EDIT 2: Alright! I'm exhausted. Thank you for this amazingly fun time. Please check out our Kickstarter (http://kck.st/1ipxSNz) and consider donating or sharing with your friends, we are only 20% away and it ends Thursday! We've added a special Reddit reward just for today and tomorrow that will you give you the opportunity to have a song written about anything you want.

Once again, thank you so much. I love doing this.

Hi, my name is Colby Miller and I'm here with my bandmate Neal Harris. Together we are Seagoat. I did an AMA almost a year ago where I wrote songs about various things like,

A dearly departed Iguana: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/reddit-song-one-framestowers/s-POigB

And a version of Piano Man about a literal Piano Man: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/reddit-song-6-frajer/s-thpDw

Today I'm back to do the same! I'll be on piano, Neal will be on the drum machine. Just like last time, NOTHING is off limits. Probably.

Proof: https://twitter.com/SeeGoatsTweet/status/480822514168242178

EDIT: For those who are interested, we are currently in the last week of a Kickstarter to fund our debut album and we are only 20% away! We have pre-orders for our album available, as well as lots of other cool stuff. Please check it out here, thank you: http://kck.st/1ipxSNz


Getting Stood Up: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/pileopilot-reddit-song-6/s-nA42T

Sex with a toaster on ecstasy: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/bear-adactylreddit-song-2/s-bGxzp

Leia the Jerk Dog: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/poorwilson-reddit-song-5/s-1chhu

Procrastinating Studying: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/psychoticgiggle-reddit-song-3/s-ZNCh0

Peeling Sunburn: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/bezap8-reddit-song-1/s-wvi2o

Losing a Sneeze: https://soundcloud.com/seagoat-music/rachelmaddog-reddit-song-4/s-hbWk0

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bear-adactyl11 karma

Will you write a song about a guy who consumed too much ecstasy and had sex with a toaster?

SeagoatCM17 karma

Finally, something important. I'm on it.

bear-adactyl5 karma

It's better than I ever could have imagined <3

SeagoatCM10 karma

Glad you enjoyed it you sick bastard.

RachelMaddog10 karma

can you make a song about a person who is about to sneeze but then doesnt sneeze and the feeling of loss associated with that????

RachelMaddog5 karma

this is the first time ive felt emotion thank u

SeagoatCM2 karma

remember not to feel it too hard, ur welcome

SeagoatCM7 karma

Yes, I'll work on that now.

PsychoticGiggle7 karma

Awesome. Can you do a song about procrastinating studying for exams?

That's what I'm doing now.

SeagoatCM3 karma

You're welcome.

Sam5964 karma

Then you can procrastinate studying for exams by listening to a song about procrastinating studying for exams... What a brilliant idea

SeagoatCM5 karma

I agree, I guess I'll get started.

keatsandyeats6 karma

Welcome! A question about your album, actually. I know that working with someone remotely presents some challenges, but what are some of the things that you really enjoyed about the process that wouldn't have been possible if you recorded traditionally?

Your songs are great, can't wait to get the record!

SeagoatCM7 karma

It was fun to not know what the other person was working on, so when I heard the music it was exciting because it was new. I didn't hear the process of it being made. It allowed us to stay excited about our material. Thank you!

keatsandyeats3 karma

Follow-up: Did you guys give each other "free rein" over the parts you recorded, or did you ever have to ask one another to make some changes (or even go back to the drawing board)?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

SeagoatCM3 karma

It happened a couple times where both of us wanted to keep working on an idea and every single time we ended up with something better. Our philosophy ended up being that we don't stop working on a song until we're both happy with it.

tuframnedox6 karma

Two questions.

1) When you write, do you tend toward the autobiographical? The obscure? This AMA is essentially "Give me ideas for lyrical content," but that's a vitally important portion of the songwriting process as well. Clue us in. 2) Is there anything you try to avoid when writing music? Certain conventions of verse-chorus-middle-eight, chord progressions, textures?

Thanks! Really eager to hear the entire record!

SeagoatCM5 karma

1) I tend to write from my perspective, but with this project I tried to be more abstract with my ideas. None of these comments will go towards real songs. This is just a fun way to exercise our sense of humor.

2) For this album I tried to ignore conventions that I had personally developed when writing songs. I used to spend too much time thinking about the structure of the song, which results in really boring music.

Thank you!

poorWilson4 karma

Hi there! Would you mind writing a song about my jerk basset hound? Her name is Leia and she kind of sucks. Thanks!

poorWilson4 karma

That was the best thing I have ever heard. Thank you So Much! We're dying over here!

SeagoatCM6 karma

You are welcome, I'm glad you like it

SeagoatCM3 karma

Is it pronounced like Princess Leia?

Pileopilot3 karma

Can you write a song to send to the chick that made plans with you, then didn't show up? Something kinda blunt, but nice at the same time, just so you don't totally burn the bridge.

SeagoatCM3 karma

Doing it right now!

LucyMusicGirl2 karma

Are you called Sea-Goat because one of you is a Capricorn?

SeagoatCM2 karma

Yes, I came up with it really quickly when I wanted to post more experimental music without attaching my name to it and it stuck. When I think of the name now, the last thing I think about is astrology.

bezap82 karma

Will you write a story about my peeling sunburn? Also, what's your favorite song you wrote?

bezap82 karma

Fantastic. You just made my week.

SeagoatCM3 karma

Glad to hear it!

NorbitGorbit2 karma

Would you ditch kickstarter if there were an alternate crowdfund system that took less fees (or even zero fees)?

SeagoatCM2 karma

There are alternate crowdfunding platforms with lower fees (IndieGoGo), but we felt like we were more likely to be funded with Kickstarter, seeing as it's so widely used. Hopefully it works out for us.

npatchett2 karma

Is your band named after this guy? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2ab3kYwAV1r5c45f.jpg

SeagoatCM3 karma

Yes, the guy on the right. He is a good friend of mine, very unreliable though.

Shadow16nh1 karma


SeagoatCM5 karma

I'd like to be the guy who develops photos and harbors a strong dislike for all things digital. The photo lab would also be my evil lab where I'd plan to use a giant EMP to destroy all electronics in the world, bringing around an apocalypse where I'd be King. EXCEPT, I accidentally reverse my EMP and instead turn myself into some sort of electric villain, I would literally embody everything I hate. Spiderman would eventually stop me and the movie would get mediocre reviews.