mdavis39481 karma

Should I bring my own lawn chair?

ztbrown2 karma

Yep! Now that we're inviting the whole internet, we'll have to do this outside. Maybe on Labor Day.

i-node1 karma

What is your real middle name?

ztbrown3 karma

Tanger. It was misspelled.

IdioticPlatypus1 karma

Turn down for what?

salenth1 karma

Could you name one batch Cena?

ztbrown2 karma

avec plaisir

7ofDiamonds1 karma

Have you considered making multiple kinds of potato salad? There are going to be a lot of people, and I'm sure not all of them have the same tastes in potato salad.

ztbrown3 karma

Yep. Four kinds.

kinght61 karma

Did you ever think you would get this much money?

ztbrown2 karma

Never! Did you ever think you'd be invited to such an awesome party in such an awesome city??

areyouwatchinrampart1 karma

Are you watching Rampart?

ztbrown3 karma

Yes and I'm napping next to Morgan Freeman while I type this!!!

Kiseikazan1 karma

How many potatoes do you plan to buy for the potato salad?

ztbrown3 karma

woof, I don't know. that's a lot of potatoes! are you coming to the party?

nohartandsole1 karma

What is a good meal to go with your potato salad?

ztbrown3 karma

I love potato salad with any kind of cookout food. Sausages. Burgers.

SeeLowGreen1 karma

Are we talking creamy potato salad? I like creamy potato salad.

ztbrown2 karma

Sure! Recipe? Are you coming to the party!?

Quachyyy1 karma

Will John Cena be attending his own themed party?

ztbrown1 karma

Will you please make sure he knows he's invited? The whole internet is going to be there!

FutureChuck1 karma

What's your recipe for potato salad? Please tell me there's nothing crunchy in it.

Edit: a link to your kickstarter would also helpful :)

ztbrown2 karma

I'll make a non-crunchy one.

ChinkyDumplings1 karma

By all of the internet, do you mean to include.....4chan?

ztbrown1 karma

Yep! Potato Salad is universal! The more the merrier! Consider this your official invitation!

Vasiliy_Zaitsev1 karma

Will you autograph my portion for me? The actual food, not the container.

ztbrown3 karma

How does I autograph salad!? Come to the party, internet person!

sovietskaya1 karma

have you ever had japanese potato salad before?

ztbrown3 karma

NO BUT THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. Send me a recipe!?

Dynastyn1 karma

Where is the party going to be?

ztbrown3 karma

Columbus, Ohio! We'd love to have you!

Mike_Tythun1 karma

What are your shipping rates on potato salad?

ztbrown3 karma

I haven't considered it! Come to the party, internet person!

mootinator1 karma

Hi, long time fan here. What are your feelings on texture ingredients? Savory ingredients like red onions or more plain ones like celery?

ztbrown3 karma

I just want a good potato salad. Come to the party, internet person!

Matt0811 karma

What type? I NEEEED to know what type of potato salad is on the menu. I plan on making one tomorrow, using homemade mayo, red onion, celery, and baby reds. What are you doing? Maybe I could copy?

ztbrown3 karma

How about I copy you? Come to the party, denizen de los internet!

ollakolla0 karma

I don't like potato salad. Will you have baked beans?

ztbrown1 karma

Yep! Baked beans are delicious! Are you coming to the party? Should I put you down for +1?

pugsmith0 karma

Is this going to fix capitalism?

ztbrown1 karma

I think it could fix some things. Big problems are really just a collection of small problems, so maybe potato salad is fixing a few of the really small problems. I genuinely hope it is. :) Are you coming to the party?

donut_donut0 karma

I have two questions. Will you growl my name? Is your potato salad good, or a pile of doodie?

ztbrown1 karma

I'm really worried that at least one batch will be a 'pile of doodie'. It's my first potato salad. I will growl your name!